Canadian Man Builds Park Steps for $550 After City Estimated a Minimum Cost of $65K

A Canadian man took initiative to make his community safer after noticing people risking injury walking down a slope in a city park --- and now the city is deciding whether or not to press charges.

Adi Astl, a former mechanic, tried to work with city officials but ultimately constructed eight steps himself so people could more safely make their way up and down the embankment in Etobicoke’s Tom Riley park, the Toronto Sun reported.

Glenn talked about the ridiculous example of big government on radio Thursday.

"Let me tell you about the Toronto man who was a little upset because the Toronto Community Park had taken an estimate for the stairs that needed to be redone," Glenn said.

Astl had asked his councilor about whether or not the city could install steps. The Parks, Recreation and Forestry department estimated that building eight steps on the embankment would cost anywhere from $65,000 to $150,000. After their steep estimate, Astl took matters into his own hands and built the steps for $550.

People enjoying the park seemed to be fine with using the new wooden stairs, but city parks officials soon put an end to the “illegal” installation, adding yellow caution tape and cones to block usage of the steps.

GLENN: Let me -- let me tell you about the Toronto man who was a little upset because the Toronto Community Park had taken an estimate for the stairs that need to be redone. And nobody wants to rip off the city, right? The estimate was between $65,000 and $150,000. Now, that's just to put, you know, some -- some stairs down.

The guy who built the stairs for $550 said, "I really thought -- when I saw that estimate, I thought they were talking about an escalator." So what he did was he hired a homeless person to help him, and he built -- now, remember, we're talking about a huge flight of stairs. We're talking about going down a hill and -- oh, no. We're talking about eight stairs. Eight. $150,000. The lowest estimate was $65,000. He built it with a homeless guy in a matter of hours for 550. The city of Toronto is upset. They say he didn't follow the regulations. And they may just have to pull those up and now start all over again.

PAT: I bet they could do that for under $250,000 though. Don't you think?

GLENN: Well -- well, now you have to take him out now. You have to take him out now.


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