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Video Blog... June 11

Glenn Learns to eat Lobster Legs

Glenn's Dessert: Not for the Timid

Frary is Running for Congress--Shares a Secret with Obama

Two Female Fans Talk Candidly About Glenn

Photo Blog... June 11

No joke, this was our midnight snack basket. This can't continue.

Okay, I was wrong. The 'Johns' do workout. But Bobey, are your shorts on backwards? Irony: Two guys working out while watching hamburger commercial????

Glenn broadcasting from 560 WGAN

A picture you thought you'd never see: Beck and Barack

Amy Doyle through the glass

Glenn looks possessed and Amy looks scared (rightfully so)

I'm happy to report I only eat the strawberries...well maybe two cookies too...

One of the Rare Moments when Rich gets to sit down

What is Glenn Looking at? After I took this photo I went over the same spot Glenn was in and looked up--there is nothing up there, absolutely nothing to look at!!!

Rich helping the local Boy Scout Troop Retire the Colors

Photo Blog... June 10

John Bobey listening to Karl Marx while sleeping

Glenn offering proof positive that Bobey's still on NY time--fast asleep before 1am

RESPONSE: Joe doesn't know that while in 'my alcoholic stupor' I snapped this photo of him apparently working hard at creating more drool.

- Signed John Bobey

Ice Cream for Glenn. But what are the rest of us going to eat?

Adam and John Carney: Keep you friends close and your...well you know the rest....

Glenn & Stu--they don't look too tired, do they?

Glenn & John looking at the Harrisburg Theater (why does Bobey keep his sunglasses on indoors?)

Glenn right before the sound check

Glenn right before the sound check

Rich works fulltime keeping the tour ontime and problem free; Rich with tour sponsor Angie's List sign

Wonder what's behind this door?

Not a good sign--Red Bull popping up in green room with more frequency as tour goes on

Stu and John Bobey reviewing the show with Glenn in the green room

Which one is John Carney's Foot? Who takes a picture of your foot anyway?

John Carney suggests we take a picture in light of our tempting fate. From left to right: Mr. Smiles, Mr. Tour, Mr. Beck, Me, Mr. Comedy and Mr. Sales.

Photo Blog... June 9

Glenn being animated while on air

"Are you really going to take this picture?" Glenn eating Burger King on the way to the show.

John Carney giving us the "we're good to go" sign in Oklahoma City.

Adam keeping a very careful watch on John Bobey while Rich looks on.

Glenn, what's up with these shoes?

How bad is the economy when Glenn has to wear shoes like this???

John Carney looking at his outdated iPhone while team prepares to go onstage.

Glenn & Stu and that INFERNAL COKE ZERO--Can't we Get Some Peach Fresca???

If John Bobey's the 'writer' why doesn't he ever have a pen or piece of paper in those soft hands? Glenn, Stu and John reviewing the show's notes.

Boy Scouts & Glenn

Stu and Rich doing a post show assessment

June 6-8

John Bobey's already complaining and Tour Manager Rich Bonn is already tuning him out

Adam never smiles, but does he have to frown???

Proof that Glenn does the creative writing (see the marker in his hand) while the 'writer' John Bobey appears to get an idea.

Glenn at work while John wonders how to get to his wine glass on the table.

Glenn's 'victory sign' really means the John Bobey is on his second bottle of wine within 10 hours of the tour having begun

Notice that the glass of water is full but that the cognac glass is...well, you can see for yourself.

Glenn talking about future tour plans as John Bobey falls asleep

John Carney letting us know it's show time!

Glenn meeting with local Boy Scouts after the show

Adam, Rich, John and John relaxing (why do the Johns bother running in the morning if they're going to enjoy a cigar at night?)

Glenn Struggles with Lobster Legs

Blogging by Joe Kerry

June 11, 2008 (Wednesday)

6am     Walked down to the hotel gym to see if the ‘twins’ were working out.  I have to give credit where it’s due—both John Carney and John Bobey were working out on various aerobic machines.   Good job guys!

6:40am     We arrive at 560 WGAN.  What a friendly and engaging staff.  Jeff’s been great.  One of Glenn’s biggest fans in all of Portland works here Bridgette.  She has a great boss, Jeff.  I say that because Bridgette was too reserved to ask Glenn for a picture together so Jeff told Glenn earlier in that day about her.  I think that’s pretty impressive and doesn’t happen enough—employers actually thinking about their employees.

7am     Glenn wanted to answer blog questions so I pulled out two for his response and here’s the question followed by Glenn’s answer:

Q: Are those shoes Glenn was sportin' in the blog were they made to look all ragged like that - or are they JUST RAGGED?  i have jeans that looked like they were worn by farm workers for 6 months and i paid damn good money for them.... (sent by Scott from Texas)

A: I asked Glenn and he said “it’s a combination of the two” (why can’t there ever be any answers).  Glenn admitted, that much like you, he paid some good money for shoes that came frayed and slightly faded but that the present condition of the shoes represents normal wear-and-tear that a heavy man causes on daily trips to and from the local bakery.

Q: Why is Glenn eating junk food and soda on the tour?

A: To Glenn it isn’t junk food.  As for the soda, Glenn likes to think of Coke Zero as water, just a different color.

9am     Dan’s already emailed a generally summary of the major stories.  Glenn spent most of the morning ripping up about 5 newspapers looking for good stories and developing a ‘big picture’ of the news.  How he can do that while simultaneously reading stories on the internet is a true talent.

Glenn has Ken on from the morning show at 560 WGAN.  Ken’s a self-admitted liberal who can’t bring himself to vote for Obama because Obama doesn’t have the necessary experience and the White House is no place for on-the-job training.

10am   John Carney arrives and is gung-ho for the sales meeting.  I guess all that morning running gives him energy because he’s literally bouncing off the walls—or maybe it was those 8 cups of coffee.

