Bill O’Reilly: Here’s Who Is Really Stopping the Obamacare Repeal

Democrats are out to “paralyze” the Trump administration so they don’t accomplish anything, but self-interested Republicans are also part of the problem, Bill O’Reilly said on Friday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

Important measures like “Kate’s Law,” a bill that would target sanctuary cities that try to shield illegal immigrants with multiple felonies and deportations, will be blocked by Democrats. But Republicans can’t get it together to repeal the Affordable Care Act either, partly because conservative senators are being too idealistic about what can happen with a health care bill, O’Reilly asserted.

Glenn Beck countered that the health care bills that the GOP has put forward are simply “Obamacare Lite” and won’t fix the problem.

“[This bill] will make the average person’s health premium go up even further faster,” he said of the latest effort to reform health care.

O’Reilly suggested the best thing that Republicans can do is support a bill that gives them most of what they want and then add more reforms later.

GLENN: The one, the only Bill O'Reilly on a very important news week. What is the media missing? That's a long list. Bill O'Reilly begins right now.

Mr. Bill O'Reilly from Buy his books. Buy his pants. Watch his daily show on The no spin news where you can get no spin and news together. It's like a -- it's like a stepping class or something. A spinners class and the news at the same time with your congenial host Bill O'Reilly at Hello, Bill. How are you, sir?

BILL: Congenial? That's me? I am.

GLENN: I say a lot of things I don't actually believe.

BILL: Now your audience knows, Beck. You're just a hollow man.

GLENN: I know. I know.

So, Bill, what a week. What a week.

BILL: Yeah, so where do you want to start?

GLENN: Well, this is your section of the show. I think you should start with what you can't wait to say.

BILL: Let me -- I have a good lead off. This encapsulizes the week. So throughout the day now that I don't have to trek into New York City and, you know, suffer three hours on the road, I'm in and out, and I'll watch a little news just to make sure that I don't miss anything and all of that. I'm not sitting there on my butt, but it's on, and I'm kind of cruising around.

So I walk by CNN's on, and the lady anchor's breathless. Breathless. She's really excited. She says to the audience "We have video of Donald Trump meeting with the Russians. And I mean, she's just epileptic about it. And we'll be back in a moment with that video.

So I've got to sit through three minutes of Viagra commercials. Okay? And then it comes back, and I'm sitting there. Okay. You have video. Donald Trump meeting with the Russians. You know what it was? It was a 2013, he met with some Russians about the Ms. Universe contest. That was the breathless video.

GLENN: Hang on just a second. Wait, wait, wait, because I watched the same thing, and I sat through the same Viagra commercials, and I'm, like, what? And they did come back. And, again, Bill, you tell half the story. It was the Russians of the 2014 Ms. Universe. However, it was in particular the Russian that is involved in the story in the -- the one who met with the crown attorney for Russia or the attorney general of Russia that was in that e-mail. It was that guy that he was with. And they were just trying to show.

BILL: It was the pop star and the ridiculous British PR agent.


BILL: But it had nothing to do -- and this was how it was sold -- with Trump and the collusion accusations. Nothing to do with it.

GLENN: So let me go here with this because I didn't see it on CNN, I saw it on MSNBC. I walked by that nightmare. And that's where I saw it. And they handled it exactly the same way. However, I was surprised because when they came back, and they showed that, the point they were making with that -- and I don't know where NBC found these people that were willing to go on NBC -- but the point was, to me, this shows -- not that Donald Trump was colluding or anything else, but that the Russians had been targeting him for a very long time. We know that in 1976, the Russians, the KGB said "I'm shocked. I don't know who this Reagan guy is. Somebody needs to find out who he is. He might be president."

The KGB didn't believe that KGB agent until, obviously, 1980. But they assigned him to watch. And the same thing we know has happened all throughout history. Anybody who looks like there's a chance they might be president, they try to put lures in front of me that are not connected to the KGB. And so the discussion --

BILL: You're being very generous here, Beck.

GLENN: No, I'm telling you the truth of what they said.

