Glenn Beck: 'What took you so long?'

Major Garrett of FOX News Asks Barack Obama: "What Took You So Long (on Iran)?"

GLENN: Dan, do we have the question from Major Garrett yesterday? This is yesterday's press conference. Finally somebody will step to the plate and challenge, you know, that the president will actually call on. Major Garrett, here he is yesterday in the press conference.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Major Garrett, where is Major?

GARRETT: Right here. In your opening remarks, sir, you said about Iran that you were appalled and outraged. What took you so long?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: I don't think that's accurate. Track what I've been saying. Right after the election I said that we had   

GLENN: Stop.


GLENN: I want to get right to Major Garrett who is on the phone with us from Washington. How are you?

GARRETT: Glenn, I'm fine, how are you?

GLENN: Is it a little spooky at all when you are pushing him?


GLENN: Because   it's not?


GLENN: Because did you   and maybe this is just me. Did you notice he's   he was especially with you, but a couple of times I think he's becoming testy with people, "How dare you question me."

GARRETT: Well, I've been through this before with Candidate Obama. The last interview that I was allowed to do with Candidate Obama was in March of last year. You may have remembered it. It was about at the height of the Jeremiah Wright controversy. The campaign gave three interviews, one to Keith Olbermann, one to Anderson Cooper and one to me. I'll let you remember and perhaps you can product your audience to recall which of the three was the toughest. The Candidate Obama was not happy with that interview. I'm haven't been granted one since. I'm going to get one as the senior White House correspondent mark my words. When that will happen I'm not sure. It will be sooner rather than later but we're going to get one.

GLENN: Do you sense at all a change in his demeanor or a change in the willingness of the press to just go along with him?

GARRETT: Well, yesterday was a different press conference entirely. Anyone who watched it knows that. There's two or three reasons for that. One   and this is a reality that I try my very hardest, Glenn, not to fall prey to but I'm human like everyone else. I'd say a lot of other reporters fall prey to it. I don't know how much they resisted. I just know I resisted. But reporters watch polls and they get tougher when polls begin to turn. That's not as it should be, but that's how it is. Polling data has shown increasing skepticism of this president and his programs, not him personally. And this was inevitable. As the presidency continues, personality recedes; policy moves forward. And what happens to that policy and how the country reacts to it comes to the fore. You saw a lot more pointed policy questions yesterday of the president and more follow ups. There's another reason for that. We were in our crib, as the young people would say. We were in the briefing room. We were in the most comfortable place we can find ourselves in dealing with the president of the United States. We're not on those Louis XIV chairs, we don't have the glides, we don't have the ceremony and pomp and circumstance of a prime time national audience and all those things that tend to work to the president's benefit and to our psychological detriment.

Now, look. This is the fourth press conference. I've gotten three questions. I was skipped at the last one because the Fox broadcast network didn't carry it and that was retribution against me personally. But you look at all three questions I have asked and all the press conferences. They have all been tough, on point and newsworthy. That's what I do.

GLENN: I tell you, you and Jake Tapper I think are the only ones holding his feet to the fire. When you said yesterday, you said are you going to allow them to   are you going to allow the Iranians to go to our hot dog cookouts on Fourth of July? Are they still invited at the embassy? He had no answer.


GLENN: That is incredible to me.

GARRETT: And all that we have is that the State Department is reviewing that. And I said to Robert Gibbs in an e mail yesterday, "Well, the president is the ultimate reviewer. Let me know when he decides." No word yet.

GLENN: Major, who is paying for these czars? Do you know?

GARRETT: The American taxpayer.

GLENN: I know that, but what department do they fall under? How are they   who do they answer to besides the president of the United States?

GARRETT: Under the Office of Personnel Management, they are executive branch employees.

GLENN: Are you at all concerned or is anybody there concerned with the growing power of the executive branch and the media seemingly just kind of turning a blind eye? Is anybody   I'm asking you as   are you feeling anything from the reporters around you like, "Gee, I don't know, maybe this might be the wrong..." or is it just polls?

