Glenn Beck: TSA 'men in black' intimidate man?

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GLENN: We want to talk a little bit about what's happening with the TSA and first I want to go to the college student who is in the Salt Lake City airport last week. You saw on the Drudge Report the picture of the kid, the video of the kid taking ‑‑ his dad taking off his shirt. But there's more to this story. And Luke Tate is on with us. And then we go to the host of Freedom Watch, a fantastic show with a very good friend of mine, Judge Andrew Napolitano, weeknight 8:00 every night on the Fox Business channel. So let me go to Luke first, the college student who took this video. Luke, tell me what you saw at the airport.

CALLER: Well, basically what happened was I was standing in line and had my stuff on the conveyor belt and was just waiting in line at the checkpoint, and you kind of, always just kind of glance at the front and I saw the father and son. And I saw the boy basically, one of the TSA agents was trying to give him a pat‑down but he's kind of shy and so he ‑‑ I guess the TSA agent couldn't really, you know, get a full pat‑down on him. So the father came over and kind of helped with the boy and the TSA agent. He held up his son's arms the first time and the TSA agent kind of gave him a little pat‑down and the father ‑‑

PAT: Luke, did he set off, did he set off the alarm? Is that why he was getting the pat‑down in the first place or not?

CALLER: You know, from what I remember, I don't remember him setting off the alarm ‑‑

GLENN: No, I have ‑‑

CALLER: ‑‑ when I was watching.

GLENN: Here's infor ‑‑

CALLER: I know TSA's come out and said that he did.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: No, here's the truth.

CALLER: (Inaudible).

GLENN: Here's the truth, and I have it from a refounder. Here is the truth: He did not set off the alarm. He was wearing a baggy shirt and that's why they did it. And the reason why the father had to help is because the child is autistic.

CALLER: Oh, wow.

GLENN: And so they couldn't get him to cooperate and so the father just was finally like, just take the shirt off, and took the shirt off.


GLENN: That's the truth and that's not been released. It has now.

PAT: And so after you took the video on your, just an iPhone or whatever, then the TSA approached you, right? What did they say to you?

CALLER: Yeah. Well, once I got through the checkpoint and picked up my phone and my bags from the conveyor belt, I was going to walk over to the father and the son and kind of talk to him a little bit, let him know that I had recorded what happened to him. But before I got there, there was a man in a black suit who came up to me and he asked if he could speak with me and I said that was fine. And so I kind of took me a little ways away from where the father and son were and he asked me why I was taking video of TSA procedures. And I said, well, it was a crazy situation going on, you know. I had never seen that before, a young boy with his shirt off getting patted down at a TSA checkpoint. And he, you know, then kind of starts to, you know, basically interrogate me asking me, you know, well, why did ‑‑ you know, why are you taking this, what are your plans with this, what are your motives. And I'm just like, I don't know what you're talking about. I just took the video and I don't really have any plans for it right now. And at that point I didn't, you know, before he talked to me. I didn't have any plans for the video. And so he says, well, I'd like you to delete the video. And I said, well, I'm not going to do that. And then he says, well, it's an invasion of their privacy and they're upset about it. And I said, I feel like their privacy has been invaded up to this point and I didn't see you speak with them. So I don't know how you can tell me that they're upset with me taking a video of the situation. And then he asked, well, I really want you to delete the video and so will you delete it here in front of me? I can't command you to delete it but I'd like you to delete it. I said, no, I'm not going to do that. And that's when I went to my gate.

GLENN: Now, they claim that this is not true. You know that?

CALLER: That the man in the black suit approaching me is not true?


CALLER: Oh, wow.

GLENN: They claim that that is ‑‑

CALLER: I wish I would have had that on video, too.

GLENN: I wish you did, too. However I have independently confirmed this with an official in the TSA, very high level, that it did happen exactly as you say it did. But you will see if you read reports that they are saying that it did not happen. That you're making that up.

CALLER: Yeah, it definitely seems like they are trying to discredit everything that I've said.

GLENN: Are you an activist in anything?

CALLER: What do you mean?

GLENN: Are you, like, you know, are you college Republican, are you, you know, a communist, you know, are you Organizing For America? Do you ‑‑ what do you ‑‑ are you an organizer for anything?

CALLER: No, a pretty simple college student. I just study finance and go to UVU, you know. I'm not really a member of any association or group or things like that, you know.

GLENN: Why did you ‑‑ why did you release this? Because you sent this to your brother. After you heard the men in black come to you, you sent this out to your brother right away, right?

CALLER: Yeah. Well, you know, at first I was just totally shocked that that guy came up to me, you know, and he was really adamant about me deleting it and, you know, trying to be intimidating to me. And I just thought that was super weird. So I called my brother and I told him about the situation and he said, hey, send me that video, you know; I want to see I want and so I sent it to him. Because he said it might be something that people want to see because it's a really big issue right now. And so I sent it to him and it was at that point after he called me back, you know, we're talking about it and then I got here into Oxford, Mississippi where I am right now and was talking to some of my family and they said that it was going on, that it would be a good idea to let people see it on YouTube.

GLENN: You should ‑‑ I'm going to put you on hold and I want you to get one of the names and the e‑mail addresses and phone numbers of one of my producers, but Luke, I'd be interested to see if you ever have a problem at the airport or the TSA or anybody else, if anything else happens to you, you just make sure you call us, okay?

CALLER: Sounds good.

GLENN: All right. Luke, God bless you. Thank you so much.

CALLER: All right. Have a good day, man.


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