BILL: Dopey contest where they're trying to get it into Moscow. I don't think anybody in the world with any idea that Donald Trump may run for president some day.

GLENN: He had been saying it since the 1980s.

BILL: And here's another one today. Just today, Beck. Just moments before, I picked up the phone to come on your fine radio program.


BILL: They're screaming Donald Trump Jr. met with a former Russian intelligence agent at that meeting. All right? Oh, my god. And it turns out who's the guy? He's an American citizen, a lobbyist, a lobbyist for Russia who during the Soviet Union -- and remember, quite a few years -- had a low level job with intel in the Soviet Union.

It's -- look, what I'm trying to point out it's hysteria now. Hysteria. And there may be a good story here. There may be a good story. But it's certainly not surfaced yet, and the cover is as blatantly dishonest as I've ever seen any story covered.

GLENN: Okay. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt because this is exactly the kind of stuff that you said to me about George Soros and about the progressive party back in the day. You were, like, Glenn, I could believe you, not believe you, it doesn't matter. There's no story there yet, and that's why you always said I report the news. I don't report what it looks like and could be. Okay? So I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt. I'm not going to give that benefit of the doubt to others on left or right that are on television. But you, at least, are being consistent here.

So let's not --

BILL: What I'm going to do with the no spin news on is to try to have a home for Americans who want to know what has been established as truth. Not slights of fancy, not sleight of hand, not Three Card Monte, which is what now the network television news is doing. It's different from what the newspapers are doing, by the way. It's very interesting because the newspapers, the hate Trump newspaper industry is doing, is they're just flat out trying to create a system that will impeach Trump. That's what they're doing. That's what their goal is, and they're working toward that goal in any way they can. They'll use any kind of blind source, they'll print any kind of innuendo. It's different than what the cables are doing. The cables and -- to some extent the nightly news and the morning news shows -- are basically hysterical. All right? You listen to them, and you go "What the hell are they talking about? What really happened here?"

And what really happened here, we don't know. And that's why Muller will find out. He's got to investigate this, and he should. He should -- look, I don't know if Donald Trump Jr. has enough to get through all of the hearings that he's going to have --

GLENN: That's full fledged motor oil.

BILL: He's got to stock it up, but he should. He should.

GLENN: All right. Let me switch subjects here. First of all, this is the difference between Bill O'Reilly and I. We -- and I think this is why we get along is because when Benghazi happened, three days after, I was on the air with a chalkboard showing exactly what I thought happened, and it turned out to be true. Bill was not reporting that because Bill reports the actual news. I tie things together. I can tell you now, I can put a chalkboard together that will show you not collusion but entrapment. A luring in of the Trump family, and they played into the hands unbeknownst to them of Russia, which is a very dangerous situation. I can show you that the Clintons knew what they were doing when they would go, and they would sell access to foreign countries, just give it to us with the Clinton foundation. We can show you that. It's not proof. Bill will report on the story. I will tell you what I think it means in coming what really happened, in my opinion. It's a difference between us. But let me change stories.

You and I both know that this is out of control and nobody is listening. Let me play some audio for you from WMAL in Washington, D.C. This was on a talk show. This is the Trump -- many people who voted for Donald Trump, I want you to listen to the desperation in this man doesn't voice, Bill.

>> Allen in southern Maryland, you're on WMAL, go on.

>> I'm sick of the Donald Trump stuff. All the Donald Trump stuff. I consider myself one of the forgotten men and women. I'm worried about job creation. I'm worried about tax cuts, I mean, more money. I'm living paycheck to paycheck. They just cut off my cable bill. I'm rubbing two nickels together. My girl can't find a job to help me. We're out here struggling. These people don't get it. They really don't get it. I don't have money. I'm cutting back on my medicine, my groceries. She can't find a job.

>> Allen, do you feel like the president is keeping his head down and doing what he promised to do to try to help you?

>> If they let him do it and give him a chance. They're fighting him every step of the way. We need help out here. We've been struggling for years under Obama, and he had the right message. We voted him in because of that, and we need tax cuts. I need a couple every dollars in my paycheck every week. We need jobs.

