The left’s war on those with disabilities sounds a lot like the Soviets

Nick Vujicic joined the “Glenn Beck Radio Program” on Wednesday to shed light on those with disabilities and the new challenges they face. Just this week, a Washington Post editor suggested aborting babies with Down syndrome in an op-ed and called the decision to abort these babies “brave.”

Glenn and Nick highlight this bold wave of dangerous, pro-abortion rhetoric and paralleled it with the fate people with disabilities faced in Russia and Germany in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s.

Nick Vujicic is a best selling author, motivational speaker, evangelist, and founder of Life Without Limbs, a non-profit ministry dedicated to serving individuals born without arms and legs.

See Glenn’s interview above. 

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GLENN: One of my favorite people in the world is Nick Vujicic. If you have not heard of him, this is going to be a very interesting time for you. Nick is a guy who was born without any arms or legs, hands and feet. And he has a new book out called Be the Hands and Feet. He is one of the more inspiring people I've ever met. Hello, Nick, how are you?

NICK: Hi, Glenn. So good to see your face. Love you sitting at this table. Thanks for having me on your radio show. Appreciate it.

GLENN: You're welcome.

So, first of all, let's kind of catch up with you. For anybody who doesn't know you, tell me your story quickly.

NICK: Quickly: I was born in Melbourne, Australia, without limbs. Lady Gaga don't know why I was born this way. Many people had their own theories and philosophies of life, including a woman who said that, well, in my previous life, reincarnation, I was a bad boy, and now I'm getting punished. But now that I'm a good boy, I'll come back in my next life and be a butterfly. And I'm thinking, she don't know how many butterflies I killed in my wheelchair, I don't want to be a butterfly.

Being isolated at times. Very loving home though. Went to a mainstream school. I was the first disabled child to go to the mainstream school system of Australia, 1989. And was excelling in mathematics, because that was the only that I could compete with everyone. But I really had depression and fears about my future. Attempted suicide at age ten because of bullying predominantly at school.

GLENN: Can you tell me how you tried to do that?

NICK: Yeah. Went to the bathtub, and I told my dad, I just want to relax in the bathtub of 4 inches, 5 inches of water. And I turned over to let the breath out a bit. I couldn't go through with it. Not because of physical limitations. But because I didn't want to leave my parents with that pain, and I pictured my parents crying at my grave. So I did not go through with that by the grace of God.

GLENN: Tell me -- tell me the depth there of despair, of losing hope.

NICK: You know, it was as if I never had it. It's not about losing hope. It's actually losing all -- all strength to go on. Just because of the bleak and broken future that I could see ahead, I felt like I was a burden to my parents. I convinced myself I would never get married, never be happy, never be a father. Never find a job. Just be a burden to everyone around me. I thought even if I got married, I can't even hold my wife's hand. Even if I had kids, I can't even hold my kids when they're crying.

Today, I have my wife. Her name is Kanae. She's a rock star. She's a superstar. She's amazing. She's beautiful. Six years of marriage now.

GLENN: She is. I think you had just gotten married the last time I saw you.

NICK: That's right.

GLENN: And congratulations on your twins.

NICK: That's right. Thank you, Glenn. Yeah, so we have two boys, Kiyoshi and Dejan, five and two and a half years old, and we have now two twin girls, Olivia and Ellie. They're about ten weeks old now.

Oh, and I wanted to say this: I don't need to hold my wife's hand. I just need to hold her heart, and you don't need hands for that. And when my boys cry, I can't put my arms around them, but they put their arms around me.

GLENN: So you -- you were convinced that you would be a burden on everyone. And that's kind of the way the world is working right now, especially with anybody with any kind of disability. We were talking off the air that this is a providential week to have you come in.

NICK: It is.

GLENN: Because I have been truly sleepless in the last few nights about what's happening with the Washington Post coming out and saying, you know, if you have Down syndrome, it's very brave. Very brave to abort them because we're curing Down syndrome.

NICK: Goodness, gracious.

GLENN: By killing them. Of course, they're not saying killing, but that's what they mean.

They have -- you know, the responses are, people with Down syndrome have no quality of life. And they're a burden on families.

And I -- I think, Nick, quite honestly, if we can -- if we as a society can embrace killing the most angelic -- I mean, the most angelic --

NICK: I can't agree with you more.

GLENN: -- then who won't we kill?

NICK: You know, I've been interviewed all night, Glenn -- you know I've been on the road, for my book and all that stuff. And the question that -- that, you know, you know, because we talk about how when I was in Russia a few years ago, there was a petition signed. Because I was famous in Russia overnight, preaching the gospel on mainstream TV. And some editor from a publication in Russia said, no disabled person should get married, should reproduce, and should ever have a stage and should ever be on TV. Ninety thousand people signed that petition. And then a million people got angry and that guy got fired. I wonder if this person will ever --

GLENN: No. You know that.

NICK: Never.

Well, it's just an opinion. Well, this other guy also had the opinion. And so the idea here is, how many more of these articles will actually be publicized without us actually saying, hey, wait a second. Let's really, really analyze this. And it's just unfair. It's unfair.

GLENN: It's amazing to me --

NICK: How are we different from the Russians, Glenn?

GLENN: We're not.

NICK: I'm Yugoslav, and I love the Soviet area, and I love the Slavic region. And they have a lot of improvement coming.

Ukraine just changed their law, Glenn, after I spoke to the government. Just to let you know, they're allowing special needs children to go to school for the first time. There's improvement over there.


NICK: But you come home here and you get so discouraged and stuff like this.

GLENN: Wow. It's remarkable to me that you wouldn't -- if we had this -- if you would have been seen in utero, you would have been gone. If Stephen Hawking would have been able to be tested in utero, he'd be gone. Stephen Hawking passed away today.

NICK: Today. I'm sorry to hear that.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah. One of the most remarkable men to ever live.

NICK: Wow.

