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by Joe Kerry

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December 15, 2008

Our flight from Cleveland to Philadelphia was just long enough for Glenn to talk about his 2010 tour ideas with Rich and Donald. Yes, that was 2010 and not a typo. I don’t know where Glenn gets his energy or his questions. In the one hour flight we had Glenn asked 3 questions. I have no issue with the questions but the fact that Glenn seriously expected that someone on the plane have an answer, I found that either very flattering or deeply troubling.

I’m going to let you know what the questions were and as you read them I’d like to hear from you and see whether you, the reader, know any of the answers. Don’t feel bad if you don’t, none of us on the plane knew any of the answers either. His first question was “who makes money off the federal reserve system”. I know where this question came from. As we drove to the airport in Cleveland we passed the Federal Reserve Building and ever since that happened this question was most likely just bouncing inside Glenn’s head waiting to be asked. Glenn wants to know who gets paid by the fed, how much and who pays since it’s really a quasi-governmental entity. In response to his question there were lots of mumbles and “I think that” but none of us really knew.

Next, while talking to Rich and Don about his 2010 tour plans Glenn out-of-the-blue asked, “what is the first line that Lady Macbeth” utters in the play, Macbeth. The plane again went silent as we tried to determine if Glenn was seriously asking the question or worse, seriously expected one of us to have an answer. I just sat there thinking—Glenn really thinks that someone on this plane is going to know that answer. After about 10 seconds of silence the conversation just moved on.

Naturally, since we were flying to Philadelphia Glenn had to ask a question about its history. I was expecting something to do with Independence Hall, the Constitution, George Washington’s quarters while he stayed here in the summer of 1787. That apparently would have been too easy. So Glenn asks, again, out-of-the-blue “were the Society of Friends” part of the ‘underground railroad” network. There was a brief discussion in response to that question but I don’t think Glenn was really satisfied and I’m sure when I see him tomorrow morning and ask him he’ll tell me that he researched it online.

I can tell you that the man never sleeps (see video below). He doesn’t sleep on the plane, bus or at night. He reads, reads and then reads some more. He has the good questions because he’s always absorbing the information, almost non-stop. That’s refreshing as it is challenging.

The glamorous life: what does Glenn do at midnight on the tour bus?

CAUGHT!!! Glenn and his diet of super-sized milk shake and double scoop ice cream

2008 Official Tour Jacket, designed and gifted by Glenn
Glenn and John Carney before going onstage

Celebrating John Carney's birthday on the road--with a special birthday wish from Glenn

Nick on sound and Darrell on audio getting ready for the 'house' to open 


All-Access Backstage Pass Blog

by Joe Kerry

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December 11, 2008 - Thursday

[youtube expand=1]

Watch as tour manager Rich Bonn and Christmas Sweater Director Donald Brenner talk about whether Glenn will accept pending script changes. Learn who really calls the shots. You may be surprised.

Glenn feeling right at home on KTTH 770

Glenn and KTTH's Jenette--working to bring you the truth

Rich Bonn and Donald Brenner enjoying a good laugh before Seattle's show

Rich Bonn...making it all look so easy as he checks all the details one last time before show time!

In Seattle

Getting up at 4:30am each day seems early until you get up at 3am for a few days in a row and then 4:30 becomes much more appealing. For the past two days, Glenn and Adam have been getting up at 3am in order to be at Seattle’s KTTH 770 for the morning radio broadcast. Glenn’s getting up at 3am was made more difficult by the fact that Glenn’s been getting to bed after midnight as he’s had family in town that and just wants to spend as much time as possible with them. The only factor making the late nights and early mornings bearable is that the people at KTTH have been great hosts and their promotions manager, Jenette Warne, made their studios feel like our broadcasting home.

Seattle’s a very friendly city that is, however, acronym impaired. As Glenn pointed out, the South Lake Union Trolley abbreviates to “S.L.U.T.” and the S.L.U.T.’s last trolley stop (I’m not making this up) is at a Hooters Restaurant. Naturally, the S.L.U.T. is lipstick red and posted signs make clear that cash, not credit, is the preferred form of payment. Glenn pointed out that originally all it took was 25 cents to get you a full-ride on the S.L.U.T and a trip to Hooters.—only in liberal Seattle. I’m convinced that it was the same ruling political elite that wisely abbreviated the state’s nuclear regulatory agency, Washington Public Power System to WPPS which is pronounced WHOOPS. Good job!

