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Author James Patterson (Maximum Ride series) says:

"NICK OF TIME is a blast - the best of Robert Louis Stevenson, Horatio Hornblower and Harry Potter. The kid in me loved it, and so did the adult."

Author Steve Berry says:

"A brilliant adventure, hidden within a rolling saga, tucked inside an intriguing mystery.  That's NICK OF TIME.  Ted Bell proves that he's the master of swashbuckling for both young and old." says:

“Wow! Some books sweep you away. Ted Bell's NICK OF TIME amazed me, dazzled me, and swept my imagination off to sea… The last line of the story gave me hope for many more sequels. Please, Mr. Bell, may I have some more?... Middle school students are going to be so hooked by this book… I've been craving an adventure story with a good mystery and this arrived in the nick of time to rescue me.”

School Library Journal says:

Nick is the pluckiest, most likable boy-hero since Robert Lewis Stevenson's David Balfour (Kidnapped ). With great battle scenes; lots of nautical jargon; and themes of courage, integrity, and honor, this book will appeal to restless boys who can never find books written just for them. Three huzzahs and a great big 21-gun salute to Bell for his first novel for kids. Hopefully, it won't be his last.”

Children’s Bookseller Judy Hobbs says:

“I just got back from vacation and NICK OF TIME  was on top of my pile.  I loved it!  It was truly a combination of all the great adventure books that I've read.  I know that it will be a great sell to boys, but there will be an awful lot of girls (like me!) who will not be able to put it down. Can't wait for a sequel.”

Grant, age 12 says:

“I had a hard time putting the book down, even when I had homework.  I read at breakfast, and tried to read at dinner, but my mom made me stop… The main character, Nick, came in the "nick of time," and he traveled through time - pretty cool!  Awesome book, can't wait for the sequel!”

GLENN: 888 727 BECK, 888 727 BECK. I don't know if you know this, but my company is called Mercury, and one of the things that we do is we publish books. It's a joint venture with Simon and Schuster, and I'm working on several different things that don't involve necessarily any titles from me. One of them is the freedom library that I have talked about for so long that everybody needs to have a freedom library, that you have to have these books that are quintessential to the American experience. Not just, you know, the founding fathers' words and, you know, biography of Benjamin Franklin and the, what do you call them, the letters.

PAT: The Federalist Papers?

GLENN: Federalist Papers. Not just those things but also like Huck Finn, good decent books. You know, I wrote in a journal, I don't know, about a month ago we have got to teach our children how to be decent to each other. We have to teach our children the things that have been lost. We have to teach our children the value of things, the value of you know, and the state can't do it. The value of just being decent and good and honorable and the values that have been so lost. And I actually thought of a book that I read and I remember that Ted Bell, he's a friend of mine, I wrote him and I said it is a book out of time. And I don't know how many young men I have given this book to so they can read. I cannot wait until Raphe and Cheyenne are old enough to read this book with me. It's called Nick of Time. And Ted is on with me. Ted, are you there?

BELL: Hi, Glenn, how are you?

GLENN: I want everybody to know first of all, full disclosure, I have nothing to gain with Ted Bell and this book. Ted, do I make a dime on this book?

BELL: Not a penny.

GLENN: Not a penny. This is describe the book.

BELL: I tell you, you pretty much did a great job up front on the kind of books that we need. The only thing I would add to that is this notion of heroism and self reliance and independence. And I think if we're going to preserve this country, we're going to need heroes and lots of them, especially now more than ever. And that's one of the central themes in this book is the notion that you can be a hero in your own life. And that's the key element, in addition to love of country, patriotism and taking care of your little sister and taking care of your little brother and all those things.

GLENN: Just being you know, I haven't read you know, I wrote this in a notepad also the other day. Our heroes are gone.

BELL: Yes.

GLENN: Have you noticed that every single hero has either been destroyed or every single hero our kids now has a dark side.

BELL: Yes.

GLENN: Enough with the dark side. They are going to see the dark side

BELL: Soon enough.

GLENN: Soon enough. Let's fill them with light while we can.

