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GLENN: Yeah, we're changing the graphics tonight in the real story. All the graphics are changing.

GLENN: To what?

GLENN: You'll have to see. It's a coal-based logo.

STU: (Laughing.)

GLENN: It will make people's heads explode. It's a coal-based logo.

STU: That's very --

GLENN: It's worth just to -- right at 7:30 tonight just tune in. If you don't have time for the rest of the show, that's -- just at 7:30 to see the real story and the carbon-based logos that I've developed. Because I'm sick yesterday and I'm on the phone (coughing.) "I can't take NBC turning it green. I want a black logo tomorrow." Click.

STU: Dan had sent out in the newsletter yesterday the video of NBC doing the halftime show with candles, and I had to watch it. I clicked on it, and the first scene, you just see a guy doing a show with candlelight and then a 50-foot plasma screen behind him. Is that one running on solar power or what?

GLENN: I don't know.

DAN: On the 50-foot plasma screen was Matt Lauer in the Arctic circle with a giant spotlight lighting up half the freaking continent.

GLENN: Now, we could speculate on the energy and the carbon footprint of that broadcast, or you could wait for the real story as we calculate it in real numbers tonight.

DAN: Lots of bumper stickers on the broadcast, Glenn.

GLENN: I know. But here's the thing that crossed my mind. Look at the energy. I don't mean actual energy because they would be against it then. Look at the energy that they have wasted on the green thing. Now, maybe you could say, okay, more people are willing to recognize that the Earth's temperature changes like it has.

I was reading a dinosaur book to Raphe over the weekend and it made me laugh out loud. I've got to bring it in. Made me laugh out loud. Because it says in Page 1 of this dinosaur book, a long, long time ago millions of years ago when the planet was warmer and wetter, the time of the dinosaurs. And I thought, hmmm. Seems like a science book that says the Earth was warmer and wetter a long time ago. That's weird. I thought the temperature was always static. I didn't even buy this at Sunoco. Oh, it's a dinosaur book. Dinosaurs died, became oil. I take it back. I see the connection to big oil now.

Anyway, think of how much energy they have put into going green, into getting this message out, into being activists, into doing all of these things. Can you imagine, can you imagine if they could have put half of this energy into standing up for America? I mean, they all scream about Darfur but they will dismiss what causes Darfur and that's Islamic extremism. This will -- you know, they'll all cry about women's rights and how, you know, thank goodness a glass ceiling, the Speaker of the House has finally been broken. Yet they won't point out that the two pilots of the last space shuttle were women. You want to talk about a glass ceiling? Nobody even mentioned that. There is no real glass ceiling in America anymore.

You know what? I vote for Condoleezza Rice. She's both black and a woman. Who cares. If she's the right person, I'll vote for her. Who won't? Here's the glass ceiling. Tell me the truth and be qualified.

If you can break through that glass ceiling, the world's your oyster.

They claim that they care about women's rights and yet women are -- and hopefully I'm going to show this again on TV tonight because I saw this picture and it drove me crazy. The women that are -- not even the black berkas where you can see the eyes but the berkas where they even have the lace over the eyes. So you can't even see the eyes.

What is this society? How can anyone live with that kind of hatred towards women? And it's spreading and yet they do nothing about it. Can you imagine if they would join and say, hey, you know what? We'll worry about what's going to happen to us in 1,000 years, after we take care of something that could happen to us in five years. It's irritating. That's why we'll change our logo tonight on Headline Prime, 7:00.

(OUT 11:40)

GLENN: Stu just said to the Insiders in the break, it's amazing that it's these logos of these companies that are going green, which is -- I mean, that's just marketing. That's just marketing. I'm convinced that it is the way to -- you know what? Here. I've got the best e-mail from -- here it is. It's this, and I'm telling you we're making those -- we're making -- we're going to -- I'm not going to be the only one that's not making money on the global warming thing. We've got to find a way to make money. And then we'll give all of that money to me. I'm just sayin'. What do you say, Stu?

