Glenn Beck: Nick of Time



Author James Patterson (Maximum Ride series) says:

"NICK OF TIME is a blast - the best of Robert Louis Stevenson, Horatio Hornblower and Harry Potter. The kid in me loved it, and so did the adult."

Author Steve Berry says:

"A brilliant adventure, hidden within a rolling saga, tucked inside an intriguing mystery.  That's NICK OF TIME.  Ted Bell proves that he's the master of swashbuckling for both young and old." says:

“Wow! Some books sweep you away. Ted Bell's NICK OF TIME amazed me, dazzled me, and swept my imagination off to sea… The last line of the story gave me hope for many more sequels. Please, Mr. Bell, may I have some more?... Middle school students are going to be so hooked by this book… I've been craving an adventure story with a good mystery and this arrived in the nick of time to rescue me.”

School Library Journal says:

Nick is the pluckiest, most likable boy-hero since Robert Lewis Stevenson's David Balfour (Kidnapped ). With great battle scenes; lots of nautical jargon; and themes of courage, integrity, and honor, this book will appeal to restless boys who can never find books written just for them. Three huzzahs and a great big 21-gun salute to Bell for his first novel for kids. Hopefully, it won't be his last.”

Children’s Bookseller Judy Hobbs says:

“I just got back from vacation and NICK OF TIME  was on top of my pile.  I loved it!  It was truly a combination of all the great adventure books that I've read.  I know that it will be a great sell to boys, but there will be an awful lot of girls (like me!) who will not be able to put it down. Can't wait for a sequel.”

Grant, age 12 says:

“I had a hard time putting the book down, even when I had homework.  I read at breakfast, and tried to read at dinner, but my mom made me stop… The main character, Nick, came in the "nick of time," and he traveled through time - pretty cool!  Awesome book, can't wait for the sequel!”

GLENN: 888 727 BECK, 888 727 BECK. I don't know if you know this, but my company is called Mercury, and one of the things that we do is we publish books. It's a joint venture with Simon and Schuster, and I'm working on several different things that don't involve necessarily any titles from me. One of them is the freedom library that I have talked about for so long that everybody needs to have a freedom library, that you have to have these books that are quintessential to the American experience. Not just, you know, the founding fathers' words and, you know, biography of Benjamin Franklin and the, what do you call them, the letters.

PAT: The Federalist Papers?

GLENN: Federalist Papers. Not just those things but also like Huck Finn, good decent books. You know, I wrote in a journal, I don't know, about a month ago we have got to teach our children how to be decent to each other. We have to teach our children the things that have been lost. We have to teach our children the value of things, the value of you know, and the state can't do it. The value of just being decent and good and honorable and the values that have been so lost. And I actually thought of a book that I read and I remember that Ted Bell, he's a friend of mine, I wrote him and I said it is a book out of time. And I don't know how many young men I have given this book to so they can read. I cannot wait until Raphe and Cheyenne are old enough to read this book with me. It's called Nick of Time. And Ted is on with me. Ted, are you there?

BELL: Hi, Glenn, how are you?

GLENN: I want everybody to know first of all, full disclosure, I have nothing to gain with Ted Bell and this book. Ted, do I make a dime on this book?

BELL: Not a penny.

GLENN: Not a penny. This is describe the book.

BELL: I tell you, you pretty much did a great job up front on the kind of books that we need. The only thing I would add to that is this notion of heroism and self reliance and independence. And I think if we're going to preserve this country, we're going to need heroes and lots of them, especially now more than ever. And that's one of the central themes in this book is the notion that you can be a hero in your own life. And that's the key element, in addition to love of country, patriotism and taking care of your little sister and taking care of your little brother and all those things.

GLENN: Just being you know, I haven't read you know, I wrote this in a notepad also the other day. Our heroes are gone.

BELL: Yes.

GLENN: Have you noticed that every single hero has either been destroyed or every single hero our kids now has a dark side.

BELL: Yes.

GLENN: Enough with the dark side. They are going to see the dark side

BELL: Soon enough.

GLENN: Soon enough. Let's fill them with light while we can.

BELL: Exactly. I mean, I'm sure you'll remember us getting lost in Treasure Island and Huck Finn and all those books and it just created a world that you wanted to live in and where you knew how to operate. But I knew that if I was going to write a book like this for modern kids, you know, I wanted a book that all kids would love and so the three things that I know kids love are pirates and battling evil Nazis and time travel. And so I wrapped all these notions inside that kind of an adventure.

GLENN: Right.

BELL: Just so it's fun for them to read. Not just as you said, the Federalist Papers.

GLENN: The setting is England in 1939 on the eve of war. Nick and his sister Kate beginning gathering vital information. But the Nazis become the least of Nick's problem after he discovers a time machine hidden in a cove. Unfortunately an evil pirate captain Billy Blood who travels through time capturing little children and holding them for ransom will stop at nothing to possess the priceless machine. With the help of Lord Hawke who is children have been taken by Blood, Nick must fight the ruthless pirate on land and sea in two different centuries in a desperate attempt to save his home and his family from utterly being destroyed. It is a fantastic book and I can't recommend Nick of Time. When does it come out in paperback?

BELL: Today. Today is the pub date.

GLENN: It is in bookstores everywhere. I told you when this book came out, this is one that when my son is old enough and my daughter is old enough what is the recommended reading age?

BELL: Well, it's 9 to 1 but kids much older than that

GLENN: I've given it to a guys that are 15, 16 and they loved it.

BELL: And they loved it. The truth is it's an all family book. It's a book that you can read to your kids, or grownups like it, too. You and I like it.