Noon   Lunchtime!  Amy Doyle who works at CNN with Glenn has come up to see her family and the show and takes us out to lunch at a personal favorite seafood restaurant.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen lobsters so big!  I’m not a big fan of fighting with my food so I pass on the lobster but Glenn orders what looks like a 10 pound lobster.  The lobster’s so big Glenn can’t crack it open.  It’s just pathetic.

Amy feels pity and helps Glenn out.  She tells him how to get the food from the claws and tail—which Glenn does.  But when she tells him that some of the sweetest meat is in the legs Glenn goes sickly-green (see video).

I go sickly-green when I see Glenn’s version of dessert (see video)—french fries dipped in butter then smothered in ketchup.  It’s like a car accident scene.  I don’t want to look at Glenn eating this self-created caloric tsunami but I can’t look away.

4pm     We arrive at the theater and Rich has done another excellent job in show prep.  All the props are already up and the equipment has been calibrated.  He’s got one of the hardest jobs on tour and is always moving under the radar.

5:30pm     Glenn has been calling Tania most of the day.  Whenever a ‘Tania’ call is made or comes in I give Glenn an increased area of privacy by trying to leave the area.  He’s usually got a handful of people around him that need him to review paperwork, propositions or plans so I try to be sensitive to these moments and give him some privacy.  Glenn tells me that Tania is reading the blog (wow, is Glenn going to be in some hot water (no lobster pun intended) when Tania sees the video of Glenn’s french fry dessert—I wish I could listen to that call!).

(This reminds me—the weather here has been great—and Glenn has done everything he can to get outside just to enjoy the sun—even if that’s re-arranging the chair he sits in to be closer to a window).

7pm     I take my first video ‘interview’ for the blog.  It’s a local man running for Congress who shares one interesting nasty habit with Barack Obama (see video).  I can see that people are wondering what it is I’m doing—if I knew I’d tell them, but I’m faking the whole thing.  I take a few more video interviews.

7:30     The show starts and Glenn is on his game.  The show runs about 10 minutes longer than any prior show.  He’s just ad-libbing because of the flow of the show.  It’s the funniest show I’ve been to.  I don’t have to, but I watch each show from the same seats the audience sits in.  It really is like watching a new show each time.

10:30   We board the plane.  It’s great—finally an opportunity to get to bed early.  The team watches the video interviews and gives lots of good pointers (I do a lot of head-nodding and ‘that sounds good’ but I won’t change anything—I mean it’s my blog, right?).

11:50   We arrive at the hotel.  Prior to our arrival we dropped off John Bobey, John Carney and Rich at a local BBQ joint everyone raves about.  My plans for an early night sleep are quickly dashed as I am experiencing ‘technical difficulties’ uploading the videos to the website.

1:15am   Still awake and only two videos uploaded.  I’m going to bite the bullet and upload the other videos—I think you guys will like them!  Let me know if it was worth the lost sleep!  (joe@glennbeck.com)

Slurpees for Breakfast, Missing Script Pages and Glenn’s Biggest Regret

Blogging by Joe Kerry

June 10, 2008 (Tuesday)

Sometime in the very early hours of the morning we land in Harrisburg. Glenn tells us that he’s finished the manuscript—like that was a good thing. He should have slept on the plane. WHP was there to meet us at the airport. What a great staff. Holly was terrific! Outside of Glenn I’ve never met anyone with so much energy so early in the morning.

3:30AM On the ride over to the hotel Glenn started talking about the Insider Convention which is scheduled for Saturday in Akron, OH. He tells those who are still awake but half-asleep that he can’t wait to meet the fans as he doesn’t get to do that as often as he used to. He really wants to call Carolyn who’s heading up the Insider Convention until he’s reminded that calling Carolyn at 3:30 IN THE MORNING would be totally unfair to Carolyn and her family. I can’t believe that he was really considering giving her a call.

Finally arrived at the hotel and tried calling from my room to set my wake-up call at 6am. The phone doesn’t work, I’m so tired I really don’t feel like going downstairs to tell the front desk to manually set the wake-up call but there’s no other choice.

7am Glenn, Stu, Adam and I meet to go over to the WHP studios. No one in the car is really talking except for Glenn. Stu and Glenn start the morning with a soda while Adam drinks his morning coffee. Everyone is operating on about 3 hours sleep. I’ll be interested to see how this turns out.

I make it a point to go by the hotel gym to independently confirm if John Carney and John Bobey actually are working out at 6am like they’ve both been claiming. The gym is empty and the overhead lights are still off.

7:30 We arrive at the studio and Glenn and Stu dive into the news. It’s really something to see. They cover a lot of ground but also spend lots of time on specific stories. They spend 30 minutes talking about how Congress has a system of restaurants reserved for our Senators and House members—it captures what’s wrong with our political leadership and sends a clear message that politicians should not be put in charge of our health care system.

WHP provides breakfast and there are these really cool icy fruit flavored drinks. Glenn says since ‘fruit’ is in the title it must be healthy.

9am During the radio show Glenn was presented with a giant tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream from a local dairy. Fans are like having family in every city.

2pm Returned to the hotel exhausted. I made the mistake of telling myself I would just close my eyes for a minute or two and immediately fell asleep.

3pm We all head over to the theater which looks great; it’s part of the state capitol system and is very ornate. Glenn says this is the only ‘green room’ that is actually painted green and that no other backstage green room is green; so I guess the politicians got this one right. Glenn reminds me that by painting the green room green, which it NEVER IS, they actually got it wrong. So their perfect record remains.

3:45 Stu and John Bobey offer their advice as to how the show can be improved. Glenn’s in a joking mood and they’re making small incremental progress in getting him to settle down and listen; he wants to play. While they’re being serious Glenn asks me what it would sound like if his introduction were said in German. I can’t tell if he’s serious or not—turns out he is. I still have no idea what prompted the question but I’m getting used to that.

