Glenn Beck: Where's the Amero?

GLENN: See, I personally think that's a little more down than I am, quite honestly, but then again I do think I heard some of the hoofbeats of one of the horsemen of the apocalypse earlier today when I cracked open the newspaper.

Also I have some cleanup stuff that we want to take care of from last year. Last year on the -- do we know the date of when Dr. Michael Lynch was on the program? Dan, do you have it?

DAN: Yeah, it was actually September 27th, 2007.

GLENN: Okay. And he was on the program and he said I'm going to -- in fact, do we have the audio?

DAN: Yeah, we do.

GLENN: Here's the audio.

DR. LYNCH: Within a year from today more or less, Mexico will change their currency from the peso to the Amero which will reestablish a new Mexican currency by October --

GLENN: Let's make it by January 1st of 2009. And if they haven't changed their currency, if we haven't changed our currency and we're on the new Amero.

DR. LYNCH: Right.

GLENN: Here's what you have to do. On November 1st if I still have a greenback, that is the government-issued tender, you come on this program and you must deny the existence of the Bohemian Grove.

DR. LYNCH: I can't because assuming people --

GLENN: No, no. No, no, that's the deal. And if I --

DR. LYNCH: I don't want to lie on your program, you know.

GLENN: And if you're wrong, then we'll do a special on the Bohemian Grove.


GLENN: Okay. So Dr. Michael Lynch is here.

DR. LYNCH: Yes, you sure do.

GLENN: And I still have a greenback in my pocket.

DR. LYNCH: Yes, you sure do.

GLENN: And I gave you extra months. I'm pulling for ya. I want the Bohemian Grove to be true.

DR. LYNCH: It's true, it's true.

GLENN: No, sir.

DR. LYNCH: Oh, okay.

GLENN: You are supposed to deny the existence of the Bohemian Grove.

DR. LYNCH: I really can't do that.

GLENN: So in other words --

DR. LYNCH: Just to play with you, it doesn't exist. It's on an ultimate dimension that is not on the --

GLENN: Don't play with me. Don't play with me.

DR. LYNCH: Oh, okay.

GLENN: What happened to the Amero?

DR. LYNCH: Ask John McCain. In 2010 they will switch. The next six months start watching Mexico. Mexico will hyperinflate. But what you didn't finish on that audio is that I did get the President correct. If you finish that audio out, Barack Obama is the next President of the United States.

GLENN: Well, that was going out on a limb.

DR. LYNCH: Why is that?

GLENN: I guess in 2007 it was. You are right, in 2007 it was.

DR. LYNCH: It sure was, yeah, yeah. So I did get the President. I missed the money but enjoy your Lincolns and Washingtons while you have them. Things are going to change quite rapidly. And with all the best efforts of the new President, they won't really be slowed down. I'm not as pessimistic as you are, but there are a lot of things, there's a lot things out there --

GLENN: Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. You are calling for the Amero by now what time? Now when are we going to get it?

DR. LYNCH: 2010. 2010. With that --

GLENN: Will you deny the existence of a Bilderberg?

DR. LYNCH: No, I can't.

GLENN: You know, Bob Bilderberg.

DR. LYNCH: Pardon?

GLENN: Of just Bob Bilderberg, not all of the Bilderbergs, just one of the Bilderbergs if you don't get it right this time?

DR. LYNCH: Oh no. No, no, I can't. Henry Kissinger -- Henry Phillips said if he knew I disavowed him of his actions, he would say get very upset.

GLENN: Look, you know, Dr. Lynch, I have to tell you something. There are some things that you and I actually would agree on. I mean, I don't know you and I don't know all the things that you believe, but I believe that our dollar is being destroyed.


GLENN: I do believe that we are going to enter -- there's a very good possibility that we enter hyperinflation.

DR. LYNCH: Absolutely.

GLENN: I mean, even the New York Times said in an editorial. We know these things would cause -- we know what these things would do. We've seen them in Germany and in Zimbabwe, but we don't know what the results will be in America. Like we have some, you know, magical Lucky Charm power, "Don't touch me Lucky Charm," something that's going to magically happen with our money. So there's a real possibility that that happens. However, I just don't believe that this is anything but a group of like-minded people. I mean, you are seeing it right now with all of the economists. They all think alike. They all think alike. They all think that, oh, well, there's just something magical that's going to happen; oh, no, these things are -- they all are arrogant and they think alike. So this is group think. This isn't -- you know, this is not something Star Chamber that's doing this.