GLENN: And, you know, when you look at the -- the Nazi era, the people who voted for Hitler -- think of this. When he started his T4 program, to wipe out -- would have killed you. Would have killed my daughter. Would have killed anybody with Down syndrome.

When they found out that they were gassing those children, the people who voted for Hitler rose up and said, no more. No more. You can't do that.

We're just letting it go. We're not rising up. That's terrifying.

NICK: You're right. You're right. And there's many fronts on many fights that you can choose. And for me, Glenn, you know I'm pro-life. You know I'm with you. I'll wing you. I'll be your wing man on this. No problem. We'll do whatever we can to do.

The bottom line is I understand the -- the opposition in trying -- or the challenge, let's say, in trying to convince people of changing their mind. But you know what also gets me just a little bit angry are the people who actually say we're Christian and we allow 111,000 7, 8-year-old children in America, still waiting, still waiting for an adopted home. A hundred thousand churches spends billions of dollars on buildings, and we're not the hands and feet. We're claiming Jesus is Lord.

Do you know how many teenagers, they think they're Christian because they go to church on Sunday, then they tease someone at school on Monday. Forty percent of the reason for teenage suicide in America is because of bullying at school.

We really got to do an analysis of ourselves, if we really are the salt and light -- there's 400,000 foster kids waiting. Anyway, in the --

GLENN: You go for it.

NICK: You know it.

GLENN: We were just talking about this last week. Last week, we were talking about how Christians -- I don't know what it means to be a Christian anymore. Because if this is what it means to be a Christian, it makes literally statistically no difference in the world.

I'm not interested in that. I'm not interested.

NICK: Well, here's a contrast, ready. In Islam. In the Koran, they actually say that it's against Allah that you adopt. Because you can never love somebody that's not your blood, like you love someone that is your blood.

GLENN: Holy cow.

NICK: So how different are we to Islam? Because so many people think, how can I love somebody as much as I love my own?

And it's not about that. It's just addressing the biggest questions and fears that people have and saying, hey, look, don't just sit and listen to the prosperity gospel from the pews. You know, surrender your life to Jesus. And then guess what happens? The next paragraph. What do you want God to do for you today. Let's believe and I'll stand for you. Are you kidding me? We're not here to receive. We're here to serve. The prosperity gospel will end, Glenn, in ten years from now, when thirty-five percent of all jobs in America are taken by robots. How dare any prosperity preaching preacher will talk about prosperity when a third of their men have no job.

It's time to realize, stop waiting on God to do something. And God is waiting on you to do something. I'm all for praying for revival in our country, Glenn. A million people trying to gather in Washington, DC, but what if a million people actually learned how to preach the gospel? And we preach the gospel to 20 people in a day. You can reach the whole country of America in 16 days. Is it really that hard?


NICK: It's not.

GLENN: It's not.

NICK: A hundred thousand, you know, adoption -- is it really that hard?

GLENN: It's not.

NICK: It's not.

GLENN: I was at a -- I was at a venture capitalist conference, and I had to speak. And it was all Silicon Valley.

NICK: Uh-huh.

GLENN: And a guy gets up and he's an atheist. One of the biggest venture capitalists in the world. And he gets up and he says, I have news for you, what's coming is a loss of meaning.

He said, because the unemployment rate -- he said -- and this is important I think for people to understand. We now look at unemployment and say, oh, can we get it close to zero?

They -- Silicon Valley, with the way they're working now, they're the opposite. They're saying, let's get it 100 percent on employment, so you can do what you want to do. Which is a noble thing. However, it also removes meaning for a lot of people who find meaning in their jobs. And he said, so we're going to have a lot of meaning. He said, but you know who is going to conquer that? People who have actual faith.

NICK: Wow.

GLENN: Because people who have actual faith find meaning in good works. Isn't that crazy?

NICK: Wow. Wow.

GLENN: And we're not doing it.

NICK: Wow.

GLENN: And we have to.

NICK: Yes.

GLENN: Because it will be the only thing -- we will be the ones that can lead the world into meaning and into the --

NICK: Hope.

GLENN: The hope of --

NICK: Hope.

GLENN: -- it's going to be okay.

NICK: Yep.

GLENN: So, Nick --

NICK: Glenn, I love you. We got to spend more time together, bro. I'm out here in Dallas quite a lot. We got a second home here.

GLENN: I know. You don't ever stop by.

NICK: I'm going to stop by.

GLENN: The name of the book is Be The Hands and Feet: Living Out God's Love For All of His Children. I want to talk a little bit more about the book and the -- your adventures. And we're going to also spend some time on television tonight.

NICK: Good.

GLENN: So make sure you join us. We'll be back in just a second.

GLENN: So, Nick, let's talk a little bit -- you know, you talk in your book about how we need to share -- how we need to share the gospel. However, I think people -- because of what we were just talking about, people are tired of people talking about the gospel because, you know, it doesn't make a difference. We're -- we're going to church, but we're living a hypocritical life. We're no different than everybody else.

NICK: Right. Right.

And so the bottom line is, when me and some angels go to 68 countries, meet 18 presidents, speak in front of ten governments and in front of billionaires to sex slaves and orphans, there are commonalities of why people don't believe in a loving God. And one of them, rightly said, is that, oh, I'm not going to become a Christian because I know Christians. There was a bumper sticker that said, dear Lord, save me from thy followers.

GLENN: Yeah.

NICK: And, you know, it's the truth. That's one of the things.

And that's when we point the finger at ourselves and make sure that how we live shows it. You know, if you're a teenager and you love Jesus, then you're not sexually active until marriage, period. No matter what you feel. And we're going to hand the truth with love and love with the truth. And the bottom line is, when you put God in the throne of your life and you realize that his plan and his way is best -- and money, drug, sex, alcohol, pornography, fame, and fortune, and where this country is going, where this world is going, we know that the only hope is in Jesus Christ. That's one of the top seven reasons, Glenn, why people don't go to church. Another one is because they think church is a business.

GLENN: Can you argue that though?

