Glenn Beck: America's toughest Sheriff

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, America's Toughest Sheriff

GLENN: Today from WSYR in Syracuse, New York, hello, you sick twisted freak. Welcome to the program. I'm so glad that you've tuned in today. We want to start with the border. In Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, America's Toughest Sheriff. Joe, how are you?

ARPAIO: Good, how are you, Glenn? Good to talk to you.

GLENN: I'm pretty good. You kind of had a busy day at the water park, huh?

ARPAIO: Yeah. Another aspect of our fight against illegal immigration.

GLENN: Yeah. Tell me what happened at the water park.

ARPAIO: Well, you know, there's a new law, employers action law that was passed a few months ago and, you know, if an employer knowingly, willingly hires an illegal, they can lose their business license. So we went in there and we didn't get the employers. We got the employees, about eight that were using documents that were frauds, which is a felony. So we locked them up and we're going to continue to look into that business establishment.

GLENN: Okay. How come you didn't get the employers?

ARPAIO: Well, at the time we could not prove that they knowingly or intentionally hire these guys. So we're looking at a lot of paperwork to see if they are implicated.

GLENN: Yeah. There's a -- I love the name of this group. There's a group -- let's see. Advocacy group, Immigrants Without Borders that -- I don't even know -- I mean, I don't even know what that means. Immigrants Without Borders? There are borders. Check a map. Immigrants Without Borders say you're overstepping your authority.

ARPAIO: Well, you know, everywhere I go fighting this problem, they demonstrate, call me Hitler, KKK, everything else. I remember being on your show a while back, you were a little shocked when I said that there might be an assassination situation against me. My new book, Joe's Law, which you're in it, does go into the assassination attempt from Mexico, but that's okay.

GLENN: Tell me a little bit about that.

ARPAIO: Well, we had an informer given to us by a chief of police down at the border that said that they were going to assassinate me. The informer did see the money and did hear conversations. Never materialized. We put a lot of resources and money into it but, you know, I'm still around. But since then I've been threatened, you can -- just about everything, fighting these guys. The mayor's gone after me asking the Justice Department to investigate me. The governor's taken away my money that was given to me by the legislature, but they're not going to deter me. We've almost arrested 1,000 under the new state law that we're the only ones enforcing and we're doing everything we can here in the Phoenix area to stop this illegal immigration problem.

GLENN: Joe, you've been a controversial guy for a long time because you make your prisoners wear pink in the prison.

ARPAIO: Well -- 

GLENN: Why do you do that? Why do you do that?

ARPAIO: They don't like it. For one reason, they don't like that color, at least here in Maricopa county. Two, they were stealing the white underwear. It's easier to detect the pink underwear they try to smuggle out. But I do have the tents. I put the tents up in 1993, Korean War tents. We're up to almost 2,000. I was there in the tents last week with a foreign TV crew and only 100 -- it was 125 and we're not even in the hot weather yet. But they're convicted, they committed a crime, our men and women are fighting for our country and living in tents. So I don't see anything wrong with criminals living in tents.

GLENN: Joe, you write in your book that John McCain, you've got -- there's some bad blood between you and John McCain.

ARPAIO: Well, I guess there's been some disagreements. It goes back to 2000 when Bush came here and asked for my endorsement, which I gave to him. That was in 2000. And, of course, he endorsed my opponent four years ago which, of course, I got reelected to go on my fifth term. But, you know, that's okay. He's had his own philosophy on illegal immigration. I did support Mitt Romney. I was his campaign manager here in Arizona, but if he wants my help, I'll give it to him. He knows my phone number.

GLENN: If Mitt Romney becomes vice president, you vote for John McCain?

ARPAIO: Well, I'll vote for him anyway.

GLENN: Will you really?

ARPAIO: Where else do I go? I mean, who do I vote for?

GLENN: Don't you think this is what's gotten us into this place? This has got us into this place because we just keep compromising ourselves into oblivion. We just keep saying, well, yeah, you know, a vote for this person is a vote for the other. You know, why not just say enough is enough? I mean, there's nobody that's been on the frontline of the border more than you, and you -- John McCain? John McCain's the guy that you've been -- I mean, you and I have talked on the air over and over again. How is it that John McCain is going to solve the immigration, the illegal immigration problem?