Acronym’s aside, it’s been great seeing Glenn in his hometown. This is where it all started. Where he made his radio debut as a young boy and where his love for radio was sparked and developed. All day he was like a little kid in the car, anxiously pointing out historical buildings, where he would go shopping as a child, where his family would spend time together and where the radio towers were. He talked about how the city had physically changed with more and bigger buildings but the ‘feel’ and essence of Seattle remained the same. On our way to the airport I was convinced Glenn would ask Adam if he could stay for one more hour. Glenn never asked and I don’t know if that’s because he knew Adam would say ‘no’ or because we were headed for the Lone Star State—Glenn’s adopted home state.

On the plane ride most everyone slept. Glenn used the time to talk about his stage performance with the Director, Donald Brenner. That conversation somehow morphed into a discussion about hyperinflation and the Federal Reserve Board looking for power to issue debt instruments. I swear while Glenn was talking hyperinflation at least 3 passengers were actually considering their chances of survival if they just jumped out of the plane.

In Texas

Glenn’s right when he says Texas has a different feel and that Texans ‘get it’. The first book signing was in Tyler, TX and over 1000 people came out to have their book signed and talk to Glenn. While Glenn signs books, I generally do short video interviews and talk to the people waiting in line and I was immediately struck by how many people said that Glenn’s advice had made a big difference in their lives. They shared stories about hearing Glenn talk on the radio or television about getting out of debt, avoiding the stock market or preparing for harder economic times and that this was the inspiration they needed to act—not blindly—but it was the catalyst for them to sit down with their spouse and families and start to look at things in their lives in a very different light. I heard one woman tell Glenn that she should have listened when Glenn was talking about the weakness of the stock market and the American dollar. She told Glenn it was too late for her, that she lost a lot of her savings. Glenn told her to stay strong—it wasn’t too late—not to give up hope.

One thing I’d like to share with you is that Glenn really believes in the message he shares with you every day. He really is not a doom-and-gloom person by nature but really feels in his gut that America is changing and that we’re in for difficult economic times and wants to get that message out. It’s a message he shares, believes and lives. Today, Glenn mentioned that he needed to buy a coat so during our 15 minute lunch break we piled into a car and drove to a nearby store. As we pulled into the parking lot Glenn said this wasn’t the best time to be buying a coat because of the country’s economic situation and we turned around and went back to the hotel. My jaw literally hit the floor. Here’s a man whose on the radio, has his own television show, and has a book that’s been either number 1 or 2 on the New York Times best-sellers list for almost 4 weeks and he’s not buying a coat because of the economy? It just struck me that he’s the same person on-air as off and when he goes behind the microphone and talks about how our country is going to change and how we’re in for tougher times and belt-tightening he means it and he lives it.

I have heard from so many people in several different cities that they have saved money, that they feel safer and that they are more prepared to weather the upcoming storm because they’ve considered, pondered and in some cases even prayed about what Glenn has shared and made their own decisions about what was best for their situation and feel good about the choices they’ve made. Glenn has met thousands of people in small and large cities across the country on the Christmas Sweater Tour and he is HUMBLED by the words that are spoken and stories that are shared. He has received hundreds of handwritten and typed letters on this tour and I can tell you that I see him read each one. He continues to be inspired as he reads how so many people are facing their own storms and are gathering the strength to move on from their own ‘cornfields’. Some people would despair when reading so many stories about the struggles and battles that people are fighting but Glenn gets motivated to do more—he’s wired differently.


At every stop Glenn tries to speak to the group of gathered people. His message has changed. Before, when no one was talking about bailouts, the credit crisis or a deteriorating dollar Glenn was sounding the warning bell. Now, with everyone talking about these things Glenn’s moved to a message of hope. It’s not something that he plans. It’s just his gut telling him to move on. The message is not static. During this tour I’ve seen his message change. I sense an urgency in his message and desire to get it out. He’s talking about the need for each individual to step forward in their own communities and become leaders—not in 5 years or 6 months, but today.

