Glenn Beck: Media blown away by Obama

MSNBC's embarrassing convention coverage...

GLENN: From Radio City in Midtown Manhattan, third most listened to show in all of America. Hello, you sick twisted freak. Welcome to the program. We have to I have to play the audio from MSNBC last night. You want to talk about playing to the crowd, listen to Keith Olbermann last night after Barack Obama walks off the stage. Listen to the crowd around the MSNBC booth and listen to his listen to his obnoxious, elitist, "Oh, let me quote some Shakespeare" kind of attitude. It's just nauseating. Here it is.

OLBERMANN: Take pride that this nation can produce men as speakers such as that.

GLENN: Stop just a second. Stu and Dan, Stu and Dan, you guys used to watch him on sports, right?

STU: Oh, yeah.

GLENN: Did you like him? Was he good at sports?

STU: He was okay. He wasn't one of my favorite sports center anchor but he was still good. Very sarcastic.

GLENN: When did he become this, "If you support him or you do not, you must recognize that someone like this can be produced from this great nation of ours.

DAN: This has to be a gradual decline because I remember actually being sort of cool because him and Dan Patrick were like the first two, like, sports center guys that made it fun and did all the cool little witty commentaries in between and I thought it was cool then but I don't know what happened.

GLENN: I mean, all of a sudden he is is he becoming more and more pretentious?

STU: Oh, God, it's an unending cycle. He is a perpetual motion machine as far as that goes.

GLENN: I mean, he is just becoming more and more I expect him to be I expect him to be, within a week, wearing robes and always clutching books. You know what I mean?

STU: Well, he is covering

GLENN: He's like, "Let me look it up in this novel that I was reading last night."

STU: Well, he was covering speeches given at Greek temples. So I mean, he is on his way.

GLENN: So it's there. So okay, go ahead.

OLBERMANN: That this nation can produce men as speakers such as that.

GLENN: Such as that.

OLBERMANN: For 42 minutes, not a sour note and spell binding throughout, in a way usually reserved for the creations of fiction.


OLBERMANN: An extraordinary political statement, almost a fully realized tough, crisp, insistent speech.

GLENN: Stop, stop! I can't take it! I mean, who, who speaks like this? First of all, who makes sure that every letter is enunciated correctly? Who speaks like this? I mean, I'm you know what? I want old tape on Keith Olbermann. Was he speaking like this when he was like, "And the blue dress got stains all over it." Now all of a sudden he is exact in the English language. Arghhh. Does it make your skin crawl, does anybody is it just me? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Am I nitpicking? Go ahead, Dan.

OLBERMANN: In the tone and in the sense of cutting through the clutter, akin to the words that were given to the fictional title character in an Aaron sore kin film "The American President," only this "Cut the crap" moment is not fiction. This is the real thing out here.

GLENN: Listen. Listen to the crowd.

[ Cheers and Applause ]

GLENN: And they're pausing for it.

OLBERMANN: I'd love to find something to criticize about it. You got anything?


GLENN: No! This is news coverage! This is news coverage! It's not like me, I'm on television, I'll tell you right up front: I'm a conservative; I hate this son of a bitch. I mean, I'll say things like that. This is news coverage! You've got to be kidding me! You've got to be kidding me. Look, just admit it. Just admit it. I will suck the pimple pus out of any pimple that he might have on his cheek. I'll do it. I mean, admit it! Oh. Instead, "I am a journalist, and I will give you the fair analysis of how much I love this man and you should, too. And by the way, for those critics of this show who would say that I would suck the pimple pus out of any pimple that he might have, off of his cheek, I of course would not suck the pimple pus out of his pimples that he might have on his cheek because this man is perfect." Agrhhh! All right. What was Chris Matthews saying?

OLBERMANN: Got anything?

MATTHEWS: No. You know, I've been criticized for saying he inspires me and to hell with my critics.

