Glenn Beck: Virginity for sale

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GLENN: There's a story in the Miami Herald that I just have to share with you because I don't know if it's an accurate story. I mean, it's accurate but I'm not sure if it's -- I'll explain. It says, for Glenn Beck PC means political change. And I want to share this with you and ask you, is this accurate? Is it just me? We'll do that in a second.

But Natalie Dylan is on the phone now. If you don't know Natalie Dylan, maybe you haven't spent enough time online. I didn't know who Natalie Dylan was but, of course, Stu and Dan were like, Natalie Dylan, are you crazy? She's the woman selling her virginity online.

So Natalie, welcome to the program.

DYLAN: Thank you. How are you?

GLENN: Very good. You are -- your sister is a prostitute, right?

DYLAN: She worked at the Bunny Ranch for two and a half weeks over two and a half years ago.

GLENN: So she's a recovering prostitute?

DYLAN: I guess you'd say retired.

GLENN: She's retired? And you are an aspiring prostitute?

DYLAN: Sure, that's a good way to label it.

GLENN: And are you trying just to cash out on one trick?

DYLAN: Yes, sir.

GLENN: And you have put up -- you're selling your virginity; you are 22 years old. Did you not have sex because you were saving it for the payoff or was there any time that you thought, "I'm going to save myself for somebody I love."

DYLAN: Well, of course. At a much younger age, maybe 13 or 14. Of course I know my love or even somebody I would get married to but, you know, as time went by, then serious relationships and for one reason or another we didn't engage in sexual intercourse and, you know, now here I'm 22.

GLENN: And so you thought, "Cha-ching"?

DYLAN: Basically, yes.

GLENN: Your parents must be so proud.

DYLAN: I mean, that's a rude way to say it.

GLENN: Well, I'm just assuming that they were. Are you saying that they're not?

DYLAN: You know, I approached my mother with this. Of course she was taken aback, but she chose to love me as her daughter. She might not love my decision, but she knows I'm a very level-headed smart young woman.

GLENN: Now, hang on. Those don't -- I mean, I would -- you know, we were having a conversation on this. I would love my -- if my daughter did this, I would also love my daughter. Once my daughter, you are always my daughter and I'm always going to love you and I wouldn't disown you or anything else, but I don't think I would also follow that up with, "Oh, my daughter's selling her virginity online to the highest bidder. She's a very level headed girl."

DYLAN: No, you know, a lot of people have their facts wrong about selling it online to the highest bidder. I'm selling it through the Bunny Ranch and it's not necessarily going to the highest bidder. I'm screening these guys head to toe. They are going through STD tests, I'm allowed to do background checks. You know, it's not just very cut and dry, I'm going to the highest bidder and, you know, I'm not even contracted into this.

GLENN: Okay. So you had a bid for $3.7 million?

DYLAN: Right.

GLENN: Can you give us any information about -- I don't want names or identifying things, but can you tell me anything about this individual that wants to spend $3.7 million on a night with you?

DYLAN: All I can say, he's from Australia.

GLENN: And what would make you say "No, not him?"

DYLAN: Well, no, the reason I'm keeping the auction open is there's so many e-mails coming my way and so many other lucrative business opportunities coming my way just from putting this idea out there that, you know, I'm trying to play this market and not prematurely and something that could potentially bring in a lot of money.

GLENN: Is there anything more valuable to you than money?

DYLAN: Many things, yes.

GLENN: Like --

DYLAN: But sex isn't one of them.

GLENN: Like what?

DYLAN: Virginity isn't one of them. Family, love, friends.

GLENN: Does being intimate with someone carry no weight?

DYLAN: Of course it does.

GLENN: Very little weight?

DYLAN: Of course it does. I think it's very social I didn't constructive that you have to weight until love or marriage to be with the first one. You know, I said before I haven't had sexual intercourse but I've had sexual experiences, both casual and both with serious boyfriends. And it's very different. I definitely agree with you. But when I was with my boyfriend, I didn't necessarily dwell that he wasn't my first.