I’ve heard him at several stops ask people to keep him and his family in their prayers. I see how grateful he is when people tell him that they say a prayer for him and his family. I have seen in city after city members of his team tell him that he can only stay and sign books for one hour due to scheduling constraints but Glenn insists on staying until every book is signed and every friendly smile returned. I don’t think Glenn could leave knowing that there were people who wanted to say ‘hi’ or have a book signed.

So what have I learned on tour so far? Don’t underestimate the power and strength you give Glenn—he needs you, he really does.


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by Joe Kerry

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Exclusive Video: Glenn Beck and crew get lost in the Villages during The Christmas Sweater tour...


All-Access Backstage Pass Blog

by Joe Kerry

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580 KIDO treating Glenn as the star he is...


All-Access Backstage Pass Blog

by Joe Kerry

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The Villages

We spent an awesome day at The Villages in Florida. What a great community. It was just so nice to be in a neighborhood where everyone is friendly and literally, despite the 60,000 people who call this home, everybody knows everyone else. The weather was so perfect and the atmosphere so friendly that it looked to me like it was the first day since the Christmas Sweater began that Glenn actually was able to relax and laugh.

Everything you could ever need is here at The Villages. It has its own power grid, it’s own water system, their own stores, shopping centers, golf courses, movie theaters, restaurants and anything else you could possibly think of. It has everything a big city has but has kept the small town feel. The neighborhoods have been planned out perfectly. There’s lots of open fields, trees and space (see video). I love the fact that so many people ride around in The Villages in golf carts (see video) in paths that have been specially designed for them.

The golf carts are a great idea but letting Glenn drive one, well, not so much. Glenn was given the keys to the Cadillac golf cart and a map with very simple directions—there was literally just one turn between where our trip began to our intended destination. We were told that it would take us 10 minutes (maximum) to get to the theater. An hour-and-twenty minutes later we pulled into the theater’s parking lot. If you want the proof that Glenn’s a great guy and super employer but shouldn’t ever drive a gold cart just watch the video.

Salt Lake City

After a beautiful stay at The Villages and two performances in front of the nicest audiences you could hope for we left for Salt Lake City. The plane took off at about 1 in the morning and everyone onboard was just exhausted. I would say that within an hour of being in the air everyone was asleep except for Glenn. I saw him read his thousand emails, then open a book, listen briefly to his IPod—I eventually dozed off. When I woke up, Glenn was resting on the floor of the plane. He was trying to stretch out his back and just relax. Later I learned that he laid on the floor because he didn’t want to wake-up the four members of his team who had already fallen asleep on the plane’s small couch.

I wanted to share this small story because it’s a side of Glenn that I suspect many people don’t see. One of the most refreshing things about Glenn Beck is that he’s the same person on-air as he is off-air. He’s got a good heart—just keep him away from any golf carts!


Friday - Dec 5, 2008

All-Access Backstage Pass Blog

by Joe Kerry

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We present a new round of videos from the road...

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Glenn Beck's The Christmas Sweater Tour - Santa

[youtube expand=1]

Glenn Beck's The Christmas Sweater Tour - The Villages


Thursday - Dec 4, 2008

All-Access Backstage Pass Blog

by Joe Kerry

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[youtube expand=1]

She gets angry listening to Glenn--but still listens and I give her credit for it!

[youtube expand=1]

Trying to change his community and world one person at a time.

[youtube expand=1]

One laughed, one cried, but both loved the show in Tampa.



Wednesday - Dec 3, 2008

All-Access Backstage Pass Blog

by Joe Kerry

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[youtube expand=1]

Father & daughter talk about how their relationship has improved because of the Christmas Sweater

[youtube expand=1]

Love the show--even though it made me feel like 'crap' over some of the stuff I've done

Glenn has always said that the people who listen to his show, watch him on TV or are fans of his are the nicest and politest people on the planet. Up until this tour I used to think that everyone said that but I've noticed something on this tour.

Every audience in every theater has given Glenn a standing ovation when he's walked out on the stage--not just a polite "welcome to our theater" but a heartfelt "welcome back my good friend" applause

It's like the audience somehow knows how much time Glenn has put into preparing for this tour. It's like they sense how much of himself he is opening up to them. It's like they are saying "thank you" before even seeing the play.

