Stu on the Street

Stu is seen here reporting from a local gas station in your area...

GLENN: Let me go to Stu who's our expert. He's been out at the gas stations. Stu, where you're at, how much is gas -- how much is gas right now at the gas station where you're at, Stu?

STU: Glenn, a gallon of gas is under $4 a gallon. Just as I'm walking out now past the pumps. No, it's under $4 a gallon. I mean, they're giving away, Glenn.

GLENN: Shirley wanted to know if you thought that the -- if you thought the gas crisis was over, are they going to flop back up and down?

STU: Oh, no, this is completely over, Glenn. You know, look. You remember -- remember the -- remember penny candy?

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: And remember -- now they're at dollar stores, which is so expensive. But this, gas prices now is more like the penny candy. You take a big, you know, handful as you walk out. You don't even think about how many you have because it doesn't matter. The price is so cheap now. It's under $4 a gallon.

GLENN: So I just want to make this clear. So you believe the price falling down, it will never go back up?

STU: Oh, no. It's impossible, Glenn. With this momentum, it's been an entire week of dropping.

GLENN: What's been causing the price to go down?

STU: What's causing the price to go down? Well, actually let's talk to an everyday person here. I'm here with Samuel. Samuel, how have the gas prices been affecting you?

VOICE: Oh, it's been great. I actually took a day off from work, excited today to go out and go driving around.

STU: You are saving so much money on these gas prices, you don't even have to work anymore?

VOICE: I do, but I took the day off today.

GLENN: This is starting to sound like an infomercial.

STU: I'm sorry, Glenn, the gas pumps are so loud, there's these drills that go, jeeep, jeeep, they go off and I can't hear anything. Sir, some people have suggested crazy ideas like drilling for more oil domesticly. What do you think about that solution?

VOICE: Well, that's one of the reasons why I'm so excited is that this proves, this energy crisis here, this proves that, you know, the prices can come down and we didn't have to drill one bit. We didn't drill at all. So basically no drilling and the prices go down, which means if we would drill, prices would go up. It's basic supply and demand economics.

STU: Wow. There you go, Glenn.

GLENN: Wait a minute. That doesn't make any sense whatsoever. The demand is going to keep going up if we don't drill. Of course the price is going to continue to grow.

STU: Unfortunately I'm going to have to cut you off because right now Samuel looks very concerned about the environment. Samuel, what's your passion?

VOICE: Yeah, look, I'm very excited right now because this also means without all this drilling that we can save oceans, you know, the environment, we can save --

GLENN: How are you going to save oceans?

VOICE: Oceans and seas, we can save bays. We've got ponds.

GLENN: How do you go without? What is gas prices dropping a dime, how is that saving the oceans and the seas?

STU: What else would he save, Samuel?

CALLER: I guess he's not getting it. But you don't drill, you're also saving the canals.

STU: Don't forget about the waterfalls and tributaries.

GLENN: I don't --

STU: I don't know what's so funny about saving the Delta.

GLENN: I don't even know how it safes my gas going down a dime. Gas is Gooding to go up. I may stay down a little while, may go down more but then it's going to come back up because we're not drilling for our own oil.

STU: Well, there you go, Glenn. You heard it from the experts. Samuel from the gas station who says that we can save -- what was it, Samuel?

VOICE: Look, if you want to keep the puddles dirty, then that's your problem. I don't want that on my conscience.

GLENN: Oh, these gas prices are really taking this country by storm and it is so great. I think, I think maybe by tomorrow, because they have fallen for a week, I think maybe by tomorrow it will be time for Chuck Schumer to go ahead and announce that the energy crisis is over.


Two ATF agents and a state trooper recently showed up at the home of a man in Delaware, seemingly without a warrant and in tactical gear, asking to see his legally-purchased guns and log the serial numbers. Their request was caught on tape by a front door camera and posted online anonymously.

A reporter from National File shared the video on social media with the caption, "ATF agents and a #Delaware state cop show up warrantless at a man's home demanding to see his firearms."

In the video, an agent allegedly from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives said he was there to verify if the homeowner still had two recently purchased firearms.

“All I’m doing is verifying that you have it, you got two different purchases," the agent said, pointing to a document that presumably shows the purchases. "If you have them, I’m out of here. That’s how quick it is. Yeah. Do you have them with you by any chance?” the agent said.

“They’re in my safe,” the homeowner answered.

“If you can unload them and bring them out, we can go out to your foyer here, check them out, write the serial numbers and we’re out of here,” the agent said.

“It will take five seconds,” added the second agent.

At this point, a third person who appears to be a member of the Delaware state police explained, “the reason we’re out here is obviously gun violence is at an uptick. We want to make sure, we’ve been having a lot of issues with straw purchases. One of the things, indicators we get is someone making a large gun purchase, and then a lot of times, we’ve been there and ‘oh, those guns got taken.'”

“The idea is that when you purchase more than two guns at a time it generates a multiple sales report and it comes to us and we have to check them out. That’s all that is. You did nothing wrong – absolutely zero," the first agent said before adding, "I noticed you were stopped in Philly though with one of your guns?”

"I just – I didn’t expect –” the homeowner stammered.

“Oh no. It just came up. We came here, look, I’m telling you. There’s an email from the federal side saying can you make sure this guy’s got his guns. If you recently purchased a whole bunch of guns, if we can look at them and just scratch them off,” the agent continued.

“We can look at them and write which ones you just bought, so we can save a trip from coming back. We’ll confirm that you have them,” said the second agent.

When the homeowner went inside to retrieve the guns, the state trooper, who didn't seem to know they were on camera, observed, “He doesn’t believe we’re cops.”

On the radio program Thursday, Glenn Beck showed the "stunning" video and he explained what to do if the same thing happens to you.

