Terrorists target Army Base in Arizona?



GLENN: Attention all racists, attention all racists, there is an inconvenient story breaking today from the Washington Times that kind of makes you not so racist. I know, I know you are disappointed. "Wait a minute, Glenn. When we're talking about border issues, all that matters to me is race. " I got news for you. There can be an armada of Swedish Vikings just to deliver Swedish fish and if they came in illegally, I'd want to ship the Swedes away. I know, they're white and I'm white but I've just got a crazy thing with actual security. Been saying that this is a problem for security and nobody is doing anything about it and we're playing footsies down there on the border and everybody tried to make it about racists and here's where this story is going to end up and it is a very bad, dangerous place for our Republic being torn apart.


Terrorists target Army base — in Arizona

I told you I don't even know how long ago. God forbid something happens. I'm afraid we're not going to stitch back together like we did on 9/11 and if we do stitch back together, we're going to stitch back together against our government because we all know Republicans and Democrats. This is bullcrap. We are not split on the border. Politicians are split from us, and we've all been saying, how do we have twice the visa problem that we had on 9/11? That was how they did it. How do we have that? We've all been saying what are we doing with the border? You can't have any security without border security.

Well, now, here's Sara Carter. She's a reporter with the Washington Times who broke this story about what is happening with as many as possible, possibly 60 Afghan and Iraqi terrorists who we believe now may be in our own country. Sara, welcome to the program.

CARTER: Thank you. Thank you for having me on.

GLENN: It is not a shocking story at all. I know there will be some that are shocked by this. Can you tell us the story?

CARTER: Yeah. You know, it didn't surprise me that something like this would eventually make its way out to the public. I had been reporting on the border for more than two years now, specifically national security-related stories about the problems at the border, and when this came about, it didn't surprise me but the extent to which they were planning an attack did. What had happened was in May the FBI and the DEA had received reports from a primary source, specifically a DEA source. Now, you have to believe a lot of DEA Intel agents are being federal information continually on many different types of border intrusions or drug trafficking. Well, what had happened here was the DEA found out that 60 Afghan and Iraqi terrorists -- now that's an approximate number, we're really not sure the exact number because some made their way in and some didn't. Some made wear that I through the United States and transported high-powered weapons through New Mexico and Arizona into the U.S. and they were planning an attack on Fort Huachuca which is the nation's largest intelligence training center. I've been there many times. I was there for approximately a week on the base itself just earlier this we're and I've been to Arizona many, many times covering stories. So it didn't surprise me one bit that the cartels would work in conjunction with terrorist organizations if the price was right.

GLENN: I mean, you've got to be brain-dead to not believe that that was only a matter of time before that happened. This, I got a national security alert last week talking about this fort and so is the threat over? We don't know how many made it in and we haven't caught any here.

CARTER: That's right. We don't know if this threat is over. They are obviously not going to expound on this, neither the FBI nor the defense intelligence agency or the folks at Fort Huachuca because obviously I'm sure this is an ongoing investigation. They are saying, however, that they did change security measures at Fort Huachuca when this threat was announced. One of the things that I know the DEA has been working extraordinarily hard at doing is signing those connections or trying to rout out those connections, possible terrorist connections with large narcotic syndicates most of which control the southern border, specifically Nuevo Laredo.

GLENN: Wait a minute, hold it. Hold it. What? I'm sorry. Sara, I've just been, in the El Paso paper just this weekend I was excoriated and they told me that I was blowing things out of proportion and it's quite sunshine and lollipops in Nuevo Laredo and Laredo.

CARTER: It's not sunshine and lollipops in Nuevo Laredo. In fact, many times politicians and businesses on the southern border would like to say that because there is a lot of economy down there.

GLENN: Oh, that's weird.

CARTER: I've been down there myself. I have gone into Nuevo Laredo many times and I've seen with my own eyes the horror of what the people in Nuevo Laredo are living with and the people in Laredo, Texas are living with.

GLENN: No, no, no, that's where they grow the sunshine and the lollipops. I mean, it's --

CARTER: And many Americans were kidnapped and have been kidnapped.

GLENN: No. No, no, no, we're still talking about that missing, you know, Peterson woman. That's -- you know, just that one woman is missing. Other than that -- by the way, that reminds me, ADD moment, I think we should just investigate anybody named Peterson at this point. I can't be -- you know what, I have to tell you, Sara, I cannot believe 21 Americans are still missing.

CARTER: That's right, that's right.

GLENN: And nobody talks about it.

CARTER: Well, let me tell you. I have written a lot about that particular city, Nuevo Laredo which is controlled by the narcotics trafficking syndicate, the Gulf cartel. Their military strong arm is the Zetas which were former military trained, Mexican military who deserted the Mexican military and now work for the cartels. The horror that I have seen in that city and the people that I talked to -- by the way, some wonderful, wonderful people live in that city, but they live in a prison. They live in a prison controlled by drug traffickers and I'm going to tell you this. There isn't one American that I know, especially the politicians, and I talked to many of them, that would walk into that city without any type of guard. And I'd like to see them do it. You know, I spoke to them before about this, you know, and they mentioned, you know, how the problems had subsided, but I speak to the sources directly in the city. People have been gunned down. People have been tortured. People have been mutilated.

GLENN: Sara, you've seen the pictures of the dance floor the five heads on it, I'm sure.


GLENN: You just -- I can't get permission to show this on TV, no. You just show that to America and their eyes will open up.