GARRETT: On that particular question, Glenn, I don't detect any particular curiosity or anxiety. One of the realities of covering this White House is, and the old cliche about covering the White House, it's always like drinking through a fire hose, that's a very, very old cliche, I would say now it's like drinking some days through seven. There are so many fronts going, there are so many different things happening, and that's part of the White House strategy to move so many different   on so many different policy fronts so rapidly that, A, the political opposition that they face finds it hard to get a toehold; and B, the legislative process which they have great control over because they have sympathetic and largely compliant Democratic majorities in the house and Senate, moves their things along rapidly.

GLENN: Do you find it a coincidence that they are doing something as outrageous as giving ABC the full night to cover healthcare, that everyone is talking about healthcare, Iran or community service and yet Friday there's a vote on the Hill on cap and trade?

GARRETT: Cap and trade, absolutely. Appeared yesterday there was a significant policy development there.

GLENN: What was it? Good

GARRETT: The agriculture committee which has been resisting it now has an exemption for cap and trade carbon based levies that are related to ethanol. So now the agriculture interests are happier, Democrats are coming on board. It has a better chance of succeeding than it did a day ago. That's an enormous policy story with implications throughout the Midwest and for taxpayers across the country and for whatever our environmental policy is going to be. That's an afterthought because so many other things are happening. Of course, Glenn, I can't say outrageous or not about what ABC is doing. I'm a reporter here covering the White House. Every White House negotiates what it can and what it can most I guess effectively negotiate with networks that cover it. They negotiated this with ABC. The public will judge, I will judge, everyone can watch for themselves and draw their own conclusions.

GLENN: All right. Major, you keep it up.

GARRETT: Thanks, Glenn.

GLENN: Major Garrett with Fox News.

Far away fields are always greener.

It is easy to look at someone else's life or another country and wish you were more like them.

Americans can be guilty of this. It could be Bernie Sanders wishing America was politically more like Sweden or other European socialist countries. It could be an American who finds out I'm Irish, been trying to move to America for over 17 years, and thinks, "Oh Jonathon, Ireland is a lovely free country - stay there. America has problems right now. You would not like it here."

Today, I want to take you on a journey and compare our nations' attitudes toward Coronavirus and the policies currently in place for "our protection."

I would also ask you to imagine you were in my shoes. Ask yourself which country you would want to live in.

Role of Government

Before discussing restrictions, it is critical to understand the very different governmental systems within our two countries. America is blessed to have a federalist system where states have considerable control over what happens in their states. DC, in theory, holds very little power.

Ireland is the exact opposite. We are a democracy with a big centralized government. The vast majority of power lies with our Taoiseach (Prime Minister) and his cabinet. Local states have no control, as our restrictions are countrywide.

  • America's restrictions vary from state to state. You will find the majority of businesses are open but operating with some restrictions.
  • Churches, malls, retail, gyms, cinemas are mostly all open.
  • Bars and restaurants are open but usually at a reduced capacity.
  • Schools have moved to online learning.
  • No travel limits.
  • Travel between states is allowed, but some states like Alaska require a negative Covid test.
  • Guests are allowed in homes, but some states have a limit (but not enforced).
  • Masks are either advised or mandatory in different states.
  • Social distancing is required.

When researching this article, the most prominent complaints were restrictions on visiting loved ones in hospitals and nursing homes. These restrictions have upset many people because you have a proud history of believing in individual freedoms. The government is not your parent and does not have a right to tell you how to live.

Now let me introduce you to Ireland.


Ireland is currently on the highest level of lockdown possible and has been since Christmas Eve. We are officially on lockdown until March 5th, and our lockdown is getting more severe. Our government has already confirmed lockdown will be extended until After Easter.

Ireland has a stay-at-home order in place, and you are to work from home where possible.

  • "Essential" retail is open but with stupid rules. Some of our shops are half-open and half-closed. Imagine a Walmart that is allowed to sell food, but large parts of the clothing section are closed because they are not deemed essential.
  • Non-essential retail is now fully closed. At the start of lockdown, outlets were allowed to offer a click-and-collect service – but that has now been banned.
  • Gyms and cinemas are all closed. Ø Bars and restaurants are closed and unlikely to re-open until mid-summer.
  • Schools have moved to online learning.
  • No guests are allowed in homes or gardens.
  • Masks are mandatory and with fines.
  • Social distancing is required.
  • Churches are allowed to open for private prayer, but the mass is strictly online. This has caused a lot of distress for families. Ireland is a Catholic country. I know many older people who have not received communion since last March. My mother is a funeral director and has witnessed the pain caused to families, as only ten people are allowed to attend a funeral, regardless of the Church's size. Imagine a large family deciding what ten people can attend? How do you choose that? Sadly, the Irish Church is spineless and accepts every rule the government passes.
Additional Tyranny

Very few businesses are open right now, but that is not the end of the restrictions. There are limits on how far you can travel. I am currently off my work because of Coronavirus restrictions. There are two legal reasons I can leave my house: personal exercise/walk the dog and to purchase food/essential items from the store. These activities must be completed within three miles of my house.

