Glenn Beck: Politicians gunning for talk radio

GLENN: Now they are talking about a Fairness Doctrine and you are going to get all -- every other media will be on this bandwagon because we make a lot of money in our business and we take that money away from newspapers. We take that money away from magazines.

I mean, how amazing is this. I think I'm in Time magazine, I think I'm on today. And I said to somebody -- I did an interview and I said, so is this for Time magazine or what is it? And they said no, it's for Time Online, And I said, oh, oh, okay. And the guy said -- judging by my reaction he said, Glenn, is bigger than Time magazine now. What does that tell you? That medium is over. This medium is growing. This medium is incredibly powerful and not because of the people in it but because of the people who listen to it. We are higher educated people. Look at the survey.

Stu, can you find that survey for me? Do you know which one I'm talking about that just came out? They did a study on talk radio listeners and those who listen to PBS and NPR and those who, you know, get their news from Colbert? What a surprise, we're smarter than those clowns. This is the -- this audience is the smartest audience of any medium and yet you're the crazy ones. You are the ones who are uninformed. You are the ones who are crazy abortion doctor-shooting whack jobs. Why is that? You have that stat, Stu?

STU: Yeah, we have -- they looked through -- they, you know, surveyed the audiences of a bunch of different shows. The two highest were Hannity -- we were not surveyed, by the way, which I am -- 

GLENN: I meant as general. I didn't mean us. I meant generally talk radio.

STU: Well, I mean, those are the two highest ones. I don't know that ours would be -- I figure ours would be at least 10 points ahead of everybody else but -- 

GLENN: I was making it talk radio. I don't want to make it look like I was trying to say this show. I mean talk radio.

STU: I know you are not saying that. I'm saying that. But that's just my own personal survey. Hannity and Rush were the two that they talked about and they were the highest out of all of them. NPR was 10 and 11 points behind them. The New Yorker, the all praise the New Yorker was 14 points behind. Colbert was 11 points behind. Daly's show was 20 points behind. News Hour with Jim Lehrer was 18 points behind.

GLENN: That's unbelievable.

STU: C-Span, 21 points behind, Letterman 31 points behind. National Enquirer, even further.


STU: I know, that's a shocker.

GLENN: So why would they try to silence -- our founding fathers said that a well educated populous was essential to the survival of the republic. Oh, now, wait a minute. Now it's all starting to come together. Do you think we're headed more towards a republic or more towards a fascist state? And I say that with not because of the incoming President but because of the President and the GOP and the Democrats and Obama and Bush, all of them. They're taking us to the same place. Why would you want to take the best educated, the most on top of the daily stories, why would you want to silence those people? If your idea was to strengthen the republic?

Well, in one of the most amazing press conferences I have heard, this is coming from the mayor of Toledo. I want you to listen to this press conference. Mayor of Toledo about our affiliate, WSPD.

TOLEDO MAYOR: The Fairness Doctrine principle is violated by WSPD every day. WSPD's vicious one-side diatribes go back years. Today it is nonstop. I will be requesting Congressman Henry Waxman of California to have the energy and commerce committee chairs hold hearings on the radio industry's abuses of the fairness principle with Toledo's WSPD being a prime example of such abuse. I will ask Congressman Waxman and the new congress to investigate all tapes of WSPD during the past three years, during which time I have been and members of the city administration have been denied airtime to rebut the falsehoods and glaring misstatements of WSPD radio. A Fairness Doctrine should be reinstated and practiced in Toledo and across the nation.

GLENN: Okay. Let's go to Brian Wilson who's one of the head cheeses at WSPD, a friend of the program. Hi, Brian.

WILSON: Hello, fellow plaintiff.

GLENN: You know, I was listening to that, Brian. Let me start here. We're living in what -- we are now seeing the beginning of the McCarthy era in our day. Do you think that's a stretch?

WILSON: It's a start, yeah, I agree.

GLENN: Do you believe that voices like yours or voices like mine are going to be here 12 or 18 months from now?

WILSON: Not in the forum that we currently see, but I would like to think that the owners, our bosses and so on will be prepared and are prepared to take a sufficiently strong stand. I doubt seriously that the Fairness Doctrine as we've come to know it and some of us have worked under it will ever be returned in its past form, but I do think -- 

GLENN: It's going to come back as localism.

WILSON: Right, localism and lots of regulations, you know, that the, we were on a radio station in Maryland for a while, there are just some things you have to take care of, the way things are is remarkably time consuming and limiting and the penalties are severe and so on. So once they start adding on to radio stations around the country in various forms of regulations and so on, I fully suspect a lot of the smaller stations will cave.

GLENN: You know, it's amazing because I am personally responsible for the content on my program. The worst delay I've ever had in my life is seven seconds. I've never gone -- I personally, Dan, what's it up to? 47? What is it?

DAN: We're at 40 seconds.

GLENN: We're at 40 seconds. I personally ask for a 40 second delay on this program so I can give my people time to think and say, "Okay, wait a minute, what is that?" I may expand that delay just because it is going to become crippling. It already is. That if you make a judgment call in the heat of the moment and you're like, well, okay, does that fit, does that not fit? If you error, if you make an error on that, it's crippling because I'm fine for, oh, I don't even know what we are up to, 350 stations? I'm fine for each of those stations. One mistake, 350 times. It's incredible.

So what is it, Brian, that the mayor, that you've been shutting him out, you won't let him respond?

