Glenn Beck: Dark Knight = W?

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GLENN: Stop the music for a second because I'm really confused. I don't know, I -- my whole world is upside down. I need somebody on the phone that has seen Batman. I sat in a movie theater over the weekend with my family and I didn't know what to say. I walked out of the movie theater and I was -- you could have hit me in the head with a shovel. I looked at my daughter and I said, I'm confused. And she just smiled at me. And I said, was -- did I -- she said, no, Dad, no. No, that was -- that was a movie that you should have liked. Boy, that really kind of said it all about the war on terror, didn't it? I said, I was sitting through the whole movie going, what am I missing? They've got to be saying that this is wrong somehow or another and I'm not smart enough to figure that one out. You can go to Batman and you can enjoy Batman on the surface. I tried. I just wanted to go see Batman. I tried, but I -- I'm watching it the whole time going... what? This is quite possibly the best movie on the war on terror I have ever seen. The Joker they called a terrorist. Not like a bad guy, not like -- at one point they were like, he's a terrorist; he's going to kill. Well, we should understand him. What do you want to understand about him? He wants to kill everybody. Kill him before he kills you. What? I... I thought this was like a practical joke on me. I thought at the end it was going to be like, And you see what happens when Batman goes bad and decides just to engage in rendition? Go to a foreign country and get the bad guy, snatch him off the streets and fly him... hello? Was anyone else confused? I don't think I've ever seen them -- which makes -- Stu, could you look this up? Was this made in the United States of America? What, it's Warner Brothers, right. Are there other Warner Brothers? Are there like two Canadian Warner Brothers? Is it the Warner Brothers that we know? Skip and Pippy Warner? I don't know which ones those brothers are, but is this an American film? I haven't seen any -- I haven't seen any movie like this. I don't think I've been to a movie that had a political message since 9/11 that didn't piss me off, not one. How did this movie ever get made? Have you seen this movie yet, Stu?

STU: No, I have not.

GLENN: You've got to go.

STU: I want to. I really do. I liked the last one a lot. Everyone's saying great things about this one.

GLENN: No, no, this isn't like the last one. I liked the last one, too, but I didn't rush out to see Batman because I didn't fight the crowds and everything else.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: I would have taken baseball bats to people: Get out of my way, I'm going to see Batman. I can't believe. And where is anyone that's talking about this? Why isn't this -- I mean, I know we've seen, we had Andrews Clavin on, what, last week when the -- two weeks ago when the movie first came out. He is a conservative writer who has just come out of the closet and he's --

STU: (Laughing)

GLENN: He has.

STU: You have to.

GLENN: No, he has. I can't remember all the things that he's written but he's a big Hollywood writer, and he wrote this book. Oh, shoot. What is it? It's a -- I mean, I saw myself in it. It's -- so you know, it's very offensive if you are a conservative because it's got language in it like you wouldn't believe, but it is the character. It is the way the guy is. It's me. It's the way I used to be. Just a hard living, you know, bad guy. And so I'm reading this book of his and I can't believe it because I'm like, oh, my gosh, it's my life in many ways, the way I used to live it, and now I'm -- you know, I've come to my senses. I try to be a decent guy and I see the world a different way than I did 20 years ago. And I couldn't believe it, and we were talking and he said, yeah, I'm on the blacklist now. He said, I'll never work in Hollywood again. And so he's come out of the closet and he wrote, like, three weeks ago that he went to Batman and it was George W. Bush, Batman is George W. Bush. He's right! I mean, I can't --

STU: Has to be unintentional, though. Did they slip up?

GLENN: I don't know. This -- I'm serious. What part of this movie did I miss? I sat in the whole thing. Am I so stupid that I didn't, I didn't see the overwhelming message that all of this stuff -- I mean, Stu, eavesdropping. Batman starts eavesdropping and, you know, there's an outrage on it. He's like, got to do what you got to do, brother.

STU: Did he institute a No Bat Left Behind policy?

GLENN: No, he didn't get into his other policies. I mean, it was, it was incredible. Absolutely incredible. The people of Gotham -- I don't want to give it all away, but there's one point where the people of Gotham are put in an impossible situation by "This terrorist, the joker," and they make an incredible decision. This, this movie, unless -- I mean, I'm serious. Unless I've missed something, this is what I've been talking about since September 11th. When the movies kept coming out, I kept saying, "Would you please, Hollywood, when are you going to get it? Would you please look at the superhero movies. The only blockbuster movies you have are these superheroes." Why? Because they are Americans. They are people fighting for truth, justice and, dare I say it, the American way, that it is good conquering evil, that good doesn't somehow or another become evil. It is tempted to become evil but it doesn't. When is Hollywood going to start making these movies? They just did. It's called Batman. And how satisfying is it that Batman now has made more money in a three-day or four-day weekend than any other movie, made more money in a ten-day period, now has made more money, I think it's, what, almost $400 million and it's, what, fifteen days ahead of Shrek which broke all records making $400 million? Is that right?

STU: Yeah. Shrek is at 400 -- their final capture was $441 million. Dark Knight 17 days has pulled in 395. Now, it's got a shot to pass everything outside of Titanic and maybe even Titanic. It's coming up to 600 million.

GLENN: I think this movie has so many layers, especially when it's so fascinating to me that nobody in the media -- I mean, guys. Stu, when you go and you watch the movie, look at the bat signal. What does the bat signal look like?

STU: A bat.

GLENN: A bat. Look at it and tell me that it doesn't strangely not really make it into a bat but almost could look like a W? I mean, it's --

STU: (Laughing) Is it George W. Bush?

GLENN: I don't know.

STU: I don't think that that's happening.

GLENN: I left there. I was crazy. We stood -- it's the only movie that I have gone to in I don't know how long where I sat there after it was done and I was -- I swear to you it was like you hit me with a shovel and I was like, I don't think I understand that movie. Really that was my first thought, "I don't think I understand that movie." Because I agreed with it! How satisfying is it and how add it is that no one in the media, no one from Hollywood, nobody is saying anything about the message about this movie. The message in this movie -- excuse my language, but I have waited so long for this kind of movie, I can't believe that -- I'm going to go watch it a second time. The thing is almost orgasmic. It is like you're watching and you're like, you -- the first time you watch it, I swear to you you watch it with -- you're waiting for the other shoe to drop. I waited for the titles because I thought maybe they had these disclaimers and they're like, yeah, we just want you to know Batman's an evil son of a bitch. You know what I mean? I can't believe it. Maybe it was just me. Maybe I missed it.

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution, and live the American dream.