Glenn Beck: Time to jack up taxes

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Bloomberg: NYC Income Tax Could Rise 15 Percent

GLENN: I want to talk a little bit about Bloomberg and what's coming just for New York City, New York and then the rest of the country and I want to explain how trickle-down economics actually works and then I would like somebody to explain trickle-up economics. Remember, the rich aren't paying their fair share. The rich aren't -- you can tax them more, they've got lots of money laying around, they will never notice it gone and those small businesses that make over $250,000 a year, don't worry about them. They've already gotten theirs. We've got to now take it and make sure everybody has that opportunity. Got it? Same time, Barack Obama says this is good to do. However, now in this economic situation we're not sure if we can do it. He might wait. I don't understand that one. You might wait to rescind the Bush tax cuts because of the economic situation, but rescinding the Bush tax cuts is the right thing to do, but we have to wait until we get out of the -- trying to make this work in my head here. Let me see if I can -- I think what he's saying is we have to let capitalism heal the economy before we implement socialism.

So explain to me how trickle-down economics works. Then I'm going to give you the scenario. I was thinking about this this morning when I read that Bloomberg is going to raise taxes in New York City by 15%, okay? I just want to look at -- let's just look at, you know, let's say my tax situation. Pay 30, what is it, 36%? I'm going to be raised to 39%. That's at a bare minimum. So let's just round the numbers off, 40% for income tax. 40%. Great. Now Bloomberg, I'm already playing I think 5% in city tax. So 5% city tax. He wants to raise that. I believe that's -- we're talking about a cap of, what, 9% or 10% of tax? Let's just say it's 10%. So we now have 40% for the federal, we have 10% for the city. That is now 50% of the income gone. Then you have 5% for the state. Now we're at 55%. Then we look at my local, my real estate taxes, your real estate taxes, all the other taxes. For a small business -- remember those evil businesses that are making over $250,000 a year -- you can now find yourself paying about 60% of your income to taxes. That's not including everything that you buy, that you pay an additional 6% on. So you're paying a minimum of about 60% to a government, probably closer to 65% when all is said and done.

So I happen to pay tithing. Now we'd be at minimum 70% of my income, closer to 80% of my income which now leaves me the whopping 10% -- 20% of my income. 20% of my work, of my time. 20% is what I'm left to now run my business. Huh. Oh, and my house and my life. Got it. 20%. Let me make you a promise. This kind of stuff happens, businesses all around the country will not be able to do business.

Let me give you the example. This Christmas show has cost me a fortune to do and I'm thinking about this this morning. I'm thinking, all right, the Christmas show, the Christmas Sweater. Could I even afford to do it next year? The answer is no. This will most likely be the last time this Christmas show is ever seen because I couldn't afford to put it on because of the taxes and the tax burden that would be coming my way. If these things come to pass, then there's no way I could afford to do business.

Now, here's where trickle-down economics works. People will say, oh, well, that's no big deal, he's got enough money, he's got this, he's got that, blah, blah, blah, blah. I just want to think of the people that we employ. First of all, I have the entire radio staff. Then I have a stage staff. This is all they do. They just work to produce these shows. We have a Broadway director, we have three composers, we have a conductor, we have eleven people in the orchestra, we have a singer, we employ all of the people at the stages, at the union houses that are going to turn on the lights. They are going to open up and sell the tickets and clean the theater and run the stage show. All of these people all across the country will not be employed next year. Now, these how trickle-down economics works. The unions will scream because they've got to have more money but they price themselves out of business because people can't afford to go and put the show on and if they can't afford it, they will just say, well, we'll pass it on to the consumer, but the consumer then can't afford to buy the ticket. It's already happening.

I mean, in this stage show, because it's being produced in New York, all the unions have to be involved. I've got -- currently I've got a situation where I can't have -- we've hired the stage manager from Cirque du Soleil to do this show. I can't get the stage manager involved because her union contract says she can't work certain times. We all say, "Okay, well, we really need her to do this now." We can't have her do this now. We can only have her do certain things at certain times and when those certain times come -- this show is unique -- we don't need her to do those things. But she's got to do them. It's insanity. I have to hire certain people to do certain things that I don't need which increase the cost of the tickets which increase the cost of the production which, after taxes and everything else that are coming our way, which increase the odds that I can't hire any of these people. Okay, that's how trickle-down economics works. You hurt the guy at the top and then nobody has a job.

