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GLENN: Now, one guy who I do believe on this is running for President of the United States is Duncan Hunter. Can you I don't know what line he's on. Can you bring Duncan Hunter up for me? Duncan, how are you, sir?

CONGRESSMAN HUNTER: I'm doing real good, Glenn, and I'm here in Saginaw, Michigan in the heart of the arsenal of democracy in this country and here at a great company that makes process equipment and does lots of good things for the United States of America. And let me tell you, you know, I looked at that. I saw that police report. I saw the DEA report and so they're finally prosecuting this guy who actually moved that load of narcotics after he had been given immunity by the U.S. attorney but just before he testified against Ramos and Compean and what an injustice, Glenn, because, you know, if they had told the jury, which the U.S. attorney refused to do, if they had told the jury that this guy had just been caught with another 700 pounds of narcotics, then his credibility would have gone out the window and the jury would not have believed him when he said he was unarmed.

Duncan Hunter's letter to the President

GLENN: Yeah. Well, it's

CONGRESSMAN HUNTER: That means that Ramos and Compean would be with their families right now. So I sent a letter to the President a couple of days ago when that came out and I said, Mr. President, it's almost Thanksgiving; send them back to their families; this should be the last straw.

GLENN: Have you heard a response yet?

CONGRESSMAN HUNTER: Haven't had a response but I did get Josh Bolton, the chief of staff of the White House on the line, went over the letter with him. He promised that he would give it to the President and give him my strongest feelings on this thing. And I also left him with this last thing and that is that if Scooter Libby could get a pardon for having 30 months on the basis that that was too much of a sentence for him, certainly under this scenario that we've now discovered where the star witness for the Government had committed another felony just before he went to the witness stand, just before he held his hand up and said, I swear that everything I'm going to tell you is true about these two border patrol agents, he had just been caught with another 700 something pounds of drugs coming through. At that point Johnny Sutton should have suspended the prosecution or he should have dismissed it.

GLENN: Or he should have, or he should have just let the jury know.


GLENN: You know, it's amazing to me that everybody knows who these guys are that are testifying against O.J. Simpson, that we can let everybody know one's an arsonist, one's, what, a robber, one is an alleged pedophile or something like that. I mean, they're all just the worst of the worst. And everyone is saying, well, nobody's going to they are not going to convict O.J. Simpson because the testimony from these guys will just not hold up because of who they are and what they've done in their life and yet Johnny Sutton wanted to keep that away from the jury in this case. It's incredible to me.

CONGRESSMAN HUNTER: He didn't think the jury needed to be burdened with the fact that their star witness had just committed a felony just a short time before he testified. And, you know, Glenn, this goes to the very heart of the justice system. If you're an American citizen and you are accused of a crime, you have what is known in the Constitution as a right to confront your accuser. That means you get to look him in the eye, you get to have your attorney question him, cross examine him and bring out any fact that might go to his credibility. No fact goes to somebody's credibility as effectively in the law as a felony conviction, especially one that just occurred after the guy had already been given immunity. In fact, I know of no case in judicial history, I've heard of no case, maybe there are some, where the Government witness, after he had been given immunity, went out, committed another crime while he was awaiting the trial and certainly no case in the world where he commits this second crime and the U.S. attorney is so hungry for a conviction, they say, you know, we don't think the jury should have to worry their pretty heads about that one; we'll just let that go for a while. How convenient.

GLENN: Okay, let me ask you this: The story stinks to high heaven. The way he was arrested at this time during the holidays, et cetera, et cetera. There are several people that have said that Johnny Sutton was getting that Davila was getting medical treatment in El Paso and that he was supposed to have surgery and that's what he was coming back in for was for that surgery. Do you know if that is true, that he was in? Because Johnny Sutton is on record saying, if I just knew where he was, I'd arrest him. But there are eye witnesses are now saying he was in getting government paid for surgeries and medical treatment in El Paso over the last year. Do you know if that's true?