WILSON: Well, that's an interesting story, goes back about three years when I first got here. The mayor embarked on the $600,000 bike path that he wanted to build rather than honor and agree to if I have $500,000 to a local ship building plant that was going to create well paying jobs which this area so desperately needs. He wanted to blow 600 large on a bike path which went suspiciously close to his house. The neighborhoods which were going to snake through, we're not pleased. It would require taking down nice old trees, tearing up green space and putting down a black ribbon of asphalt. We assisted those neighbors in fighting it. At a town hall meeting the mayor got up in front of his minions and a few private citizens and called my morning man a liar, called the station's integrity into question, criticized our sponsors and threatened to visit with them as to their wisdom of advertising on the station and insulted the integrity of the audience. He was scheduled to be a guest the following night on the special show we have, and I cancelled him. I said, no, the mayor will not be a guest on any of our shows unless or until he comes on the air and offers us a sincere apology to Fred and to the audience and to our sponsors. The news department, as you know just as editorial sections are for reporting, continued to cover him, but the mayor, learning this, put out an edict throughout the entire city administration telling all department heads to not respond to any requests from WSPD news for any stories. We were at one point barred from a press conference and we subsequently had to literally break our way in. We had to break the door down to get into the press conference. It was subsequently cancelled. We had to take him to court and got a restraining order for his violation of the First Amendment. He said he was doing it as an act of civil disobedience. I mean, this guy is not of this world. But that's the history that we have here. So when he said his little speech on Monday, that over the years he had been denied access to the station is a half truth, a mistruth and very close to an outright lie. As a matter of fact, he's got a standing invitation to come on the morning show or my show in the afternoon tomorrow to answer to the lies that he told as the rest of that speech when he went out and attacked three individuals, three fine, upstanding business individuals here in the Toledo metropolitan area who have done an awful lot of work, have an awful lot of money, generated an awful lot of jobs and he called them out and calls them a fraud various and sundry things. So we've done a compare and contrast, here's what the mayor said, here's what the other gentleman said. And if the mayor would like to come on anytime tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon and explain himself, clear things up, offer any apologies, whatever, the time is now.

GLENN: You know, I would like to extend that. He is also welcome to do that nationally. He's also welcome to do that nationally. I would assume, Brian, that if this hearing happens that you'll be called to testify in Washington and you go in front of a court, if you will, in front of your congressmen and I will tell you I've talked to enough oil executives who are so frustrated by the process, they have said, you know, there's no way to win. You go in front of congress, they make speeches, they ask you the questions that make their points. They are not interested in any answers. They cut you off when you start to make an answer. They are not looking for any real solutions. They are looking to score points. It's a -- you know, you are headed toward your execution.

WILSON: Well, I don't -- I've seen that, you know, and I've been to some of those where such illustrious champions of liberty like Chuck Schumer have presided and so and I've always found it rather interesting the folks have to sit there and kowtow and show. So reverential respect. To use your phrase, I can't wrap my head around it, the duct tape comes out. These guys are no different than we are. They are actually our servant, they are a public servant, they are hired to do the jobs that we don't have the time to do. And why we give them rock star status is beyond my ability to comprehend.

GLENN: I tell you, I tell you, Brian, if you are called to testify before I am, it's time to pull out the phrase "Senator, Congressmen, have you no shame." It is time to put these people in their place. I welcome testimony. It's time to put these people in their place and to let them know who they work for. They don't -- I don't work for them. I'm not afraid of them. They work for me. It's about time that our congressmen and our politicians understand we can fire their ass anytime we want. They work for us. They should be the ones that should be called Schumer, Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, all of these people, they are the ones that should be called into a peoples court and have to answer to us, not the other way around.

WILSON: It's extremely important. Freedom and liberty cannot exist without individual responsibility. Unless you take it, I take it and everybody takes it. Tom Saul (ph) had a great expression: It's not what's best, it's who gets to decide what's best.

GLENN: Brian, we'll talk again soon. Please stay in touch with me and let me know what's going on, will you?

WILSON: You bet. Good talking to you.

GLENN: You bet. Bye-bye.

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Jason went on to say that he believes there are forces operating, both outside of and inside America, that are working to separate America from God, and that much of what we've witnessed in 2020 — from the racial division stirred by the mainstream and social media, to the rioting and looting by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, to the "remaking of the sports world into a shrine that celebrates resisting criminal suspects and denigrates this great country at every turn" — are symptoms and consequences of America's enemies separating God and country.

"We are one nation under God. We are nothing without Him," Jason continued. "The flawed sinners who founded this nation baked God into this country with their Declaration of Independence. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. That they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. That among those, are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The foreign and domestic enemies of this nation are baking a new American cake. God isn't an essential ingredient in this new cake. He isn't an ingredient at all. The removal of faith is sewing the disharmony that is terrorizing and destroying the United States of America.

"Why am I here today? I'm here to tell you how we take our country back, how we restore the freedoms and the liberties our enemies seek to remove in their remaking of a godless America."

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Murray said he's particularly "fed up" with those on the Right who are afraid to voice their opinion because they don't want to become the target of leftist mobs on social media.

"Do you think anyone in history who told the truth had an easy time? You've got the easiest time that any opposition movement ever did in history," Murray said.

"You cannot have these people in America living in a free society — which is for the time being free — pretending that they live under the circumstances of Jews in 1930s Germany," he added. "Speak up. Speak out. Don't be a silent majority; be a very damn noisy majority. And don't put up with the oppression of people who are totally insincere ... they want to make money. They want to win. Nothing more. Call them out ... and get back to what you should be doing as a nation."

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