5pm I meet some family members for dinner. While I’m away from the theater apparently John Bobey lost two pages of the script from ‘binkey’. John Bobey blames the hotel staff for the missing pages. Just like a liberal. Blame it on the little people.

6:30 I finish up my off-site dinner and head back to the theater. I don’t realize it but Stu had called three times trying to reach me on my cell phone to have me pull some research from my computer to reconstruct the missing pages. I later learn that John Bobey tells Glenn he can re-construct the two missing pages from memory but the attempt failed miserably as John jotted down jokes that (1) weren’t funny and (2) Glenn didn’t recognize. They were the jokes John wrote for the first script that Glenn didn’t use. What makes him think that those jokes will be funnier now? At this point I almost begin to feel pity for John. He is like some Willy Lohman character except from some snotty book that only John Bobey and Dennis Miller would know.

7:20 I come back to the theater and am met by Adam who quickly breaks down the situation: Glenn goes on stage in less than 10 minutes and still needs the outline of the two missing pages. I work with John Bobey in re-writing the two missing pages. Glenn isn’t nervous or upset about the missing pages—he knows what he’s going to say already—I think he has the speech memorized—but ‘binkey’ is an onstage failsafe.

7:30 Glenn walks out on stage with all of ‘binkeys’ pages tucked inside. This is a ‘hot’ audience. They are excited and are on their feet. Glenn feeds off of that type of energy so this is going to be a great show! In football, some say that the crowd acts as the 12th man—I think it’s that way for Glenn—he pulls energy from the crowd and I think it enhances his onstage performance.

He doesn’t disappoint. He leaves the prepared remarks on several occasions. It all flows.

10pm We’re on the road to the airport. Glenn’s talking to Tania—it’s the first call he makes after every show. After the call he pulls up photos of his children on his phone and just looks at them. He really misses them and maybe that’s why he stays so busy when he’s on the road—when he slows down I think the impact of the time away hits him harder (no psychological training here—but I did promise to bring you my thoughts—and that’s all it is).

10:10 Adam advises a storm is approaching and will likely impact our flight path. When we arrive at the airport we’re told there will be a thirty-minute take off delay due to the storm. Glenn suggests we each list our ‘biggest regret’ on the blog in case we don’t make it. Most of feel it’s like tempting fate but make the list anyway:

Biggest Regrets

Glenn’s biggest regret is that he “wasn’t depressing enough on the air.”

Adam reveals that his biggest regret was that unfortunate ‘accident’ in his senior year of high school.

John Bobey announces that his biggest regret is “burning bridges at the Letterman Show from 1996-1999” which contributed to where he is today.

Rich says his biggest regret is that he won’t be able to prove the ‘nay-sayers’ wrong on the Christmas Sweater which is going to be a huge success.

John Carney tells us that his biggest regret is the thousands of dollars spent on film school.

My biggest regret, I’m not going to be around to see monkeys and possibly other livestock testify in court.

11:05 John Bobey has vomited twice and we haven’t left the ground. We board the plane and there’s a lot of nervous laughter, tacit recognition that we tempted fate. The pilot tells us it’s going to be a ‘bumpy ride’. Lots of white knuckles as we prepare to take off.

Bad Shoes, First Swearword and Stu’s Visit

Blogging by Joe Kerry

June 9, 2008 (Monday)

6am I can’t believe the shoes Glenn’s wearing! No laces, beat-up and torn. He does know we’re scheduled to meet with the local program director and sales team doesn’t he? I had to take a picture. Maybe the economy really is tanking??!!?

I met Glenn and Adam in the hotel lobby and he is half way through the novel he started last night. He still won’t tell what it is but he says it’s great. It must be dark, I can see that he is “living with it”. It seems to strike a chord close to home. We drove over to the local radio station, KTOK. I used to think that Glenn probably showed-up around 8:30am for his 9am show, looked at a few stories with Stu and then went on-air. That’s not the case. Show prep really never ends because no matter what Glenn’s doing if he sees or reads something he’ll make a note to follow-up with it on air.

Glenn, Stu and Dan talk on the phone and begin prepping for the show. They compare notes and stories and the general outline of what’s going to be happening on-air in about 2 hours. During that time, he also does an on-air interview and comment with Pat Gray in Houston they focus on the border. He also does an interview with the local stations here about the show.

9am The radio show starts and even though it’s radio and you can’t see Glenn (not even the insiders today since he’s in Oklahoma City) he does get very animated when talking to callers. His facial expressions change and his arms gesticulate up, down, left, right all depending on what he’s talking about.

During the commercial breaks Glenn reads emails from people who watched the Atlanta show as well as the insider blog. He enjoys the feedback, positive and negative.

It’s also interesting to see that there are really two shows going on from 9-12. In addition to speaking on the public airwaves, during the breaks, he’s also speaking or blogging to the insiders.

12pm It’s noon and still no sign of John Bobey. I’m worried since the last time I saw him was late last night and he was still drinking. He says he doesn’t need to eat, just drinking is enough for him to get by I guess.

12:30 John Carney’s scheduled a meeting with Glenn and the KTOK sales staff. John Carney works a lot behind the scenes by meeting with local radio sales people across the country. After the meeting I see Glenn turn down a sandwich and chips. I think that’s the first offer of food he’s declined since the tour began.

1:30 Glenn has a phone conference with Liz who runs Fusion Magazine. They are going over the questions Glenn wants to ask Ramos and Compean. This will be the first interview they have given in prison. He is trying to figure out how to coordinate the schedules so Glenn can fly into Ohio and Arizona to meet with each of them. He also would like the prison to allow Glenn to see solitary confinement where they are living. I know that he always says he’s not a journalist, but it never ceases to amaze me about how many facts and sources he wants to prepare him to be ready for anything he may stumble into.