CONGRESSMAN HUNTER: Well, listen, I don't know where he's been of late but I know this. I've got the DEA report in my office. I've looked at it and this guy was indisputedly linked by the witnesses at the site where they apprehended this van with another 700 plus pounds of drugs shortly before the trial of Compean and Ramos. We had that information and Johnny Sutton and when I read the report, it says after the DEA agent was told by the other people implicated in this drive through that the guy was the same guy who was testifying against Compean and Ramos. The description in the report says at that point the interview was terminated. The U.S. attorney didn't want to hear that their star witness was a guy who was bringing a second load of narcotics across. That's the message that I get. So certainly Johnny Sutton had him. But, you know, whether he had him physically at that point, he obviously had him when he came to the trial and testified.

GLENN: Right.

CONGRESSMAN HUNTER: And, you know, the evidence and I read this DEA report, Glenn. This evidence is very conclusive.

GLENN: Oh, I know.

CONGRESSMAN HUNTER: And they could have easily charged him at that point.

GLENN: I know.

CONGRESSMAN HUNTER: But at the least they should have put off the prosecution of Compean and Ramos. This is the one that calls out for a presidential pardon. Let's hope this Thanksgiving the President of the United States looks at these facts and says send them home to their families.

GLENN: He's going to pardon the turkey. So we know we've got that one coming. Duncan Hunter, he's running for President of the United States. I have to tell you, he's the one guy that is consistently on the border and our sovereignty and on our military, and I include our cops on the frontline and our border guards on the frontline when he say troops. He has a very clear record on those things. Can you do me a favor, Congressman Hunter, and help me find the truth and maybe you know it off the top of your head. We have 21 Americans that are still missing from the Laredo area. I brought this up and opened this can of worms up about a week and a half ago on Laredo and boy, oh, boy, you would think that you know, you would think that I was the Antichrist. The snakes that have started to scurry around and try to wrap around my arteries are amazing. Congressman Cuellar has invited Nancy Pelosi down and she came down to Laredo to speak on Saturday to tell all the people of Laredo how the congress is just behind them 110% and they are going to rush with money down there. I think it happened because Cuellar is freaking out because of the light that I have shined on his face that I didn't mean to do but he did and the situation of the hostages. Can you help me find out, when was that invitation given to Nancy Pelosi to speak? I know that it was announced one or two days after this scandal broke out with him and what we've been covering.

CONGRESSMAN HUNTER: Well, Glenn, here's what I can tell you about Nancy Pelosi, and incidentally I like Congressman Cuellar and he has been helpful on the border fence, but Nancy Pelosi said that she would be against the fence. And let me tell you. You've had over 600 unsolved murders in Nuevo Laredo, which is right across the river from Laredo, Texas, and as a result of this I put in a priority on the border fence that I put into the law that the President signed that said that we had to build 15 miles of double fence on each side of Laredo, Texas, to stop the backpack cocaine systems where you got these drug dealers coming across from Nuevo Laredo and disappearing into the Texas brush country. Now, if Nancy Pelosi is telling the people of Laredo she's going to help them, she's sure not going to help the families whose kids have been hooked on drugs because she said she is adamantly against that border fence. And that double border fence, incidentally, is the fence that reduced the smuggling of narcotics and people in my San Diego sector by more than 90%.

GLENN: I have to tell you

CONGRESSMAN HUNTER: I like Cuellar but I tell you, Nancy Pelosi's been dead against us on the fence.

GLENN: I'm blown away that you like Cuellar, and I have to tell you I liked him as well until he was on I shouldn't say I liked him. I thought he was on the right side of the issue until he was on my program and he just tore this local sheriff apart and just made him just belittled him.

CONGRESSMAN HUNTER: I didn't yeah, I haven't seen that.

GLENN: Yeah. And then he also said, he said to me troops will never go to the border; that's out of the question. He's for and please tell me you're against this. He's for sending the $1.4 billion down to Mexico, to help shore up their Army, give them eaves dropping and everything else. The Mexican Army and he border is corrupt.

CONGRESSMAN HUNTER: Yeah, well, listen. That's absolutely true, and the last you know, several years ago we found that the general who was in charge of drug interdiction for the Mexican Army was discovered with, I believe it was $2 million or $3 million in cash in his bank account. He had been paid off by the drug dealers.

GLENN: Of course he had.

