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Right now up in England, over in England the MI5, which is their FBI, says they have police officers and basically FBI officers that are Al-Qaeda spies, that they have been infiltrated by Al-Qaeda. London, they are calling it Londonistan now. London is already flirting with Sharia law. It's a totally different world and most people don't even notice it. Most people don't even see it. Now NYU, NYU is in some hot water with their students because their students just found out that NYU is making an Abu Dhabi campus of NYU and the students are saying, wait a minute, hang on just a second; how are you doing this, NYU? How are you doing this? The workers rights in Abu Dhabi are abysmal. I thought you were for socialism. I thought you were for workers rights. How about women's rights in Abu Dhabi? Abysmal. I thought we thought women were fantastic. What about gay rights? Abu Dhabi? NYU doesn't care because NYU can make money in Abu Dhabi. You have Harvard now. Whether or not they're going to give in, I put money that they are going to give in because that's what they do. At Harvard Muslims are saying they want times for Muslim-only women to go to the gym so non-Muslims wouldn't be able to go to the gym. Why not? We're making footbaths in other public universities. Why not? We've got footbaths for Muslims to say their prayers in airports! Why not? Why not?

Now, some would say, bloggers at Harvard are saying you're in America; you need to assimilate. I think the better response is, you're in America. Here's an idea. Why don't you build with your own money a Muslim-only gym. If you want to serve your population, serve your population and make money. What are you doing? Why are you trying to -- this is the beginning of Sharia law. Ask the people in the Sudan. They all said, oh, no, well, that would -- this is just a small concession; that's no big deal. It would never get to this. Look at the Sudan now. This is the way it starts over and over and over and over again. And why? Why just leave it as assimilate? After.

A friend of mine wrote me this morning one of the best success stories in gym was Lucille Roberts. Lucille Roberts came to this country from Russia. Her family had escaped the Soviet Union. She started GYMS for women only. She became a multimillionaire, hugely successful businesswoman. From Russia to the USA and freedom, independence, even a spot on the USA Olympic organizing committee. She made a business because she found a hole in the market. How many women do you know that do not want to go to the gym because of all the models that are hanging out, because everybody in the thongs? They just want to go with people that look like them. They don't want to go into, you know, a beauty contest. It's nothing but a meat market. So what happened? GYMS sprang up all over the country for women that just want to go, you know, in shorts and work out and not feel intimidated and not be a meat market. There's a market for it. If there's a market for Muslim-only GYMS, let the market prevail.

Why force everybody at Harvard to do this? Oh, I remember, political correctness. One guy who I've got to tell you is not politically correct is Brad Thor. He is the author of a book called The Last Patriot which comes out in July and I want to talk to him about what we were just talking about. I also want to talk to him a little bit about, there was a veto over the weekend on waterboarding. Let me tell you something. Waterboarding, the only reason why congress did anything on waterboarding now is because it's right up against the presidential election. They want waterboarding. And to quote Jack Nicholson, they need waterboarding. They want somebody to do it. They wanted George Bush to veto this so they could paint them like a hate monger and then they can come off smelling like roses. They know they can't overturn the veto. There was no reason why they passed this in the first place.

Is Brad Thor on with us now?

THOR: Yeah, hi, Glenn.

GLENN: Hey, Brad, how are you doing?

THOR: I'm well. Thanks, how are you doing?

GLENN: Good. Did you get my e-mail last night?

THOR: I got it this morning. Thank you.

GLENN: Do you say that sincerely?

THOR: I say it completely sincerely, Glenn. It knocked the wind out of me. I can't believe all the terrific things you said about it.

GLENN: Did you read the e-mail?

THOR: I read the whole thing and it's funny because you wanted me to clarify some things in the book so people understood how serious this threat is and to delineate between fact and fiction on the book and I'm currently working on an afterword for the novel right now. It's got to be done this week.

GLENN: Is that what you're doing?

THOR: Yeah, it is.

GLENN: That's fantastic because, you know, when I read it, I thought you're Michael Creighton here on global warming except Michael Creighton only got a few death threats from, you know, a few environmentalist whack jobs. With what you're writing as fiction, you've got to be really careful, my friend.

THOR: Yeah, I agree with you. I do have to be careful. We're taking it seriously. But Glenn, at the end of the day if I hear the word "Change" out of politicians one more time and I know nothing's going to come from any of them, I mean, how can I as someone who's so concerned about the threat of Islamic extremism vote by guys who want to do suicide bomber belt and then guys who want to dismantle the Constitution peacefully, quietly from within this country, how can I not say something?

