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GLENN: I was walking to work today, I was walking with a friend of mine and he said to me -- he said, Glenn, I don't think any one of these guys, McCain or Barack Obama, are making any headway on any of this stuff with oil. And I said, well, why do you think that is? Well, because I don't think either one of them has it right yet. No. It's that neither one of them have said anything that they really truly believed in quite some time. Last year everybody was all on the global warming bandwagon. We weren't on the global warming bandwagon. Stu, you been on the global warming bandwagon?

STU: All over, Glenn.

GLENN: Yeah. We were on the global warming bandwagon so much that we had RFK, Jr. calling me a corporate toadie and a shill and, you know, basically just one in a long list of people who should be imprisoned because our viewpoint was criminal. I don't really care. See, what we need is politician that doesn't really care. You don't like him, oh, well, you don't like him. Don't vote for him. That's what we need. Somebody who actually says what they mean and mean what they say. But these politicians, all they do is they say what's politically expedient at the time. Political expediency, that's all there is. That's all that matters to people now. "Well, wait a minute, what do the polls say? What do the people say? Why, you can't say that. You'll offend this special interest group over here." I don't really care. That's what I believe. I mean, how stupid do you have to be?

I'm reading a new book called Petro State. Putin, Power and the New Russia." Just listen to the back cover of this and tell me how much trouble is coming our way if we don't wake up on oil. This is from Marvin Kalb, the Moscow bureau chief, CBS news. This may be Golden's best book and that's saying a lot, focusing on Putin's Russia with a scholar's commitment to deep and meaningful research and reporter's eye for detail of color. Goldman has explained why and how Russia has again emerged as a global power. The answer is oil. At inflated prices it leads directly to inflated national aspirations and further down the road to dangers of a totally unpredictable nature. Read and learn. This one comes from professor of politics, Princeton University. Few developments are likely to reshape the contours of international -- excuse me. Why am I hearing something in my headphones, please? Could we have that fixed today, Dan? Excuse me. I'm sorry. All of a sudden my headphones just start picking up another show.

Few developments are likely to reshape the contours of international politics over the next decade more than Russia's ascent to an energy superpower and no one can tell the story, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Superb and readable description, yada, yada. The KGB is back with oil and petro dollars. This is a resurgence of Russia's power base, based on petro dollars.

We don't -- nobody's paying attention because all that John McCain and Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and everybody else, all they do is pay attention to today. They don't look at what's coming tomorrow. You know, they are looking either at today or what's going to come in 1,000 years from now. I got news for ya, gang. 1,000 years from now I hope we have better solutions. Look at what the world was like in 1008. You know, I don't think we could have sat back. Can you imagine -- can you imagine the arrogance of the people that were ruling the world in 1008. Well, what is this going to mean in 2008? What kind of policy should we make now in 1008? That's ridiculously stupid. "Well, I don't know. Is this ink that we're working on right now here in the Bible, is it good for the environment, or will the polar ice caps melt in 1,000 years? Oh, what will those people do while they're trying to scribe in their Bibles in 1,000 years." That's ridiculous! But that's all our politicians are talking to us about. 1,000 years from now or today.

Here's what I care about today. I care about the next one year, five years, ten years, 50 years. What we do will affect those years. What we do today will not affect today. It may affect a little bit tomorrow, a little bit more in five years, a lot in ten, and a huge amount in twenty. But everybody just wants to fix everything today. I'm sorry, but the Constitution didn't come from McDonald's. Some of these problems we have to look at, why is Russia going over and trying to buy -- this is a story that I found two weeks ago. I can't find it any place else. Nobody's paying attention to it. You've got to ask yourself why. Why is Russia going over to Libya and trying to buy all of their oil? Why is it that their minister of energy has said we are only interested in carbon energy now? Because they're looking to the future. Because Putin doesn't have to answer to the public. Oh, sure. I mean, he's got those elections he has to worry about. I was looking through this book last night. I mean, Stu, you're -- this is your kind of book because it's got all kinds of charts in it. It's got all kinds of charts and graphs, and it's talking about all of the gas companies and all of the -- and all of the heads of the media and the oil companies and everything else from the beginning of -- you know, from the fall of Russia, and it's absolutely amazing. I'm trying to find one of these things. It's absolutely amazing because if you look at them and you see what happened to each of these guys that were running, these companies -- I can't find it now. I can't find it now. It's hysterical. It's, you know, so-and-so arrested, so-and-so killed, so-and-so arrested, so-and-so arrested, and they're all -- these are the CEOs, and Putin all of a sudden appoints someone. Clean. No more problems. No more arrests. All of a sudden the oil company starts to just get everything done. It's amazing what this country has done. This country, Russia, sees the future. They know what's coming. Meanwhile we are playing games in Washington for power and it is short-term power. Somebody in Washington has to stand up and say what they mean and actually mean what they say.