Can I share with you how much this means to Glenn? How this sustains him?

To Tampa I say 'thank you' for your welcome--maybe it's the oranges or the sun--but Glenn needed the boost you gave him. You made being away from his family a bit more do able.

Glenn’s show was broadcasted from WFLA in Tampa, Florida and it seemed that 5am came earlier today than it did yesterday. For those of you who keep track of such things, Glenn’s actually been losing weight during this tour as the stage show is so physically demanding (Glenn has to pack invisible clothes, ride an invisible bike, etc…). I still can’t tell if Glenn’s ‘all meat all the time diet’ is going to get him through the tour. He’s been getting by on a handful of hours each night—does radio in the morning, signs books during the day and gives a physically intense stage performance at night. He does it because this is a message he believes in his heart has to be shared and it’s been inspiring to see people all across the country share their stories of facing and overcoming their own storms.

It was an interesting show with the callers being more interested in talking about the economy, perfect storm and upcoming upheavals than the more traditional holiday topics. Even when Glenn tried to talk about different subjects with more holiday flare the callers kept brining it back to the economy. I don’t think some of the listeners really understand Glenn. He really is an optimist. He believes America’s greatest days don’t necessarily have to be behind Her and that the storms we’re collectively facing as a country will make things tough but can also act as a catalyst to bring out so much of what makes America great. That’s the message I see Glenn sharing at the book signing stops and when he meets with business owners, individuals who are retired, students and just everyday hard-working people.

I’ve seen Glenn read each letter he receives. On tour, the letters are from people who have faced their own personal storm and have typically emerged with more bodily bumps and bruises but always stronger. The letter simultaneously inspire Glenn when he reads about the strength of men and women who face down their own personal monsters or climb their own mountains but also bring him to tears—literally—I think because he’s gone through his own trials he has a special ability to internalize and empathize with others. He vests a piece of himself with each letter that he reads. It’s like he becomes a silent cheerleader for that person—silently rooting and praying that they’ll have the courage, strength and friendships to make it.

People have also been writing letters about how they are getting involved in their communities. How they are becoming leaders within their neighborhoods. One young couple started a “Constitutional Study Group” in Memphis, a Tampa woman is hosting weekly meetings with her neighbors without any political agenda but in an effort to meet and get to know them and others are just recommitting to be better fathers, mothers, and citizens.

Close by will be more behind-the-scenes photos from our tour stop in Tampa. Enjoy!

John Carney living out his dream. We eventually told him there was no power to his microphone.  


All-Access Backstage Pass Blog - Tuesday - Dec 2, 2008

[youtube expand=1]

Why does Glenn’s backstage table have water, Kleenex, batteries and four condoms?  Watch as we seek the answer.

[youtube expand=1]

Glenn says he hurt himself while stuffing invisible clothes into an invisible bag during his performance.  Well that certainly would explain his invisible injury.  Listen to Glenn try to make the ‘how he got hurt’ story into something it wasn’t.

Ghosts, Whistles and Condoms

I never knew there was so much superstition as well as tradition in theaters.

I didn't know that each theater has a 'ghost' light that remains on when all other building lights are off and these aren't the environmentally friendly lights but the good old-fashioned incandescent type. So when the last person leaves and locks up the building he/she turns on the 'ghost' light (see pictures) which stays on through the night. The reasons given range from keeping the stage safe to warding off ghosts and the spirits of prior failed productions. .

Glenn also learned that you can't whistle when you're in a theater. Glenn was in the Christmas spirit and whistling a Christmas song on stage when he was told that the general rule is not to whistle on stage as historically anything from the batons was moved based on various whistles that sailors who traditionally worked on stage used to signal each other on what to move where.

Finally, I also learned why there was a box of magnum condoms in the dressing room--they were for Glenn--or actually his equipment (see video). The microphone Glenn uses is so sensitive that his sweat will actually cause it to malfunction so its inserted into a condom. Sad experience has taught us that magnums, nonprofit work best.

All this knowledge and only into day four of the tour.