GLENN: I agree with you. I agree with you, Brad. I mean, it is time for good men to stand up and do something and say something, most importantly over doing something, saying something. I get it.

THOR: Glenn, all good men and women to come to the aid of their country, not their party. No more parties. It's not about right and left in this country. It's about right and wrong.

GLENN: Let me just take a few things. First of all, I know you're an expert, if you will, on torture in the intelligence community because of what you do for a living. You have to understand torture, and we've talked about it in one of your last books, comes out. There's -- you've made yourself clear on a few torture things. Help me out on why, other than politics, would this bill come up and be presented to the President this last weekend, him veto it over the weekend?

THOR: Well, I think you hit the nail right on the head. This is a big thing people can, you know, they can stage mock waterboarding in front of the capitol and off the leftist weirdos in this country. Let's get something straight. Waterboarding's only been done to a couple of people, period. This is something that it's an extreme interrogation technique that works. We've talked about this before. It's not whether torture or not should be permissible in this country as Charles Krauthammer said. It's when should it be permissible. I mean, we're good people. You don't have -- these are CIA people who have been trained specifically to extract this information. They are not doing this for pleasure. They are doing this because they need the information and once they get the information, it stops. But if you knew that a bomb was going to go off in New York City, a nuke, you would want that stopped. If you had some guy there and "Pretty please" wasn't working, then let's step it up.

GLENN: Yeah.

THOR: A chance to embarrass President Bush -- not even attempt. To attempt to embarrass him, to discredit him. You know, the left wants to tie all these things up. I tell you I want a President who's willing to do what's necessary to keep our country safe, and I'd like to see what Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama would do if they were faced with a situation where they captured and Abu or a Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. What would they do? Well, that waterboarding thing, it's not so nice. Let's give them a cup of tea and talk.

GLENN: Brad, in the book that's coming out, I have to tell you I've never Googled a book more than yours, never, not even Jonah Goldberg's book.

THOR: Wow.

GLENN: I can't tell you how many times I put this book down and went to the Internet and Googled and tried to find facts that kind of fit this scenario. In it you talk about a Pentagon official that is actually an enemy.

THOR: Correct.

GLENN: And he's infiltrated into the Pentagon. I don't know if you saw the MI5. MI5 says that they have four of their own working as Al-Qaeda spies.

THOR: In London metro police department. Glenn, it's very -- and the reason I was floored by your e-mail is you said, Brad, this is the Islamic da Vinci code and that for me was incredible, incredible praise. When I did this, what's interesting is the -- we understand and a lot of people want to pass them off as turban idiots that live in the deserts. Too many people in this country don't respect the determination, the intelligence and the creativity of our enemy and they decided a long time ago, we just found out as American people, we've got to play a page out of their playbook during the Holy Land Foundation trial down in Dallas, where in the 1970s the very, very evil Muslim brotherhood decided, let's bifurcate what we're doing here. Let's not only do the aggressive bombing, killing men and women, children, but let's also gamble America and use -- let's form a bunch of Muslim organizations. C.A.R.E. is an organization that's an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial that's been linked repeatedly with the Muslim brotherhood and they talked about let's set these organizations up that look like Muslim benevolence organizations, they look like sieve rights organizations. Like who would say the NAACP is a terrorist organization and they are not bad people and let's do the same thing for Muslims but while we've hoodwinked the American public, let's try to start to tear apart the Constitution and democracy from within. I'm not making these up. These documents exist and that's exactly what these people are trying to do. And too many Americans are more concerned about their McDonald's drive-ins and who is going to be the next contestant to get disqualified from American Idol than to look at this that's living daily among us.

GLENN: What do you think's going to happen with Harvard and the gyms?

THOR: Well, I tell you what, the Harvard thing is absolutely reprehensible. To say this there ought to be Muslim only prayer times in a certain room that's set aside for students to pray in which has happened at other universities in this country or to say that the gym should only be allowed certain time for Muslim women, that's discrimination. And you are seeing into how Islam can keep women down in many circumstances. They tried to do this in Australia and the Australian universities told them to take a hike. They said absolutely not. We are a secular society, we separate between church and state in a secular university and no, if you want to create a Muslim university like Bob Jones University, go ahead and do it. I think it's a big mistake and this is the death by a thousand politically correct paper cuts. This is Sharia inch by inch. This is how this gets implanted in your country. You know, I look at places in Europe. Europe is the canary in the coal mine and if we want to see how bad it can get here with multiculturalism and trying to make everybody happy instead of saying you need to be an American first and subscribe to our values in America, look to Europe. There are places women who are not Muslim will not go in Europe because they will be raped if they are not wearing the hijab, if they are not wearing the headscarf and they are not even Muslim.