NICK: You know what, I have the least amount of argument for that point out of seven. Yeah? And that's why I'm, you know, pretty firm to the churches in making sure that the center of ministry isn't your gifts. The center of ministry is the gospel. And I feel like we as Americans are absolutely ignoring the fact that the prosperity gospel started in America. And it's absolutely devastated Latin America and Africa. And the pinnacle of growth and beauty in the church of those continents was when the church met the needs of the people.

But then --

GLENN: But isn't that -- that, again, isn't that the point? I have this argument with people all the time, you know, about faith and works. No, all I have to do is have faith in Jesus. And then I'm saved. Okay. I got it. I got it. I got it. However, you can't tell me that you've been saved if your works aren't his works.

NICK: That's right.

GLENN: If it hasn't changed you in fundamental, easy ways the way you live your life, then sorry, you don't really buy into it.

NICK: Yeah. I tell the teenagers, if you tease someone at school on Monday, I don't think you're a Christian because you have no idea what the love of God is. You know, and so the other things that I write about in my Be the Hands and Feet book is, how do you talk to somebody who is an atheist who says, well, science explains everything?

And I, you know, present the points where witchcraft, voodoo, black magic, science can't explain it, but man, it's real. And I'm not an atheist because I've seen an angel. I'm not an atheist because I've seen demons.

And so when you realize how you can actually come back with knowledge and points and say, how can a loving God let pain be in the world? There's a simple explanation for it. And people don't share about their faith because they don't know the answers to the top six and most common questions that people have.

GLENN: So we're going to cover these tonight on TV at 5 o'clock.

NICK: Yeah.

GLENN: But I want to ask you this: If there's a God in the world, Nick, how could he possibly let a child be born without arms and legs and go through what you went through as a child?

NICK: Well, first of all, I want to say it's worse being in a broken home, than having no arms and legs. Let's just get that straight. Number one, we can't compare each other's brokenness. Number two, though, we know that sickness, disease, and death, and uncomfortability to our existence didn't happen until Satan came into the world.

And that's when people said, well, then why did God allow the serpent in the Garden of Eden? And the answer is very simple. How unfair God would be to make Adam and Eve with free choice, yet never let them hear anybody else, but his voice.

If he never allowed the serpent in the Garden of Eden to actually say the contrary to what God said, then do they really have free choice or not? Therein, they chose. And we know that there is a lion, devouring, killing, destroying, and his name is Satan. And he knows his days are numbered, and he's going around destroying the world. And the bottom line, the Bible says, Glenn, very clear, black and white, we know that Jesus is coming back, when all the gospel has been preached to all the four corners of the earth. And when I was in front of Billy Graham in 2011, he said, Nick, we don't have to preach down other religions. Just preach the gospel. The gospel is powerful enough. And the Bible says, my people perish because they don't have knowledge. I also think it's Christians who are losing their faith because they're not growing in knowledge. They think, well, you know, now I'm a Christian. Now God is going to bless me, and that's it.

No, are you serious? It's about us being on the front line of God's army ambassadors, the king of kings, the lord of lords. And I'm a man without arms and legs. Being the hands and feet of Jesus, standing in front of the gates of hell and redirecting traffic. If God can use a man without arms and legs to be his hands and feet, God can use any willing heart.

GLENN: Kind of have this answer down.


NICK: I love you.

GLENN: I'm so glad you're here. Especially this week when we're talking about Down syndrome, and on the day that we mark the life of an exceptional man Stephen Hawking. And, you know, I see God's blessing and glory, not that he wants anybody to suffer, but I see his glory through Stephen Hawking. He was wasting his life until he realized, I may not have very much time. And it changed him fundamentally. How it changes us is -- is up to us. We'll talk some more this afternoon on TheBlaze TV. The name of the book, Be the Hands and Feet: Living Out God's Love For All Of His Children.

GLENN: I got to tell you, one of my favorite guests, is Nick Vujicic. I think he is -- does he make you feel like -- like, you know, here's a guy who has no arms and no legs. And I mean, I bet he exercises more than I do. He's in better shape than I am.

STU: Well, has he ever exercised? Because then, yes, he's exercised more than you.

GLENN: And he's just -- he's so inspiring.

If you think you can't do it, have you met Nick? I mean, it's amazing what people do when they put their minds to it and they -- they partner with -- with a higher power.

By the way, he's going to be speaking tonight in Dallas at the Fellowship Bible Church. It's at 9330 North Central Expressway. Just go to He'll speak at 7 o'clock tonight. He is remarkable as a speaker. One of the most powerful speakers that you'll hear.

Glenn SHOCKED at how FAST everyone abandoned Russell Brand

Glenn SHOCKED at how FAST everyone abandoned Russell Brand

London's Metropolitan Police force has opened an investigation into accusations made against comedian Russell Brand. This comes after the BBC, Brand's publisher and talent agency, sponsors like Burger King, and even the British Parliament have come after or abandoned him based solely on allegations. Glenn argues that while we still don't know the truth about whether Brand is guilty or not, it's shocking to see just how fast and viciously everyone has abandoned him. Is this the global elites' way of punishing him for speaking out against their plans? Glenn also reviews a similar story about NFL star Chandler Jones, who claims he was taken against his will to a mental health hospital by the Las Vegas fire department, injected, and forced to sleep on the floor after posting a "disturbing social media rant" — which he says was the result of a hack. Do we still live in a society where people are innocent until proven guilty?


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Pat, can you help me out? How does an investigation usually work with the police? Do they -- do they watch TV and hear claims, and then they go and investigate?

PAT: Oh, my gosh. You must be a police insider. That's exactly how it works.

GLENN: I'm not wrong, right?

PAT: I would never do that. No.

GLENN: Okay. British police have opened a sex crimes investigation triggered by news reports covering Russell Brand.

PAT: Oh, my gosh. Isn't that something? This is so clear, that they hate his guts, because of the things that he's been saying.

GLENN: No. Two things could be true. He could absolutely be this guy.

PAT: Right. He could. He could.

