Glenn Beck: Olbermann advising Obama?

GLENN: Could we please play the audio from Keith Olbermann from earlier this week from his interview with Barack Obama. I want you to listen to this carefully. I played this yesterday right after Barack Obama spoke at that school about the lipstick on the pig. I want you to listen to what Keith Olbermann said on Monday to Barack Obama. Here it is.

OLBERMANN: At your convention, maybe the most compelling speech in Denver was that one strongly voiced word, "Enough." A lot of people who have felt angry about what's been done to this country in the last seven or eight years have that same sense of urgency and simplicity to it. Have you thought of using on the campaign trail and in your speaking engagements more exclamation points? Have you thought of getting angrier?

GLENN: Okay. Have you thought about getting angrier and saying things like "Enough!" Have you done that, have you thought about that. Well, I don't know if he had before but he certainly has after the Keith Olbermann interview because here's Barack Obama yesterday on the lipstick of the pig thing.

OBAMA: Because then we go another year or another four years or another eight years without addressing the issues that matter to you. Enough!

GLENN: Okay, he's angry. Enough! We go another four or eight years without addressing the issues that matter to you. Enough! He's taking advice now from Keith Olbermann. Barack Obama, may I give you a piece of advice. Do not become angry. Do not start screaming "Enough." Do not follow Keith Olbermann. Keith Olbermann, Keith Olbermann is a ticking time bomb. Keith Olbermann I believe is a very unstable individual and a ticking time bomb. You want to lose the election? Become angry. This guy is doing everything that I cannot believe that he's actually doing. He's taking from my playbook exactly what he would have to do to lose this election. He's doing it all.

I said right? ?you know what, I think it was after Iowa that I said, you're looking at the next President of the United States... unless, unless he starts exposing himself as someone? ?he's got a very high bar that he's got to hurdle every single time. He cannot be perceived as the average politician. He cannot start flip flopping on the issues. He's vague enough to where he doesn't have to flip flop on the issues. He's flip flopped on almost every issue now. The flip flop list? ?we'll give it to you tomorrow or Monday? ?is enormous. He's flip flopped on almost everything. If the media were looking for it or pointing it out, it would kill him. Just that would be enough. He's flip flopped on almost everything.

Then he said, "I'm tired of the politics of division. Enough! He said, we're a new kind of campaign. We're different.

Well, he's proving that he's not. He's doing the same kinds of things. He's playing these same kinds of commercials. He said that he wasn't going to involve himself in the 527s. He's now going after the 527s. Go ahead, put your money into John McCain because he's losing. He's violating every principle that he stood for. He stood for hope and change, and his people? ?because the media never did it. And Hillary Clinton never did it. Nobody ever defined him as somebody who's not an agent of change. He's never changed anything. In the Illinois Senate, in the United States Senate. You cannot. You cannot effect change and have any enemies. He has not changed? ?it goes to this. Just let me use religious terms because I know that Barack Obama speaks in religious terms and I know Steve Cohen who? ?do you have the audio of Steve Cohen? I don't want to just higgledy piggledy say that Democrats used religious teams but play Steve Cohen.

COHEN: But if you want change, you want the Democratic party, Barack Obama was a community organizer like Jesus who our minister prayed about. Pontius Pilate was a governor.

GLENN: Okay, that's congressman Steve Cohen yesterday in the well of the House of Representatives. So you know you can understand it really disturbs him. When you take the moat out of your own eye, then you can, you know, worry about everything else. Barack Obama wants to take the sliver out of somebody else's eye and I'm talking politically speaking on the parties. Take the moat, that's what? ?that's the change America wants. America doesn't want the two parties blaming each other. We think they're both corrupt. That's why Sarah Palin is doing so well, because she took the moat out of her own party's eye before she turned the cannons on the other party. Turn the cannons on yourself and you'll have credibility. But now the message of hope and change, a positive message. If he starts saying "Enough," if he gets angry, he will lose the election. And there are going to be? ?because, look, the reason why he's gone this far, he would never have gone this far, being as liberal as he is, if he didn't somehow or another embody this hope thing, you know, to embody this feeling of, "Yeah, we can be better." That's all he's got going for him. If he loses that, he's done. And it's amazing that he has made it this far because of his policies. Usually people who have his policies are angry, frustrated socialists. They are people like Michael Moore who nobody wants to have Michael Moore in the office. There are people like Keith Olbermann. Keith Olbermann is a bitter, angry man, who's a ticking time bomb. Barack Obama, do not listen to the ticking time bombs. Do not listen to that. You want to win? You've got to stay positive. You've got to be the man of hope and change. I can't believe I'm giving you this advice. The good news is you think I'm a hate monger racist. So why would you ever listen to me.