>> Thanks, Allen.

>> We need Trump, and these liberals, the press, all of this, they need to get off of that and think about us. Putting your boots on every day getting up at 4:00 in the morning going to work and trying to provide for families, and it's hard.

GLENN: So last hour, I laid out my opinion on how -- what this all means and what this means is I don't -- I could lay out a plan for -- or a look at what happened in Russia, and I could lay it out like I used to on Fox and make a very strong case, and I believe that case is accurate.

But instead of doing that, why don't we listen to people like Allen, see their pain, figure out how to give them the things that they need. But more importantly, why aren't we pressuring congress to pass a damn tax cut while the media's in a feeding frenzy. Misdirection or overwhelm is what they've been doing to us for the last eight years. Bill O'Reilly at, his opinion on that when we come back.

GLENN: (888) 727-Beck. He is free. Free at last at And he is able to tell you the truth, as he sees it, and what the media is absolutely not seeing, and what they're missing.

So when we last left Bill O'Reilly his always cheerful disposition, we were talking about a guy who called into a radio show WMAL in Washington, D.C. and he was desperate. Bill, why are we focusing as the media on the right? Why are we focusing on Russia did happen, didn't happen, doesn't matter, yes, it does. When really, if we went to congress who are scared of their own shadow and said, "Pass tax reform. Pass the legislation of repealing ObamaCare. Pass these things and overwhelming the system."

We know Donald Trump would sign them. Why don't we do that?

BILL: Well, you say why don't we do it? Then you're calling for, like, demonstrations of people who would come out of their homes and have signs and stand in front of the capitol. I think that would be an effective thing. But people are working so hard and, you know, trying to raise families that they're not going to do it.

GLENN: I just think holding congress would help. I mean, they're afraid of the Trump voter.

BILL: Everybody should do that. But you basically have a system where the democratic party is trying to paralyze the Federal Government. That's the most important thing. The democratic party is trying to paralyze the Trump administration, and so they get nothing done.

GLENN: Okay. Well, but they can't -- they can't do that with the Republicans having both houses. They have the senate and the house, so they can pass things.

BILL: They can in a certain way because they are, for example, Kate's law. Slam dunk; right? Well, you need 60 votes in the senate to get Kate's law passed and probably you're not going to get them because the democratic party has gone so radical left. And this is how frustrating it is. But under two big issues of health care, which is hurting working Americans because the high deductibles they have to pay and the premium's going up and the tax cuts. You basically have a Republican party that just can't get it together. You know, I was watching Rand Paul again today on television. He's not going to vote for the new health care bill. And he's not going to -- he is not going to compromise. He is going to vote against it, and that means ObamaCare may then survive, and that means Republican party will get hammered in the next election. But Rand Paul doesn't seem to care. All right? So you have.

GLENN: That's a little harsh. Earlier does care.

PAT: He cares about a good bill, which this is not. This is not a --

GLENN: Well, this is better than it was. They did go for the Cruz.

PAT: Marginally better. Marginally better.

STU: No tax breaks now?

BILL: Take the policy out of it. Take the policy out of it. You can try very hard if you're Rand Paul to get what you want in the bill. But in the end, if it comes down to voting against it and having ObamaCare then survive for another year, you vote for it.

PAT: It's mind-boggling to my, though, Bill, that it's Rand Paul and Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and the guys who are really trying to tow the line on conservatism, they're the ones getting the beating, rather than the bone heads who think that ObamaCare light is what the American people want. That's not what we want.

GLENN: It's not what they want. It's not what the Trump voters want. They need relief, and these bills -- Rand Paul will turn out to be right because this bill will make the average payment that has already gone up 140 percent. It will make the average person's health premium go up even further faster.

BILL: Not if it includes Cruz's --

GLENN: That is the hope, and that is why the one thing in there that I think is possible.