DR. LYNCH: Well, it's two or threefold. If you go to your doctor -- here's an example. If you go to your doctor, your doctor says you have six months to live, are you going to sit down and be very conservative with your life and go out like that or are you going to go out and live it up. If you would look at Mr. Paulson and his attitude, he has taken our best promises and he has spent money like there is no tomorrow. They know there is no tomorrow with the American currency and that is why they are exactly thinking this way. They don't really care. You say yourself on your television program, it is greed. It is the basic -- and I said that on your program. It will be greed that destroys the economy and that's exactly what has happened. Now what they're going to do to cover up that psychopathic prognosis is to change the currency to avoid hyperinflation of our currency. This has happened in South Korea many times during the war. It happened in Berlin. It happened in any major crisis. They changed their currency. Look at 1938 Germany, 1938 to 1939, they changed their currency, they saved their country. Germany becomes the greatest production society on the planet. Then they go into war. But if you look at the later part of the 1930s, you'll see the genesis of a new world order and that gold-backed currency is probably the best currency.

GLENN: So give me some more predictions that are going to happen, that you say that we can track, that you say are going to happen in the next year.

DR. LYNCH: Okay. Well, we did on our show some good predictions. Gold will not go above $1,000. Many economists are saying that gold will go over $1,000 an ounce. We think it's going to stay just under $1,000 an ounce, between $950, $975 an ounce.

GLENN: And how is that going to happen?

DR. LYNCH: Gold speculation dies down and that's --

GLENN: How is that going to happen if you are moving towards hyperinflation?

DR. LYNCH: Well, because they will try to flip the currency or adjust the currency so the gold does not really increase. The reason why gold is going up is because of hyperinflation and if you curve your hyperinflation, your gold prices will remain low. This is the same thing about silver. Silver is going to be a boon. It will actually go up in price and it will look very good. Silver market actually better than gold.

GLENN: Hang on just a second. We're not in hyperinflation.

DR. LYNCH: No, no, no.

GLENN: We're not even in inflation at this point. We're in deflation.

DR. LYNCH: Well, it depends who you talk to. But yeah, they want to prevent it from happening. That's what I'm saying. And they are going to do certain measures to prevent it from happening. But when these measures run out, when there's no more money to loan, then other nations will try to do the same thing. And that's what this whole thing is. This is really a global effort to prevent each nation from going bankrupt. And they will adjust whatever they can in their economies for a fix that will do it.

Remember Richard Nixon did seven phases to curve inflation. Each phase was supposed to help but each phase lost a few percentages here and there. So they can put in the seven phases of inflation, but still it eventually is going to happen. When you have your banks at 0% interest, your central banks, your Federal Reserve is 0% interest, loaning your banks that are taking in on the spread, you know, and they are loaning it back out at 6 and 7, 8%, you know, there's something going on there. Either the banks will refuse to loan to curb hyperinflation or they will loan at such a rate that no one will want to take out the loan.

GLENN: All right. So give me the Middle East. What's coming in the Middle East?

DR. LYNCH: Well, more of the same thing. You'll see a lot of these fire fights take up.

GLENN: Come on.

DR. LYNCH: Oh, yeah.

GLENN: My 4-year-old son could have made that prediction.

DR. LYNCH: Well, it's going to be -- you'll see in the next few months Russia stepping up to the plate. You'll see a lot of diplomatic situations. I think Hillary Clinton's got a whole big mess on her table that she's going to have to really look at, or we're on the verge, we're on the verge of another Middle East crisis that will last several years, not just what we have done but what other countries are preparing to do. And again it is about water.

GLENN: It's not a prediction.

DR. LYNCH: And it is about oil.

GLENN: That's not a prediction, either.

DR. LYNCH: That's just a fact of life.

GLENN: All right. So tell me about Barack Obama.

DR. LYNCH: Good, bad or ugly?