2:45 He’s reading again. It looks like he’s got about 100 pages left. Next tour, I’m going to ask Adam to make sure he doesn’t bring any other reading materials. He can’t help himself—he’s just got to read.

3:05 It’s odd, 6 guys on tour and we all think about our weight—I’m thinking about my weight gain as Glenn, Adam and I walk into Burger King for lunch. I tell Glenn I’m gaining weight on this tour—he tells me to stop eating fast food. I tell him there’s no time for anything else.

I remember John Bobey and John Carney telling me they run every morning. I still haven’t seen a pair of running shoes on either of them and I’m convinced that they haven’t seen the inside of a gym since elementary school.

5pm Glenn reads an email out loud (only portions of it) that he just got from Tania. She told Glenn that she just read my blog and that he shouldn’t be reading books or manuscripts and should be sleeping when he can. Despite his request I tell him I won’t edit my blog to make him look good or that he’s getting more sleep. (Tania thanks for reading the blog!!!).

5:25 John Carney just uttered the first swearword I have heard on tour. I mark the milestone by telling John what he’s done, it’s followed by the second swearword of the tour.

5:43 Glenn and John Bobey (first time I saw him today) are talking about the NRA and guns. Surprisingly, John tells us that he actually went hunting when he was 14 and he remembers it being a ‘visceral’ experience. He admits that he’s only 50% sure he’s used that word correctly. Glenn’s telling him about King George. John asks, “don’t guns scare you?” John confesses he’s be horrified to gut a deer but enjoys a good burger. Irony is in there somewhere. John tells us that a ‘hammer’ was the only weapon in the house.

5:51 Rich is busy getting ready with the final touches for tonight. Out of the blue he tells us that the NYPD recovered a stolen watch of his—after announcing this he gets up and walks out of the green room. I think that maybe he had an A.D.D. experience.

6:05 Glenn is juggling a visit from friends that are in the air force and two other meetings. They now are stationed here in Oklahoma. He hasn’t seen them for quite sometime. The others are with clients of the station and someone that ‘insider’ information on the border. Glenn has been waiting to meet this person for quite some time, I wonder how this will influence the Ramos and Compean meeting.

6:18 Third swearword of the show, this one uttered by John Bobey.

6:19 Rich shouts out “fudgeknucker”; team substitute swearword coined by Fusion’s manager, Liz. I’m wondering if it’s a substitute swearword if it still constitutes swearing when said.

7:20 Stu arrives from New York. It was a bit awkward to watch how giddy Glenn and Stu got when they talked about how much carbon Stu used flying out to see the show—the same show he’s going to see tomorrow in Harrisburg.

Stu’s looking refreshed and full of energy. His being here is going to be a big help for Glenn and the tour team. The audience doesn’t know it but the plan is to have Stu make a stage appearance. It’s really amazing—within minutes of having arrived there was a discussion about whether Stu or John Bobey should introduce Glenn for the second half of the show. What struck me was that Stu was ready to go if he needed to—I mean the guy literally just walked into the building—and they’re talking about having him walk out in front of thousands of people—and it would have been the easiest thing in the world for him!

During intermission I learn from Adam that one of the city’s police officers who was working security told Adam that the next time Glenn’s tour comes to town she’s not going to work but come as an audience member. That will mean a lot to Glenn.

10:54 The show was different than last night but very good. Each audience responds differently which makes each show differently. We’ve checked out of the hotel. Tomorrow we do the show in Harrisburg and it’s going to be a late night.

Tonight we all had time to watch the Boy Scouts fold the flag. All of us watched as the Scouts properly folded the flag. Even John Bobey didn’t talk as the flag was folded with respect and reverence.

11pm Rich has done a great job—he continually reminds us of that—even now. But you’ve got to give credit where it’s due: great job Glenn! Really, I don’t know how Rich pulls it all together—7 cities in 8 days, you really don’t appreciate what that takes until you do the journey.

After the show I usually head back to the green room. Tonight I walked out on stage to watch the audience leave and to see if they were excited about the show. It struck me how many people remained in their seats just talking to each other. There wasn’t a massive rush for the exits. I thought that said something about the show—and the people who came out. Thank you Oklahoma City.


June 8, 2008 (Sunday)

9am - Glenn attended church today. He found a local congregation and went. Later on I learned that somewhere between the midnight cheesecake and the 9am church service he found time to finish the last 30 pages of “The Host.” I really think it’s a sickness. The man doesn’t sleep.

1pm - It’s day three of the tour and we’re all tired. On the plane ride to Oklahoma City I looked around the plane and noticed that everyone was sleeping except for Glenn. He’ was awake reading from some local newspapers. I should add that Adam can sleep with his eyes open—so I don’t know if he was or wasn’t actually sleeping—but I’d bet he wasn’t.

When we arrived at the hotel, half of the team was picked-up by taxi and went out for another steak and wine dinner (Bobey went with that group). Glenn wanted something more low key, and in his own words, ‘something real’, so he walked with Adam to the Cracker Barrel. I thought it was really ‘cool’ that he would walk rather than hop in a taxi. I guess when a lot of your day is planned out to the minute. When you have the freedom to just walk out in the fresh air and eat where you want to, that you take advantage of that.

I noticed Glenn’s mood changed in the afternoon. He seemed a bit down. It’s day three of the tour and I think he misses Tania and the kids. Glenn doesn’t do job related work on Sunday. He tries to use this time to talk to his wife and kids and I think talking to them today reinforced how much he misses them. But that’s me just being a non-degreed psychologist.

10:30pm - I just left Glenn’s room. One of his favorite authors just sent him an unfinished manuscript to read (I can’t tell you who it is or what it is) and he’s already 40 pages into it. I have a feeling it’s going to be another long night.