GLENN: Well, because he wasn't your first. There was nobody there that you haven't had sex with somebody.

DYLAN: I've had nonsexual intercourse, other -- you know, I don't know what I can say on this show, but --

GLENN: Oh, yeah, you can't say anything really on this show, but --

DYLAN: Right.

GLENN: Right. There would be some that would say this is just a publicity stunt and that this isn't real.

DYLAN: Right.

GLENN: How would you respond to that, I guess would be the question.

DYLAN: You know, that's not true. There's no way I anticipated it getting this big. So you know, I did it for physical gain, not for the publicity of it all.

GLENN: Some would say that this is the kind of thinking that has got us into this kind of financial mess in the world, that it was just all about, "Whatever, just, you know, fast money and that money was, you know -- that money was just the more important thing than..."

DYLAN: But I'm not putting more importance on money than family or love. To me this is just a one-time business encounter.

GLENN: All right. So you're -- no offense intended here. You're just a prostitute for a day?

DYLAN: Yeah, absolutely. You know, there's no way around it. It's sex for money.

GLENN: So you have no problem with being a prostitute?

DYLAN: You know, honestly it's never something I anticipated going into when I was younger, but I never remember having a negative judgment about women who were in prostitution or men for that matter. You know, I'm not compromising my own morals. I would never do that, you know. I've said before hitmen, they make a lot of money but I'm not going to go around shooting someone or hurting someone just for financial gain. I would never do that because that obviously is a huge moral dilemma to me.

GLENN: But morals are all relative?

DYLAN: Exactly.

GLENN: So if somebody --

DYLAN: That's what a lot of people don't understand about me. I would never compromise any of my morals for all the money in the world.

GLENN: Right, but your morals just don't include prostitution?

DYLAN: Exactly.

GLENN: And you don't want anybody to condemn you for that?

DYLAN: Oh, no. Go ahead. I don't mind, you know. I expected it.

GLENN: No, I mean, it's not the right -- you don't condemn anybody else for their morals?

DYLAN: No, I don't. But I definitely know that people will and, you know, they're entitled to it.

GLENN: So if somebody's morals didn't include killing people, they can still be a good person if they just exclude that one moral?

DYLAN: No, of course not. Because that's actually hurting someone else. What I'm doing is two consenting adults, and I'm not hurting anybody and I'm not compromising my own morals. I'm not going against the law. It's through a legalized brothel and, you know, I have everything together.

GLENN: Are you libertarian?

DYLAN: Yeah. You know, actually I'm rather Green party. Are you very right-wing?

GLENN: No, I'm a libertarian more than anything else. Are you --

DYLAN: Are you?

GLENN: Yes, I am.

DYLAN: I can't tell.

GLENN: You can't tell?


GLENN: Are you -- did you vote for Barack Obama?

DYLAN: I did. Did you?

DYLAN: No, no. No, I didn't.

DYLAN: I didn't think so, Mr. Beck. I can tell.

GLENN: I could tell you you were an Obama supporter. So I think we're going to leave it there. When is the bidding done, just in case Stu needs to get to a computer real quick?

DYLAN: You know, it's really, it's all up to me, and at this point like I said earlier, I'm not going to prematurely end something that is big in business opportunities elsewhere.

GLENN: It's elsewhere? What is --

DYLAN: Right.

GLENN: What does that mean? Like porno movies?

DYLAN: I'm sorry. What?

GLENN: Porno movies?

DYLAN: No, there's another thing. People I have been approached by pornography production companies and I turned that down because that's just something I'm not comfortable doing that, you know, I don't mind other women or men doing it but I have my own limits and I'm not crossing my own. But to answer your question, there's been --

GLENN: So wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait. The difference, the difference for comfort is just the camera?

DYLAN: It would be putting it out there, you know, for who --

GLENN: So it's the camera?

DYLAN: -- for whoever to see.

GLENN: Okay. Well, there it is. All right. Well, best of luck to you.

DYLAN: Thank you so much.

GLENN: All right. Bye-bye.

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