But my guess is, if this was ten years ago, or 15 years ago, he wouldn't have this problem at all.


PAT: They would be coming after him.

GLENN: At the time, he did it on the BBC.

PAT: Right. Right.

GLENN: London's Metropolitan Police Force said Monday, that it had received a number of allegations of sexual offenses after a television documentary and newspaper investigations.

But there had been no arrests. Brand. Russell Brand denies allegations of sexual assault made by four women, in a Channel 4 television documentary and the Times -- Sunday Times newspapers.

The accusers who have not been named, include one who said she was sexually assaulted during a relationship with him. When she was 16. Another one says, Brand raped her in Los Angeles in 2012. Last week, a woman accused Brand of exposing himself to her, in 2008.

The woman told CBS News partner network BBC news, that she was working in the same building, where the BBC's Los Angeles office was. And when the incident occurred, Brand went on to the air to laugh about it, moments later on his radio show.

Well, we should be able to find that. The police force did not name Brand in its statement. But referred to recent articles in a documentary.

Said, its detectives were investigating allegations of non-recent sexual offenses, both in London and elsewhere.

We continue to encourage anyone who believes they may have been a victim of sexual offense, no matter how long it was, to contact us. We need to understand, it can feel like a difficult step to take.

And I want to reassure, that we have a team of specialist officers available to advise and support.

This is coming from their detective superintendent.

Brand has denied the allegations, saying his relationships have always been consensual. Even though, he was in an admitted period of being very, very promiscuous. That's a quote from him.

Known for his unbridled and risky standup routines, Brand was a major UK star in the early 2000s.

He hosted shows on radio and television, wrote memoirs, charting his battles with drug and alcohol, appeared in several Hollywood movies, and was briefly married to Katy Perry between 2010 and 2012.

Brand has largely disappeared from the mainstream media, but has built up a large following online with videos, mixing wellness and conspiracy theories.

Last week, YouTube said it would stop Brand from making money from the streaming site, where he has 6.6 million subscribers. Due to the serious allegations against him.

In an exclusive interview with CBS Mornings, the YouTube CEO said, they -- they decided to suspend monetization of Brand's channel because of YouTube's creator responsibility guidelines policy.

Quote, if creators have off-platform behavior, or there's an off-platform news that could be damaging to the broader creator ecosystem, you could be suspended from your monetization program. CBS mornings co-host Tony whatever said.

It has impacted a large number of creators and personalities on the platform in the past. YouTube went on to say, that's what played out in this particular case around the serious allegations.

So they have -- by the way, he's been dropped by his talent agency. He has been dropped for live performances.

And his publisher has also dropped him. So this guy has nothing. He has nothing. And he hasn't been charged with a crime.

PAT: And that happens so quickly.everybody got on board, right away.

And if you didn't get on board, the BBC is coming knocking at your door, asking you why. Hey, are you about to demonetize him? They were trying to get Rumble to demonetize him.

Rumble said, no. We're not going to do that.

GLENN: The parliament. Parliament, told Twitter to demonetize him and shut him down.

Parliament. I've never heard of that before.

So there's something very, very wrong here. And two things could be true.

He might have done these things. So don't wash your hands of that. Let's make sure that we know what happened.

But the other thing that is true. This has never happened before.

I've never seen. You had Menendez just a few minutes ago saying, well, you know, the charges. You're innocent until proven guilty.

And I demand. Well, what about Russell Brand? What about Russell Brand?

The story that is related to this, is a story about Chandler Jones. Do you know anything about Chandler Jones?

PAT: Very little.

GLENN: So he has claimed now, because he set off a tweet, where he said, the owner of the Raiders. And the head coach. Or the GM. He can't work for anymore.

Because the -- I think it was the owner had -- had information, and was protect protecting a man that molested his goddaughter. Okay?

And then nobody is really talking about that.

Nobody is really focused on this story.

And I don't know what this story was really all about.

Listen to this. NFL star Chandler Jones has claimed he was taken against his will, to a mental health hospital by the Las Vegas Fire Department last week. In an alarming social media post on Monday night, Jones said he had been injected against his will, and forced to sleep on the floor.

It comes a week after Jones went on a disturbing social media rant, accusing Raiders' owner Mark Davis of protecting the identity of a man he claims molested his goddaughter.

Jones, who is the younger brother of USC champion, John, later said that he had been hacked.

In a post on X, captioned first day out, but I'm still alive. Jones wrote: First day out. If my fans and friends were wondering, I was taken by the Las Vegas Fire Department last week against my will.

I was injected with, I don't know what.

They say that it was a court hold, and the Las Vegas police put me on it.

I hadn't done anything wrong. The police said, people were concerned about me. Because of my posts online.

I answered. Yeah. I know.

I answered my front door, and a group of five to seven were there to put me in an ambulance, where I was later ejected.

And I asked them not to.

I had in cell phone. Or in communication.

I was taken to Southern Hills Hospital. And transferred to Seven Hills, where they tried to force me to take meds and injections.

The NFL and Raiders star Jones, 33, added, I called Raiders' GM six to seven times, asking for help. And wondered if he had put me in here. But he had never answered.

I even left him voicemails. I was just trying to figure out, why I'm not allowed in the building. And still, why I don't have to continue to watch my brother suffer every Sunday. But no answer.

This place is not a place for high-profile athletes.

My first night, I slept on the floor. And was not offered a bed.

My brothers had nothing to bring me.

My brothers had to bring me decent meals to eat, and clothe.

My dad read to me Bible versus.

Every day, I miss, is $1 million. And I'm still confused on what I did wrong.

I'm still here. And I'm very sane.

Now, he goes on.

This is disturbing.

And again, I don't know what the truth is, on this.

But this isn't the first person that has been put into a mental institution.

Now, he's put into a mental institution, he claims. Because of his online post.

This is the way Stalin used to do it.

And maybe he is crazy, I don't know.

But listen to this story.

The mistress of a Pennsylvania police officer, spent three days in a mental hospital, after he had her involuntarily committed, when they broke up.