GLENN: Brad, always good talking to you, my friend.

THOR: You, too, Glenn, thank you.

GLENN: Hey, listen. Are you -- write me back and tell me the answer to the last, the last thing that I wrote you in this e-mail, will you?

THOR: You bet. I will.

GLENN: Thank you very much.

THOR: Thanks, Glenn.

GLENN: Thank you.

THOR: Bye-bye.

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Want more from Glenn Beck?

To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

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"You want to have a backup source of power," she continued. "Either a propane, diesel, or combo generator is something that you're going to want to have. Because in a state, for example like Texas, I'm told that once the state loses power, it will take a minimum of two weeks to restore plants back to operations and customers able to use grid power again. So, this isn't something that we've got nine years or whatever to be thinking about. We should be planning and preparing now."

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This year marks the four hundredth anniversary of the first Thanksgiving celebrated by the Pilgrims and their Wampanoag allies in 1621. Tragically, nearly half of the Pilgrims had died by famine and disease during their first year. However, they had been met by native Americans such as Samoset and Squanto who miraculously spoke English and taught the Pilgrims how to survive in the New World. That fall the Pilgrims, despite all the hardships, found much to praise God for and they were joined by Chief Massasoit and his ninety braves came who feasted and celebrated for three days with the fifty or so surviving Pilgrims.

It is often forgotten, however, that after the first Thanksgiving everything was not smooth sailing for the Pilgrims. Indeed, shortly thereafter they endured a time of crop failure and extreme difficulties including starvation and general lack. But why did this happen? Well, at that time the Pilgrims operated under what is called the "common storehouse" system. In its essence it was basically socialism. People were assigned jobs and the fruits of their labor would be redistributed throughout the people not based on how much work you did but how much you supposedly needed.

The problem with this mode of economics is that it only fails every time. Even the Pilgrims, who were a small group with relatively homogeneous beliefs were unable to successfully operate under a socialistic system without starvation and death being only moments away. Governor William Bradford explained that under the common storehouse the people began to "allege weakness and inability" because no matter how much or how little work someone did they still were given the same amount of food. Unsurprisingly this, "was found to breed much confusion and discontent."[1]

The Pilgrims, however, were not the type of people to keep doing what does not work. And so, "they began to think how they might raise as much corn as they could, and obtain a better crop than they had done, that they might not still thus languish in misery."[2] And, "after much debate of things" the Pilgrims under the direction of William Bradford, decided that each family ought to "trust to themselves" and keep what they produced instead of putting it into a common storehouse.[3] In essence, the Pilgrims decided to abandon the socialism which had led them to starvation and instead adopt the tenants of the free market.

And what was the result of this change? Well, according to Bradford, this change of course, "had very good success; for it made all hands very industrious, so as much more corn was planted than otherwise would have been."[4] Eventually, the Pilgrims became a fiscally successful colony, paid off their enormous debt, and founded some of the earliest trading posts with the surrounding Indian tribes including the Aptucxet, Metteneque, and Cushnoc locations. In short, it represented one of the most significant economic revolutions which determined the early characteristics of the American nation.

The Pilgrims, of course, did not simply invent these ideas out of thin air but they instead grew out of the intimate familiarity the Pilgrims had with the Bible. The Scriptures provide clear principles for establishing a successful economic system which the Pilgrims looked to. For example, Proverbs 12:11 says, "He that tills his land shall be satisfied with bread." So the Pilgrims purchased land from the Indians and designated lots for every family to individually grow food for themselves. After all, 1 Timothy 5:8 declares, "If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever."

We often think that the battle against Socialism is a new fight sprouting out of the writings of Karl Marx which are so blindly and foolishly followed today by those deceived by leftist irrationality. However, America's fight against the evil of socialism goes back even to our very founding during the colonial period. Thankfully, our forefathers decided to reject the tenants of socialism and instead build their new colony upon the ideology of freedom, liberty, hard work, and individual responsibility.

So, this Thanksgiving, let's thank the Pilgrims for defeating socialism and let us look to their example today in our ongoing struggle for freedom.

[1] William Bradford, History of Plymouth Plantation (Boston: Massachusetts Historical Society, 1856), 135.

[2] William Bradford, History of Plymouth Plantation (Boston: Massachusetts Historical Society, 1856), 134.

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