CARTER: Well, it's a very dangerous, dangerous situation and these cartel bring in billions of dollars of narcotics a year. They are an Army on their own. They have weapons. I saw a home that was destroyed by grenades, by a rocket launcher. I mean, in a small town like Nuevo Laredo, rocket launchers. You know, these are serious, very serious narcotics drug cartel that build armies with the money that they make off of the sale of narcotics and other activities such as smuggling, smuggling humans, and it is a very serious threat when you think of the national security and our border.

GLENN: Well, I have to tell you, Sara, and I only know this from experience because I've been told this myself. The only reason why you care about the border and want something done is because you are obviously a racist and hate Mexicans.

CARTER: That's -- you know what, I spent my time. Let me tell you this. The very first time I started to look into this was because -- and I speak Spanish fluently. And I'm the daughter of an immigrant mother from Cuba.

GLENN: Whoa.

CARTER: When I go over to Mexico was the first time that I started working on these stories, when the people of Mexico came to me and said would you please tell the truth about what is happening here, we live in a prison but the military is aiding drug cartels, the police are corrupt in our border town.

GLENN: Sara, I talked to Henry Cuellar. He really, truly believes our government giving the Mexican government and military eavesdropping devices, more military equipment and more training is a good idea. I don't think there's a chance that that stuff doesn't fall into the wrong hands. It's corrupt.

CARTER: There are some wonderful people in the Mexican province.

GLENN: I'm sure there are.

CARTER: But there are also people in the federal level of the Mexican government that have already been unfortunately sold out to these cartels.

GLENN: Okay.

CARTER: The Nuevo cartel, the Gulf cartel and this is what concerns me when I do these stories how high up does it go, how high does this take us, what does the national security --

GLENN: What's your gut tell you? What's your gut tell you, Sara?

CARTER: That the border is certainly a great concern and that it is an open gateway into this country for terrorists wishing to do us harm if they're planning on moving any type of WMD and this is not just my gut. This is documented fact. If you look at intel reports, if you look at the hypotheticals that people have talked about in the past and if you look at this documented report. If we've thought about it, they've already thought about it.

GLENN: So what did they -- when you said they brought in high-powered weapons, you are not talking about WMDs, are you?

CARTER: No. Well, we don't know, do we? We really don't know. This is a source that spoke with the DEA. Could have been. Could they? Yes, I believe that's possible because, you know, it depends on what type of WMD. If you talk to DEA, there's a possibility of them bringing almost anything over. According to this source these were RPGs, rocket propelled grenades, MILAN missiles was one of the things they talked about. The French made missiles which were used often in Iraq against our troops and, you know, other long-arm weapons and such. Is it possible? Yes, yes. I mean, there are tunnels and they found them before and they've ended in warehouses in the United States and nobody could see what anyone's taking out of the tunnel if they're inside a warehouse. The discovery of the tunnel in San Diego, for example, the largest tunnel ever discovered.

GLENN: That's amazing.

CARTER: I mean, there's more of these because the money is there. One thing people forget is the fact that these are not small gains. These are powerful cartels with the money to build and the money to buy out who they need to ensure that their products make their way into the U.S. They have no loyalties to neither Mexico, nor to the United States. Their loyalty is to themselves.

GLENN: Yeah.

CARTER: And people have told me this over and over again. So if you are looking at it from that perspective, they don't even need to know what they are moving into the U.S. if the price is right.

GLENN: According to your story, they have paid the Mexican drug lords $20,000 or the equivalent in weapons for the cartels assistants smuggling them and their weapons along the border into the U.S. It says that there are -- wait a minute, hang on, I just lost it here. A number of Iraqis are already in a safehouse in Texas. Does that mean that we've arrested them or they're at one of their safehouses that we don't know?

CARTER: According to documents in May, they were at one of their safehouses, not that they were under arrest. That they were in the hands of somebody here in the United States.

GLENN: Do we know what those safehouses are or are we surveilling those?

CARTER: I believe, yes, that at this point the FBI already has vetted that and is possibly already looking into that. So, yes, I believe at this point, at least I hope at this point it's already being surveilled or they've already come in contact with folks that were mentioned in the report.

GLENN: Sara, do you ever worry about your safety?

CARTER: You know, a lot of people have asked me that question. There are times that I do, but more importantly to me is that the truth reach the American public. I mean, my job is to go out and report the truth and get the truth out, not sit behind my desk and write a story but really see it with my own eyes. And it wasn't until I saw it with my own eyes that I realized how important this is and what an important issue it is and the fact that the American people need to know the truth. It's the only way we can make our decisions is to understand the truth and the problems and not just for us but from the people of Mexico as well as the United States. This is such a vital issue. I mean, we're living in a post 9/11 world. It's not scare tactics. It's not, you know, -- it's not overblown. This is reality, and the reality is that in this post-9/11 world we have very serious security failures and vulnerabilities still and if we don't take a look at it, we don't listen to the people who know, we could potentially see another 9/11. And I hope not, but I hope that people take this seriously enough that these holes in our system are shut down and that the ability for agencies such as the DEA, the FBI which they say they are doing a lot better at right now, especially with this case, that they all work together, that they information share because I don't think we can afford another failure.

GLENN: Sara, I would love to stay close to you. I have a great amount of admiration for the work that you do and we're going down to Laredo after the first of the year and I'm trying to convince the network to do a two-hour show and let us do a two-hour special down on the border and have it our first live show and I'd love for you to be able to attend and be a part of that down in Laredo, Texas.

CARTER: Thank you. I think that would be great.

GLENN: Thanks a lot, Sara. Sara Carter from the Washington Times report out today. What a surprise that weapons are coming through Laredo and drug lords are now smuggling as many as 60 Iraqi and Afghani terrorists and they are already here, we believe. Who would have seen that one coming.


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