Joe Kerry

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It's true, Glenn actually pulled several shoulder muscles folding invisible clothes and packing them into an invisible bag during the show. Oh yeah, that all meat diet is really keeping you healthy Glenn! Glenn and Director, Donald Brenner, rehearsing one last time before the show in St. Louis. The faces of our orchestra members have been 'blued' out due to union rules and hurdles.
Nick Daley and Rich Bonn celebrating a great show in St. Louis on the flight to Florida. And to the person who gifted the champagne to Glenn, just one question: what part of "Glenn's an alcoholic" goes with the bubbly? And no, he didn't even have one sip. This cookie basket was twice as high--but what Glenn didn't drink in champaign he made up for in cookies.
I swear it's like flying on a 'witness protection' plane. No name or faces allowed. Chanta Layton brings down the house with her singing during the show. You'll have to come out to hear her (and see her, as union rules/hurdels prevent us from showing her face).


Monday - Dec 01, 2008

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Christmas Sweater Tour Blog - Donald Brenner


Behind the Scenes: Glenn and Donald Brenner, the director, rehearsing on a New York City high-rise rooftop.

Glenn at a book signing with Team Beck

Sound Designer, Nick Daley, doing one more check at Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh.

Glenn, Donald Brenner and the pianist rehearsing (no Glenn's not going to sing!) but there are several songs. We've blotted out the pianist and composer Albert Aahronheim due to union rules which make it all but impossible for us to post photos or video of union members.

Lighting design guru and master, David Marcucci, during a rehearsal in NYC.

[youtube expand=1]

Melissa and Mark talks about The Christmas Sweater show

[youtube expand=1]

Nick Daley, sound designer for the Christmas Sweater show

Sunday - Nov 30, 2008

The Christmas Sweater Tour began on Friday and we’ve already made stops in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Missouri and tonight we’re off to Florida.

Book Signings

We started the book/stage tours with book signings in Indianapolis, Ft. Wayne, Toledo and Akron. Even though Glenn’s been told not to talk during the book signings (in order to save his voice for radio and the stage tour) do you think he listens? Nope. Glenn insists on sharing his feelings and message at each stop to the group and where time permits, he does an informal question/answer exchange with anyone who is there.

Several thousand people came out to meet Glenn at the book signings. His message at every stop was for each individual to learn more about what they can do to make a difference in their community and not look for direction or leadership from Washington, DC or others. I’ve noticed that people react to that message differently. Some people are ready to take the lead and others aren’t. At our stop in Indianapolis an individual discussed an idea with Glenn that had a lot of potential but when Glenn suggested that he move forward with it—he said he couldn’t—he said it needed a leader. That wonderful idea may never get off the ground. In contrast there were two women in Toledo who were moving forward with their own plans and making a difference. These women aren’t waiting for anyone! One woman had started her own blog where she writes about the economy and politics and another woman passes out copies of the Constitution to people that she meets throughout any given day.

I think Glenn sees this message of personal empowerment along the lines of the Christmas Sweater—both are about taking control of your life and destiny—and the stories of individuals making changes in their own lives are pouring in. While the rest of us try to find a little bit of sleep on the bus or plane, Glenn will read every letter that he received that day. He reads them. He reacts to the letters differently. Sometimes he takes notes, sometimes he cries (well, that almost always happens)—some he shares and some he’ll read and place in his personal travel bag (on that note, I want to point out that Glenn brought the biggest and heaviest travel bag—and no, it’s not because he’s the one on stage—it’s full of BOOKS!).

Stage Tour

We had our first two shows in Pittsburgh and I can already tell that this tour is going to be a lot different than anything Glenn’s ever done on the road. There’s just so many moving parts.

It’s not just the amount of people involved (director, stage director, tour director, producer, lighting, video, composer, 10 member orchestra, singer, etc) but what they do. The Christmas Sweater is a fusion between the traditional and hi-tech. Glenn’s combined a ten-piece orchestra with traditional instruments with cutting-edge sound design where an eight minute sound segment took two weeks and over 3000 edits to get right.

The show also has an amazing visual component. The entire show is played out in front of a 20 by 50 foot video screen where a combination of pictures from Glenn’s childhood will be shown with other images related to the Christmas Sweater story.