BILL: It will. It will. They'll put it in that all insurance companies can compete nationwide. If you have that, that will drive the premiums down. But I'll tell you what. Even if that's in there, I don't think Rand Paul's going to vote for that bill. And I don't think Susan Collins is going to vote for it and the guy in Nevada. He won't vote for it because they're voting their own self interest. They're not voting for what's good for the country. You're never going to get -- like Reagan said. If you can get 70 percent of what you want, you vote for it from within. But, look, that's policy. You're -- I was really affected by hearing that guy in Maryland talking on WMAL. I mean, this guy, he needs help. And if he doesn't want the corrupt media, which -- and they couldn't care less about him. They think that he's an idiot. Okay? But the corrupt media is never going to stop trying to get Trump impeached. Never. And all Americans should know that. So, yes, the route that people listening to the Beck program today should take is call their senators and congresspeople and say you've got to give us tax relief, and you've got to give us health relief.

GLENN: Yeah, there is the amendment.

BILL: The mass movement has to happen.

GLENN: The McConnell plan does include Ted Cruz and Mike Lee's backed version.

BILL: Yeah.

GLENN: Well, let's talk to Ted and Mike.

STU: Mike is saying he's undecided on this bill, and they're saying --

GLENN: With his plan in it.

BILL: We will vote for it. It's Collins, it's Paul, and the guy in Nevada.

GLENN: Okay. Back in just a second with more from Bill O'Reilly at

STU: Dot com.

GLENN: Bill O'Reilly.

STU: Dot com.

GLENN: He'll be joining us when we come back.

GLENN: All right. Let me take Bill O'Reilly over to England and talk a little bit about Charlie Gard. Yesterday, Charlie's parents went to the high court and the judge over in England said, "All right. Charlie, the 11-month old child that has been doomed to death now by a court in London said, "All right. There is a U.S. doctor that will offer him treatment. They will fly him over and listen to Charlie Gard. If we think he has something to say, then we'll talk about treatment for Charlie. But if Monday if we don't agree with his assessment, we're pulling the plug on this 11-month old. Your reaction to that, Bill O'Reilly.

BILL: Well, first of all, thanks for covering the story. Nobody else is covering it.

GLENN: It's amazing.

BILL: Second, I don't understand why the British government just doesn't hand the child over to the Vatican and let the Vatican doctors and the pro-life movement --

GLENN: Bill, couldn't they do that if they take their British passports and instead use the Vatican passports. The Vatican said that they would give Charlie and his parents Vatican passports. They might even have to deny their citizenship. But I have to tell you. If I was living in a country that was doing this to my son, I would deny my citizenship.

BILL: There isn't a legal precedent to deny citizenship. The British government can cooperate with a state. The Vatican's a country. All right? And Charlie's parents have signed off on it. So what's the problem? You know, the British government does not have the power to limit travel. They can't tell Charlie's parents you can't fly to Rome.

GLENN: They can, actually. They can stop the parents from taking -- Charlie is not just scooping him up and taking him out. He has to have the breathing machine and everything else, so he has to be moved.

BILL: Yes, as long as you're tethered to the British health care system financed by the government, this is why Americans don't want that. You know, there are logistics. But I will submit to you that this could be done, you know, with private health on a private jet with private doctors and private -- everything could be done.

STU: But they don't let him leave the hospital, and that's the issue. Listen to this argument from the attorney. In a submission from the high court, the hospital's attorney wrote that while the institution understands that the parents believe they alone have the right to decide the treatment for their son, the hospital holds different principles. Like, I --

BILL: Yeah, that's how insane it.

STU: That's incredible.

BILL: That's why you don't want the government basically telling you what you can and can't have. You know, but here's something that nobody's mentioned. In Great Britain, you can reject their health care system and go private. You can do that. A friend of mine runs a private practice over there. The problem is people don't have any money. So not only is it --

GLENN: Well, they do now. They do now. That is true. But what happened is they didn't have any -- they got him into the hospital, and now the hospital says "No, he's ours. That they've raised, you know, at last I heard was 1.7. It has to be way over that now.

