Glenn Beck: Arizona mystery lights


Mystery lights reported over Phoenix

GLENN:  Okay.  Let's go to Larry Gaydos because there is another story out there.  We can talk about the gas prices, et cetera, et cetera, or the real important story, the aliens.  Larry is here from KTAR in Phoenix.  Larry.

GAYDOS:  Glenn.

GLENN:  Yesterday, a big election was going on and yet the Drudge Report led with a picture of the supposed alien ships that were above Phoenix.

GAYDOS:  Yeah, I'm totally moving out of Arizona.  This happens like every year and I'm freaking out over here.  I'm in a stinking bunker.  I don't even know who won Pennsylvania yesterday.  We've got red lights in the guy, Glenn Beck.  We have four red lights that were hovering over Phoenix.

GLENN:  Did you notice that it looked like a thumb and three fingertips?

GAYDOS:  I did not.

GLENN:  Look at the picture again.  It was like there was a thumb and three fingertips and I thought, you know, only Fred Flintstone has three fingers and a thumb, or aliens.

GAYDOS:  Listen.  I heard it was a trapezoid, it looked like a square, it looked like a diamond, it moved in the sky.  These red lights, they started disappearing one by one.  I do my radio show out in Phoenix.  All these people start calling me.  It's ridiculous.  It happens every month it seems like in Arizona.  We're like the epicenter for the aliens.

GLENN:  Okay.  So you are -- you were actually on the air and it was dark and they saw -- people started seeing these lights in the sky.

GAYDOS:  Yeah.

GLENN:  Did they hover and then move away or did they just hover?

GAYDOS:  All right, this is what I got because I was doing my show.  So I didn't see the lights.  All I knew is that, you know, our phones out in Phoenix at KTAR started completely blowing up.  People wanted to know what was going on.  I'm sitting on the air.  I was talking about Pennsylvania.  I had Hillary by 7.  I was a little bit off.  But apparently they were telling me there were red lights, there were four of them in the north Phoenix sky.  We had a couple of our reporters who called in first and said, hey, something's going on.  I thought they were boosting it up a little bit.  How did I know?  They said they were hovering and they changed shape and people were wondering what it was and that's kind of the information that we had.  I didn't know if it was a Klingon ship or what.  I didn't know.

GLENN:  They have the invisibility cloak.

GAYDOS:  That is true, they have the cloaking device.

GLENN:  Except for lights apparently.  So what are they now saying it is?

GAYDOS:  Well, no explanation from, like, the Deer Valley Airport, no explanation from Sky Harbor, there were no jets flying at Luke Air Force base, the FAA doesn't know what it is.  We got a report late last night, and you'll like this, Glenn.  One dude who lives in Phoenix, some witness, says it was his neighbor.  He says that his neighbor launched several helium balloons with all these flares and, you know, as the balloons get higher, the harder it is to tell what they are but most people don't know what's that it was.  There was no noise from these lights, they were very high in the sky and they are saying no way was this a weather balloon, that's at least one report.  So I have no idea.  We've got illegal aliens in Arizona and we've got little green men watching us in the sky.

GLENN:  Well, wait a minute.  Hang on just a second.  Let me ask you this.


GLENN:  Have you thought of the idea, because I know that where they are building the border fence, it is getting harder and harder to get across.

GAYDOS:  Yeah.

GLENN:  Has anyone considered the idea that just for a better life, small Mexican midgets had flares and a balloon so they could see where they were going and they were flying and floating over that wall and then they are like, oh, crap, the wind caught me; where am I now?  They lit the flare and they are like, oh, Phoenix.  Is that a possibility?

GAYDOS:  See, this is why you're syndicated.  This is why --

GLENN:  I mean, I'm a thinker.  I'm not a --

GAYDOS:  This is not bad, I will tell you.

GLENN:  I'm just saying.  I'm just saying.

GAYDOS:  You're saying that we have folks from Mexico that --

GLENN:  Isn't that more logical really than aliens?

GAYDOS:  I don't know.  I'm taken aback by how brilliant this is now.  This is my whole first few hours right now.

GLENN:  It is more, it is more believable, Larry, than somebody, you know, saying, yeah, I just took some flares, tied them to some balloons; I was having fun.  I mean, what kind of --

GAYDOS:  You know what?  Remember what happened 11 years ago in Phoenix because I've been here 12 years.  We had that Phoenix lights thing, all right?  And that was about, you know, 10 lights.  They were up in the air for three hours.

GLENN:  What do you really think it was, Larry?  What do you really think it was?

GAYDOS:  I have no idea.  I think your idea's probably the most feasible.  I think you're probably right.  I would hate to think that it's like Darth Vader coming to eat my brain.

GLENN:  Oh, come on, man.  Have you been watching -- you know why you think that way?  Because you haven't been watching the election.  You didn't see what -- you weren't following what was going on.  I welcome Darth Vader to come and eat my brain!

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