GLENN: What's going to be the -- in a year from now give me the thing that he's going to do that I can say, wow, you were right.

DR. LYNCH: Well, we said it two years ago. He will sign legislation to pull most of the troops out of Iraq. I did not know at the time that he was going to send them to Afghanistan, but he will sign that legislation. He will do everything he can to play with the economy, play with the federal budget, but it will be to no avail. Whatever he does will just barely keep us on a very slow road. But I'll tell you something to watch. Here's a major economic indicator. The stock market will not break 10,000. It will get very close to breaking it, may even touch 10,000 but won't go beyond 10,000 for the full year, and most economists say that will be even difficult if we get close to 10,000. But we're on our way back. This whole year is a struggle to get back to normalcy. So if you can remember 1970s, '72 to '74, that's really where we're going to be. We're going to be getting ourselves out of a hole one day at a time, slugging it all the way up the hill. And if we get to 10,000, that will be a heyday. Everyone will rejoice.

GLENN: What about 1972 or 1974, if you remember right, we didn't really get out of it until 1982. It's not like, "This is the year we get out, 1974."

DR. LYNCH: We didn't get out of it. It was just a slow road for progress.

GLENN: You call the Carter years progress?

DR. LYNCH: Well, Nixon, latter part of the Nixon years and the Carter years, we're not progress. We're not losing ground economically. It was not progress but we were not losing ground and that's exactly what we're up against.

GLENN: All right. Hang on just a second because Dan, my in-studio producer, Dan, during this interview you've been going through the transcript.

DAN: Yeah, from his last interview back in 2007 on this program.

GLENN: Okay. And what have you found?

DAN: As far as any presidential predictions or just any --

GLENN: No, is there anything -- I mean, the presidential predictions with Barack Obama. He's claimed that he made that prediction on this program.

DAN: That was not covered in there. There was nothing about a presidential pick in there. We focused a little on, there were some Mex-Ameri-Canada talk and then the big prediction was the Amero.

DR. LYNCH: Hmmm, well, it must --

DAN: So --

GLENN: Is there a possibility that you are predicting your appearance on another show?

DR. LYNCH: Oh, no, no -- oh, yes. Well, I've got a documentary coming up. But no, not another show. But we did cover that on my show, on the Dave Glover show here on St. Louis. I had a bottle of champagne with a piece of paper wrapped around it in an envelope and it actually had the President's name. Dave Glover can vouch for that. It sat on his table for a full year, plus more.

GLENN: How did it get -- let me ask you this: How did it get into the bottle of champagne or wine? Were the Rothschilds involved?

DR. LYNCH: With a Rothchild?

GLENN: Well, the Rothchild, you know, they helped bring World War II about, you know.

DR. LYNCH: The Rockefellers I would say would be the best people to interview because they have the long-term goal on this.

GLENN: Is it possible that Dan is part of the Bohemian Grove, my in-studio producer?

DR. LYNCH: It's possible that any journalist can be a part of the Bohemian Grove. I mean, that's not a --

GLENN: I haven't received my invitation yet.

DR. LYNCH: Well, I don't know. You don't claim to be a journalist, you know. So your claim to fame --

GLENN: Oh, so they don't take commentators, they just take journalists?

DR. LYNCH: Exactly.

GLENN: And Presidents.

DR. LYNCH: It was a writers club for a long time, newspapers writers club and that's how it really got started. But since you joined Fox, I'm sure you'll be tapped or whatever to go out for a party. That would be very interesting.

GLENN: Go out for a party at the Bohemian Grove?

DR. LYNCH: Yeah, sure.

GLENN: If I -- let me tell you something. If they take me to the Bohemian Grove, I'm putting one of the little ceramic people that come across on the little papier-mache boat into the belly of the owl, do it myself.

DR. LYNCH: Sounds great.

GLENN: Now, will you come with me?

DR. LYNCH: Sure, sure. I don't have one of those Ku Klux Klan robes but, yeah, I'll go with you.

GLENN: Right, okay. Well, I'm not going to wear the Ku Klux Klan robe. I just like to take the papier-mache people and throw them into the belly of the owl. All right, Doctor, thank you very much. I appreciate it.

DR. LYNCH: Anytime

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