11pm - I caught up with the group. They were outside relaxing. It’s the first time in three days I’ve seen them just kicking back having a nice drink.


June 7, 2007 (Saturday)

7am - I go up to Glenn’s room bright and early—Glenn’s awake but not working on tour related materials. Instead I see him reading “The Host” by Stephanie Meyers. He tells me that he stayed up until about 3:30 am reading the book and he only has 30 pages to go. I tell him he’s ‘nuts’ and that we’ve got 8 more days of being on tour and he shouldn’t be staying up that late reading anything.

Glenn pulls out his handwritten notes and begins to review them. I learn from Adam that John Bobey has been calling wanting to know when Glenn will need his help writing the final script for the show. I’m puzzled by this because I’m now looking at Glenn who is reading the final script which Glenn also wrote out by hand. I’m confused because John Bobey is on tour because he was going to help write the script that’s already been prepared. I don’t try to figure that one out.

Even after we arrive at the theater I see Glenn making changes to his prepared remarks. He’s also out on stage watching the pre-show preparations. He checks several of the props and even checks the tautness of a hanging American flag. As show time approaches Glenn gets into a zone. The backstage green room has people coming in and out. There’s a lot of talking going on but Glenn doesn’t see or hear any of it. He’s in his zone. With 10 minutes until he goes out on stage Glenn’s still making changes to the script. How will he remember all this?

The show was great. I don’t know why he spends time working on the ‘speech’ at all. There is so much he adds to it while talking and parts that he just skips over. He told me that he just gets a feel from the audience and tries to move in that direction. That’s why even on this tour I expect that each performance will be different because the audience in each city will be different.

10pm - People are packing up. John Carney, Glenn’s sales manager has scheduled an after show meeting with some local business owners and Glenn. Glenn interrupts that meeting to shake the hands of several Boy Scouts from a local troop who volunteered their time to see that the American flag was properly folded prior to it being stored. I was impressed that plans were made to make sure that the flag was properly cared for even after the curtain came down and people left. I don’t know whose ideas this was—but I’m grateful that it was done.

11:00pm - We seem to be lost on our way back to the hotel. There’s a lot of construction and our van driver’s GPS isn’t factoring in all the detours. Glenn’s talking to Raphe who apparently is having a sleepless night. Glenn is being a long distance father tonight and I see that it weighs on him. I get the impression that no one in the Beck household sleeps well when they’re apart.

11:30pm - We come back to the hotel order cheesecake and Coke Zero and get ready to fly to Oklahoma City. Some of the group goes back to the Jazz Bar. It’s only day two and I’ve given up trying to keep track of Bobey’s drinks.


June 6, 2008 (Friday)

1pm - We met at the airport—and despite Adam telling everyone to be one time—John Bobey arrived 10 minutes late--I saw Adam make a mental note of the tardiness and I am concerned about John’s fate if he’s late again. Adam keeps things on time.

I thought the airtime was going to be spent working on the show but Glenn wanted to catch up with people that he sees and talks to everyday but is never really able to really have a discussion with given his schedule.

Within an hour of being airborne John Bobey was drinking his first glass of wine. I don’t know if he’s afraid of flying or just like’s the taste of red wine at 40,000 feet. But he gulped it down. He has at least two more glasses before our short flight is over.

We arrive in Atlanta—a great city but humid and hot like all get out. Our hotel rooms are nice, but nothing fancy—Adam’s air conditioner isn’t working—but it’s no big deal to him as he’s slept out in the woods without a tent in the summer voluntarily! To him the heat and humidity are no big deal.

We make plans for dinner and Glenn asks that I bring ‘binkey’—that’s what everyone calls the binder that holds Glenn’s notes and outline for the show. I don’t say anything to Glenn but I’m glad that binkey is coming along because I’m concerned about tomorrow’s show as we haven’t really gone over it in any detail.

Dinner is at a nice steak place. No vegetarians in this bunch and it’s steaks around the table. This is where it starts to get surreal and my first glimpse into how Glenn’s mind works. There are 5 of us sitting around the table when Glenn starts talking about the tour and his plans—except that he’s not talking about the show he’ll be doing tomorrow night—he’s talking about his Christmas 2008 Tour; Rich (tour manager) suggests that maybe we talk about THIS tour, Glenn says okay but then starts talking about possible tour ideas for 2009! I think this is his A.D.D. and I’m beginning to realize why John Bobey and Rich order a second bottle of wine.

After about an hour Glenn begins to talk about THIS tour. He also opens a file that he brought which I notice contains a bunch of papers in Glenn’s handwriting. It dawned on me then that I was the only one worried about his show prep because this was my first time on tour—he had already written it out—had already walked through it in his mind.

I wondered why it was handwritten and not typed but I’ll have to ask him later.

9pm - We’re about to order dessert and I notice that everyone’s eaten except for Glenn—he didn’t touch his plate of food and it’s going back to the kitchen the same way it came out to the table.

John Bobey had two more glasses of wine and a little short glass of cognac. I don’t know where all the alcohol goes.

10:30pm - Some of the group goes out to a small jazz club. John Bobey and John Carney go—but both say they’ll be getting up early to work out in the hotels gym—I’m betting against that.

The rest of us go back to the hotel and Glenn spreads his ‘unelectable speech’ and notes all over his bed—it looks like total chaos but he seems to know where all the important papers are. We stay up until about 1 am before Glenn tells us to go to bed.

Joe Kerry

Joe Kerry Blog: On Tour with Glenn Beck

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to travel on tour with Glenn? Or want to peak behind the curtain to see what happens offstage? Have you ever asked yourself if ‘on-air’ Glenn Beck is the same person when he’s ‘off-air’? I hope to answer these and other questions this week while I’m on tour with Glenn and his team.