GLENN: I'd like to suck the pimple pus off his cheek, too, Keith. Jeez. You know what? Can I just say I think it's time for people to be honest. Look, I think Barack Obama is a dangerous, dangerous man. He is not qualified. He is a Marxist. That is my opinion. You don't agree with it, that's fine. But I'm going to tell you that right up front. I'm a conservative. I look at the Constitution differently than this man does. That's fine. Let's just be honest. I'll tell you when I'm on my TV show the same thing, and I'll tell you that I'm a conservative. These clowns on MSNBC, how are they getting away with it? How are they getting away with it? I have to tell you I'm a pariah. I walk around news people, I'm a pariah. I don't do any of that I don't do any of that. I would never do that, never. I think we should just change the advertising for MSNBC. I think we should just change it. I bet Keith Olbermann would call them an advert, I think we should change the adverts maybe to something like this.

VOICE: Tonight on NBC it's a complete recap of the Democratic National Convention. At 7:00 p.m. Chris Matthews fights back tears of joy as he evaluates the Democrats' leg tingling orgasm inducing pitch perfect speeches. Then at 8:00 p.m., liberal blogger Media Matters types words into Keith Olbermann's TelePrompTer that praise the Democrats' speeches. But Keith takes it a step further and tries to make love to the video monitor, replaying Obama's speech. Then at 9:00 p.m., it's MSNBC's newest hire, a liberal radio talk host with a resume chockful of bankrupting radio networks. And don't miss our coverage of the Republican national convention, as we put the bow tie back on Tucker Carlson and send him to Minneapolis in the Oscar Mayer Weiner truck. MSNBC, the home of journalism.

(Barack Obama music).

GLENN: Now, I don't know if you've heard this, but they are actually, Barack Obama, his campaign is confronting WGN radio. You tell me this is a group of people that understand free speech. The Obama campaign has organized its supporters to confront WGN in Chicago for having a critic of Barack Obama on the air. This is according to Obama's campaign. They wrote in an e mail to their supporters, WGN radio is giving right wing hatchet man Stanley Kurtz a forum to air his baseless, fearmongering, terrorist smears. He is currently scheduled to spend two solid hour blocks from 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. pushing lies, distortions and manipulations about Barack and University of Illinois professor William Ayers. Kurtz, a conservative writer recently wrote an article for the National Review that looked at bow automatic a's ties to Ayers, yada, yada, yada, yada. Tell GN that by providing airtime with Kurtz, they are legit might have gone attacks from a smear merchant and lowering the standards of political discourse. It's absolutely unacceptable that WGN would give a slimy character assassination like Kurtz a slimy character assassin like Kurtz time for his divisive, destructive ranting on our public airways. Keyword: Public airwaves. At the very least they should offer sane, honest rebuttal to every one of Kurtz's lies. Amazing to me that they used the word "Public airwaves" because, gang, that is what's coming. This is what the this is what the campaign is doing. I'm making you a promise that if Barack Obama and congress is controlled by the left, voices like mine will be gone. Voices like mine. There is and you know what? I'm not all I'm not convinced that somebody like John McCain wouldn't reach over to the left if he were President and try to do it himself because we ain't doing him any favors, either. And I could see I mean, the man who gave us the McCain/Feingold, the biggest damage to the First Amendment, he's done more damage to free speech than any other single man alive, I believe, John McCain. I don't trust that he's not going to take away your voice and my voice as well, whether that be on radio, public airwaves or on the Internet. You know what, Stu? Do you know anything hang on. Give me the close of the Barack Obama, please.

(Barack Obama music).

Acclaimed environmentalist and author of "Apocalypse Never" Michael Shellenberger joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Wednesday to warn us about the true goals and effects of climate alarmism: It's become a "secular religion" that lowers standards of living in developed countries, holds developing countries back, and has environmental progress "exactly wrong."

Michael is a Time "Hero of the Environment," Green Book Award winner, and the founder and president of Environmental Progress. He has been called a "environmental guru," "climate guru," "North America's leading public intellectual on clean energy," and "high priest" of the environmental humanist movement for his writings and TED talks, which have been viewed more than 5 million times. But when Michael penned a stunning article in Forbes saying, "On Behalf of Environmentalists, I Apologize for the Climate Scare", the article was pulled just a few hours later. (Read more here.)

On the show, Micheal talked about how environmental alarmism has overtaken scientific fact, leading to a number of unfortunate consequences. He said one of the problems is that rich nations are blocking poor nations from being able to industrialize. Instead, they are seeking to make poverty sustainable, rather than to make poverty history.