My human right to privacy has also been crushed. If I decided to get in my car tomorrow and just drive, I would encounter several police checkpoints where I would have to disclose where I live, where I am going, and the purpose of my trip. If the trip is not essential, I will be told to return home and likely given a fine.

Tyranny North Korea Style!

Most countries have border controls, all with similar intent: control who enters the nation, set how long they can stay, and mandate what they can do.

The one exception to this rule is North Korea. Their intent is not to control who enters. Instead, they seek to ensure no one leaves and defects to the South.

As you can imagine, life in Ireland is not exactly pleasurable with the above restrictions. This is especially the case for people like me who suffer from severe depression and are desperate to escape.

If tomorrow I woke up and decided I want out (which I very much do) and found a country I could enter legally, I AM NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE.

The Irish government has deemed all international travel is not essential and has placed police at all our ports and our airports. If I attempt to go to the airport, I would be greeted at a police checkpoint outside the airport, told my journey is not essential, and sent home with a fine. Currently, the fine is €500 ($600). New legislation is being discussed in parliament to increase the penalty to €2,000.

The police have new powers for people who get past the checkpoints and continue to travel overseas. When they return to Ireland, they can be sent to jail for a month. They will also have a criminal record – that record would likely disqualify the person traveling to countries like America and Australia.

Irish People

I could talk to you all day long about why America is unique and exceptional. There are so many different reasons. One of the reasons is your people, and I highlight Alexis de Tocqueville's sentiments, who said, "America is great because Americans are good." Americans have this rebellious streak in their soul, and it can be traced all the way back to the Pilgrims on the Mayflower. This great spirit is based on being an independent sovereign individual and wanting to live life to the fullest and not be stopped or controlled by ANY government.

Irish people are good and decent. However, they do not share the same characteristics. They believe and support government control because it is all they have ever known.

If you ask the average Irish person about the current government, he will likely tell you he dislikes one of the parties involved or an individual leader. Yet, ask that same person what he thinks about the restrictions, and he will defend them. I hear some say they believe the government has not done enough.

On the rare occasions that people break restrictions, the most significant backlash will likely come from the community, as they brand those people selfish and irresponsible.

Going Forward

The damage from Covid is going to be around forever. Our actions have caused damage to our mental health and the economy (with businesses closing and jobs lost). This will cause poverty. This is made worse by governments' reckless spending and borrowing of money we simply do not have.

However, I would argue we have a much bigger problem stemming from Covid: social acceptance of governmental control in a "crisis."

When a government is powerful enough to compel someone not to leave their house, define their job as non-essential, or tell someone they can't hug their grandparent, what exactly is off-limits? What control or power is a line government won't cross for the "common good"?

Most importantly, do you think governments worldwide will fix this issue and give back the powers they have taken? Or is it more likely we will just move onto a new crisis – maybe climate change or the Great Reset?

This is why the world needs America. We don't need the American military to intervene and save us.

We NEED America to rediscover why you are an exceptional nation. We NEED you to be the statue of liberty shining out the beacon of light, hope, and freedom for the world where your actions remind all of us what is possible when we unleash the energy and individual genius of mankind. If we work hard to reapply these principles, we can take another 5,000-year leap forward together.

Writers note: The policies listed here are based solely on Ireland. However, you see very similar restrictions in England and throughout Europe.

Jonathon Dunne is a keynote speaker, weekly podcast host on Blaze Media, and published author on major platforms such as The Blaze, Glenn Beck, Libertarian Republic, Western Journalism, and Constitution. Since 2012, he has reached millions with his message of American exceptionalism.

You can find him on social media – Facebook, Twitter, MeWe

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