What Kind of Half-Assed Circus Freak Has the GOP Become?

Has anything changed since the time of the game of thrones? Really? Has anything changed for the Iron Chair? Do the people in Washington even care about you? Because what are we teaching our children? Are we teaching our children that you have to lie? You have to lie, you have to cheat, you have to steal to get elected. Then you raise more money on those lies. You don't do anything that you promise. Those were the lies. All you do is you blame, you divide and you destroy. Then raise more money, appease your real masters --- the power players. You lie to get reelected, you fleece the American people and you're set for life.

There are not strong enough words to voice an appropriate response, the response that I feel on the GOP's Obamacare plans. Let me just give you the last paragraph from an article from Town Hall: "Majority leader Mitch McConnell is attempting to get a vote on something, anything this week. This means the senators don't know what piece of legislation, if any, they'll be voting on."

Shameful. What kind of half-assed circus freaks has the GOP become?

For the president to be sent out without a bill and to tell Congress to vote on anything is perhaps the most shameful and grotesque perversion I have seen of our system. And I thought Democrats were awful. Don't worry, Democrats. I'll get back to you rat weasels here in a second.

My first question is how long and which group of monkeys masquerading as public servants will be the first to begin to throw feces at the other side? My guess is, at this point, McConnell's thuggish apes.

You know what would fix this? Let's find a Kardashian that's also a part-time circus clown. They can run for office then it will really be fun to watch. Yeah, you know what we need? We need some more self-centered, backstabbing idiots in D.C. That's what we lack.

Is anyone who actually knows or cares about how many families are actually struggling to make ends meet? Anyone who actually knows should be outraged. The politicians know, first of all, because they created this mess and because they were elected on the promise to relieve the financial burden for those who have always played by the rules and trusted the American system of government and justice. But I have news for you, America. That system no longer exists. We can kiss that parade goodbye.

Our enemies are laughing at us. Those who look to us to free them from slavery or oppression or their brutal regime are whimpering in their cell today in despair. When America falls --- and she surely will if we don't wake up --- who is left to hold the torch for freedom, for decency, for empathy, for justice, for honor? It sure isn't the villains who lie to us and continue to lie to us in both parties. Oh, and the media. Let's not forget them. Both sides of the media, by the way.

May I ask the GOP what the hell you've been doing for the last seven years? You begged us for help. You told us we needed to elect you. We needed to not only vote for you, we needed to give up our precious time and campaign for you. We needed to argue with our friends and our family and see if we could help show the light to them because you and only you could solve this problem.

You asked us to give up our hard-earned, honestly-earned --- and increasingly hard to find money --- so you could go back and repeal Obamacare, cut spending, cut taxes and the long laundry list of whatever we were dumb enough to believe that was coming out of your mouth. You told us that you understood, that you were the answer, that the only thing holding you back was the need to have all three branches of government. You had to have the House and the Senate; you had to have the legislative branch. But you also had to have the executive branch. As soon as you had that, you would send relief. But did you? Have you? Have you? No. And yet with the House and the Senate and the White House and the press totally distracted, you don't even have a plan.

I know there are few honest people in both parties. There are a few. There really are. But let me address them. Let me ask them a question: When are you going to have enough? When will you actually stand up on the floor of the Senate or the House and say, "I am no longer part of this foolish clown show of a party." When will you begin to stand up and declare that someone needs to represent us, the millions that know this is a game to all of you. When will any of you take on your own side --- forget about the party --- Democrats, Republicans, Independents. Every political stripe and those who don't know anything about politics are suffering. When is enough for you?

Is the power too much? Is it the health care benefits that we can't even get? House of worship the free gym? How about the lifetime benefit of $56,000 a year for doing nothing after you retire. Is it the inside trading that makes you rich that you just can't pass up? Are you enjoying them? Oh, what it must be like to be you.

I would ask you that question, but I think I'm going to save it until after your time on earth because I'm guessing your answer today will be quite different than when I ask it to you in the heat of all eternity.

Do none of you have any common decency? Yes, you do? Then step out in front. Leave --- or leave your party --- and do it for a reason. Be the first to say it because we already know and so do all of your colleagues. They're just afraid to say it out loud. Neither party has any intention of fixing any of this. Neither side cares about anything except their own power. Nothing has changed since 1862 when neither the Whigs nor Democrats took slavery seriously. But there were 20 people brave enough to stand up from both sides and say my party stands for nothing, neither of you people actually care about slavery. They stepped up and said they had had enough, 20 of them, and they started their own party. And you know what they did? It's amazing, without any social media --- yes, believe it or not without Twitter or Facebook, without the power of the press, without a celebrity or a game show contestant or rockstar among them --- they elected Abraham Lincoln eight years later.

You know, I pray for peace and reconciliation, but there are times for righteous indignation.

I heard the president's remarks yesterday, and then me being stupid enough to say, "Okay. What's the GOP proposing?" and then going online and seeing nothing. Nothing and yet literally anything is what they're proposing. They just want to win. I was sick to my stomach. Is no one else in America done with this? Is no one else willing to stand up and condemn their own side, their own senator, their own congressman, their own media? Is no one willing to do it? Is anyone else thinking that with all that we not just accept and tolerate, but all of the things that we actually are beginning now to embrace from these people that maybe perhaps, just perhaps we're getting the government we finally deserve?

May God have mercy on us all.

Is there anyone? Is there anyone out there that actually wants to solve health care for the people who cannot afford it? Is there anyone who actually wants to reduce the restrictions, give the people back control of their health care, possibly even better than what they had before? Is there anyone who actually wants to give people more of the money they have worked so hard to earn?

Politicians, do you not have children and grandchildren? Are you so myopic that you can't see the future your children and grandchildren will inherit? Or do you have some special golden parachute out of chaos? May God have mercy on your souls.

You not only have lied to us, but you very well may be directly responsible for the loss of the Western way of life. May you be haunted by the thoughts and the names and the images and the horrors that you will have inflicted on people all over the world. May you be haunted by the images and the names and the people who are working themselves to death so they can afford a doctor for their kids, not even the doctor they want or loved or were promised they could keep.

By the way, Democrats, this is where you come in. You're not free from the wrath. You built this ship --- Obamacare. Why do we have to repeal and replace it? Because it's going to collapse. It's a debacle. You built this ship. You make the Titanic builders and architects look like geniuses. You were the ones who said "you can keep your doctor." You were the ones who said "you can keep your insurance plan." You were the ones who said "it will save you $2,500 of your own money."

You talk of social justice, Democrats? You should all be glad that, currently, actual justice isn't seen around here anymore --- because all of your leaders would be behind bars. The only that thing gives me solace is if real justice were around, all of our so-called leaders would be behind bars.

Republicans and Democrats who are active in this system right now, who are playing this game, you are the very people our Founders warned us of.

For those politicians, don't call and try to come on my show. Don't expect any kind of shelter from me. The same goes for all media on both sides. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Which will you be?

You in the audience. You have to make the same choice I have to make. Which will you be? People are real. Joblessness is real. Pain, illness, suffering, death is real. Poverty is real. Despair, loneliness, hopelessness, that's real. Clicks and ratings and fame and elections. None of that is real.

Which master do you serve, coward? May all those who fail in these times to rise for truth. Find those things, especially those in Washington and the heads of media that only the deepest and most relentless poverty and public humiliation can survive for your hopefully long and seemingly never-ending lives.

We have a decision to make. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? It begins by just admitting the problem that you have, that our side has. Because we can only change what we do, not what the other weasel rats do.


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