GLENN: I loved it. There is nothing in it this is like, and I think I told you this at the time, Ted, this is like reading an old book. I mean, it feels, it is classic. And there is nothing in it that you go, oh, jeez, why would you put that in there. And it's just, it's tremendous.

BELL: Well, I just want to make one point.

GLENN: Yeah.

BELL: And that is, I mean, I was tremendously excited in hard cover but now in paperback it's at a price kids can afford to just go out and buy themselves.

GLENN: What is it?

BELL: They don't have to wait for somebody to give it to somebody, you know?

GLENN: $7.99, that's an outrage.

BELL: I don't set these prices.

GLENN: No, I know. It's a great book. Nick of Time by Ted Bell. You'll find it in bookstores everywhere. Ted, God bless you, my friend.

BELL: God bless you, buddy.

GLENN: Thanks.

On the "Glenn Beck Radio Program" Monday, Harvard Law professor and lawyer on President Donald Trump's impeachment defense team Alan Dershowitz explains the history of impeachment and its process, why the framers did not include abuse of power as criteria for a Constitutional impeachment, why the Democrats are framing their case the way they are, and what to look for in the upcoming Senate trial.

Dershowitz argued that "abuse of power" -- one of two articles of impeachment against Trump approved by House Democrats last month -- is not an impeachable act.

"There are two articles of impeachment. The second is 'obstruction of Congress.' That's just a false accusation," said Dershowitz. "But they also charge him, in the Ukraine matter, with abuse of power. But abuse of power was discussed by the framers (of the U.S. Constitution) ... the framers refused to include abuse of power because it was too broad, too open-ended.

"In the words of James Madison, the father of our Constitution, it would lead presidents to serve at the will of Congress. And that's exactly what the framers didn't want, which is why they were very specific and said a president can be impeached only for treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors," he added.

"What's alleged against President Trump is not criminal," added Dershowitz. "If they had criminal issues to allege, you can be sure they would have done it. If they could establish bribery or treason, they would have done it already. But they didn't do it. They instead used this concept of abuse of power, which is so broad and general ... any president could be charged with it."

Watch the video below to hear more details:

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On Friday's radio program, Bill O'Reilly joins Glenn Beck discuss the possible outcomes for the Democrats in 2020.

Why are former President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama working overtime to convince Americans they're more moderate than most of the far-left Democratic presidential candidates? Is there a chance of a Michelle Obama vs. Donald Trump race this fall?

O'Reilly surmised that a post-primary nomination would probably be more of a "Bloomberg play." He said Michael Bloomberg might actually stand a chance at the Democratic nomination if there is a brokered convention, as many Democratic leaders are fearfully anticipating.

"Bloomberg knows he doesn't really have a chance to get enough delegates to win," O'Reilly said. "He's doing two things: If there's a brokered convention, there he is. And even if there is a nominee, it will probably be Biden, and Biden will give [him] Secretary of State or Secretary of Treasury. That's what Bloomberg wants."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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On the "Glenn Beck Radio Program" Friday, award-winning investigative reporter John Solomon, a central figure in the impeachment proceedings, explained his newly filed lawsuit, which seeks the records of contact between Ukraine prosecutors and the U.S. Embassy officials in Kiev during the 2016 election.

The records would provide valuable information on what really happened in Ukraine, including what then-Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter were doing with Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings, Solomon explained.

The documents, which the State Department has withheld thus far despite repeated requests for release by Solomon, would likely shed light on the alleged corruption that President Donald Trump requested to be investigated during his phone call with the president of Ukraine last year.

With the help of Southeastern Legal Foundation, Solomon's lawsuit seeks to compel the State Department to release the critical records. Once released, the records are expected to reveal, once and for all, exactly why President Trump wanted to investigate the dealings in Ukraine, and finally expose the side of the story that Democrats are trying to hide in their push for impeachment.

"It's been a one-sided story so far, just like the beginning of the Russia collusion story, right? Everybody was certain on Jan. 9 of 2017 that the Christopher Steele dossier was gospel. And our president was an agent of Russia. Three years later, we learned that all of that turned out to be bunk, " Solomon said.

"The most important thing about politics, and about investigations, is that there are two sides to a story. There are two pieces of evidence. And right now, we've only seen one side of it," he continued. "I think we'll learn a lot about what the intelligence community, what the economic and Treasury Department community was telling the president. And I bet the story was way more complicated than the narrative that [House Intelligence Committee Chairman] Adam Schiff [D-Calif.] has woven so far."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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Carter Page, a former advisor to Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, found himself at the center of the Russia probe and had his reputation and career destroyed by what we now know were lies from our own intelligence system and the media.

On the TV show Thursday, Page joined Glenn Beck to speak out about how he became the subject of illegal electronic surveillance by the FBI for more than two years, and revealed the extent of the corruption that has infiltrated our legal systems and our country as a whole.

"To me, the bigger issue is how much damage this has done to our country," Page told Glenn. "I've been very patient in trying to ... find help with finding solutions and correcting this terrible thing which has happened to our country, our judicial system, DOJ, FBI -- these once-great institutions. And my bigger concern is the fact that, although we keep taking these steps forward in terms of these important findings, it really remains the tip of the iceberg."

Page was referencing the report by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, which revealed that the FBI made "at least 17 significant errors or omissions" in its Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) applications for warrants to spy on Page, a U.S. citizen.

"I think this needs to be attacked from all angles," Glenn said. "The one angle I'm interested in from you is, please tell me you have the biggest badass attorneys that are hungry, starving, maybe are a little low to pay their Mercedes payments right now, and are just gearing up to come after the government and the media. Are they?"

I can confirm that that is the case," Page replied.

Watch the video clip below for a preview of the full-length interview:

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