I’m a recent addition to Glenn’s crew and it might sound backwards, but I knew Glenn even before I was a fan of the show. Long time fans will remember Glenn calling my cell phone and pulling me out of the courtroom with some pressing legal question which ranged from whether he would be able to sue candy cigarette makers to what the legal definition of ‘entrapment’ was. After four years of unscheduled and impromptu phone calls, Glenn was able to convince his general manager, Chris Balfe, to hire me fulltime.

Now, I see firsthand how Glenn and his team produce his radio, television, tour, magazine, newsletter, and books. With everything he does it always seemed like Glenn was given 37 hours a day while the rest of us lived on a 24 hour clock. How does he do it all?

I hope with this blog I’ll be able to provide some good behind the scene photos and insights to answer these questions—and questions that you may have. I think I have one of the best seats in the house. I’m in the plane as he travels from city to city, I’m backstage as he prepares and am in creative meetings with him and his team—so I hope this blog acts as a type of backstage pass into the tour, his team and Glenn.

(So you made it to the end. If there’s something you’d like to see discussed or have a question about the show let me know: joe@glennbeck.com).

Later this week, former President Trump will attend CPAC and give his first major policy appearance since leaving office. Sources close to the President reveal he will focus on "the future of the Republican Party and the conservative movement."

The future of the GOP is a question that demands real discussion before elections in 2022 and 2024. Right now, I can see three possible answers for how you act:

  1. Those in power and senior positions will ignore the reasons behind Donald Trump winning in 2016. They will be vindicated in their minds because they outlasted him, as they view DC as a job for life. These leaders will go back to business as usual and seek forgiveness from the left, hoping for unity and acceptance in the future.
  2. The second outcome is another section of the party that is understandably very angry over the left's Presidents treatment. They still support and believe in Trump. They think it's time to take off the gloves and treat Biden/the left exactly how they treated Trump.
  3. The few policy positions offered in public will be centered solely around opposing the left. They will also make the case how the left suck, are dangerous, and how you need them in power. The next four years are merely a countdown for Trump to run again and right the wrong of 2020.
  4. The third outcome is very similar to the second, but with one key difference. While they appreciate everything Trump accomplished while in office, they feel it's time to unite behind another candidate.

Which of these three positions will work best for the American people? Which helps built a political base for elections in both 2022 and 2024?

If you seek to help save America, it is critical to do some soul searching. Whether you love or hate him, Donald Trump got 75 million votes and made advancements in key demographics. What did he do well that you can develop further? In what areas was he poor, and how can you improve?

I want to raise six principled points everyone on the right should be forced to consider in the run-up to 2024.

1 - Understanding American Exceptionalism

FACT: America is an exceptional nation. If you read enough of world history, you will find ample evidence that America acted in ways that made it unique and significantly different from other countries in the past and modern times. These reasons must be understood and promoted through the culture and body politic.

One of those reasons is the layout of your Declaration of Independence. If you look around politics today, you will see people on all political sides telling you what they hate, why the other side is the enemy, and how they must be defeated.

In the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson also made that case against the English when he listed 27 grievances against the King. So how is the layout key? It took Jefferson 357 words to get to those grievances. Your Declaration is your mission statement: it tells everyone in the world what America aspires to be. It states the belief that all were created equal, all had certain rights that come directly from God, and that it is the government's job to protect rights -- not give people rights.

The left is successfully painting everyone on the right to be a terrorist who enjoyed the Capitol Hill riots. If you ever want to win another election, it will be critical to explain what you stand for to the American people.

After all, ask yourself which makes you the most passionate to vote - removing someone from office or voting for a vision and change you believe in?

2 - The Constitution

Is there a better place to start this vision than the Constitution? Yes, it is mostly ignored today by those in power and is only referenced by politicians and media when it fits a narrative.

The Constitution is a beautiful and complex document but is primarily based on a straightforward principle. The government should be extremely limited in its power, but it should be as close to the people as possible where there is a clear need for government. Who can argue with this principle?

Who wants someone they have never met, dictating how they live their life?

This is why the Constitution grants the President no real power, and gives Congress 18 clauses of power, listed under Article 1, Section 8. Any and every power not mentioned there belongs at the state level.

3 - Finances

The power structure in DC has changed many times over the last twenty years, with both parties having the opportunity to rule the different federal branches. There have been two periods where one party controlled all the power in DC:

  • 2008-2010: Obama / Dem
  • 2016-2018: Trump / GOP

Despite these changes, your government continually grows, you continue to spend money you don't have, and in ten out of the last thirteen years, you have added over $1,000,000,000,000 to your national debt, which now sits just under $28 trillion. Does this seem sustainable to you? Of course not, but sadly your finances only get worse.

America has revenue of over $3.2 trillion every year, yet DC has not passed a budget since 2008. Can you imagine any business running that way? Do you think Apple, Amazon, or Disney have a budget? It is time to get America on a path to financial sustainability, work towards a balanced budget, and explain to the American people how you will achieve it.

4 - Taxes

Do you remember discussing taxes during the Tea Party?

We used to make the simple moral case to the American people: any money you earn is yours, you should use it to plan your life, and the government has no right to take it from you. This was so successful around 2012 that Herman Cain ran for President with one primary policy: the 9-9-9 plan.

If America is to return to prosperity after Covid, lower taxes and a simpler tax code must be a central theme.

5 - Cutting Government

Look at the size of the US government in 2021. Are you happy? Can you name the numerous departments? Is it now the freedom-loving Americans' position that agencies like Education, Energy, EPA, and Commerce are constitutional bodies of government and are well-run?

How about the IRS, which targeted Tea-Party groups under President Obama? Do they deserve support, or is it time to start sharing a vision of the departments that should be abolished?

This principle used to be a big part of the Conservative platform. It played a massive role in 2012 when Rick Perry ran for President. His campaign was destroyed in 45 short seconds when he could not remember the three agencies he would abolish.