BELL: Exactly. I mean, I'm sure you'll remember us getting lost in Treasure Island and Huck Finn and all those books and it just created a world that you wanted to live in and where you knew how to operate. But I knew that if I was going to write a book like this for modern kids, you know, I wanted a book that all kids would love and so the three things that I know kids love are pirates and battling evil Nazis and time travel. And so I wrapped all these notions inside that kind of an adventure.

GLENN: Right.

BELL: Just so it's fun for them to read. Not just as you said, the Federalist Papers.

GLENN: The setting is England in 1939 on the eve of war. Nick and his sister Kate beginning gathering vital information. But the Nazis become the least of Nick's problem after he discovers a time machine hidden in a cove. Unfortunately an evil pirate captain Billy Blood who travels through time capturing little children and holding them for ransom will stop at nothing to possess the priceless machine. With the help of Lord Hawke who is children have been taken by Blood, Nick must fight the ruthless pirate on land and sea in two different centuries in a desperate attempt to save his home and his family from utterly being destroyed. It is a fantastic book and I can't recommend Nick of Time. When does it come out in paperback?

BELL: Today. Today is the pub date.

GLENN: It is in bookstores everywhere. I told you when this book came out, this is one that when my son is old enough and my daughter is old enough what is the recommended reading age?

BELL: Well, it's 9 to 1 but kids much older than that

GLENN: I've given it to a guys that are 15, 16 and they loved it.

BELL: And they loved it. The truth is it's an all family book. It's a book that you can read to your kids, or grownups like it, too. You and I like it.

GLENN: I loved it. There is nothing in it this is like, and I think I told you this at the time, Ted, this is like reading an old book. I mean, it feels, it is classic. And there is nothing in it that you go, oh, jeez, why would you put that in there. And it's just, it's tremendous.

BELL: Well, I just want to make one point.

GLENN: Yeah.

BELL: And that is, I mean, I was tremendously excited in hard cover but now in paperback it's at a price kids can afford to just go out and buy themselves.

GLENN: What is it?

BELL: They don't have to wait for somebody to give it to somebody, you know?

GLENN: $7.99, that's an outrage.

BELL: I don't set these prices.

GLENN: No, I know. It's a great book. Nick of Time by Ted Bell. You'll find it in bookstores everywhere. Ted, God bless you, my friend.

BELL: God bless you, buddy.

GLENN: Thanks.

On the radio program Monday, Glenn Beck blasted the Democrats — and anyone else on the left — who have been so eager to open our southern U.S. border for the past several months, but also willing to turn a blind eye to the Cuban people in need of help today.

"While we are welcoming people from any country, all over the world, without any kind of information, and setting them into our country, putting them on American planes paid for by American taxpayers," Glenn began. "And our Coast Guard Cutters are turning these [Cuban] people away. Shame on you! Shame on you!"

Glenn said that he's "sick and tired" of hearing about "brave" leftist activists like Colin Kaepernick, who protest the America flag while wearing Che Guevara and Fidel Castro t-shirts. Meanwhile, the Cuban people are risking their lives by taking to the sea to escape their oppressive regime and come to America.

"Anybody who glorifies Che doesn't know their ass from their elbow. You can't call them a human rights activist. You're protesting the American flag, because you so deeply believe in the right to be free? And yet, you wear a Che T-shirt?" Glenn said.

Glenn went on to argue that, even though the left has "bastardized" the meaning of our country, he still believes America is the best nation on Earth. In fact, he'd give up his citizenship "in a heartbeat" if another country could prove to be better, more noble, and more free. But no other nation exists like ours, he said, which is why it's so imperative we fight for freedom here, in Cuba, and around the world.

Watch the video clip below to hear Glenn explain:

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There's a new "reality" spreading, and the mere act of questioning it has become incredibly dangerous, Wall Street Journal investigative journalist Abigail Shrier told Glenn on the most recent episode of "The Glenn Beck Podcast."

Shrier's book, "Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters," exposes the radical gender activism that — like critical race theory — has overtaken our children's schools and culture. But even worse, she warned, it could end your parental rights for good.

Shrier made it clear she is by no means "anti-trans," but simply speaking up against the extremes of this new "reality" has made her enemy No. 1 to many activists. Her book has been bashed so hard by the Left that Target has stopped selling it twice, Amazon once banned ads for it, and the American Booksellers Association even called sending it to others "a serious, violent incident."