"As a cultural anthropologist, I've been traveling to poorer countries and interviewing small farmers for over 30 years. And, obviously there are a lot of causes why countries are poor, but there's no reason we should be helping them to stay poor," Michael said. "A few years ago, there was a movement to make poverty history ... [but] it got taken over by the climate alarmist movement, which has been focused on depriving poor countries, not just of fossil fuels they need to develop, but also the large hydroelectric dams."

He offered the example of the Congo, one of the poorest countries in the world. The Congo has been denied the resources needed to build large hydroelectric dams, which are absolutely essential to pull people out of poverty. And one of the main groups preventing poor countries from the gaining financing they need to to build dams is based in Berkeley, California — a city that gets its electricity from hydroelectric dams.

"It's just unconscionable ... there are major groups, including the Sierra Club, that support efforts to deprive poor countries of energy. And, honestly, they've taken over the World Bank [which] used to fund the basics of development: roads, electricity, sewage systems, flood control, dams," Micheal said.

"Environmentalism, apocalyptic environmentalism in particular, has become the dominant religion of supposedly secular people in the West. So, you know, it's people at the United Nations. It's people that are in very powerful positions who are trying to impose 'nature's order' on societies," he continued. "And, of course, the problem is that nobody can figure out what nature is, and what it's not. That's not a particular good basis for organizing your economy."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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Dr. Voddie Baucham, Dean of Theology at African Christian University in Lusaka, Zambia, joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to explain why he agrees with Vice President Mike Pence's refusal to say the phrase "Black Lives Matter."

Baucham, who recently drew national attention when his sermon titled "Ethnic Gnosticism" resurfaced online, said the phrase has been trademarked by a dangerous, violent, Marxist movement that doesn't care about black lives except to use them as political pawns.

"We have to separate this movement from the issues," Baucham warned. "I know that [Black Lives Matter] is a phrase that is part of an organization. It is a trademark phrase. And it's a phrase designed to use black people.

"That phrase dehumanizes black people, because it makes them pawns in a game that has nothing whatsoever to do with black people and their dignity. And has everything to do with a divisive agenda that is bigger than black people. That's why I'm not going to use that phrase, because I love black people. I love being black."

Baucham warned that Black Lives Matter -- a radical Marxist movement -- is using black people and communities to push a dangerous and divisive narrative. He encouraged Americans to educate themselves on the organization's agenda and belief statement.

"This movement is dangerous. This movement is vicious. And this movement uses black people," he emphasized. "And so if I'm really concerned about issues in the black community -- and I am -- then I have to refuse, and I have to repudiate that organization. Because they stand against that for which I am advocating."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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We're going to be doing an amazing broadcast on Thursday, July 2nd, and we will be broadcasting a really important moment. It is restoring truth. It is restoring our history. It is asking to you make a covenant with God. The covenant that was made by the Pilgrims. And it's giving you a road map of things that we can do, to be able to come back home, together.

All of us.

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RESTORING HOPE: Join Glenn live from Standing Rock Ranch to restore the American covenant

On last week's Wednesday night special, Glenn Beck revealed where the Black Lives Matter organization really gets its funding, and the dark money trail leading to a cast of familiar characters. Shortly after the program aired, one of BLM's fiscal sponsors, Thousand Currents, took down its board of directors page, which featured one of these shady characters:

Ex-Marxist professor and author of "Beyond Woke," Michael Rectenwald, joined Glenn Beck on the TV show to fill us in on the suspicious change he discovered on the Thousand Currents webpage and the Communist terrorists who is now helping run the organization. (Fortunately, the internet is forever, so it is still possible to view the board of directors page by looking at a web archive from the WayBack Machine.)

Rectenwald revealed the shocking life history of Thousand Currents' vice chair of the board, Susan Rosenberg, who spent 16 years in federal prison for her part in a series of increasingly violent acts of terrorism, including bombing the U.S. Capitol building, bombing an FBI building, and targeting police for assassination.

"Their whole campaign was one of unbelievably vicious, murderous cop killings, assassinations, and bombings," explained Rectenwald of Rosenberg's terror group known as the May 19th Communist Organization or M19.

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

Glenn's full investigation into the dark origins of the funding behind Black Lives Matter is available for BlazeTV subscribers. Not a subscriber? Use promo code GLENN to get $10 off your BlazeTV subscription or start your 30-day free trial today.

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