"Here's what you need to know, and tell your family this, if the ATF, FBI, anybody steps up and says, 'we just need to see your guns or we just need to verify that you have these guns,' say 'no, show me the warrant.'"

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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The Hunter Biden laptop scandal just got worse. But don’t be distracted by the salacious photos — we’re dealing with a national security threat.

America has seen plenty of bad scandals and corruption involving presidents and vice presidents before, but at least there were consequences and some measure of justice. People were forced to resign and several went to prison. Joe Biden, on the other hand, is at the center of what may be the biggest corruption scandal in presidential family history. And yet so far, he’s been given a free pass despite the mountain of clear evidence that he abused his position as vice president to enrich his family. He knew exactly what his son and brother were up to yet continues to lie to the American people about his knowledge.

There are so many questions, red flags, and conflicts of interest surrounding the Biden family’s business activities that it’s hard to keep track. And it all raises legitimate questions about Joe Biden’s actions now as president. The Justice Department has been investigating Hunter Biden’s financial activity for over two years and still nothing has happened. Why not?

On his Wednesday night special, Glenn Beck argues Attorney General Merrick Garland owes Americans a status update on this investigation. The mainstream media wants you to think that any discussion of the Bidens’ corruption is just a right-wing witch hunt or cruel harassment of Joe Biden’s troubled son. Wrong. Glenn explains why this scandal can no longer be ignored and why every American, Republican or Democrat, should care about this corrupt abuse of power. Joe Biden’s free pass ends tonight on Glenn TV.

Watch the full episode below:


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'How RIDICULOUS do we look?': World leaders are openly mocking America — and it's really no wonder why

(Left) Dmitry Polyanskiy at UN Headquarters photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images (Right) Video screenshot

World leaders are openly mocking America in response to a photo of Biden’s deputy assistant Nuclear Energy Secretary Sam Brinton and Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine at French ambassador Philippe Etienne’s home that went viral last week.

“Week 4 On The Job: Champagne and Celebration with the French Ambassador in his residence for Bastille Day. (But also the amazing opportunity to connect with one of the only other transgender government officials, Admiral Levine – not gonna lie, it felt great to commiserate with a fellow trans person facing the hate.)” Brinton captioned the now made-private post on Instagram.

Russia's United Nations diplomat Dmitry Polyanskiy posted a screenshot of Brinton's post with the caption: "Keep going that way, our dear American ex-partners! I don’t think we even need any long-term strategies to counter your malicious role in the world - you are doing the right thing yourselves! And let the whole world see WhoYouAre!"

Maria Zakharova, a Russian foreign affairs communications official, also posted the image with a caption that translates to: "US transgender Admiral Rachel Levine and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Nuclear Energy Sam Brinton at the French Embassy at a Bastille Day reception. Answer the question honestly for yourself: are these the values that you are ready to instill in your children? Or do we still fight for our own?"

"Мария Захарова

Мария Захарова

Трансгендерный адмирал США Рейчел Левин и зампомощника министра ядерной энергетики Сэм Бринтон в посольстве Франции на приёме в честь Дня взятия Бастилии. Ответьте себе честно на вопрос: это те ценности, которые вы готовы привить своим детям? Или всё-таки за свои посражаемся?"

On the radio program, Glenn Beck and Pat Gray asked why, at a time when Europe is having record inflation, food shortages, and is on the eve of possible war over oil, we would send these two to represent the United States?

"What are we doing? How ridiculous do we look?" Glenn said. "[French President Emmanuel] Macron has come out and said to the people, 'Do not drink any of the poison that is coming from America.' They're making fun of us because we're too crazy ... we're too crazy for the French!"

"We're just gorging on ourselves on nonsense and whatever makes us feel good. America should be ashamed of itself, and I think many of us are," he added.

Watch the video clip from "The Glenn Beck Program" below. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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Texas power grid RIDICULED as Tesla warns state of 'green' energy blackouts

Photo (Left) Greg Smith/Corbis via Getty Images/ (Right) Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Tesla is now asking its customers in Texas to avoid charging their electric cars during peak hours to avoid stressing the power grid to the point of rolling blackouts. The warning comes as the Electric Reliability Council of Texas is calling on residents to conserve electricity during the recent heatwave.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration continues its march toward so-called "clean energy" by forcing the nation off coal and other fossil fuels before we have a viable replacement. Instead of switching to reliable nuclear and hydropower, our delusional leaders are betting on wind power, but the wind doesn't provide power when it doesn’t blow. Wind accounts for about 30% of Texas’ power supply, according to the Wall Street Journal.

After some Tesla customers in Texas reported the in-car alerts, the Twitter crowd reacted with their predictable penchant for mockery and ridicule.

"I just want to remind people that rolling blackouts — that is something in the past. That is also something that you see in emerging countries or third world countries, not in America. And certainly, not in Texas," Glenn Beck said on the radio program.

"We're not California. We have all of the resources that we need to be able to have the power that we need. It's the only one that is not on an industrialized grid. Texas is on its own electrical grid. We don't sell energy to anybody else. We don't ask for energy from anybody else. We're on our own grid, and it's never been a problem. In fact, it's been something that we've heralded for a long time. That's why our energy was so dependable, but now we're going back. And the reason why we're going back is they put so much money into wind power. And they're turning other plants down. And that wind power is not dependable. Why, as Americans, are we allowing this?"

"It doesn't make any sense ... and we also have the largest nuclear power plant in the country here in south Texas," Pat Gray added. "If we could build more nuclear plants, you could power this country forever ... It just goes to show that that's not really the goal. Sustainable energy is not really the goal for [the Biden administration.] Their goal is to bring everybody down to ... a third-world nation. Then we have equality."

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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