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention how much fun Glenn’s been having while working with about four different labor UNIONS representing the theaters, singers, orchestra members and stage management!

Throughout the tour I’m going to bring you a behind-the-scenes look at what happens while Glenn’s on the road. As always, if you have any questions let me know. See you soon!

Joe Kerry

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11 things you can do to help stop the Great Reset

Photo by Arthur Franklin on Unsplash

The foundation of the American way of life is freedom from tyranny, which can only exist in a nation that defends the rights, powers, and property of individuals and families. Over the past two centuries, the greatest threats to liberty have come from governments, both foreign and domestic. And from the beaches of Normandy to the civil rights movement of the 1960s, Americans have repeatedly conquered the challenges placed before them by those seeking to extinguish or limit individual rights.

However, over the past few years, a new, potentially catastrophic danger has emerged, but not primarily from the halls of Congress or state capitols. This threat to freedom has largely emanated from the board rooms of the world’s wealthiest, most powerful corporations, large financial institutions, central banks, and international organizations such as the United Nations and World Economic Forum.

In an attempt to secure vast amounts of wealth and influence over society, corporate CEOs, bankers, and investors, working closely with key government officials, have launched a unified effort to impose environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards on most of the industrialized global economy. ESG standards are also referred to as “sustainable investment” or “stakeholder capitalism.” According to a report by KPMG, thousands of companies, located in more than 50 countries, already have ESG systems in place, including 82 percent of large companies in the United States.

ESG standards are designed to create a “great reset of capitalism” and to “revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions.” ESG supporters plan to enact these radical changes by using ESG schemes to alter how businesses and investments are evaluated, so that instead of focusing on the quality of goods and services, profits, and other traditional economic metrics, companies — including financial institutions — are evaluated largely on their commitment to social justice and environmental causes and then assigned scores so that companies can be compared, rewarded, or potentially punished.

Supporters of the movement for a Great Reset also plan on using technology to limit free speech and privacy rights, and they support creating vast new government programs that are designed to transform the Western economy via the Green New Deal, European Green Deal, a federal jobs guarantee, and basic income programs.

Together, the proposals that make up the Great Reset represent the most serious threat to freedom in the West since the fall of the Soviet Union and perhaps since World War II. But there is hope. We can stop the Great Reset, but only if we act quickly and with great conviction.

Below are 11 steps you can take to push back against the Great Reset. These steps represent a powerful bottom-up, grassroots approach to the Great Reset’s top-down plan to remake the world. Although many of these steps won’t be easy for everyone to take, they are essential for ensuring that our children and grandchildren will grow up in a world that protects the rights of individuals and empowers families, rather than wealthy special interests, financial institutions, and large corporations.

1. Live Not by Lies: The time for remaining quiet is over. When you hear or see something that you know to be false, speak up. Be kind, generous, and compassionate, but do not, under any circumstances, allow lies to infect your life. Further, do not support organizations, publications, politicians, schools, or any other institutions that regularly promote false claims.

2. Buy Local: The reason the Great Reset is so powerful is because so many of us have become totally dependent on large multinational corporations. They can be easily manipulated in a way that small, local businesses cannot. Learn to buy local, whenever possible, even if it means spending more money on your purchases. Yes, big corporations offer conveniences and low prices that many small businesses can’t compete with, but those benefits come with a great cost: your freedom.

3. Bank Local: Big financial institutions and banks are driving much of the Great Reset movement. They have started to use their incredible wealth and power to alter society by financing only those businesses who agree to the terms of the Great Reset. This problem is going to get worse, so it’s important to find local banks and credit unions you can trust and who refuse to utilize ESG scores and other discriminatory schemes.

4. Support Local Farms: If you live in an area that has local farms and farmer’s markets, consider buying as many of your groceries as possible from farmers. In the future, food production and distribution are going to change dramatically. It’s important that you support local farmers and build relationships with individuals who can provide you with the goods you need in a time of crisis. One of our main goals must be to make local communities as self-sufficient as possible, and that cannot happen unless we support local farms.

5. Be Vocal: After starting to shop and bank locally, be sure to tell big financial institutions and corporations why they have lost your business. They need to know that their decisions have serious consequences.