Ronald Davis is now facing charges for abusing his power and authority, to convince peers to issue a mental health valuation, and section his girlfriend.

Davis is married with kids, according to police records. He was having a relationship with the girl. Also 37.

They were together for -- for months, until the romance soured. He then told her, he would make her look crazy, and he did.

Pennsylvania state police confirmed Davis had been suspended without pay today. He's also facing felony strangulation and false imprisonment charges.

So I guess now we're going into a time, where we're putting people into mental institutions, that we either don't like, or maybe are saying something -- I mean, I don't know what's going on.

I just know. Have you seen these before?

PAT: No. No. It's really chilling.

GLENN: I mean, with Russell Brand, if you have done something, you need to pay the price for justice.

You need to pay the price.

If you are somebody who is living life on the edge, you're not going to be safe.

You're not. You have to do the right thing.

Just do the next right thing. If you have something in your life, clean it up right now. Clean it pick up.

You don't need anything in your life that you have to worry about. Just do the right thing. Because they will find things that you are doing and take you out.

And if you're just and it's not true, I believe it will work itself out. But if you are dirty and corrupt and have done something, the best thing to do is just pay the price. Let God work it out. Stop whatever you're doing. Turn back to God.

But we are living in times where things could get very, very dicey. They want to put you in jail with AI, and with deepfakes. There's a -- there's not a lot going for you. If they do want to put you in jail.

Just do the right thing. Stay active. Stay involved. Always speak your mind.

But shod your feet in the gospel of peace, always.

Why Glenn WANTS a government shutdown — and ALL TAXPAYERS should too

Why Glenn WANTS a government shutdown — and ALL TAXPAYERS should too

The United States is yet again on the verge of a government shutdown as House Republicans work to cut spending. But is that really a bad thing as the media has suggested? Glenn and Pat debunk some of the myths surrounding this current shutdown debate and review a "60 Minutes" report that details what your tax dollars are actually funding. Did you know that your money is bailing out small businesses in Ukraine? Meanwhile, here at home, small businesses are suffering under inflation. "We are destroying ourselves," Glenn warns, as the Biden administration depletes our munitions and oil supplies. So, maybe it's about time for a government shutdown.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Oh, man, I am so concerned about the government shutdown. And Pat is here to share my panic.

PAT: Oh man. I am scared. I am scared.

GLENN: What are we going to do?

PAT: I don't know. Same thing we always will, only it will be better. Because they are spending less of our money.

GLENN: But can they? Can they spend less of our money?

PAT: Well, they have to if the government shuts down, which is the beauty of a government shutdown.

They have to do all the necessary things. Like pay off the Social Security benefits and the veterans benefits, and all of that. They have to continue to do that, and they do.

STU: Yeah, including the interest.

PAT: Right. Right.

STU: You notice they're not talking about defaulting on the debt this time. That's weird.

PAT: That is weird.

GLENN: That was their biggest concern. We will default on the at the time. I haven't heard word one on defaulting on the debt.

PAT: I haven't either.

GLENN: That's weird. Now they're trying to say, you know these Republicans, they want to have a government shutdown. Because they want to shut down the ATF. Yeah. Yeah. At least we're honest about it. You know, all the things you want to do. Oh, how dare you, we want to take guns away. We love guns. I was kissing mine last night. Oh, I cleaned the tongue. I cleaned the barrel of my gun with my tongue, I love it so much.

Shut up!

PAT: And while we're at it, maybe the FBI too. Maybe that can go as well. Maybe that can go.

GLENN: And I don't know. The IRS. That wouldn't be a bad thing.

PAT: Yeah. Department of Education. Yeah. Get rid of all the nonessential nonsense.

GLENN: Yeah. Kevin McCarthy says, we're not going to default.

We have a number of days until funding runs out.

Do you know what we didn't have until -- until 1980.

Government shutdowns?

We never had them.

If -- you know, if the budget wasn't done, and it happened many times, you know, since 1776.

The budget wasn't done. They just went on, and no big deal. The budget will be finished soon.

But now, after 1980, I wonder what changed.

PAT: Huh.

GLENN: I wonder what changed. Because now we have to shut it down.

No. We really don't. We really don't. It's all funny money in the first place, you know.

PAT: That's for sure.

GLENN: So the -- the House Republicans are working hard today, to get everybody on the same page.

And that is, yeah. We should stop spending all of this -- this money.

You know.

And what do you say? We start with a few things. Like, no. The taxpayer shouldn't pay for abortions.

And send people on a vacation. At our expense.

And then at the end of that vacation, they have an abortion. No. Uh-uh.

No. No. I don't think so. Uh-uh.

PAT: How do you feel about the money going to Ukraine though? You love this for small business loans?

GLENN: Well, now, hold on just a second.

We're trying to help them win a war. Let me -- let me give you a couple of clips, from CBS.

When was the last time 60 Minutes actually did something where, he cared about.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: Well, they did this weekend. Listen to this from 60 Minutes. Cut one.

VOICE: What Americans have to pay is financing more than just weapons. We've discovered the US governments are buying seeds and fertilizer for Ukrainian farmers, and covering the salaries of Ukraine's first responders.

VOICE: Yeah. Yeah, 57,000 of them. That includes between the trains. This rescue dog named, Joy, to comb through the wreckage of Russian strikes and looking for survivors.

GLENN: Okay. I don't mind helping that one.

VOICE: And the US also funds the divers who we saw clearing unexploded ammunition from the country --

GLENN: Maybe that. Maybe.

VOICE: To make them safe again. The swimming and fishing. Russia's invasion shrank Ukraine's economy by about a third. We were surprised to find that to keep it afloat, the US government is subsidizing small businesses.

GLENN: Wait. What. Hold it. Now, the dog thing. Okay. If we can help out on the dog thing, fine.

PAT: And it seems to be connected to the war.

GLENN: Yeah. And finding the unexploded bombs in the rivers.

