US Graduate Student Put Behind Bars in Iran

Xiyue Wang, a Chinese-American graduate student from Princeton, was recently arrested and put in jail while spending time abroad in Iran. Princeton officials have been working tirelessly with his family and private counsel to release the student. Wang is not the only US citizen being detained in Iran, joined by Baquer and Siamak Namazi and Reza Shahini. On this installment of Think Tank, Glenn gets the basics on Iran's action against an American citizen.

Watch the video for a sneak peek and answers to these questions:

• What was Xiyue Wang doing in Iran?

• What was he convicted for?

• How long is his sentence?

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Here's how big tech and progressive Democrats are working together to sway the next election

Have you noticed how the DNC doesn't seem at all concerned about the 2020 election, even though the Democratic candidates are pushing policies that are even too radical for the left? Why would they do that if they're trying to win the hearts and minds of Americans? A website called Spinquark just released a chilling article that reveals exactly how many people who are directly connected to the progressive political machine are now working for big tech to control our conversations online — and they're unquestionably interfering with the 2020 election.


Social media slavery: The government has found a 'constitutional' way to sidestep 1A

Social media companies aren't held to constitutional standards because they're private companies. But they're also protected by the government because they're considered "platforms," not "publishers." Well, the government has figured this out and has seen the power of using social media to circumvent the First Amendment and silence conservative voices.


Brad Thor | Episode 44

Glenn sits down with the author many people call "the master of thrillers," Brad Thor. He is the #1 New York Times best-selling author of nineteen thrillers, including "Spymaster," "The Last Patriot," "Blowback," "Foreign Influence," "The Lions of Lucerne," and his very first book, "Backlash," which was named by Barnes & Noble as one of the best political thrillers ever. Reading his books has been described as being in a time machine one year before an event happens. Glenn talks with Brad about his writing and how closely his novels of international intrigue parallel the real threats facing the world today.