6. Run for Local Government: Local and state governments will soon be our most important defense against the Great Reset. Consider running for your local school board, zoning board, or even for a state legislative office. If you don’t feel qualified for these positions, find someone who shares your values and help them run for office. If we don’t have control of our local governments, we won’t be able to halt the Great Reset.

7. Demand That Your State Pass Laws Against ESG Scores: In America, states have a tremendous amount of power to slow the Great Reset and protect their citizens from abuses by large corporations, banks, and international institutions. They can do this by passing laws that make the use of ESG metrics and other, similar systems by financial institutions illegal, when used as a precondition for banking services, financing, investment, etc. ESG scores are, by definition, discriminatory and should be made illegal by state lawmakers who care about protecting their citizens’ rights.

8. Make Responsible Spending a Key Issue for Politicians: In recent years, politicians on the ideological left and right have totally abandoned responsible fiscal policy in favor of vast money printing and loose monetary policies. The many trillions of dollars that have been “printed” in recent years put our economy at risk and are being used to fuel the Great Reset. Without these trillions of dollars of printed money, it would be exceptionally difficult for governments and financial institutions to buy off corporations.

9. Organize Anti-Great Reset Groups: No matter where you live, there are Americans in your community who do not support the Great Reset — Republicans, Democrats, and independents alike. Find like-minded neighbors and organize a local, peaceful resistance. Find people you can trust and agree to support one another when times get tough. Now, more than ever, we need to develop dependable communities.

10. Buy Property and Diversify: Property ownership is going to become increasingly more difficult in the months and years to come. It’s important that you work with a qualified financial adviser to help you figure out the best way to buy property and diversify your investments. Buying hard assets, including real estate and precious metals, could be a good way for you to protect against the Great Reset and a possible financial collapse. If you already own property, resist selling it to large corporations and financial institutions, whenever possible. (This is not financial advice, and I’m not a financial adviser. Talk to an expert you trust before taking action!)

11. Make the Great Reset a Litmus Test for Politicians: Before supporting politicians, find out if they know what the Great Reset is and what they plan to do to stop it. If they aren’t familiar with the Great Reset or don’t have a plan to halt it, then demand that they learn about the Great Reset and develop a proposal to prevent it. Political leaders who refuse to take the Great Reset seriously do not deserve your support. This is the key issue of our generation.

Scott Quiner was transferred over the weekend to a hospital in Texas after doctors in Minnesota threated to terminate life support measures as he battled severe complications from COVID-19. Scott's wife, Anne Quiner, appealed to the courts for a restraining order to prevent the hospital from pulling the plug as she sought a new facility to provide medical care for her husband. Scott was unvaccinated when he tested positive for COVID-19 in late October, 2021.

Anne and her attorney Marjorie Holsten joined "The Glenn Beck Program" Thursday to describe their frantic efforts to halt the hospital's decision to turn off Scott's life support — allegedly because he was unvaccinated — and just how difficult it was to get him the medical treatment he needed.

"It was absolutely stunning," Holsten told Glenn. "[Anne] came in and she has this order, I saw the screenshot from the [online medical] chart that said [Scott] is basically scheduled for execution at noon the following day."

According to Holsten, the Minnesota hospital responded to her appeal for a restraining order by claiming that the "position" to keep Scott alive "is not supported by medical science or Minnesota law. As a result, Mercy will ask the court to issue an order that Mercy has the authority to discontinue Mr. Quiner's ventilator and proceed with his medical care plan."

"The 'medical care plan' was the plan to discontinue the ventilator at noon, which leads to death very shortly. So that was at 10 o'clock, but then at 11 o'clock, before the 12 o'clock execution, the judge did, in fact, sign an order saying the hospital is restrained from pulling the plug," she added.

Anne told Glenn that doctors in Texas were shocked by Scott's condition after he arrived from the Minnesota hospital. Not only had he been given dangerous drugs, he was also found to be “severely malnourished."

"The doctor [in Texas] spent two hours with Scott and when he came back out, he said, 'I don't know how he even made it, how he even survived that other hospital ... but I will do everything I can to try to save his life,'" Anne explained.