Okay. Okay. But wait a minute. Wait a minute. Paying 56,000 firefighters to show up.

You know we're also paying the government salaries. And we're paying the people's Social Security. Okay?

We're not even paying it here.

And every dollar that we print to send over there, is causing inflation, here.

So while our -- while we're getting poorer and poorer, it's almost like he designed it to be this way.

While we're getting poorer and poorer, they're -- they're getting bailed out by our government. And every time we send a dollar over there, you get poorer.

And it's not because it's taking money.

It's because we're printing money. Inflation.

So now we find out, that they're also, they're not helping small businesses here.

No. No. No.

When we had COVID. No. Home Depot.

Sure. Home Depot. I mean, they're safe.

But the Ma and pop stores, they're completely unsafe.

Huh! And now we're paying.

But wait, there's more. Cut two.

VOICE: Russia's invasion shrank Ukraine's economy by about a third. We were surprised to find that to keep it afloat, the US government is subsidizing small businesses, like Tatiana's mid-ware company.

PAT: Oh.

VOICE: That's cute.

GLENN: Oh, that is very nice.

VOICE: This fashion is a condition of war. We have to work. We have to pay taxes. We have to pay --

GLENN: Taxes. Oh, no.

VOICE: To our employees. We have to work. Don't stop.

VOICE: Why does that help Ukraine win the war?

VOICE: Because economy, it's a foundation of advocacy.

It's an aid from government, but it's an aid, say, from their heart of every ordinary American person.

GLENN: Okay. So wait. Hang on just a second. I'm not sure all that aid is from the heart of every American. Because we didn't know. If they would have asked us to help out, we would have been -- we would have been great. We are the most charitable nation in the history of the world.

PAT: And we would. We do give charitably.

GLENN: Correct.

PAT: More than the rest of the world, combined.

GLENN: Correct. But instead, they went through our government. And our government didn't tell us what they're doing. And they are doing things that are causing us pain. And not just pain.

What's happening here is, we are destroying ourselves. We're giving them all of our tanks and ammunition, that we are now dangerously low.

Dangerously low.

We don't have enough howitzer shells in you, to do any kind of war.

And we can only make 25,000 of those, a month.

Russia is using 60,000 a day.

A day. So I don't know.

I don't feel comfortable with this.

We've also destroyed our own oil supply. Our strategic oil reserve, almost gone.

We're destroying our ability to make oil, to find oil. To find oil. To refine it into gasoline. And yet, we're sending stuff over there.

We're letting everybody have whatever they want over there.

Including fertilizer.

Which our farmers are being told, we can't use any more, because of global warming.

Huh. Now, that's weird. How come it's okay for Ukraine. But not for us.

You haven't even passed a farm bill over here, to help our farmers.

But we're buying their grain over there. Which, by the way, because they're getting free grain.

They're planting crops. They can now sell it at such a low cost. That Poland has said, you're killing our farmers.

We can't support you anymore, Ukraine.

See what happens when man starts to get involved in ways that he shouldn't get involved?

See what happens? All of the unexpected consequences that come from this?

Or maybe they are expected.

So now, the Biden administration is requesting over $20 billion more. We wondered how they were paying for it.

We wondered where it was going.

Well, there are some things that you should probably know.

There is -- there is some questioning of some of the people that were in the administration over there.

And part of the group that was getting the money, and divvying it out. I think about 60 of them now, are actually being investigated.

Or going to jail. Or have lost their jobs.

Because they were corrupt. And taking and using our money for other things.

I just didn't know we were paying for everything over there.

Things that we wouldn't pay for us, over here.

Didn't know that. Just --

PAT: Nobody did.

Except the administration.

Until Sunday, with 60 Minutes.

GLENN: Yeah. And USAID. Which is now run by Cass Sunstein's wife.

Remember her?

She's in charge of USAID. And that's where all this money is coming from. And being distributed through.

Now, one last thing.

You know, that lady at least sounded grateful.

I want you to listen to the Ukrainian's -- hmm. Tell us how they really feel about our money. Your money. Listen.

VOICE: The country is fighting formal its survival. Bankrolled in large part by US taxpayers.

The outcome may be decided by America's willingness to keep paying.

VOICE: Some Americans say, we're very sympathetic to you, Americans. But we're going through tough times at home, and we just can't afford to keep supporting you.

VOICE: Ukrainians pay with their lives.

GLENN: Ukrainians pay with their lives. And...

VOICE: And I believe all their lives are much more than money. Much more than taxpayer's money.

GLENN: Their lives count much more than taxpayer's money. Yeah. It does. It does.

Although, nobody asked us. Now, this is what Joe Biden is talking about, when he calls for -- when he's saying, it's going to be a government shutdown.

You don't have to shut it down. Just agree to send any more money to Congress.

And then propose exactly what you want. And exactly where it's going.

Go through the proper channels for it. But you don't want to do that. Because you know.

I mean, I find it amazing. That CBS and 60 Minutes. Ran this right at the beginning of the budget stuff.

STU: Yeah. Incredible.

GLENN: That says something.

STU: Yeah. It does. It says, even they are getting fed up now with the shenanigans of this administration.

GLENN: Hopefully.

PAT: I hope so.

And I think, you know, we talked about this a little bit yesterday. But I think even the liberals in the media, are disgusted with this president.

And they see the fact.

And even if they're not disgusted. They understand he's a problem. And he might not win.

Because people are seeing, how compromised he is, mentally and physically. And so this might be part of encouraging him to exit.

GLENN: By the way, we now have photos of the ambassador -- the American ambassador, that was over in Ukraine.

Meeting twice with the Burisma official. After being told the firm was corrupt.

So we were told, that they didn't know anything. It's impossible to not know that Burisma and the head of Burisma was a total oligarch, that literally beheads the people, that -- that are in his way. And our American ambassador was told, as was Joe Biden, don't meet with these guys.

Don't. They're really, really bad. But the Burisma official, who worked closely with Hunter Biden was invited to two separate events, by the US ambassador.

For what reason? For what reason?