Is it too much to ask, is it really too much to ask? Just tell me what you really mean. Now you have Barack Obama coming out and saying, well, we're not going to do the oil drilling. Well, I mean, we will if we have to compromise to get something done. You're not going to do it. If you're President of the United States and you have Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in congress and you're controlling Nancy and Harry as well, you're not going to drill. Why not just say that. Why not just, why not -- if you really, truly believe it, say it and damn the consequences. I am convinced that somebody who really says what they mean and mean what they say, somebody who just, they don't care, they just don't care. They know what's important. 

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Protests following the fatal police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr quickly devolved into violence, rioting, and looting in Philadelphia, and BlazeTV's Elijah Schaffer was there to document what the mainstream media won't. But while filming the carnage inside a Five Below on Tuesday, Elijah was surrounded and attacked by looters.

Elijah joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Wednesday to detail his experience and to explain why mainstream media efforts to downplay the violence just show that independent media has never been more important.

"Unfortunately, [the attack] escalated from one person to about a dozen very quickly," Elijah explained. "I'm actually really happy to be alive. Because in that same shopping center, right there, there was a 15-year-old girl who was shot, according to reports. And I heard multiple gunshots throughout the night. Another individual is reported to have heard a gunshot as well, so we try to confirm. I watched people get pummeled beyond belief."

Glenn asked Elijah to respond to mainstream media claims that conservatives are exaggerating the looting and violence in Philadelphia.

"It's so funny to hear people that aren't there try to counter what we're reporting," Elijah replied.

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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In the final days before the 2020 election, President Donald Trump is gaining among black voters, particularly men, because his record of accomplishments "speaks for itself" and the "façade" that President Trump is a racist "just doesn't ring true," argued sports columnist Jason Whitlock on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program" Tuesday.

Jason, who recently interviewed the president at the White House for, shared his thoughts on why he believes many black Americans — notably celebrities such as Kanye West, Ice Cube, and 50 Cent — are breaking from the "façade" that President Trump is a "flaming racist."

"I really believe the facts are starting to speak for themselves, and that Donald Trump's record of accomplishments, particularly as it relates to African Americans, speaks for itself," Jason told Glenn. "He actually has a record to stand on, unlike even Barack Obama. When [Obama] was president, I don't think he had much of a record to stand on, in terms of, 'Hey, what did he actually deliver for African Americans?' President Trump has things he can stand on and, you know, beyond that I think black people understand when he starts talking about black unemployment rate. And America's unemployment rate. And then, when you add in for black men, the façade we've been putting on [President Trump] … you know, this whole thing that he's some flaming racist, it just doesn't ring true."

Jason suggested that Trump's fearlessness, unabashed masculinity, and record of keeping his promises resonates with men in the black community. He also weighed in on how media and social media's bias plays a huge role in convincing people to hate President Trump while ignoring Antifa and others on the Left.

"I keep explaining to people, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, they're some of the most secular places on earth. And we've reduced everyone to a tweet, that we disagree with," he added.

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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Megyn Kelly is not happy about the "disgusting" media coverage of President Donald Trump, specifically pointing to Lesley Stahl's "60 Minutes" interview on CBS Sunday.

On the radio program, Megyn told Glenn Beck the media has become so blinded by the "Trump Derangement Syndrome" that they've lost their own credibility — and now they can't get it back.

"It's disgusting. It's stomach-turning," Megyn said of the media's coverage of the president. "But it's just a continuation of what we've seen over the past couple of years. Their 'Trump Derangement Syndrome' has blinded them to what they're doing to their own credibility. They can't get it back. It's too late. They've already sacrificed it. And now no one is listening to them other than the hard partisans for whom they craft their news."

Megyn also discussed how she would have covered the recent stories about Hunter and Joe Biden's alleged corruption. Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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