Glenn Beck: Close Guantanamo Bay?

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GLENN: Cut the music off for just a second. I want to set the tone here for this and I want you to know if you have children in the car with you that you should turn the radio off just for a few minutes because what you are about to hear is extraordinarily shocking. It is quite frankly makes me rethink my position. You know that I am a supporter of Guantanamo. I am somebody who supports not torture and, you know, hey, just everybody let's go torture people. But in a situation like you see on "24" where we think that there is a nuke in a city and we have some people that we think have some information and there is a time, a ticking clock. You know what? I have quite honestly, up until now, been for it. And then this video and audio is released. Can we put enough disclaimers on this in the newsletter today, Dan? I don't want to include this in the newsletter at unless it has explicit warnings.

DAN: Well, we can do the same thing we did, if you remember with the severed head photo that we -- we can do the similar setup of that.

GLENN: I want something that has a significant warning on this because this is describing what happened to one prisoner in Guantanamo. This is actual audio of the torture that was happening again. This is -- I am not making this up. This is a 21-year-old that went to Guantanamo at 16 because he threw a hand grenade and killed a U.S. soldier and this is the audio just released at Guantanamo. It is not for the fainthearted. I think I've given it enough warning. Here it is.

(Audio playing).

GLENN: Okay, stop for just a sec. Stu, can you translate here? What is he saying?

STU: He's saying, Dan, I think has the --

DAN: I don't think it's the exact transcript but basically what he's saying is he's lifting up his shirt and saying wounds he received in Afghanistan but he has not received medical and he's been asking for medical and he's just not getting the medical help. He's not healing well.

GLENN: I'm going to try to go back in and listen some more. Go ahead.

(Audio plays).

GLENN: Stop just a second. The voice there is of a foreigner. He's a Canadian and one of the damn people who are torturing this man relentlessly. As you now hear the victim received wounds in Afghanistan and has not received medical treatment. And you can see the nonopen, nonseemingly wounded man there with his shirt up. And then you hear the interrogator say, "I'm not a doctor, but it looks like you're doing fine." And then it continues.

(Audio plays.)

GLENN: He's crying. Do you hear him crying? Stop, stop, stop. Hear the Guantanamo victim. Thank God that those who are against Guantanamo have released this audio. By the way, that's important to know it's not our government releasing this audio. This is from a hidden camera. Thank goodness somebody took a hidden camera. Now, now we hear the victim say, I have no eyes, I've lost my eyes. And it gets worse from there.

(Audio plays).

GLENN: Stop. Stop, did you hear that? "I've lost my eyes. I've lost my feet.' We have poked this man's eyes out and cut off his feet. And what does the interrogator say?

(Audio plays).

GLENN: Stop, stop. Trying to make it sound like those eyes that are in his head are the eyes that he started with and the feet that he has weren't cut off, weren't some sort of governmental plastic feet but the actual feet that God gave him -- sorry, Allah gave him -- and what does he say? No, your feet are still there, your eyes are still there, only to hear the pore torture victim say, "No, no, they're not." How long is this going to continue. How do we live with our self? How do we tell people that they have eyes when they clearly know they don't have eyes? When we say, you've got feet. Look, I can see your feet, everybody can see the feet, look, it's going to be on the hidden video. You've got feet. Look at your feet. And they know they don't have feet. How much longer will this country tell people with feet that don't believe they have feet that they have feet! I hope somebody in the media, I hope, damn it, somebody in the media will cover this.

VOICE: Tonight on frontline you've heard the shocking allegations from Guantanamo Bay but you haven't heard them all. Frontline's latest investigation reveals the most shocking allegations yet, so shocking it will shock your body to the core and leave you in a state of... shock. Not only did guards on several occasions refuse to smile at the terrorist prisoners, they even gazed at them with apparent disdain. Nutrition is also being denied. Frontline interviews prisoners whose repeated requests for a large box of doughnut holes from the local Dunkin' Donuts fell on deaf ears even though the officers' records indicate they can hear just fine. Frontline learned that many times they even asked with a polite, "Pretty please." Perhaps the most shocking revelation of all is the fact that this blatant disregard for human rights is seeping out of Guantanamo Bay and dripping back into the United States. Frontline has exclusive videotape evidence of police officers in uniform and off duty not being overly friendly. That's right, some of the video clips even show these so-called protectors of peace not holding doors, failing to use a blinker signal and almost littering. It's all coming out.

Plus, more torture on the home front. How secret government covert agents are planning to torture tens of thousands of people in 350 movie theatres nationwide tomorrow. How will they do it? Hint: With a pasty wide loud mouth conservative talk host who boasts a proclivity for fatty foods and the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It's all tonight on Frontline.