In the clip below, Shrier explained why she believes "there may be no hope for the public school system."

"You have teachers behaving like activists across the country who have no interest in actually teaching. They believe their job is to remake your child," she asserted. "We're seeing so much evidence of that, I think it's fair to say that it may be too deeply rooted in the ideology being taught in public school. I'm not sure that the public school system is redeemable at this point."

Watch the video clip below for more or find the full podcast with Abigail Shrier here:

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What is actually in Texas' new GOP-led voting bill? Nearly every Texas House Democrat fled the state to block its passage, calling it racist and oppressive, and President Joe Biden backed them as well.

But Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Friday to set the record straight and call out the lies: All of these claims are "completely false." He also explained his promise to "arrest" the Texas House Democrats when they return to the Lone Star State.

"What is in the bill is completely different than what they're saying, what Kamala Harris is saying, what President Biden is saying. What's in the bill actually increases the number of hours that people have to vote in the state of Texas. In the state of Texas, we have at least 12 days of early voting, and we are adding hours to those days. And on top of that, we are giving people time off from work to be able to vote. Bottom line, we're making it easier to vote in the state of Texas," Gov Abbott explained.

"In comparison, Delaware — the state that President Biden votes in — has exactly zero hours of early voting," he added. "That said, there is one thing that we're doing in the state of Texas, and that is we're making sure we tighten the reins on mail-in ballots that can lead to voter fraud. And it's not me saying that. It's a federal judge, appointed by Barack Obama, in Corpus Christi, Texas, who wrote in a legal opinion that voter fraud occurs, quote, in abundance as it concerns mail-in ballots. We know. Texans know. There is fraud in mail-in ballots in the state of Texas. It must be fixed. That's one thing we're trying to do. That being said, all these claims that we're denying people the right to vote and yada, yada, yada, are completely false."

Abbott went on to discuss the much-debated voter ID laws in Texas and to explain why Democrats insist on calling basic voter ID requirements "racist."

"When Democrats do not have truth on their side, they resort to one single word and that is 'racism' ... Texas implemented voter ID almost a decade ago, and when we went through that fight, what word did they use? Racism," he said. "Guess what? After Texas imposed voter ID requirements in the state of Texas, there have been more people voting and more people of color who went to vote. Voting didn't get harder. It got easier and more abundant in the state of Texas. And so, once again, Democrats have absolutely no legal standing, other than to say, 'racism.'"

Glenn asked Gov. Abbott to explain his pledge to "arrest" the Democratic lawmakers that fled once they return to Texas.

"Let me explain how this works. So, whenever there is a break of quorum, which is what is happening now — meaning there is not a sufficient number of people who are showing up to the Texas House of Representatives for the Texas House to engage in business. Whenever there's a quorum break like that, the House issues what's called a 'call on the House.' And when that happens, the sergeant-at-arms is authorized to work with the Texas Department of Public Safety, to — you can call it arrest, apprehend, whatever you want to call it — any of the members who are not in the Texas House of Representatives and bring them to the Texas House where they will be 'cabined' with no ability to leave the Texas House chamber, without a permission slip from the speaker."

Watch the video clip below for more details:

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Our Fourth Amendment, which protects our right to privacy, has never been in more danger. Journalist Lara Logan joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Thursday to explain how the digital world has given leaders — both in government and corporations — the ability to not only spy on Americans, but to track their patterns of behavior, too.

Lara explained why, even if you think you have nothing to hide, you should be very concerned. Because these digital "human terrain maps" could be used to manipulate you in any way those in control see fit.

"The purpose of your privacy is much more than just being out of public view," Lara said. "There is really nothing that's more central to our democracy than the right to privacy. I mean, all of the rights in the Constitution have a real purpose, and a real value, and if we allow people to take them away from us, we voluntarily are surrendering that. We are lambs to the slaughter.

"They're not just looking at what you have to hide. They're looking to manipulate you into doing what they want. These are control systems. That's what they are," Lara explained. "What they do with the information is they create a 'human terrain map' for every single person on the planet, anyone within a digital signature or within their reach. They are creating a human terrain map that can be used against you, by anyone."

Watch the video clip below for more details:

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