Maybe it's time to refresh this debate but change the parameters. How about we discuss the agencies that should be kept?

6 - Bill of Rights

Today, the Bill of Rights is under constant attack. The far-left/woke mob hates free speech, and they seek to cancel anyone with an opposing view. However, the attacks on the Bill of Rights don't always come from the left.

America has a second amendment that guarantees you the right to bear arms. The last time the GOP held both houses of Congress and the Presidency, they banned bump stocks - but who really NEEDS a bump stock?

As the years have passed, some have admitted they are open to red flag laws. Is this still the case?

While the second amendment may be under attack, it is clear the fourth amendment is dead. Regardless of which party holds power in DC, the NSA is given continuous ability to spy on Americans. The simple, principled case from Rand Paul of "get a warrant" always falls on deaf ears.

The Bill of Rights should be a unifying document for most Americans, as the principles are self-evident and a significant part of any freedom platform going forward.


America will face significant challenges over the coming years. As the government continues to grow, the far left get more hostile, and central planners seek a great reset. If you share my concern, then now is the time to forget our tribes and ignore the debate on who should be President in 2024.

It's time to work hard to build a platform by raising a banner of bold colors, not pale pastels. We must share a clear vision to the American people of a bright future where they are free, prosperous, and can pursue their happiness.

When the platform is built and successful, people can identify the best candidate to run in 2024.

"First, you win the argument, and then you win the election." — Margaret Thatcher

Jonathon Dunne is a keynote speaker, weekly podcast host on Blaze Media, and published author on major platforms such as The Blaze, Glenn Beck, Libertarian Republic, Western Journalism, and Constitution. Since 2012, he has reached millions with his message of American exceptionalism.

You can find him on social media – Facebook, Twitter, MeWe

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is under fire for questioning President Joe Biden's nominee for an assistant health secretary position, Dr. Rachel Levine, about her alleged support for giving children puberty blockers and sex-change surgeries.

During a confirmation hearing Thursday, Paul pointedly asked Levine, who is a transgender woman, about her support for allowing children to change their sex, and whether she believes children are capable of making such life-altering decisions.

Levine evaded the question, answering instead with a vague statement about the complexities of transgender medicine, which she would again reiterate for Paul's subsequent questions.

Watch a video clip of the confirmation hearing here.

Predictably, Paul has been labeled "transphobic" and accused of trying to derail Levine with "transphobic misinformation" by the leftist media.

On the Glenn Beck Radio Program Friday, Paul said his questioning Levine had nothing to do with who she is or the fact that she is a transgender adult, but was about the question of gender changes for children.

"The interesting thing is, none of it was directed towards her personally or who she is. It was directed towards the question of whether children can consent. And this is an intellectual question. It's not an inflammatory question. It's a question of serious consequences," he explained. "Most people would argue that children can't really make an informed consent. You know, we have laws against a man having sex with a 12-year-old, even if the 12-year-old says 'yes', because we don't think a 12-year-old is capable of consenting. They just aren't old enough to make the decision."

Paul went on to add, "I guess the danger is, you have to have some chutzpah. You have to have some guts, some courage to stand up because it is a culture out there where ... everybody is saying I made transphobic comments yesterday. All I did was ask whether a minor could consent to this kind of dramatic surgery. Nothing I ever said was hateful. I said nothing hateful about these people. I said nothing hateful about adults who choose to do this. But the culture is out there is so strong that so many in office are afraid to speak out. And it's getting worse.

"There's a handful of us that will speak out in the Senate. There's a handful in the House, and we just have to grow our ranks. But we have to resist or it just will roll over us. And we'll live in this terrible cancel culture world where nobody speaks out, and everybody is afraid to say anything."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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Far away fields are always greener.

It is easy to look at someone else's life or another country and wish you were more like them.

Americans can be guilty of this. It could be Bernie Sanders wishing America was politically more like Sweden or other European socialist countries. It could be an American who finds out I'm Irish, been trying to move to America for over 17 years, and thinks, "Oh Jonathon, Ireland is a lovely free country - stay there. America has problems right now. You would not like it here."

Today, I want to take you on a journey and compare our nations' attitudes toward Coronavirus and the policies currently in place for "our protection."

I would also ask you to imagine you were in my shoes. Ask yourself which country you would want to live in.

Role of Government

Before discussing restrictions, it is critical to understand the very different governmental systems within our two countries. America is blessed to have a federalist system where states have considerable control over what happens in their states. DC, in theory, holds very little power.

Ireland is the exact opposite. We are a democracy with a big centralized government. The vast majority of power lies with our Taoiseach (Prime Minister) and his cabinet. Local states have no control, as our restrictions are countrywide.

  • America's restrictions vary from state to state. You will find the majority of businesses are open but operating with some restrictions.
  • Churches, malls, retail, gyms, cinemas are mostly all open.
  • Bars and restaurants are open but usually at a reduced capacity.
  • Schools have moved to online learning.
  • No travel limits.
  • Travel between states is allowed, but some states like Alaska require a negative Covid test.
  • Guests are allowed in homes, but some states have a limit (but not enforced).
  • Masks are either advised or mandatory in different states.
  • Social distancing is required.

When researching this article, the most prominent complaints were restrictions on visiting loved ones in hospitals and nursing homes. These restrictions have upset many people because you have a proud history of believing in individual freedoms. The government is not your parent and does not have a right to tell you how to live.

Now let me introduce you to Ireland.


Ireland is currently on the highest level of lockdown possible and has been since Christmas Eve. We are officially on lockdown until March 5th, and our lockdown is getting more severe. Our government has already confirmed lockdown will be extended until After Easter.

Ireland has a stay-at-home order in place, and you are to work from home where possible.