STU: This world that we're looking at now with the way we're looking at life is changing so fast. Listen to this. The hospital says a world where only parents speak and decide for children and where children have no separate rights or identity and no court to hear and protect them is far from the world in which this hospital treats its child's parents. That's their quote. That's their quote.

BILL: Yeah, because what they're saying is because of Charlie's catastrophic medical condition, the odds are he will not recover. So Charlie -- they're thinking for Charlie. They're saying. Okay. He's a minor. So we're going to say if Charlie were 20, and he had an opinion, he would say pull the plug. That's what they're doing.

STU: That's terrifying.

GLENN: But here's what's amazing, Bill. I just talked to Bobby Schindler, who I think you know. And he just got back from England where he was with the parents and everything else, and he said that he's never seen anything like this. He said it's not the news media that we have. He said in London, the news media is all for Charlie. He said all of the news reporting over there is pro Charlie, and the government is rejecting the parents, the baby, the people, and the news media.

That's pretty remarkable.

BILL: It is, and I'm surprised to hear that because the British press is so left wing. It has to do with euthanasia, it has to do with abortion on demand for any reason. You know what the subtext is. It's not just about Charlie and his medical condition. If it were, it would have been taken a long time ago. The Vatican would have him and provide the medical care and Charlie would live or die based on what happens to him. But it's not, it's about power, it's about euthanasia, it's about abortion on demand. And the far left, progressive left does not want those things questioned. They don't want to debate on them anymore. That's what the real story is underneath this because it doesn't make any sense. If I'm the prime minister of the UK, I said, look. Thank you, pope Francis for the offer, and we're going to make that happen because the parents want it, and the British government is going to do what we can to put the boy in your hands, and we're going to all pray -- can't use the word pray because that's politically incorrect. That some miracle occurs, and he gets his health back.

You know, that's the way to solve it. But then, you know, the progressive "Oh, no, you can't do that. Euthanasia is --" it's just really, really gassily.

GLENN: So is where you can hear Bill and all of his views. Every day, the new spin news at Make sure you sign up as a member so you can get his podcast every day. Bill, one question on Donald Trump's trip to France. Did you see the press conference -- this is not the question. Did you see the press conference?

BILL: Yes.

GLENN: Okay. Did you notice that the two of them standing there, it looked like Jack and the bean stalk?

BILL: With physicality.

GLENN: Donald Trump made the French president look like a muppet.

BILL: And he had a better tie. Why can't Trump tie his tie correctly.

GLENN: Oh, thank you for saying that.

BILL: Middle of the belt.

GLENN: No, yesterday it was not the middle of the belt. It was the middle of the zipper.

BILL: No, I know that. I'm saying his tie has to hit the middle of the belt. You're going to trip on it.

GLENN: You told him that?

BILL: Yeah.

GLENN: You have told him that?

BILL: He likes that look. He likes that tight look. I mean, if there's a big gust of wind, he's in Switzerland. It's dangerous. The Secret Service should be tying his tie.

GLENN: All right. There's a new poll out, Bill, and I want you to answer these questions. All right? What do you call the insects -- this poll shows where you grew up and your language.

What do you call insects that glow at night?

BILL: Lightning bugs.

STU: Does that fit?

GLENN: That's about Connecticut and New York. Although, Stanton island and Manhattan prefer fireflies.

STU: Yeah, go firefly on that one.

BILL: They're lightning bugs. Fireflies are feminine. They're lightning bugs.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh. Look at that oppression by Bill O'Reilly.

Okay. Here's the next one. What do you call the sale of household items out on the lawn or on the driveway?

BILL: You call it a sale of household items out on the driveway.

GLENN: No, you know, where somebody does it in the neighborhood, and they put a sign up on the telephone pole that we're having a.

BILL: Yard sale.

STU: See, I would go tag sale there.

GLENN: You are a freak just freak.

STU: I'm a freak on that one.

GLENN: I've never seen that. There's parts of Michigan that say it's a rummage sale. But most of the country says garage sale.