CONGRESSMAN HUNTER: And we had a number of incursions into the United States where we have Mexican Army officials and Mexican Army personnel coming across the international border. We've had a number of those, dozens and dozens of those, and in my estimation they are coming across to escort the drug trade.

GLENN: So why would we say until there is a fence up which, you know, I'm with you. I don't know if that's ever going to be built. Until there's a fence up, in a situation like Laredo where you've got people being kidnapped off the street, you've got massive drugs coming across the border, you've got assassins coming in, why wouldn't we put troops down in those really dangerous areas with actual bullets in their guns?

CONGRESSMAN HUNTER: Well, there's nothing wrong with having troops down there, and of the 6,000, we sent 6,000 National Guard troops down to the Arizona border primarily but we ought to have, we ought to have a contingent also in South Texas. But let me tell you, Glenn, when we put the double fence up, once again, and we've got it in the law and we put a border patrol road in between, we absolutely stopped the drug trade coming across dead in its tracks. That's what we've got to do. And right now you've got officials in Laredo, Texas, you've got local officials and you've got individual landowners down there who are telling the White House that they don't want to have the border fence and they've been fighting it. And so far, we passed that law one year ago that mandates the construction of the fence. We've got $800 million in cash available to put out to contractors right now, and we haven't built a linear inch of the double border fence in the State of Texas. And you know something? The rest of the Texans are mad about that and they're not happy and they're not happy with the administration. We ought to be building the border fence and I put in the law that it should be built first in Laredo because Nuevo Laredo is owned by the drug lords and they are bringing that cocaine across in large quantities.

GLENN: There's a reason why, when you go down to Texas, you see so many Ron Paul signs. There's a reason. Because there's very few people like you, Duncan Hunter, that actually mean what you say and say what you mean when it comes to, shut the border down. That Ron Paul revolution thing that is going on in some areas is very strong, and one of them is Texas and that's, A, because he's from Texas but, B, because they're just tired of, they're tired of the bull crap from Washington.

CONGRESSMAN HUNTER: Glenn, that's true. Let me tell you that's one reason I won the Texas straw poll at the Republican state convention by 2:1 over the closest purr sewer and that was Fred Thompson and I think Ron came in third in that but that's because the folks in Texas know that I built the border fence in San Diego and that I wrote the law that would take it across Texas. So the Texans throughout Texas want the double border fence. It's only a few of the folks that are in those border communities and some of the landowners who like the idea that they're going to independently determine who comes into this country and who doesn't come in. So you have a landowner right on the border, on the Rio Grande, and he's going to point to one guy and say, okay, you're from Iran, you can come in; you're from North Korea, you can come in; you're from another country, you can't come in. You can't have individual landowners making the determination as to who comes into the United States.

GLENN: Right. All right. Duncan Hunter, I wish you the best of luck and have a good Thanksgiving.

CONGRESSMAN HUNTER: Hey, and I got to give you one point of patriotism before we leave here, Glenn. I'm with this company. It's called B&P Processing here in Michigan and I came here for a reason. One reason is because when they were offered a lot of money to sell equipment to Saddam Hussein under the existing law they could have done it legally, this company refused to do it. Now, that's why you want to have American industry in this country.

GLENN: Yes, yes.

CONGRESSMAN HUNTER: Where you have patriotic people who make a decision for national security.

GLENN: What is

CONGRESSMAN HUNTER: And the last piece of news is my kid's coming home from Afghanistan on Thanksgiving at 4:30 in the afternoon and if Lena's listening, I'll be back, honey, and we'll all be together.

GLENN: Thanks a lot, Duncan Hunter running for President of the United States. My nephew, one of them, I've got a couple of family members that are serving. My nephew, who is in the heart of it that we haven't talked about really for security reasons is joining me Wednesday. He's back home from Iraq and I stay in touch with him writing and some of the things that he has seen and some of the things that he has done and some of the friends that he has lost. I don't know. I've been dreading it for the last month. I don't know what to say to him other than God bless you, man. God bless you and thank you for what you've done.


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To enjoy more of Glenn’s masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

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To enjoy more of Glenn’s masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.