  • "Essential" retail is open but with stupid rules. Some of our shops are half-open and half-closed. Imagine a Walmart that is allowed to sell food, but large parts of the clothing section are closed because they are not deemed essential.
  • Non-essential retail is now fully closed. At the start of lockdown, outlets were allowed to offer a click-and-collect service – but that has now been banned.
  • Gyms and cinemas are all closed. Ø Bars and restaurants are closed and unlikely to re-open until mid-summer.
  • Schools have moved to online learning.
  • No guests are allowed in homes or gardens.
  • Masks are mandatory and with fines.
  • Social distancing is required.
  • Churches are allowed to open for private prayer, but the mass is strictly online. This has caused a lot of distress for families. Ireland is a Catholic country. I know many older people who have not received communion since last March. My mother is a funeral director and has witnessed the pain caused to families, as only ten people are allowed to attend a funeral, regardless of the Church's size. Imagine a large family deciding what ten people can attend? How do you choose that? Sadly, the Irish Church is spineless and accepts every rule the government passes.
Additional Tyranny

Very few businesses are open right now, but that is not the end of the restrictions. There are limits on how far you can travel. I am currently off my work because of Coronavirus restrictions. There are two legal reasons I can leave my house: personal exercise/walk the dog and to purchase food/essential items from the store. These activities must be completed within three miles of my house.

My human right to privacy has also been crushed. If I decided to get in my car tomorrow and just drive, I would encounter several police checkpoints where I would have to disclose where I live, where I am going, and the purpose of my trip. If the trip is not essential, I will be told to return home and likely given a fine.

Tyranny North Korea Style!

Most countries have border controls, all with similar intent: control who enters the nation, set how long they can stay, and mandate what they can do.

The one exception to this rule is North Korea. Their intent is not to control who enters. Instead, they seek to ensure no one leaves and defects to the South.

As you can imagine, life in Ireland is not exactly pleasurable with the above restrictions. This is especially the case for people like me who suffer from severe depression and are desperate to escape.

If tomorrow I woke up and decided I want out (which I very much do) and found a country I could enter legally, I AM NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE.

The Irish government has deemed all international travel is not essential and has placed police at all our ports and our airports. If I attempt to go to the airport, I would be greeted at a police checkpoint outside the airport, told my journey is not essential, and sent home with a fine. Currently, the fine is €500 ($600). New legislation is being discussed in parliament to increase the penalty to €2,000.

The police have new powers for people who get past the checkpoints and continue to travel overseas. When they return to Ireland, they can be sent to jail for a month. They will also have a criminal record – that record would likely disqualify the person traveling to countries like America and Australia.

Irish People

I could talk to you all day long about why America is unique and exceptional. There are so many different reasons. One of the reasons is your people, and I highlight Alexis de Tocqueville's sentiments, who said, "America is great because Americans are good." Americans have this rebellious streak in their soul, and it can be traced all the way back to the Pilgrims on the Mayflower. This great spirit is based on being an independent sovereign individual and wanting to live life to the fullest and not be stopped or controlled by ANY government.

Irish people are good and decent. However, they do not share the same characteristics. They believe and support government control because it is all they have ever known.

If you ask the average Irish person about the current government, he will likely tell you he dislikes one of the parties involved or an individual leader. Yet, ask that same person what he thinks about the restrictions, and he will defend them. I hear some say they believe the government has not done enough.

On the rare occasions that people break restrictions, the most significant backlash will likely come from the community, as they brand those people selfish and irresponsible.

Going Forward

The damage from Covid is going to be around forever. Our actions have caused damage to our mental health and the economy (with businesses closing and jobs lost). This will cause poverty. This is made worse by governments' reckless spending and borrowing of money we simply do not have.

However, I would argue we have a much bigger problem stemming from Covid: social acceptance of governmental control in a "crisis."

When a government is powerful enough to compel someone not to leave their house, define their job as non-essential, or tell someone they can't hug their grandparent, what exactly is off-limits? What control or power is a line government won't cross for the "common good"?

Most importantly, do you think governments worldwide will fix this issue and give back the powers they have taken? Or is it more likely we will just move onto a new crisis – maybe climate change or the Great Reset?

This is why the world needs America. We don't need the American military to intervene and save us.

We NEED America to rediscover why you are an exceptional nation. We NEED you to be the statue of liberty shining out the beacon of light, hope, and freedom for the world where your actions remind all of us what is possible when we unleash the energy and individual genius of mankind. If we work hard to reapply these principles, we can take another 5,000-year leap forward together.

Writers note: The policies listed here are based solely on Ireland. However, you see very similar restrictions in England and throughout Europe.

Jonathon Dunne is a keynote speaker, weekly podcast host on Blaze Media, and published author on major platforms such as The Blaze, Glenn Beck, Libertarian Republic, Western Journalism, and Constitution. Since 2012, he has reached millions with his message of American exceptionalism.

You can find him on social media – Facebook, Twitter, MeWe

Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Thursday to discuss the Left's current efforts to rid the U.S. military of "extremism," Democrats' push to separate President Joe Biden from the nuclear codes, and how conservatives can use government to battle the far-left, their policies, and their efforts to control Americans.

Crenshaw called the military's efforts to rid their ranks of extremism, "so obviously and clearly politically motivated," as the entire premise is based on reports that some active service members and veterans participated in the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol.

"Mathematically, that's not a good indication of where active duty military stand or where veterans stand more broadly," Crenshaw said of the generalization that military personnel are extremists. "And I thought we were against that kind of profiling. Right? I thought that was against the liberal values that supposedly the Left stands for."

"But, Glenn, you know very well the Left is not liberal," he added. "The Left is very anti-liberal. And I think as conservatives, we have to say that more often. They have become genuinely authoritarian. Progressivism is not in sync with liberalism. All right? There's a big difference between an Alan Dershowitz liberal and a Democrat Party progressive. They're totally different."

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation with Rep. Dan Crenshaw:

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