Return of Grace

GLENN: It's spooky, spooky stuff and I did that and my apologies. Tomorrow on Good Morning America Tania makes her first national television appearance. Please say a pray for her. She's going to be so nervous, she's going to be vomiting blood while I have blood shooting out my butt but that's on tomorrow, Good Morning America. Tonight Headline Prime at 7:00 and right after me is Nancy Grace who literally almost died in the hospital giving birth to two twins. Tonight she tells you the whole story. Tonight she's back on and she's on with us now. Hello, Nancy.


 GRACE: Hi, Glenn. I'm happy to be back, not necessarily happy to work but happy to be back.


 GLENN: How are the kids doing?


 GRACE: I'm glad to talk to you. I've been watching you. You've been everywhere.


 GLENN: It's been crazy. What's it like to have a two pound baby?


 GRACE: Scary. It was very scary. She was very fragile and when I first saw her and told her, both of them were hooked up to so many wires and a box, kind of a glass box in the preemie ward and I could just put my two hands through to barely touch them.


 GLENN: I remember when my daughter was born she had to go into intensive care for another reason and there was a preemie there on the ward and I believe she was right around 2 pounds and you couldn't even speak loudly because it could collapse the lungs. Is that still the case with 2 pounds? Is she that fragile?


 GRACE: Lucy is up to nearly 8 pounds now and John David is up to nearly 10 pounds.


 GLENN: Wow. And are you healthy? Because you almost -- you almost died.


 GRACE: I know. I didn't realize how serious it was until I was out of the hospital. I'm glad they didn't kill me. But I'm still on long-term treatment for the blood clots.


 GLENN: Wait, wait. What do you mean you are glad they didn't kill you?


 GRACE: I'm glad they didn't tell me.


 GLENN: Oh, they didn't tell you?


 GRACE: How dangerous the whole thing had become. I was so out of it, I didn't understand how serious it was.


 GLENN: Yeah. You know, I just got out of the hospital. I just spent five days in the hospital.


 GRACE: I heard. I'm glad you're out.


 GLENN: I had the most eye-opening experience on our healthcare and I talked to the head of this hospital that I was in on Friday and he started in and, you know, I want to give him the benefit of the doubt. We'll see if they make any changes. But give him the benefit of the doubt but at the end of the conversation he started in on me on, well, we need a new hospital and, you know, maybe you can help us raise funds for a new hospital. And I said, don't even start with me, Doc. Are you out of your mind? It's not about a new hospital. It's not about nice shiny new things. It's about people.


 Did you run into a lack of compassion at all in your experience in the healthcare system?


 GRACE: I did. Overall, well, especially when I was in the hospital up here in New York. You know, New York, the capital of the world, I thought everything would be top notch. It was not that way at all. In fact, frankly I credit the Northside hospital doctors for saving my life and the life of Lucy and John David. Yeah, I ran up against the very same thing you did.


 GLENN: You know what's amazing, Nancy, is I mean, that's where you're on the front lines of the immigration debate. It's almost like welcome to America; clean up this vomit. And to find somebody who spoke English without an accent was almost impossible.


 GRACE: You know what, Glenn, I was so out of it, I don't know what anybody was speaking. For the longest time it was like a big blur. Just, I remember I would just want so desperately to go over to the prenatal unit to see the twins and I was hooked up to so much stuff. Finally they took me over there in a wheelchair and I trailered behind with all the IV and what people go through. You know, childbirth is considered routine now. It's not.


 GLENN: You are back to work tonight. Are you back full time? I mean, how are you going to do that?


 GRACE: I'm back full time. My mother did it, my grandmother did it working, in fact raising two kids. And if they can do it, I can do it. Just like the rest of American mothers have to work and go back, have to work and take care of the children. If they can do it, I can do it. I've got to tell you, it's pretty tough. It's hard to take care of twins and work.


 GLENN: Yeah.


 GRACE: What's the most difficult thing is being away from them. Even being away from them this morning to go to GMA and talk to Robin on Headline. It has been -- you know, I'm worried about them, worried about them the whole time.


 GLENN: What have you walked away with? How has Nancy Grace changed from this experience?


 GRACE: Well, I learned many years ago after the murder of my fiance but it's been reinforced, Glenn, how fragile life is and I changed immensely because of Lucy and John David. They have given me a whole different view of life. I never really thought I could ever love anything so much again and I do and it's scary and dangerous and wonderful all at the same time to love something so much, so incredibly much. A lot of people ask me, is there going to be a softer, gentler, kinder Nancy Grace. I've got to tell you, Glenn, after holding John David and Lucy and loving them so much, anyone that hurts, abuses, mistreats, much less kills a child can rot in hell.


 GLENN: I've got to tell you, anybody who says is this going to be a softer Nancy Grace doesn't have a child of their own. The reason why we do, at least I do and I think you are the same way, the reason why we do what we do is because we see what this world is coming to for our children, for the love of Pete. Somebody's got to stand up for our children and take our country and take our society back.


 GRACE: You know, I was prosecutor at inner city Atlanta. So many kids where, Glenn, children were mistreated, abused, sexually or physically, even killed. And I always thought of them as the children that I never had. And so protective of them. And they get such a raw deal in court. And now after holding these twins I feel I need to redouble my efforts.


 GLENN: What's the special happening on tonight's program besides your return?


 GRACE: Well, we'll doing a live look at the twins and their bassinets. They wanted to bring them in live. I'm like, are you kidding? No way. And, of course, they had World War III about that but finally we settled on the live hookup to the twins during the show and I'll be taking the viewers' phone calls. I've got a ton of photos that I haven't shared that we'll have on the show tonight.


 GLENN: Nice to have you back. It really is.


 GRACE: I want you to call the show tonight. But it's got to be about the twins.


 GLENN: You got it. Thank you, Nancy. We'll talk to you tonight.


 GRACE: Bye, love.

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Elijah joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Wednesday to detail his experience and to explain why mainstream media efforts to downplay the violence just show that independent media has never been more important.

"Unfortunately, [the attack] escalated from one person to about a dozen very quickly," Elijah explained. "I'm actually really happy to be alive. Because in that same shopping center, right there, there was a 15-year-old girl who was shot, according to reports. And I heard multiple gunshots throughout the night. Another individual is reported to have heard a gunshot as well, so we try to confirm. I watched people get pummeled beyond belief."

Glenn asked Elijah to respond to mainstream media claims that conservatives are exaggerating the looting and violence in Philadelphia.

"It's so funny to hear people that aren't there try to counter what we're reporting," Elijah replied.

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Jason suggested that Trump's fearlessness, unabashed masculinity, and record of keeping his promises resonates with men in the black community. He also weighed in on how media and social media's bias plays a huge role in convincing people to hate President Trump while ignoring Antifa and others on the Left.

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