Following President Joe Biden's first joint address to Congress, Glenn Beck joined fellow BlazeTV host and author of the new book, "American Marxism," Mark Levin to expose what they called the "Liar-In-Chief's" radical plans for our country and to explain why the far Left's proposals and programs are really a "frontal attack" on our Constitution, our country, and our way of life.

"Substantively, this is a frontal attack on our Constitutional system of limited government. It is a frontal attack on our capitalist system. He's basically throwing out all the bromides for the radical left groups that now form the base of the modern Democrat Party. And I make the case that ... this is Marxist bullcrap in its broadest sense," Levin stated.

"Here we are, a country now where one man can get up in the middle of the night and make a list of everything he wants to do to the country," he added, speaking figuratively. "It's like an unreality where we're living in separate worlds ... the whole thing is a fraud."

Watch the video clip below to hear Levin expose the lies and misinformation in Biden's speech and explain why he believes the true message is absolutely chilling for the future of our nation:

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After months of delays and COVID-19 excuses, President Biden finally delivers his address to the joint session of Congress. It is a truly historic moment, as only a few hundred members of Congress received an invite. While some have compared this speech to JFK's moon landing challenge, it will likely be more like FDR's New Deal nightmare. Will Speaker Pelosi continue her tradition of ripping up the president's speech? Will VP Harris cackle to a quiet audience?

Glenn Beck teams up with fellow BlazeTV host Mark Levin, author of the new book "American Marxism," to take on the progressive plans that could completely transform our economy and our way of life. Steve Deace, BlazeTV host and author of "Faucian Bargain," joins to discuss why it's not enough for conservatives to just lament the dangerous Democrat agenda; we must activate against the woke infection of our institutions. Plus, a power panel to rival CNN talking heads: Stu Burguiere, BlazeTV host of "Stu Does America," and Jason Buttrill, head researcher and writer for Glenn Beck.

Watch the video below:

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The less-than-favorable reaction to Caitlyn Jenner's bid for governor of California as a Republican has shown that leftists and so-called "transgender rights activist" care more about political party than actual transgender rights. Despite the fact that if she wins, Jenner would be the first trans governor in our nation's history — and prove that Republicans aren't 'transphobic' — Leftist activists would rather back Gavin Newsom — a cisgender, white male.

"Make no mistake: we can't wait to elect a #trans governor of California. But @Caitlyn_Jenner spent years telling the #LGBTQ+ community to trust Donald Trump. We saw how that turned out. Now she wants us to trust her? Hard pass," tweeted Equality California, one of the state's largest LGBTQ-rights groups.

"With all due respect, @Caitlyn_Jenner, you are running as a Republican?! Republicans deny your existence and are trying to erase trans youth. HELL NO," tweeted leftist activist and actress Alyssa Milano.

"Well done Caitlyn Jenner, running for governor wins you the one medal you never got: stupidest mother***ker on earth. Running as a Trump Republican & entering a world that hates you," tweeted "Sons of Anarchy" star Ron Perlman.

In this clip from the "Glenn Beck Radio Program," Glenn and producer Stu Burguiere discussed the Left's hostile reaction to Jenner's candidacy for California governor and agreed that leftist trans activists are showing themselves to be more "leftists" than "trans activists."

"If Caitlyn Jenner did, let's say, run for governor and win as a Republican, wouldn't that go a long way to advance what [trans rights activists'] goal supposedly is? Like, if you really believe Republicans hate trans people and what you want is for society to have trans people accepted more broadly, what better way to accomplish that than having a Republican trans candidate?" Stu asked.

"Yeah, see, but you just said the key words: 'If you really believe.' They don't really believe anything. I don't think they even really believe that Republicans hate gay people. I don't think they actually believe that. That's just a slogan that's been drilled in their head," Glenn said. "It doesn't have anything to do with race or gender, or really anything else. It has everything to do with politics. That's it."

Watch the video clip below to hear more from Glenn:

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The New York Times reported this week that U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate and former Secretary of State, John Kerry, allegedly leaked classified Israeli military information to one of its biggest foes: Iran. So, where's the media outcry?

Donald Trump Jr. joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Tuesday to discuss the allegations against Kerry and the corporate media's blatant hypocrisy and the Left's double standards.

"It's sort of amazing what you can get away with if you're a Democrat," Trump Jr. said. "I would think, Glenn, these people would lose their minds if someone in the Trump administration did this."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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