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ACORN Scandal in NYC

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GLENN: From high above Times Square in Midtown Manhattan, this is the third most listened to show in all of America. Hello, you sick twisted freak. Welcome to the program. My name is Glenn Beck. Today we have some audio, and I just finished cutting the TV show just a few minutes, few minutes ago because I have to get on a plane today and I don't know, I'm going some place where they are protesting me. And we have exclusive video. I spent a full hour on this new videotape that has come out from on ACORN, and this is the most explosive, the most incredible video that you have seen. We're going to play that video for you coming up at the top of the hour. We're going to show that to you or have you listen to it and take you through it piece by piece, but we have a couple of people who are in studio with us. Andrew Breitbart from and also is with us. Hello, Andrew, how are you?

BREITBART: Hello, Glenn.

GLENN: You know, the videos that are out, first of all ACORN now is coming after everybody involved and they are saying that these videos were doctored, they were overdubbed, et cetera, et cetera. I've seen the raw footage of these. There's ‑‑ I mean, there's no way to read them any other way. I mean, unless you, you know, unless you overdubbed and took out James' voice where he said, "Okay, would you do me a favor and say the worst thing you could possibly think of?" I mean, there's no way to overdub. You want to address any of the ideas that these were doctored in any way?

BREITBART: Well, they have been wrong in everything they've done since day one, but the thing is that James and I both came from this. He was the filmmaker and I thought that we could have a grand strategy to set some traps for these people. We launched the first one thinking they will think this is an isolated incident, they will say that it's an isolated incident, and they did say it was an isolated incident, which set us up to on Day 2 put the one in Washington D.C., thought maybe they would think that they only did it within a small geographical error because they would be able to recognize that these guys were somewhat amateurish in the sense that there wasn't a lot of money behind this production and the camera work wasn't, you know, Fox News quality. And so then they said, okay, these guys tried this in New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles and they failed. Well, that gave the weekend for the American people to start seeing a sequence of events starting to occur, you know. One may have been an aberration. Two starts looking a little bit strange there for the average person going, hmmm, I've never met a person that would react that way to an under ‑‑ the positing that we start an underage prostitution ring for El Salvadorian illegal immigrants. But two people in the first one, two people in the next. Everybody in America that has eyes and a brain and a conscience realized that there was something seriously wrong here.

Then there were the tea parties. I heard that about 33% of the people had placards that were ACORN‑driven. How can that be when ABC, CBS, NBC and the New York Times are AWOL on this story the night before the huge ACORN losing its relationship with the census occurs. When I was at the Quincy tea party, everybody was coming up and saying ACORN, ACORN, ACORN, you've got to take these people, these people are bad people. Everybody knows. Everybody in this country knows except for the mainstream media that these are bad people.

GLENN: No, I contend that even the mainstream media ‑‑

BREITBART: They know it.

GLENN: They know it as well. It just doesn't fit in their agenda, in their narrative.

BREITBART: Let me tell you, part of the strategy was to set them up. You should read my column on Monday, the week before. And I knew that this story was absolutely going to be coming out and I knew that they didn't cover the Van Jones story, which was a big story. I knew that they didn't cover the NEA story, which was a big story. So I wrote in the column, "You know what? We watched you during Watergate. We watched you make 20 films a year on how great you guys were for being on the right side of history on Watergate, and you said throughout that entire journalistic crisis that the coverup is worse than the crime." And my column, knowing that this was going to be coming out the way that it was, we predicted that it wasn't going to just be the government and ACORN that was going to lie and obstruct. It was going to be the mainstream media. And the last line was, again, you taught us this lesson, guys. The coverup is worse than the crime, and the American people are watching.

GLENN: Andrew, you know what? You are on the cutting edge of what is happening in the media. has been huge. Breitbart TV is huge. Now biggovernment is out there, bigHollywood is out there. So you know the direction that the country is going in as far as technology. I contend, because a lot of our stations are AM radio. It's not the technology. It's not the delivery system. It is the message. And I said on yesterday's program, the paradigm is about to change, and I've been saying that for about six months and not really sure what that meant exactly. Just something that I was feeling. I know now what that means, part of it at least, is the paradigm is the mainstream media. These people are going to find themselves completely irrelevant very shortly if they don't pick up on these stories. You can't let these gigantic stories go by in this atmosphere where you're available, I'm available, others are available giving this information out. You can't ignore it. It won't make it go away.

BREITBART: Yesterday ‑‑ well, the census thing couldn't have been bigger, and they buried it.

GLENN: Buried it.

BREITBART: On A‑29 or something like that on papers and just cut out the context that the videos created this move. Why exactly is the Senate voting 83‑7? They didn't hear it on ABC, NBC, or CBS or read it in the New York Times. The pressure that caused Senator Al Franken to vote to defund ‑‑

GLENN: Amazing.

BREITBART: ‑‑ ACORN came from ‑‑

GLENN: The people who got him elected.

BREITBART: How does he know? How does Al Franken even know this story? He's paying attention to what we're paying attention to, and I want Barack Obama to know this. I saw you go to have lunch with Bill Clinton yesterday and you're acting like the number one topic in the country is healthcare. You know what the number one topic in the country is.

GLENN: What does that mean you know. You saw him go to lunch with Bill Clinton? What are you implying there?

BREITBART: This guy's taking on water. He understands that there was a direct hit. That ACORN has been this nefarious group that has worked on behalf of him and countless other politicians in the country. If you look in the New York Post today, they brilliantly isolated in James and Hannah's video a poster board that has politicians that they are endorsing basically. There's politics going on in the ACORN offices. You can see it. They name the names in today's video, the people that they're allies with. This thing stinks to high heaven. And please, if Al Franken knows to defund ACORN and that it's the number one issue in his head and he knows that his political career is contingent upon this story, I bet you Barack Obama went to the scandal‑tested Bill Clinton to say, "What on God's green Earth do I do."