"And the doctor [in Texas] said Scott was the most undernourished patient he has ever seen," Holsten added.

"Glenn, we are first bringing this battle to the court of public opinion," Holsten continued. "What we are showing the world is that Scott was near death because of the protocols used in that [Minnesota] hospital, but now he is recovering. He is getting better.... Now, we're not planning a funeral, we're planning for his release."

Watch the video clip below for more details.

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The Great Reset is not just an elitist idea — it’s not even a socialist utopian concept. It’s a real-world fascist threat to every American from Wall Street to Main Street. It’s happening now in policies and cultural shifts big and small, obvious and subtle, from environmental promises to corporations going woke. But the mainstream media, global elites, and politicians brushed off the Great Reset as “nothing to see here.” Another myth they push: “The World Economic Forum is just a conference for elites who have no REAL power.”

Glenn Beck first exposed the Great Reset almost two years ago, and the globalist cries of "conspiracy theorist" soon followed. They said he believed the WEF was a “master cabal calling the shots from some evil underground lair.” But Glenn Beck never said that. Instead, he uncovered the true intentions of global leaders in finance and politics by simply highlighting their own words.

This week, the same global elites are doubling down on their agenda at the World Economic Forum’s Davos Agenda virtual event. But still, the global elites — like Twitter’s Jack Dorsey — are trying to downplay the WEF’s influence to stop people like us from interfering with their plans. The oligarchy will prosper in the new world order they’ve designed. You will not.

So Glenn unveils a master chalkboard based on his best-selling new book to outline the threats from globalists and why we must stop their agenda if we hope to keep the precious freedoms we still have.

Watch the full episode of "GlennTV' Below:

Want more from Glenn Beck?

To enjoy more of Glenn’s masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

Kim Iversen, journalist, YouTuber, and host of "The Kim Iversen Show," reacted to Glenn Beck's appearance last week on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" by conceding that, while the subject of Beck's new book, "The Great Reset: Joe Biden and the Rise of Twenty-First-Century Fascism" might at first sound "a little bit loony," closer analysis confirms "this isn't such a crazy conspiracy theory after all."

"Glenn Beck was on Tucker Carlson's show last week touting what has been called a right-wing conspiracy theory and discussing his new book, 'The Great Reset: Joe Biden and the Rise of Twenty-First-Century Fascism'," began Iverson on The Hill's "Rising."

"Well, maybe that all sounds a little bit loony — and believe me, I do think Glenn Beck tends to be a loon," she quipped. "But, maybe this isn't such a crazy conspiracy theory after all. And after seeing everything we've seen with the governments enacting all sorts of authoritarian controls and many other conspiracy theories coming true, maybe there's something to be concerned about. So, what is the Great Reset? The name even sounds conspiratorial, but believe it or not, it's a real thing."

Iverson went on to explain exactly who is behind the Great Reset, what their agenda entails, how they are using the COVID-19 pandemic to "to rebuild society in a way the global elites see best fit."

"You'll own nothing and you will be happy: That's what they're saying," Iverson explained. "And with inflation sky high and no signs of it slowing down, they might be right. We are on our way to becoming a nation of renters, but don't worry it's nothing to fear ... don't worry, everything is being done under the premise that this is all ... being done for our own good, the benefit of a collective society, and we will be happy," she added sarcastically.

Iverson concluded by asking, "Who thinks it's a good idea that a bunch of corporate millionaire and billionaires and world leaders are getting together and coming up with what's best for we the little people? I mean, who thinks that that's a really good idea? And who thinks that they are going to be doing it for our benefit? But, of course they're going to frame it like 'Oh, this is good for you. You're going to rent. You'll own nothing and you'll be happy. Don't worry about it' ... When you look at the actual list of partners with the World Economic Forum, they control everything. They control media. They control health. They control business. They control everything, and so then it does become, how do we people fight against that?"

Watch the video clip below to hear Kim Iverson break it down and don' t miss Wednesday night's special episode of "GlennTV" on BlazeTV’s YouTube channel.

Iversen joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to discuss what The Great Reset is and how YOU can help stop it. Watch the video clip from "The Glenn Beck Program" below:

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