Glenn Beck: Caller argues for Obama

GLENN: All right, let me go to Brandon. He's in Kansas listening to us on KZRG. Brandon, you said that you want a guy who doesn't have Washington experience and no experience as a governor because you want to get -- and break the cycle of our politicians. And I agree with you on that. I like the idea that a guy is not beholden to a party, et cetera, et cetera, and he's just a regular schmo. However, when I pointed out how big the United States is, you would -- and that you're a shareholder in the United States, as a business, the size of the economy, you told me that you would never put a guy up with absolutely no experience of running a business as the CEO of Exxon. They can have all the advisors they want. Why would you put someone in, what is the experience that Barack Obama has that makes you say, okay, he doesn't have Washington experience, which I count as a good thing, but he has this experience. What has he done in his life that shows you he has the experience of running something big?

CALLER: Well, I feel like he has almost like it's that he has done is that I feel like how smart, how I feel how smart he is.

GLENN: Okay. So wait a minute. Hang on just a second. Wait, wait. Wait, wait. Brandon, I'm not going to let you just roll off a bunch of stuff. Let's take it one line at a time. Okay. You just say that it is because he's so smart, not what he's done in his life but just that he's so smart. Do I understand that first sentence right?


GLENN: Okay. Tell me, why couldn't -- why wouldn't you hire somebody who's really, really smart to run Exxon with absolutely no business experience?

CALLER: You would hire someone extremely smart with Exxon.

GLENN: With no business -- so as a shareholder --

CALLER: But you wouldn't do that as business --

GLENN: Wait, wait. As a shareholder you would be fine to have somebody with no business experience running ExxonMobil if he's smart? You would make a case and campaign for that guy if you were a major shareholder in Exxon?

CALLER: I don't know if you forgot but we're talking about running for President, not running for ExxonMobil.

GLENN: I'm telling you -- you tell me the difference, Brandon, between running the largest economy in the world, you tell me the difference between running a company that is big but nowhere near the size in employees, in benefits, in impact as ExxonMobil. So you're right, we are talking about running the United States and not ExxonMobil. The United States is much more complex, much bigger, has a much bigger impact not only on taxpayers, the shareholders, but the entire world. So you are right.

CALLER: And how many -- if you're CEO of ExxonMobil, you better run that by yourself. If you're President of the United States, you've got to have the judgment to pick, to pick people to help you to pick sound advisors. How many advisors does George Bush have in his White House? You're able to pick the brilliant, the most -- the smartest and most brilliant advisors at that particular subject to help you, help with your decisions to run the country. And I --

GLENN: Okay, I just want to make sure. So you're disagreeing -- so you're disagreeing with your first idea that you would not hire someone to run your company that had no experience. You said that you'd never do that if it was a big company but you're now telling me that that premise was wrong because you would; you'd just let him hire really good advisors.

CALLER: No. For a company, a company. I'm talking about the presidency, not a company.

GLENN: Does anybody -- hang on. Is it just me? What is it that you don't understand that a company is smaller than the United States government? You will not allow someone with no experience to run something that is smaller and doesn't have the impact on every human's life on the planet but you will accept a lower standard for the United States President. I don't understand that, Brandon.

CALLER: The only experience that counts is someone who has run ExxonMobil?

GLENN: No, Brandon --

CALLER: I mean, it's just --

GLENN: Are you this stupid? I use ExxonMobil because it's the largest corporation out. There you could use Wal-Mart. You could use Sears. You could use, you know, a Citigroup. You could use any large corporation. The size of the United States government dwarves all of the biggest corporations on the country combined. It is a bigger project. I mean, give me the experience of Barack Obama running anything, anything. Tell me where he's got experience running anything.

CALLER: Can I say one thing?

GLENN: Can you answer the question?

CALLER: Oh, experience, experience running, running anything. No, I don't know that he has ran anything. I don't know that he has been a CEO of any company.

GLENN: No, he's never -- hang on just a second. It's not that he's just not been a CEO.


GLENN: He's done -- he's not run anything. He has no experience being the CEO of anything but yet you're willing to do that. What this is akin to is if I said to you, would you want somebody who's never driven a car running NASCAR? And you'd say, of course not. But you're willing to put them on a highway where they affect the average everyday citizen, all of them. You're willing to just say, no, they can get on the highway. You know, if they have no experience, you wouldn't let them in the car when they can do giant damage. You would at least say, let me see a little bit of their driving experience. The man has none and you're okay with that.

CALLER: I'm not -- I am okay with the person who would first ask an American to graduate at the top of his --

GLENN: Oh, okay, so it's race.

CALLER: Harvard Law Review, I don't know if I got that exactly right. But very first, he's really smart. And I'm tired of our senators and our governors having a monopoly on the experience needed to run for President. In my personal opinion is that we should put, you know, one of our own and one of our own American citizens in there, really smart, someone that we would want to teach us a college class instead of somebody I'd rather drink a beer with in college like we have right now with Bush.