After she was told, have no contact with this person.

What was going on? What is still going on?

Why are we bankrupt America. This isn't America 1960, 1940. We have lost our manufacturing base. We are now in the midst of losing our cheap energy. And we have lost our cheap labor.

So what made America, America, in the 1940s, '50s, and '60s was, we had cheap labor. We had abundant, cheap energy. We had all of our natural resources. And nobody else had anything.

Well, now we don't have those things. Because they've been taken off the table.

And now when we do a marshal plan, by the way, in inflation-aged numbers, we are only about $50 billion away, and Joe Biden wants another 20 billion today. We're about $50 billion away, from the cost of the entire marshal plan.

Which rebuilt Europe.

PAT: Wow.

GLENN: Where is all that money? Where is all that money?

And had you --

PAT: And what you want to bet, we're past that already. In reality. We don't have any idea.

GLENN: Correct.

So when they say, we have some extremists, that want to shut the government down.

I don't think it's extremist.

I really don't. With all the corruption, which we'll get into here in a second.

All the corruption that seems to be everywhere now.

Everywhere. All these deals being made with foreign countries by our senators. And our House members.

On top of that, the incredible spending!

I think it would be a good idea to shut it down.

Top 10 'Dark Future' predictions that have come TRUE

Top 10 'Dark Future' predictions that have come TRUE

World leaders recently gathered in India for this year's G20 Summit and produced a document that is practically the Great Reset on steroids. Glenn reviews the G20 New Delhi Leaders' Declaration, which outlines policy plans and priorities for member nations, and reveals the 10 biggest predictions from his book "Dark Future" that the document now proposes. For instance, global elites are now openly calling for the scaling back of private and public land use, the embedding of elitist priorities into AI, and the introduction and adoption of CBDCs. So much for so-called "conspiracy theories."

Does THIS prove the Left is DONE with Biden?

Does THIS prove the Left is DONE with Biden?

President Biden's disapproval rating has hit a new record high and the media is starting to talk about it. Meanwhile, former president Donald Trump still has a comfortable lead in the Republican primary polling. Glenn reads a new opinion piece in Newsweek from a progressive who is BEGGING Biden to step out of the 2024 race. Does this prove the Left done with Biden? Will the Democrats soon replace him with someone like California Gov. Gavin Newsom or Michelle Obama? Glenn and Pat discuss.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: President Biden's disapproval rating hit the highest mark of his presidency in a new poll.

PAT: What a surprise.

GLENN: Also showed his support by essential voting blocs, is slipping. Biden's disapproval rating ticked up to 56 percent. And I am shocked that it is that low. Think of it. I mean, honestly.

PAT: With the way things are. With the way he is.

GLENN: Honestly, can you think of anything that his voting base could say, well, he did this?

PAT: Yeah, they will tell you, he has created 13 million jobs, which is BS, of course. That's what they'll tell you.

But what I'm saying, somebody -- is there any way to actually have a real --

PAT: No. Absolutely -- not unless you're a total moron. A real buffoon.

You have to be -- you would have to have all the intelligence of a bathroom bulb brush, to think this guy is doing a good job.

PAT: No.

GLENN: No. Nothing at all. Wow.

PAT: Well, that's why he trails in the Washington Post/ABC poll.

Did you see the results of that? Fifty-two, 42 percent.

Fifty-two to 42, Trump leads!

GLENN: Yeah. You think that's reliable?

PAT: It's Washington Post/ABC News. It's certainly not slanted toward Trump.

I mean, they have been wrong in the past, but all polls have been.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah.

So maybe this is -- let's see it happen again.

PAT: Yes.

I mean, it probably is an outlier. He's probably not up by ten.

But I think that Biden is in trouble, and that's why you're hearing the scuttlebutt in the Democrat Party.

GLENN: Right. You're also slipping with voters 18 to 24. He only has a 46 percent approval rating. Latinos, 43 percent.

Independents, who are going to decide the general election, at 36 percent.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: Trump's lead in the G.O.P. primary, has surged ahead. He is now leading by 43 points.

PAT: That's incredible.

GLENN: That is incredible. Incredible.

He's the first choice among national Republican voters. At 59 percent.

So now, this is what you're starting to see, from people who love Joe Biden.

Because, you know, he was just out, the Congressional Black Caucus, which he thought he was at last week.

PAT: Yeah. He did.

GLENN: But it was the Congressional Latino caucus, right?

Hispanic Congress.

PAT: Yes, but he called them the black Congress.

GLENN: Black Congress. So I don't know if he thought he was at the Hispanic Conference this time.

But he was talking about LL Cool J.

PAT: He's brilliant. He's brilliant too. I think he will get a lot of support.

GLENN: You have heard it?

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: Oh, I haven't heard it. I just read about it.

PAT: Yes. We do have it.

It is...

BIDEN: One of the greatest artist of our time. A legacy of hip-hop in America.

LL J Cool J. By the way, that boy has got -- that man has got biceps bigger than my thighs. I think he's --

GLENN: Wait. What?

BIDEN: Both of you, thank you.

GLENN: Okay. So LL Cool J. He knows him. He loves him.

PAT: He's got all his earlier works.

GLENN: And can I ask, when he sees somebody, a man in particular.

PAT: Yes. This is the thing now.

GLENN: Does he always --

PAT: Always. Every time, he has to mention their biceps. Or feel them.

Or say, that I wish I had you as my lock for me.

Because you're really hot.

GLENN: Really hot. Wow. I haven't heard the really hot part.

PAT: Well, they'll find it and play it for you. Because it's incredible.

GLENN: And then, again, with the boy.

PAT: Yeah. And he does that all the time.

But he caught himself this time, did you notice that? Man.

GLENN: I'm not a racist.

PAT: Wait a minute. I just showed my racist tendencies over there.

Man, I meant -- it's amazing. It's amazing.

GLENN: Wow. Wow.

PAT: And to screw up his name, when it's in front of him, in the teleprompter.

I don't understand it.

