Glenn Beck: Will Bush pardon them?

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GLENN: First let me go to Pat Gray who, boy, oh, boy, in Houston, Texas. You guys are suffering from global warming of biblical proportions.

GRAY: Oh, like crazy. Yesterday the global warming has kicked in to the extent that didn't get out of the 30s in Houston, Texas yesterday. We were melting, melting. Oh, it's tragic, tragic.

GLENN: Let me ask you this, Pat. Global warming is so bad in Houston, Texas. When was the last time you had a snowstorm?

GRAY: Well, we actually had a snowstorm in 2004. That makes two this decade. Now, the time before that was thirty years ago. We've had two within four years in this. And see, that's because of the incredibly hot temperatures and melting of the icecaps and all of that, right? It snowed on Christmas Eve in 2004. This is the second -- it's tied for the earliest it's ever snowed in Houston. The last time it snowed this early -- you know, and it didn't stick but it did snow -- was 1944. In other words, we're burning up, we are burning up here.

GLENN: You are so hot. Did you not see the movie where they were all trapped in the New York library?

GRAY: Day after tomorrow, yeah. They had to escape from the cold that was sneaking up on them and you could see it running behind them, right? You could see it coming up on them behind them?

GLENN: Remember?

GRAY: Yeah.

GLENN: Do you see what's happening here?

GRAY: We're flash-freezing, aren't we?

GLENN: You are.

GRAY: It's getting so hot that it's becoming cold. Oh, boy.

GLENN: Look, it's the circle of life.

GRAY: Yeah.

GLENN: It gets to like 100 degrees.

GRAY: Right.

GLENN: And then in some cases -- 

GRAY: It's 100 below?

GLENN: It becomes 100 below. It's a circle. It's like the crazy genius thing.

GRAY: That makes perfect sense. It's like the idiots of Unt deal.

GLENN: Yeah, exactly right. And idiots does come to mind in this story but I'm sure it's only those Holocaust deniers and the people who deny global warming.

GRAY: They have got snowing, practically white-out conditions in New Orleans this morning in, by the way.

GLENN: You know what -- isn't that interesting. Oh, as Bush leaves, white-out conditions in New Orleans.

GRAY: See what I'm saying?

GLENN: See what I'm saying there? White-out. Why not blackouts, huh?

GRAY: I thought it was the chocolate city. No, not according to Bush. As soon as he leaves, yes, as you pointed out, white-out.

GLENN: Yeah, yeah. Anything he can do to make that city white.

All right. So Pat, tell me about Compean and Ramos.

GRAY: There's a real push behind the scenes to grant a commutation. They've, you know, all along the Bush administration has said, "Well, there's a process." Really? What was the process for the 177 you've commuted or pardoned so far? Did they all go through a specific -- no. Did Scooter Libby go through the process? No, he just, he granted him a pardon because it was a Draconian sentence. So anyway, now they've gone through all that process. They've filled out the papers, they formally requested it, they've gone through the pardon chief or czar or whoever that is and there's real, there's a real push in the Senate -- it's bipartisan actually, and in the congress and they are putting real pressure on the Justice Department and there's been apparently some movement within the Justice Department that this could become a reality. And they are pushing for a commutation rather than a pardon because we all know that this is way too personal and nobody's going to admit any kind of guilt or wrongdoing here. Fine. Just let them go home.

GLENN: Just let them go home.

GRAY: Yeah.

GLENN: They have already served more time than they would have if Johnny Sutton wouldn't have trumped up that charge.

GRAY: Right. Yes, that's right.

GLENN: So -- and nobody's asking for, you know, expunging of the record.

GRAY: Nope.

GLENN: Just time served, they're done.

GRAY: We're not asking for any mea culpas, we're not asking anybody to fall on their sword, no resignation. Just let them go home to their families and then they can work out the appeals process through the court system and deal with that. And I know they want to, but that's not what we're trying to get accomplished with the Bush administration now.

GLENN: Right. So what is the best way? Because I don't want people to write the White House and -- 


GLENN: And to be rude or anything. It's just got to be, "Look, please, please -- 

GRAY: Just do the right thing.

GLENN: Please let the right thing happen. They have served more time than they would have if it hadn't have been a game here. Please just let them go home to their families. Is the best way to deal with this, Pat, to make phone calls or to fax or to write, e-mail the White House or to leave it alone and call your congressman? What's the best thing to do?

GRAY: No, I would do all of those things. I would call -- but again, like you pointed out, it's got to be really respectful. I would keep it positive. I wouldn't try to place any blame, "Look, you did this, you did that." Let's not do any of that. Just, isn't it time these guys go home. Let's just let them go home to their families. Now they've served their time, they paid their price, they paid for the crime.

GLENN: If they done, if this doesn't happen, most likely these guys are going to be in jail for the full eleven years.

GRAY: That's what it looks like to me. Nobody's heard, as far as I know, Obama even mention them. I have no idea where he stands on it, none.

GLENN: Nor will he.


GLENN: Nor will he. This will be -- these guys are going to be forgotten. In about four weeks they will be completely forgotten if they are not taken care of right now.

GRAY: Yeah, that's -- 

GLENN: Go ahead.

GRAY: That's what we're afraid of is that if it doesn't happen now, it may never. So, yeah, the paperwork's all done. Next week is a critical, critical week for Ramos and Compean. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers and just do what you can. Phone calls, letters, and e-mail and very, very respectful and positive.

GLENN: Okay. Pat, keep me up to speed on this, will you?

GRAY: Okay.

GLENN: Whatever you do, for goodness sake, bundle up. Go to a library.

GRAY: Thank you.

GLENN: If you go to a library, bring some Dura-flame logs or whatever. Don't burn books. Don't burn books.

GRAY: Appreciate the safety tip.

GLENN: Thank you very much. All right, Pat Gray.

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