Glenn interviews Newt Gingrich

To Save America: Stopping Obama's Secular-Socialist Machine

By Newt Gingrich

GLENN: I was at the NRA meeting this last weekend and Newt Gingrich spoke and I spoke, and he got a very, very warm reception and now he's getting a very, very warm greeting from all of the press who, you know, think he's a crazy man and so very — we're all so very, very dangerous now. Really? I would think the people who all worship Mao would be dangerous in America but apparently not.

Newt is with us. He has a new book. It's being released today, To Save America: Stopping Obama's Secular Socialist Machine. Newt, how are you, sir?

GINGRICH: I'm doing great and it was fun to be with you and I notice you got a wild reception. People were thrilled when you were there in Charlotte Saturday night.

GLENN: Well, you know, we were among friends. I was just surprised that it wasn't a DOJ sting operation where they barred all the doors and gassed us all.

GINGRICH: Are you suggesting to me that you didn't think you'd get the same screaming chanting, applauding reaction from the New York Times editorial?

GLENN: I'm going to go out on a limb on that one. Yeah. You know, it's amazing, Newt, to me that these things are going on in our country right now. And these aren't — this is so far beyond. I'm getting heat today because I said these aren't Democrats; these are Marxist revolutionaries. The things that are happening to our country, the fundamental transformation that's taking place, and nobody in the media's covering it. Nobody.

GINGRICH: Well, the reason I wrote To Save America and by the way, a free chapter is available at for our listeners. If you want to go to, they can download a free chapter. The reason I wrote it, and I say at the beginning this is not a book I thought I'd ever write. I mean, I thought after Reagan defeated the Soviet empire and tax cuts led to economic growth and believing in America led to the most dramatic period of positive progress, I really underestimated the depth of the Marxist, secular, socialist mindset in the academy and in the bureaucracy and in judgeships and in the newsrooms. And you are exactly right. The goal that the Obama team has is to fundamentally replace the historic America of self reliance, independence, the work ethic, the people who go out and achieve because they spend their lifetime doing the right things and they want to replace it with a politician dominated redistributionist bureaucracy which in the essence would mean the end of the America as it has been for the last 400 years. And I think what you have to recognize and what you are experiencing in your own show and in talking to people is the other side is not neutral. The other side is deeply, deeply, passionately opposed to us. And so if we stand up for the work ethic against redistribution, they are going to attack us. If we stand up for the right of Americans to be proud of America, they are going to say we're somehow, you know, out of touch with the need to be sensitive to all of our enemies.

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GLENN: But how much, how many people in America really, truly understand what's going on and are for it?

GINGRICH: I think a very small percent. And I think, by the way — and your show, as I mentioned to you in Charlotte, your shows have had a real impact on educating people, and everywhere I go for American Solutions where we have meetings, for example, with tea party leaders, a number of people who are studying the Constitution, who are trying to understand the founding fathers, people who watch your show regularly almost as though it was a seminar. There's a deep growing feeling. And I wrote To Save America to be an educational part of that experience, to say to people this is a secular socialist machine. They are dedicated to fundamentally changing your country and they don't care what you think about it. I mean, 58% of the country opposed ObamaCare, so they rammed it through. The country was opposed to passing a stimulus without anybody having read it, so they rammed it through. If you watch Obama's entire approach to things, it is to relentlessly attack others while getting his own way in a series of closed door deals.

GLENN: You know, I was in — on Saturday morning I did the commencement speech at Liberty University and then flew out to do the NRA speech and in both of those speeches I talked about religion and I said, you know, religion is under attack, and it's because our religion, our faith doesn't stand for anything anymore. You know, very few churches are actually standing up and talking right now like George Whitefield and are saying individual rights. And this social justice, socialist, Marxist poison that has been spooned into our churches is astounding and people are just beginning to wake up. I saw this report today: Obama's faith based program. The president council envisions a partnership between government and religious institutions. A prominent leadership role for religion in influencing policy, education and action in those areas. The council hopes the new EPA faith office will help churches and other nonprofits improve access to financing. I mean, this is — I mean, Newt, what do you even call this?