You know they went over this. Because -- and his aides have prepared him for this stuff.


PAT: Not that kind.

GLENN: Oh, I was like, he's more secretive than I thought.

PAT: Yeah. I know.

He does not have AIDS. So far as I know, he does not.

But then to screw up the name, what is the deal?

How big do they have to make the font for this guy?

GLENN: I mean, as a guy who screws up names all the time. But LL Cool J is not hard. Is not hard.

PAT: Not that hard.

GLENN: Well, he's in.

Anyway, there's -- there's an opinion now, from Newsweek. Mr. President, you're going to lose to Trump.

We're begging you to step down. This is Newsweek.

Listen to this. The old news about incumbents. If they're under 50 points in approval. They're toast.

President Joe Biden is under 40.

There's almost no chance, he will win. I've never heard of an incumbent polling under 40 points, who went to win the reelection. When it comes to Joe Biden. Three and six recent polls had him in the 30s.

In one recent poll, President Biden was an abysmal 32 percent.

Sorry, but that's unrecoverable. You're just telling yourself, sweet little lies, if you think he can win with those numbers.

I know what everyone in Washington is going to say next.

But that's not fair. He passed so many bills.

No one has passed this much legislation since Grover Cleveland, or something.

He passed the semi conductor bill.

I have bad news for you, if you're a Democrat. No one cares about the semi conductor bill or any of the other bills, that helped his donors so much. And coincidentally, a couple of other Americans as well.

Even if you love those bills, no American even knows about them. On the other hand, if you're a Republican, Biden is a godsend.

Especially if you're MAGA. There is no way Trump can beat anyone else. Another poll found that 59 percent of Americans, think Trump should end his campaign immediately, and quit life.

And quit life?

Or quit for life? What do you mean quit life?

PAT: Wow.

GLENN: Okay. They didn't say the last part. No. That's what they meant.

But they might have well meant. I've never seen a number that bad.

At the same poll, Trump came in at an abysmal 33 percent approval.

And how did Biden do at that poll?

Worse! At 32. MAGA should be doing everything they can, to keep Biden in the race.

He's their only hope. President Biden needs to step down immediately.

This is news weak.

Needs to step down immediately.

And give someone else a chance to do what they will.

And certainly, they will be able to accomplish a trounce of Trump in 2024.

I am a progressive. So even if I get my wish, and President Biden were to step down. I'm not overly fond of any of the corporate Democrats we have to choose from.

But if you're being honest, they would at least all beat Trump with a stick.

Not because they're so great. But because Trump is infinitely worse. And the American people know it.

Trump is also polling at 33 percent. And six out of ten Americans despise him.

And yet, Biden is still losing to him.

If you spend any time listening to people of power and media.

You'll have heard some version of the talking point, that Joe Biden is the only one that can beat Trump.

It's nonsense.

Based on what the data is.

And I don't understand how they're making this claim.

The truth is the exact opposite.

Biden is the only person who can't beat Trump. My left foot could beat Trump.

An open Dumpster fire can beat Trump.

This is when the DC establishment will handcuff. He beat him last time. Yes. Joe Biden won the electoral college by 44,000 votes in three swing states.

You know what that means? It means he almost lost to a complete buffoon who said we should inject disinfectants into our bodies to kill COVID. This is maddening.

PAT: It is.

GLENN: Biden won by the skin much his teeth to the ignoramus. And that is when he was ten to 15 points higher in approval. Let that sink in.

He was at least ten points higher, and he barely won last time. Spare me the useless talking point, of how he won by seven million votes.

That's true. But you wanted that to matter. Maybe you should have passed the freedom to vote act.


PAT: Jeez.

GLENN: But President Biden barely tried.

His donors apparently didn't press on that one. And God help the Democrats, if the nominee isn't Donald Trump. Then Biden has mathematically, a 0 percent chance of winning. Not even close.

Not within miles of choice. Joe Biden sees the same numbers we see. His team puts out talking points about how this is the most important election of our lifetime. How ten months is on the line. They're right. Yet, Biden sees the same devastating polling results we see, and concludes -- his ego concludes that he is more important than the election. And according to his own logic, democracy itself. I'm putting forward a petition, asking Joe Biden to drop out of the race, because unlike the president, I actually do believe democracy is on the line.

I don't want to go into that fateful election with a hobbled candidate, whose chances of winning are so low.

Why would we voluntarily make that mistake?

You can hate the messenger.

And you can think that an incumbent can win, even though they're in the 30s in approval. But that isn't going to change the inevitable.

Joe Biden is going to lose this election. We need a new candidate.

STU: When are people going to understand, we're not a democracy.

GLENN: That's what you pulled out of it.

That's what you pulled out of it.

PAT: That's part of what I pulled out.

It drives me out of my mind, out of my mind.

GLENN: I know it does.

Drives me crazy too. I'm with you.

PAT: Adults should understand that. But the other thing is --

GLENN: I got it. I got it.

PAT: I think -- I think Biden is the best chance, even though he's so compromised.

I -- if -- if Gavin Newsom gets into this race, I think he is fighting more than Biden. Because you have California as an example. California. Talk about a Dumpster fire.

That's the very definition of a Dumpster fire.

Show the city. Show Los Angeles. And San Francisco. And what these cities have become under this guy.

I think a Republican crushes Gavin Newsom.

GLENN: So what do you say about Michelle Obama?

PAT: Oh, that's the one problem spot. Where, if she decides to run, she wins.

That's my fear.

And she's maybe worse than Joe Biden. Not even maybe. She is --

GLENN: Oh, no. She is.

PAT: Except for the fact, that she has a faculty.

But those faculties are frightening. Because she hates America.

GLENN: Yeah. And she's a Marxist.

PAT: For sure.

GLENN: She's much more hard-core than her husband. She's Hillary Clinton on steroids.

PAT: She's a nightmare.

Yeah, I'm very much hopeful, she still isn't interested on running for office.

GLENN: I'm with you on that hope. We can dream.