STU: He said yard sale. Is these four different options.

GLENN: No, the yard sale is the mid-Atlantic and some southern states.

How do you address a group of people? Hey.

BILL: Hey, guys.

GLENN: Okay. Hey, guys. Hey, you guys.

People in Pittsburgh say Yens. Part of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, they say yous.

PAT: Baltimore says yous.

GLENN: Really from the Nixon Dixon line, it's mainly y'all. Kentucky says you all, and the rest of the country says, hey, you guys.

This one we kind of fought over yesterday. Bill, what do you call a carbonated beverage?

BILL: Soda.

GLENN: Okay. So that is northeast and California, parts of Utah, and Arizona.

Pop --

BILL: Yeah, New England, it's tonic.

GLENN: Oh, that's not even on here, so --

BILL: Far New England.

GLENN: I think that's for the alcoholics, Bill, so keep that to ourselves. Pop is for the west and the north. And surprisingly, I didn't see this, this poll does say -- because I grew up calling it Coke. I'll have a Coke. Okay. What do you want? Seven up.

STU: That's insanity.

PAT: That's weird, but it's true.

GLENN: Because Coke is Kleenex, and it shows that Atlanta and the southern states even Texas says it calls it Coke.

BILL: Yeah, no Coke Pepsi. Saturday Night Live wiped that out about 30 years ago. Do you remember that?

GLENN: No, I don't remember that. We're far too young, Bill.

BILL: Because locked away in the basement. Not a lot other than television.

GLENN: Where do you throw out the trash?

BILL: Garbage can.

GLENN: Garbage can is all the north, trashcan is at the bottom.

What do you hall freight in? What kind of truck?

BILL: Garbage truck.

GLENN: No, fright.

BILL: Oh, fright. I don't know.

PAT: Semi.

STU: Semi.

GLENN: From the northeast, it's all tractor-trailer. 18-wheeler in the south, and semi for the rest of the country. This one caused all kinds of problems. What do you call athletic footwear?

BILL: Sneakers.

STU: Yes.

JEFFY: Oh, my gosh.

GLENN: That is only the northeast.

PAT: Tennis shoes.

GLENN: Tennis shoes for the rest. And this one is insane. And if you happen to say the third choice, I'm going to lose my mind. What do we drink water from in public places? That device that, you know, was in school hallways.

BILL: A water fountain.

STU: Amen.

GLENN: That's the south and all of the northeast. Drinking fountain is the west. But there are two places. One in Michigan and one in Boston. They call it -- have you ever heard get your water. Go drink -- there's a bubbler over there.

BILL: A bubbler.

GLENN: A bubbler. It's the word of the day. Bubbler.

JEFFY: That may be the alcoholic again. May be the alcoholic again.

GLENN: Bill, thank you very much, sir.

BILL: That was more fun than I've had in about two and a half minutes. Thank you very, very much.

GLENN: Right. You're welcome.

BILL: And I just want to tell everybody a little plug if they go to Sign up for premium membership, they get the no spin news, they get the straight story, and then they can listen to you for the conspiracy theories. You get a free book.

STU: Oh, wow.

BILL: A free book.

GLENN: Which one?

BILL: Any one of my books free of charge, which covers most of the membership, and big discounts on things.

GLENN: But what is the incentive to sign up?

BILL: The incentive is you get the private newscast that you can watch anytime. They call it a podcast.

GLENN: Right. Okay. All right.

BILL: The body snatchers. You get that anytime.

GLENN: And just to even things out, you also get a book from Bill O'Reilly.

BILL: Free book. Any one. And you know I have 14,000 books.

GLENN: I do know that. I have a friend who's building a house out of those.

Yeah, all right. Thanks so much, Bill.

BILL: Beck, I really appreciate you having me on. It's always fun to talk with you guys.

GLENN: I was on his show I think Wednesday. I love how Bill sets things up. He just announces it, and then I get an e-mail from somebody that says you're on Bill tonight? And I'm, like, no, not that I know of. And then I call and apparently I'm on with Bill that night.


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