STU: Sounds really --

GLENN: I mean, does it sound good? And then what we're going to do is we're going to transfer that money to some place -- no, uh-uh, no. It's like the eco sticker. Listen to this. This is all it is about. This is it. "Glenn, I have been waiting. I put the hydrocarbon sticker on my '99 blue smoke belching Chevy Monte Carlo and waited, and I waited. I waited more than a month. Saturday at precisely 11:50 AM, just before the Buckeye football game kickoff, a couple of my buddies and their wives came over to watch a game since I have the Big 10 network on my satellite and they don't have it at all. On the way out of the house one wife said to her husband, why can't you be more Earth-friendly like Bob? She stated this while she pointed at my hydrocarbon sticker. She looked at me and she said, why do you get fuel for this car? Me, living in the country as I do, I said with a perfectly straight face, since we're in the heart of corn country, believe it or not, we're within nine miles of four different fueling stations that carry this fuel. It cost the same as everybody else's fuel and my miles per gallon, no worse for it. He said, the wife hit her husband: See, you should be more like him." He purchased the hydrocarbon eco fuel sticker from and put it on his car.

Hydrocarbon, by the way, is fossil fuels, oil. Just want you to know that. But most people are so stupid that if you just look like you're "I care" that they buy into it. This is NBC saying "I care." Gosh, we care. We're just like you. We're leading the way because we've seen the polls that show it's important to you. So get out of the way as we get out in front. Not too far out in front. Just out front enough for you to see us but not to actually accomplish anything but just make you feel good that we care. We're NBC.

That's what they're doing. It's the Prius thing. You would think the number one reason to drive a Prius is, well, you're blind. That would be my number one reason. I'm blind. I couldn't see what it looks like. Really, it looks like that? The number one reason you would think would be because it's good for the planet. No. The number one reason people give, when they buy a Prius, with -- what was the percentage? It was an overwhelming percentage. It was unbelievable.

Do you remember it off the top of your head, Stu?

STU: No. I can look it up here real quick.

GLENN: Okay. The number one reason is, it says something about me, that I care. You've got to be kidding me. "That's right." I think that's why -- I think if Obama ever joined with Hillary Clinton, it's a knockout punch. They could actually wear the furry Soviet hats with the red star and they could be talking about executing anybody who disagrees with them. Hey, because Stalin had to do what Stalin had to do. And I believe that there's a good portion of Americans that would say, "It's the first woman and the first black man; wouldn't this be great to have a woman as President, an African-American as a vice president? Oh, my gosh. That ticket says an awful lot about me. I can tell my kids that I was, I was one of the first to ever vote for a woman President and an African-American because that's how open-minded I am." Did you notice that they're for, like, things that are, like, really bad for the country? You're such -- why is it that you hate African-Americans and women so much? By you not voting for them, it sure says an awful lot about you, doesn't it? Am I wrong on that, Stu?

STU: Oh, God no. The statistics back it up as well.

GLENN: It would be -- that's why they would sweep the college -- the universities and the colleges. They would sweep. "Because it says a lot about you. This is where you'll change. We put a woman in charge. That's where you'll change. Meanwhile we'll forget about the women who are, you know, having to wear bedsheets outside so they are not seen. They look like a bunch of trick-or-treaters."

STU: Glenn, as you know, when they say they need change, what everyone has been talking about is the reproductive organs of the President. We need those different. If we can get those difference, everything will be saved.

GLENN: You know what kills me is that Hillary Clinton actually campaigns on change. I mean, what does that mean? That you have change in your pants, that you have like some quarters and a dime and a nickel in your pants? What does that mean, change? She should wear a little change thing, where she can make change on her belt because that's the only kind of change I think she understands. "I'm for change. Actually to be technically correct what I meant to say is I'll make change for a dollar." I mean, how can you possibly say change? That's like, you know, Jeb Bush coming out and him running "I'm for change." Okay. I mean, technically, yes, there will be different clothes, you know, in the drawers and the White House but I don't think there's any -- I mean, you guys are out of it. This is it.

All right. Did you get that stat?

STU: Yes. Shockingly enough 7% said, Glenn, that they would buy a Prius because it's new technology. Another huge one.

GLENN: Hang on just a second. What kind of geek is that? "Oh, I like it, it's new technology."

STU: That's the only reason I would. I'm kind of a technology geek.

Like, I like to have the new thing.

GLENN: It's new good technology, maybe.

STU: Like I would buy a really cool car that would be like -- what's the one that's not?

GLENN: The Tesla.

STU: The Tesla. Yeah.

GLENN: Who would have seen that coming?

STU: Yeah. 25% say lower emissions.

GLENN: Lower emissions, 25%. So a quarter of everybody who buys the Prius, the one that Leonardo Di Caprio will look at you with the sexy dog puppy eyes and say, "You should really buy one because it helps the planet."

STU: That's 25%.

GLENN: 25%.

STU: The people who say it makes a statement about me.

GLENN: Yeah. It's all about me. Screw the environment. It's about me.

STU: 57%. 


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Want more from Glenn Beck?

To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

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