Explain how trickle-up economics works. We're talking now about getting rebate checks. We're talking now about getting people to get a rebate, which is the most insane thing I've ever heard, a rebate check. Think about this. Would it be easier just to lower taxes? Would it be easier just to say, hey, don't pay taxes, "Hey, you don't have to send this money in," or is it better to have all that money sent in, then have this giant machinery and this apparatus go through all the paperwork, figure out who it belongs to, who it should go back to, find out their address, have them fill out applications so they can get the money, print those checks, send those checks. How much money is being wasted on rebate checks? It's not about doing the right thing. It's about buying constituents. That's what that's about. Because the logical thing to do would be to reduce taxes on those people who pay taxes, but this is again about the redistribution of wealth. Because you can't reduce the taxes on the people who have already paid taxes. You need to give money to people who don't pay taxes. Well, again, I ask, is the number of people who don't pay taxes going to get larger or smaller? Once you've hurt the people at the top. It only makes sense that it's going to get larger. How many people will we not employ next Christmas? A ton. What do those people do? They get their money from the government. They become slaves. They get free money for not working and they get it from Uncle Sam or Uncle Obama. It doesn't make any sense. It's never going to work and that's why Obama needs capitalism to heal, before he implements socialism. You immediately go and redistribute the wealth. You immediately take the wealth -- the first thing you would do in office is raise those income taxes, make sure you get money from those people. Quick, it's the thing we've got to do. They wouldn't be having a stimulus package. They wouldn't be talking about bailouts. The first thing we would do is talk about talk about taxes, if higher taxes helped. That's the first thing they would have on their agenda. But it's the last thing on their agenda because they know it hurts.

Now, at the same time Bloomberg and cities all over the country -- did you know that California, California, a state that actually asks the United States government for a bailout, do you know what the people of California just voted for? New York City, New York City, a city that just said that they are going to have to raise all of those taxes, they are going to have to bring everything up by 15%. Is this the same city that just spent $249 million, a quarter of a billion dollars on hybrid buses? And it wasn't just to help congestion. It was for global warming. So the same guy who says we're out of control, we've got -- they don't cut the spending. Oh, sure, they are talking about cutting a little spending. You know what they're talking about cutting? They are talking about cutting police officers. Oh, in New York City, cutting police officers. That's brilliant.

In a shocking but underreported conversation ahead of the G7 Speakers' meeting in London last week, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitted that the administration knows China is committing "genocide" against the Uyghurs in the Xinjiang region, but thinks working with the regime on climate change is more important.

On the radio program, an outraged Glenn Beck dissected Pelosi's speech and broke down how — along with the Biden administration's abandonment of Americans in Afghanistan, and the Democrat decision to follow measures of medical "equity" — the far left is revealing how little they really care about human life.

Glenn played a video clip of Pelosi making the following statement:

We've always felt connected to China, but with their military aggression in the South China Sea, with their continuation of genocide with the Uyghurs in Xinjiang province there, with their violation of the cultural, linguistic, religious priority of Tibet, with their suppression of democracy in Hong Kong and other parts of China, as well – they're just getting worse in terms of suppression, and freedom of speech. So, human rights, security, economically [sic].

Having said all of that ... we have to work together on climate. Climate is an overriding issue and China is the leading emitter in the world, the U.S. too and developed world too, but we must work together.

"We have Nancy Pelosi admitting the United States of America knows that they're not only committing [genocide], they're continuing to commit it. Which means, we've known for a while," Glenn noted. "And what does she say? She goes on to say, yes, they're committing genocide against the Uyghurs, but having said that, I'm quoting, 'the overriding issue,' is working together on climate change.

"Would we have worked with Hitler on climate change? Would we have worked with Hitler on developing the bomb? Would we have worked with Hitler on developing the Autobahn? Would we have worked with Hitler on his socialized medicine? Would we have worked with Hitler on any of his national, socialist ideas?" he asked.

"The answer is no. No. When you're committing genocide, no! She said 'we have to work together on climate,' because climate is the 'overriding issue.' The overriding issue? There is no way to describe this mindset. That, yes, they are killing an entire group of people because of their ethnicity or religion. They are systematically rounding them up, using them for slave labor, and killing them, using their organs and selling them on the open market. They are nothing more than cattle. For us to recognize it and do nothing about it is bad enough. But to say, 'we recognize it, but we have bigger things to talk to them about,' is a horror show."

Glenn went on to urge Americans to "stand up together in love, peace, and harmony," or risk watching our nation become the worst plague on human life yet.