ARPAIO: Well, the other person isn't, either. We're going to have amnesty one way or the other. You know that. No matter who the President is. But you've got to look at the total picture and see who's better overall and I'm a Republican and I'm sure not going to vote for the Democrat. You got any ideas? Of course, we talked -- 

GLENN: Have you thought of a libertarian or a constitution party candidate?

ARPAIO: Not going to win. I know that -- 

GLENN: Don't you think -- look, Joe, the idea is to get a candidate that you can vote for. I haven't seen these clowns in Washington with the Republican party. They are still -- did you hear what John McCain said yesterday? Yesterday he actually said that Bloomberg might be a candidate for vice president for him. Bloomberg?

ARPAIO: Yeah. Well, mitt should be the vice -- he should be the President, Mitt Romney. He should be the President, but it wasn't in the cards this time around unfortunately, but I hope he does become the vice president, but I doubt it. I doubt it very much.

GLENN: So do I. Joe, what is the latest on the border? 6,000 dead across the border. They are doing beheadings and putting the heads on fence posts across the border.

ARPAIO: Well, you know, Glenn, I was a director there for four years with the federal drug enforcement many years ago. We had violence there but I never saw the violence that we have now that's occurring. What worries me, you know, they forget. When they come into the United States, they still think they're in Mexico and they have their bad habits. So we have violence occurring in the Phoenix area and that's what the problem is. They are bringing their violence across the border and it's going to get worse and worse in the United States. So we have to do something about it. I don't know why no one does anything about it. I know how to solve the solution.

GLENN: Come on, you know. Come on.

ARPAIO: I know how to solve the solution but nobody wants to listen to me.

GLENN: You must -- I mean, here you are doing all of these things. You're trying your best to hold the tide back. You have to know why.

ARPAIO: Yeah, I know why. Because they don't want to lock them up. That's the reason why. They worry about the election, they worry about votes, they worry about the Hispanic votes. That's the reason. Plus other reasons, too. But the minute you cross the border, put them in jail. It is a violation of the law, the last I heard. Why don't they put tents up and down the border. If they don't want to steal my idea, put up temporary housing, throw them in jail. They can't work when they're behind bars and send money back to Mexico. That's the simple way of doing it. But they say we don't have any money, they want to build all these million, billion dollar fences and everything else. Why don't they put them in jail? Nobody talks about it. They talk about securing the border, but they never say what happens when the guy does come across. Do you ever hear anybody say what to do with them other than give them a free ride back to Mexico.

GLENN: They found their way here, they can find their way back.

ARPAIO: Not in jail they can't.

GLENN: Yeah, after jail.

ARPAIO: Unless they escape. My jails are so tough, they can't, too weak to escape or something. I've got 10,000 people in jail.

GLENN: You have 10,000 people in jail?

ARPAIO: Yeah. Yeah, I'm the second, third largest sheriff office in the United States. Not a little small sheriff office. I got 3,000 posse people.

GLENN: Doesn't that say a ton? Doesn't that say everything anybody needs to know about how out of control the border problem is? You have 10,000 people in jail?

ARPAIO: Glenn, 2,000 out of the 10,000 are illegal, okay? The others -- but think of that. 20, 22% of people in jails here are illegal for rape, murder, everything else. I have 160 officers I had trained by ICE. We go out and lock this many up by patrol. That's why the governors and mayors are after me, they don't like me going into cities grabbing the illegals.

GLENN: So wait a minute. So you have like 8,000 people just from Maricopa County?

ARPAIO: No, I got 10,000 people in jail from Maricopa County, yeah.

GLENN: You have 8,000 Americans just from Maricopa County?


GLENN: Holy cow.

ARPAIO: Yeah, but we got 4 million people living in this county that we know of. There's a few others floating around. Would you think we were a small -- 

GLENN: I lived in Phoenix. I just didn't think the jail was that big. Holy cow.

ARPAIO: I got 2,000 in the tents. Put the tents up in 1993 when we only had 5,000 people in jail. I'm glad I put the tents up. I'm going to put more tents up.

GLENN: Joe Arpaio, the name of the book is America's Toughest Sheriff.

ARPAIO: No, no, no, Joe's Law. That's the old book.

GLENN: I'm sorry, Joe's Law. Joe is the toughest sheriff in America. He is very, very controversial and I say God bless you, Joe. Thanks, man, I'll talk to you soon.

ARPAIO: Thanks. Thank you.

GLENN: You bet, bye-bye.

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To enjoy more of Glenn’s masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis, and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution, and live the American dream.

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