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Glenn is appearing on Stossel tonight on Fox Business at 9p ET & 12a ET...

GLENN: John Stossel is from ABC remember he did something on me with 20/20 and we didn't trust anybody from ABC, nor should we. John did this whole thing with us and their cameras were rolling for a week and they finished this thing and after they finished it and put it in the camera and it was on the air, I called up John and I said, You really should be working over at FOX. You really should be working at FOX, because he was a fish out of water. I don't know how this guy lasted in the mainstream media as long as he did. I think he started out as a liberal and then, just because he questions with boldness and he doesn't care what the answer is very libertarian. You don't care what the answer is. You just want the right answer he became a libertarian and he's pretty hard core libertarian. Tonight on the John Stossel show on FOX the FOX Business Network, he is doing a show. I mean, he's done a full hour on the Road to Serfdom. If you're looking for smart, intellectual libertarian food, Stossel gives it to you every week and he's done some really brilliant shows. He's lowering his standards by having me on tonight and we're talking a little bit about -- is there anything that the government does better than the private sector-- I think the answer to that is no. John Stossel is on with us now. Hello, John.

STOSSEL: Hi, Glenn. You're the food. We're going to chew on you tonight.

GLENN: Yeah, yeah. And I think you will, too. Because I'm only in the one segment. Can you give us a little preview? Did you find anything that the government does better?

STOSSEL: No. I'll give a thousand dollars to anybody who shows me something government does more efficiently than the private sector. I still haven't found it.

GLENN: That's the caveat, more efficiently.

STOSSEL: Yeah. Some things maybe we want government to do and some people say, Pay me a thousand dollars. The government can waste money more efficiently; but if that were the goal of the private sector, I'm sure the private sector could waste more money.

GLENN: If somehow or the other you could make money by wasting money, you're saying the private sector could come up with better ways.

STOSSEL: That's right.


STOSSEL: Incentives are better. It's just the incentives are to keep improving to get to your goal. Government is to just cover your rear.

GLENN: Here's the thing, John. We are now in a place where the government is distancing itself from itself. The White House just said they need to put more people in between the President and these decisions so the people will blame those people and not the President excuse me with the FCC they are starting to now put together, you know, these local committees. That way you'll be able to complain at the local level and it will disconnect from the national FCC, but it's a game here. It's a total game. How is it that we are coming to this place now, John?

STOSSEL: I think it's intuitive that another committee, got another problem, another political group

GLENN: But it's not. Have you ever sat in a meeting in any company, at any time, and went, you know, these meetings are so good?

STOSSEL: No, no, but when people get upset, oh, the community standards in Mississippi are different from New York City, we need our own FCC group, I can see why people who haven't really thought about it think it's a good idea.

GLENN: So, Give us a preview of tonight.

STOSSEL: Tonight we try to twist your brain by looking at what people sell. That's a job for the private sector, road building and stoplights and show how when you get rid of stoplights, when private companies build roads, it works were.

GLENN: What do you mean, get rid of stoplights? Are you calling for no stoplights?

STOSSEL: This was one section. That's what they all say to us libertarians, You're crazy. You want to get rid of stoplights and stop signs? But, in fact, there is a spontaneous order that emerges and in Europe they're getting rid of lots of stoplights at intersections and they find there are fewer accidents and traffic moves a little faster because people take care of themselves instead of government saying come to a full stop, people look around and work it out.

GLENN: I will tell you this, that I was sitting at a four way stop the other day and I'm always amazed at how the order just happens. You just know. You're next, then you're next, then you're next. It just happens

STOSSEL: And it should be a four way yield so you don't have to come to a complete stop.

GLENN: Well, you libertarians are crazy.

STOSSEL: And proud of it.

GLENN: What is the closest you came to saying, well, maybe the government should do this?

STOSSEL: Well, I always assumed that fighting wars was a job for government, you didn't want to trust that to a profit seeking enterprise, but, you know, you sort of moved my head about that a bit in that if you have a bunch of private contractors like Black Water doing the work and they do it so much more efficiently and the CEO says that it takes three government workers to replace one Halliburton worker, then maybe they would fight wars better and if we didn't like what they were doing, we could fire them.

GLENN: Right.

STOSSEL: You can't fire the government, but contractors compete.

GLENN: It would be great to be able to say that these guys are private contractors and the war is dragging on, the war is dragging on, and being able to have the President say, we're getting a new contractor, because they'll finish the job. They'll finish the job. And you can also hold them responsible for everything. The problem with government is you can never actually hold these people responsible for anything

STOSSEL: And people would say, oh, are you kidding me? A private for profit company fighting a war? They'll just kill all kinds of civilians, but don't think ahead to the fact that this company wants to be hired again but some other

GLENN: That's exactly right. It's like planes. The really horribly irresponsible companies say, do you know what? We're going to chintz on the repair on this airplane and we've got an airliner, because once one goes down and you've been caught chintzing on it, sure, you lose 200 people, which is a horrible, horrible tragedy, but the company knows you lose 200 people, it's over.

STOSSEL: Exactly.

GLENN: We're all out of business and if we're really doing something wrong, we're all going to jail.

STOSSEL: Or food safety. People think the food doesn't poison us because there are agriculture department inspectors out there, but the truth is, because Purdue or Oscar Mayer know their reputation depends on not poisoning people, they're much more careful than the government inspectors.

GLENN: For instance, Tylenol, the safety cap and everything else, did that come from government or did that come from a private suspect saying, We have to have the safety seal, we have to have the wrap, we have to have the seal on the top of the bottle? Was that a government idea or was that Tylenol realizing we're out of business if we don't solve this?

STOSSEL: They did it on their own. I actually think they overdid it because you can still poison people other ways and they spent all that money----

GLENN: Save that one for another show, ways to poison people besides using what is that? (Laughter.)

All right. Tonight on John Stossel and every Thursday night at 9:00, again at midnight, Fridays at 10:00, Saturdays at 9:00, Sundays at 9:00. I mean, is there another show on this network? Is it just you and the judge now? Geez.

STOSSEL: A little libertarian opening and I like it that FOX Business repeats it.

GLENN: I have to tell you something, I think between you and the judge and you also have Money Rocks now, with

STOSSEL: Eric Bolling.

GLENN: Eric Bolling who is also do you think he's a libertarian?

STOSSEL: I don't know. I haven't paid enough attention.

GLENN: You don't go to the company parties, do you? You don't mingle? You don't play well with others, do you, John?

STOSSEL: Well, he walks around with a baseball bat.

GLENN: (Laughter.) Oh, who doesn't? Okay. John Stossel tonight at 9:00 on the FOX Business network. I'm appearing on it tonight. So, brace yourself. Thanks a lot, John.

STOSSEL: Thank you, Glenn.

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As expected, the leftist outrage erupted instantaneously, fueled largely by the misinformed idea that overturning Roe v. Wade means abortion will be banned nationwide. But, as stated in the above-mentioned Supreme Court syllabus, the authority has actually been returned to individual states and their duly elected lawmakers.

One such misinformed leftist, Parkland shooting survivor Cameron Kasky, was infuriated that those awful Supreme Court justices "just voted to kill women." So he took to Twitter to urge people to go to the homes of said Supreme Court justices to "let them know how you feel."

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The backlash was immediate:

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"Don't be fooled," Glenn added. "Just as we saw during COVID-19, just as we saw with the Patriot Act that is now being horribly abused by the people in power that swore they'd never abuse it, red-flags are not about your safety. Period. They are about your submission."

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