GLENN: I got it. I got it. So Brandon, what we've got here is some -- an African-American that ran the Harvard Law Review -- so somebody who's a lawyer, and a lawyer, that's important. An African-American that was the first to run the Harvard Law Review. Also someone who could be a professor -- see Woodrow Wilson -- and somebody also that you could have a beer with. Well, sounds like the qualifications that make sense. I think anyone historically speaking would look back at this time and this conversation and say, "You know what, Brandon knew how to pick em. He really had his priorities in order and he understands the history of lawyers, professors, and people you can have a beer with." That's bringing a stick to a gun fight, for the love of Pete. If you are a college student and you're for Obama, I'd sure love to hear from ya. I'd love to hear a great case on why you should vote for Barack Obama.

A "one-world government" is being formed right now and it’s called the Great Reset, Glenn Beck said on the radio program Monday. And now, rebuild plans for the fire-damaged Notre Dame Cathedral hint at the formation of a global church, too.

In this clip, Glenn detailed plans for the iconic, 850-year-old church’s "woke" renovations that sound more like a 'politically correct Disneyland' complete with a "discovery trail," "emotional spaces," and 14 themed chapels.

"Notre Dame is now being built back better as a 'woke theme park' dedicated to environmentalism and social justice," Glenn explained.

"There will be several different chapels within, [for example] a chapel for social justice, and then chapel for environmental justice," he continued. "Which leads me to this point. The 'one-world government' is being formed, right now. One-world government. It is being formed and it's called The Great Reset."

Glenn went on to predict that one of the first steps in the direction of a one-world government will be a push for a global religion.

"I think we're seeing the first church now being dedicated to the new global religion — and it is social justice, environmental justice, and all this gobbledygook. We all know, it's not just wrong, it is dangerous. That's the first church, the cathedral of Notre Dame, in France, is the first global church. Mark my words. Christian, Jews, Muslims ... this global church will bring darkness unlike you've ever seen."

Watch the video clip from "The Glenn Beck Program" below:

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The Omicron COVID-19 variant: Should we ACTUALLY panic?

Photo by OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images

As the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus approaches, it seems like those in power want everyone to be terrified, Glenn Beck argued on the radio program Monday.

The chair of the World Medical Association's Council, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, is already comparing the variant to Ebola and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) has declared a state of emergency, despite the doctor who announced its discovery describing the new variant's symptoms as "unusual, but mild." So, should we really be worried or not?

In this clip, Glenn and producer Stu Burguiere reviewed what we know about the Omicron variant so far and gave a few reasons why we should wait for more information before succumbing to panic.

Note: The content of this clip does not provide medical advice. Please seek the advice of local health officials for any COVID-related questions & concerns.

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Faced with an oppressive government that literally burned people at the stake for printing Bibles, America's original freedom fighters risked it all for the same rights our government is starting to trample now. That's not the Pilgrim story our woke schools and corporate media will tell you. It's the truth, and it sounds a lot more like today's heroes in Afghanistan than the 1619 Project's twisted portrait of America.

This Thanksgiving season, Glenn Beck and WallBuilders president Tim Barton tell the full story of who the Pilgrims really were and what we must learn from them, complete with a sneak peek at the largest privately owned collection of Pilgrim artifacts.

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

Saule Omarova, President Joe Biden's nominee for comptroller of the currency, admitted she wants to fight climate change by bankrupting coal, oil, and gas companies. Alarmingly, Biden's U.S. special climate envoy, John Kerry, seemed to agree with Omarova when he said "by 2030 in the United States, we won't have coal" at the COP26 conference in Glasgow, Scotland, earlier this month. But that could end in massive electrical blackouts and brownouts across the nation, BlazeTV host Glenn Beck warned.

Carol Roth, author of "The War On Small Business," joined "The Glenn Beck Program" to explain what experts say you can do now to prepare your family for potential coming power outages.

"It's interesting. Usually when I go out and talk to experts in areas that are not 100% core to my area of expertise and I say, 'I would like to give you credit.' Usually I get, 'OK, here's how you credit me.' But everyone is like, 'No, no. Let me tell you what happened, just don't use my name.' And this is across the country," Roth said. "This isn't just a California issue, which obviously [California] is leading the nation. But even experts out of Texas, people who are monitoring the electric grid are incredibly concerned about brownouts or blackouts now, already. So forget about 2030."

"You want to have a backup source of power," she continued. "Either a propane, diesel, or combo generator is something that you're going to want to have. Because in a state, for example like Texas, I'm told that once the state loses power, it will take a minimum of two weeks to restore plants back to operations and customers able to use grid power again. So, this isn't something that we've got nine years or whatever to be thinking about. We should be planning and preparing now."

Watch the video clip below to catch more of this important conversation:

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