Watch the video clip below to hear more from Glenn:

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The fall of Lehman Brothers in 2008 marked the largest bankruptcy filing in U.S. history and economic collapse was felt throughout the world. But now China's own version of Lehman Brothers, Evergrande, is teetering closer and closer to that edge, too. On the radio program Thursday, Glenn Beck gave the latest update and predicted how it will affect Asian markets and what it could mean for America's economy.

Glenn explained why he believes a major collapse that is happening now in China will have a cascading effect into a "controlled collapse," a managed decline that will dramatically change America's economy and the way we all live.

"You will not recognize your lifestyle. Hear me," Glenn warned. "And that's not a right-left thing. That's a right-wrong thing. We're on the wrong track. I'm telling you now, there's new information and you are not going to recognize the American lifestyle. ... It could happen tomorrow. It could happen in five years from now, but it will happen. We are headed for a very different country. One where you don't have the rights that you have. And you certainly don't have the economic privileges that Americans are used to."

"The same thing that happened in 2008 is now happening in China," Glenn continued. "This time, it's going to take everything down. When it collapses, it will take everything down."

Watch the video below to hear Glenn break down the details:

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Justin Haskins, editorial director of the Heartland Institute, joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to expose a shocking conversation between two Great Reset proponents — Klaus Schwab, chairman of the World Economic Forum, and Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank (Europe's equivalent to the Fed).

The way Schwab and Lagarde discuss the role central banks should play in establishing societal norms, determining your way of life, and defending against potential crisis is proof that the Great Reset is upon us, Justin explained. And the scariest part is that they're not even trying to hide it. The entire, unbelievable conversation has been published on the WEF website, which you can read here.

Glenn read an excerpt from the conversation:

Christine Lagarde: At the ECB, we have now wrapped up and concluded our strategy review, which was the first one in 17 years. And I was blessed to have an entire Governing Council unanimously agree that the fight against climate change should be one of the considerations that we take when we determine monetary policy. So at least the European Central Bank is of the view that climate change is an important component in order to decide on monetary policy. ...

Can we arrive at that trade-off between fighting climate change, preserving biodiversity and yet securing enough growth to respond to legitimate demands of the population? And my first answer, Klaus, to be firm, is that to have a way of life, we need life. And in the medium term, we do have major threats on the horizon that could cause the death of hundreds of thousands of people. So we have to think life, first. We have to think way of life, second. ...

So we have to think life, first. We have to think way of life, second. How can we come together to make sure that we secure the first priority, which is life, and also protect the way of life that people have? And make sure that the cost of it is not so high for some people, that they just cannot tolerate it. I think that the trade-off that we reach will probably require some redistribution, because it is clear that the most exposed people, the less privileged people are those that are going to need some help.

"Do you understand, America, what that means?" Glenn exclaimed. "You have elites, that you never elected, that are having these meetings ... deciding what is a legitimate need for you. And telling you that your needs are going to go away in your lifetime. You may not see a time where you get wants again. Just your needs are going to be addressed. Am I reading this wrong?"

"This is absolutely what is being said here," Justin agreed. "She's very clear that we need to make sure that way of life is second to life. We have to save all these people, hundreds of thousands of people are going to die from this supposedly existential threat of climate change. And their wants, and their desires, and their quality of living, all of that has to come second."

"This is a central bank saying this. This is not an elected official, who is accountable directly to the people. This is a central bank saying, we're going to print money. We're going to use monetary policy, to impose these ideas, to rework society in order to accomplish our goals," Justin added, addressing Lagarde's call for "some redistribution."

Will Great Reset elites — not elected by the U.S. — soon be dictating to the rest of the world? Watch the video clip below to hear Glenn and Justin break it down:

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First comes the "crisis," then comes the expansion. The federal government is seizing on the January 6 Capitol riot to take carte blanche to do whatever it wants and weaponize the event to further empower the new overlords of our country — the intelligence community.

On Glenn TV Wednesday, Glenn Beck reveals what's happening with the U.S. Capitol Police and argues they've morphed into a new arm of the intelligence apparatus, boosted by a massive increase in funding and surveillance equipment and new offices OUTSIDE the Capitol building. The Biden administration has also hidden basic details regarding January 6. Why did officials refuse to release the name of the officer who killed Ashli Babbitt? Where are the 14,000-plus hours of CCTV footage? As any intelligence organization knows, it's best to operate outside the realms of oversight.

Glenn exposes the hidden hand of government that could be used to punish and destroy innocent Americans who are only guilty of holding the "wrong" political view.

Watch the full episode of "Glenn TV" below:

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