GLENN: You know, I have to tell you James O'Keefe is with us. He is the documentary filmmaker, the guy who went out and made all of these tapes. James, how old are you? 25 years old?

JAMES: Yeah, I turned 25 over the summer.

GLENN: You know, you, in watching these videos they're actually, they would be hysterical if they weren't so tragic. And I mean, all the way to the way you guys are dressed, some of the things that you say are ‑‑ I mean, I wouldn't have been able to do it with a straight face quite honestly. You know, I talked to on television that will air tonight, and I asked you about the way you were dressed but we didn't have a lot of time to talk about it. May I, may I ask you a question?


GLENN: You are 25 years old.

JAMES: Mmm‑hmmm.

GLENN: I think that ‑‑ and Andrew, I'd love to hear your opinion on this, too. I think that people who are 25 consume news differently. Not just in the way they get their news but the way it needs to be packaged. And when you're doing this, it's funny, it's entertaining. Is this kind of a ‑‑ what's his name, Cohen kind of an approach to the news? Sacha Baron Cohen?

JAMES: Some people have suggested that. Like I've said on other shows, it's sort of to me like an Alinsky approach, just being as absurd as I can and giving them their own medicine sort of approach. But I guess you could say it's like Sacha Baron Cohen, too.

GLENN: Are you nervous at all about ‑‑ I mean, I remember when I was 25 and 20 years old like Hannah is and just completely invincible and, "Well, nothing will ever hurt me." Do you realize that there are hundreds of billions of dollars at stake and you are dealing with some of the most nefarious people on the planet today?

JAMES: Well, I guess I don't really understand the magnitude of that aspect of it. I can't really I guess fathom it. But so far like I said, as Hannah has suggested, it started out like a silly idea and Hannah had approached me with it. She pitched it to me and I had done some crazy stuff in the past and we got ‑‑ we did the first one and we realized, this is serious. So I haven't really been able to grasp about the consequences. I just ‑‑ we just wanted to do some investigative journalism, and it turned out to be great. So no, I haven't really thought about all of the consequences yet.

GLENN: I mean, it's amazing to me, Andrew, that we have, I mean, it was Woodward and Bernstein that broke All the President's Men and that was the Washington Post and everything else. We now have people going after you at Breitbart and, Fox, me, and James and Hannah because they're saying they're using all the resources to go after these people and trap them, et cetera, et cetera. We had nothing to do with it. This idea was brought to you. It was really James and Hannah, and it amazes me that we have a 20‑ and 25‑year‑old doing the news that the Washington Post should be doing.

BREITBART: Well, I live in Los Angeles and that has been my beef. That's why we started bigHollywood. Don't think that the narrative of the 25‑year‑old and the 20‑year‑old saving the country didn't hit me, you know, like a massive, massive earthquake because what the tea parties represent and the town hall meetings or people who previously have never protested a thing in their lives, they are the Costco masses. They're me. That, you know, I'm sorry, I've got to work, you know, 8:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night; I don't have time to protest. These people are protesting that they ‑‑ it's not that they done want to have to pay their taxes. They don't want to hand a $10 trillion credit card bill to their children and to their grandchildren.

GLENN: Exactly right.

BREITBART: And the idea that the generation that James and Hannah would craft it and come to me with music, a video that ‑‑ I mean, it's the most damning thing I've ever seen in my entire life. Seeing the collective videos, it's the most damning thing I've ever seen in my entire life, case closed against this organization. It's coast, okay? But the idea that James and Hannah would think, this is how it happened. She was out on a jog. She came out, up with the idea. She went on Facebook. She said to James, the filmmaker who's done this before, what do you think of this idea. He says, "Great." They do it with $1300. I'm sorry. That's history. That's film making. That's journalism. And the fact that the mainstream media can't figure out this is the coolest story in terms of just Hollywood narrative and that it is hitting corruption, which how many movies, I mean, this is ‑‑

GLENN: Think of this. Think of this. If this were George W. Bush, they would be making the James and Hannah story right now.

BREITBART: Well, during the ‑‑

GLENN: Right now would be a Hollywood movie.

BREITBART: Look, this is why I called the Democrat media complex. People say that it's media bias. I say this is not media bias. This is the Democratic Party. What would you rather have control of? What would you rather put all your eggs in one basket? Congress or the media? The media has the ability to take a center‑right industry and move it year in, year out. You are now witnessing the greatest part, the component of power that the Democratic Party has is media and they are standing there buck naked.

GLENN: So what happens ‑‑ and I have to take a break here, but I want to talk to you when we come back about two things. One, the ACORN story, I think people are focusing ‑‑ and I tried to focus it last week on, it ain't the people sitting behind the desk at ACORN. It is the people in power. It is this plantation system of these two guys. I keep ‑‑ I swear to you at some point our children and our grandchildren are going to come to us and say, look at the Rathke brothers. SEIU and ACORN, they look like villains from a James Bond movie from the Seventies. Well, how did you guys miss this?

BREITBART: Well, there's a strange thing going on, and I watch your show and I see how you do these charts. And that's the problem. What you are doing every night on your TV show and on your radio show but really on your TV show is showing that family tree and how the Reverend Wright and the Bill Ayers and all this stuff ties into it. This is the family. This to me, for lack of a better term, is the Mafia.

GLENN: Oh, wait until you see. We've got a guy coming up today at, let's see, third hour and then later this week. You want to talk about the family tree and the Mafia, the Chicago mob. We have it for you. We're going to explain stuff that will just blow your mind when you hear how it all ties together. We'll do that later on in the program. Back with James O'Keefe, the filmmaker, and Andrew Breitbart from about ACORN and what's happening.

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