GINGRICH: Well, look. I think it's very dangerous. You know, Callista and I did two movies: Rediscovering God and America, and Nine Days that Changed the World that really communicate the centrality of religious faith in that freedom comes from faith and is based on faith and that no government has the right to get between God and you as an individual. You have every right or part of your basic humanness is your right to approach God on your terms. And I think churches have to be very, very careful. We had a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts say that if you are a Catholic, maybe you shouldn't work in emergency rooms because she disagreed with their position on abortion. You had people who have — who are on the left who have said basically that you can't have religious beliefs if they conflict with their identity politics. In fact, Obama appointed a nominee to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission who literally said that and so I think people who are truly of faith have to understand. There's a perennial tension in Nine Days that Changed the World which is a story of John Paul II going to Poland in 1979 and spending nine days rearousing the Polish people. His whole point is that there is a perennial tension between the secular state which wants to control you, define you and limit your future, and your right by going to God to have an open ended future of faith that defines who you are. And, of course, our Declaration of Independence as you know and have talked about so often says we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights. We're the only society in history that says power comes from God directly to every one of our listeners as a citizen and then we who are sovereign loan power to the state. The opposite of the Obama model.

GLENN: So what do people do, Newt? What should people — give me the top three things, action points.

GINGRICH: Well, the first thing they ought to do is everybody who's listening ought to call anybody they know in Western Pennsylvania today and remind them to vote for Tim Burns tomorrow in that special election because it's a very, very important election. I think there's a real chance to pick up a seat and to send a powerful signal. Similarly anybody who's listening to us and who has friends in Hawaii make sure they contact their friends to vote for Charles Djou who is in a special election for a Democratic seat. If we win both Pennsylvania and Hawaii, that will be a devastating signal to the left how much trouble they are in.

GLENN: But I don't think they care.

GINGRICH: Well, they care, they care in this sense. In the end Jefferson was right. Every generation has the right to have its own revolution and we've created a model that enables you to have that revolution. The left happened to win in '06 and '08 and I think they have grossly misunderstood the country. Now the American people get to take power back. And I think one of the signals of Senator Bennett getting defeated in Utah, one of the signals you see with the Mollohan losing in West Virginia, they don't care if they lose 20 seats, but they care a lot if they lose control of the House. They don't care if they lose two senators. They care a lot if they lose control of the Senate. And I think if the American people feel as you and I do, they are going to go out, they are going to mobilize and we are going to take back our country.

GLENN: Now —

GINGRICH: And that will be a big difference.

GLENN: Do you think the Republicans actually get it yet?

GINGRICH: I don't think they get it yet but I think they are getting closer to getting it and I think frankly — I meet with tea party people everywhere I go for American Solutions. I think that the pressure from back home is moving the whole system, but I think you have to, you have to defeat the Democrats and then you have to keep, hold the Republicans' feet to the fire. Reagan had the right to allow, used to say trust but verify. I don't think you ought to elect the Republicans and turn your back and relax. I think we have maybe ten years of continuous challenges and continuous conflict. I really think Chris Christie in many ways is a model of the future.

GLENN: Oh, he's great.

GINGRICH: Is showing such enormous courage in New Jersey.

GLENN: I love that guy. I love that guy. Makes me want to eat cupcakes all the time. Because I mean, you know, it's like he doesn't care. And I'm like, I'm with you, brother, solidarity, let's have cake.

Newt, the name of the book is To Save America. Is it really your 21st book?

GINGRICH: Yeah, it really is.

GLENN: Holy cow. Slow down.

GINGRICH: Plugging away.

GLENN: To Save America: Stopping Obama's Secular Socialist Machine. It comes out today, available in bookstores everywhere. Thanks, Newt.

GINGRICH: Thanks. Good to be with you.

GLENN: You bet. Bye bye.

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