GLENN: All right, you sick twisted freak. We are in the movie theatres tomorrow night, live performance, 350 theatres nationwide. You can grab your tickets online at That, and then we're also in Dallas tomorrow night. That's where the live performance is happening and you'll see it in movie theatres. And then Friday you can see it live and in person in Houston and Saturday we wrap up the tour in the Columbia.

The Biden administration wants to fundamentally change our economy and they've made some truly game-changing moves in recent days, but you won't hear anyone in the mainstream media talking about it. If you want to know what the government doesn't want you to notice, pay attention to what the White House releases on Friday afternoons.

Last Friday afternoon — when fewer people would notice — the administration announced a new "comprehensive, government-wide strategy" to overhaul our nation's economy and protect us all from the "financial risks of climate change."

On the radio program this week, Glenn Beck reviewed Biden's new climate finance report and explained why he believes the administration's plans to fundamentally change the economy is "the most dangerous movement in the world right now."

Glenn started out by playing a video clip of White House press secretary Jen Psaki telling reporters, "The President wants to make fundamental change in our economy, and he feels coming out of the pandemic is exactly the time to do that" during a press briefing last week.

"That's interesting because what she just said is the exact language, almost a quote, from the people over at the Great Reset, the World Economic Forum," Glenn said of Psaki's statement.

"This is the most dangerous movement in the world right now. It is a direct shot, by a railgun, at liberty. And when I started talking about this, about a year and a half ago, the system went into overdrive to call it a conspiracy. ... This is how they shut people down. They isolate and alienate you by calling the opposition conspiracy theorists. Everything is a conspiracy. Well, there are some conspiracies out there. But you need to know the difference between conspiracy theory and conspiracy fact."

Watch the video clip below or on YouTube to learn more. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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On the morning of Aug. 15, Asma was a free woman in Kabul. She wore Western clothes. Traveled safely alone. Attended college in a neighboring country with the money her parents had saved. By that evening, her entire world had changed.

For the first time in her life, Asma was confronted with the reality of the Taliban. The horror stories she heard growing up were no longer the nightmare of her parents' generation. They were hers, too. Faced with the impossible decision to stay with her family and risk imminent torture or death, she chose to live, and take on the Taliban face-to-face.

Asma's bravery also led to the rescue of over 150 Afghan college women. She tells Glenn she was willing to die before she let the Taliban take her or the other women. But she didn't do it alone. Her sister Azada, helplessly watching the horror unfold from the U.S., quickly turned to her father's contact list. What follows is a miracle evacuation story that ends with a sisters' reunion and hope for a new future. These brave Afghan sisters have a message for those in their home country still trapped, for the leaders of this country, and for the men and women in uniform (and their families) who may believe the American sacrifices for Afghanistan were in vain.

Finally, a note about the other heroes in the rescue story. The movement of the seven buses of college women into the Kabul airport was a chain with about 8-10 links. Had any one of those links not been present or broken, the young women would not have made it into the airport for evacuation, and three young women taken by the Taliban would not have been recovered.

Glenn and his team would like to give a special thanks to Francisco from Arcis International, Wade and Jim from Commercial Task Force, Blaine from E3 Ranch Foundation, Michael and his crew from Kam Air, No One Left Behind, Samaritan's Purse, and Charmaine, Chris, Geno, John, Lori, Rob, Rudy & the Ground Team from The Nazarene Fund.

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There's been a lot of talk about the idea of a (peaceful) "national divorce" as the Left continues to abandon everything that made America what it is. Well, this week's guest on "The Glenn Beck Podcast" is all for that divorce. Michael Malice is the author of "The Anarchist Handbook" and host of the podcast "Your Welcome." He joined Glenn to talk about how an anarchist would peacefully take on America's greatest challenges — with a smile.

"My rights are not up for discussion," Malice told Glenn. He explained why his version of America will save America, and why, in spite of anxious talk of "national divorce," he has so much hope for the future.

Watch the video clip below or find the full episode of "The Glenn Beck Podcast" here:

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution, and live the American dream.

There are new curriculum standards being implemented into schools throughout the nation for health classes that not only go far beyond what's appropriate for young children, but are entrenched in clear political biases, too. Under the standards, third-graders are taught about hormone blockers and endless gender identities, and topics get shockingly graphic for kids as young as 11. Some schools are even teaching their teachers and kids to ignore what parents have to say about these topics. And the worst part may be that many parents are completely unaware what their children are being taught.

Tina Descovich, co-founder of Moms for Liberty, joined "The Glenn Beck Program" to explain exactly what you can ask at your next school board meeting to ensure this "horrifying" curriculum isn't being taught in your kid's school.

Watch the video clip below:

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.