Conservative Whoopi?



GLENN: All right. Stephen, how are you, sir?

MOORE: Hi, Glenn.

GLENN: First of all, let's start with this fact check. By the way, if you don't know who Stephen Moore is, he started Club For Growth. He's now the lead economic editorialist for the Wall Street Journal. Hey, you are reviewing my book, aren't you?

MOORE: I love the book. And by the way, did you see when I was on earlier this week, we caused quite a stir with the liberal bloggers.

GLENN: Oh, I didn't see it. What happened?

MOORE: Oh, they have been saying, you know, that, you know, when we were talking about taxes, raise tax cuts, raising more revenues, it caused a huge stir among all the liberal bloggers saying, lie about the data and --

GLENN: How is that possible? I want to try to be fair here.

MOORE: Yeah.

GLENN: Try to be fair and I know that's very tough for us, Stephen, but try to be fair. How do you make a case it's not true?

MOORE: Well, look. Sometimes when you cut tax rates, you know, you are not going to get as much revenue as you would have gotten but there's no question when George Bush cut the capital gains tax in 2003 and when we cut the income tax rate, I mean, we got a huge throe of revenues. In fact, we had $700 billion in new tax revenues over the last three years. And my other favorite example of this is in the 1980s when we cut the top income tax rate from 70% all the way down to 28%, over that decade -- and you can look this up in President Bill Clinton's own budget documents. The federal revenues doubled. They doubled from $500 billion to $1 trillion. Now, Glenn, that's not a revenue loss.

GLENN: But how do you -- again, how do they make the case? What stat are they trying to quote?

MOORE: Here's what they say. They say if we hadn't cut taxes, we would have had even more revenues. But you can't disprove that. I mean, you can't ever say what might have happened if we hadn't done it. All we could say is every time we cut taxes in the Sixties, in the Eighties and now in the 2000s, every time we have done it, we have gotten more revenues, not less.

GLENN: So what they're trying to do is disprove a fact by using a theory?

MOORE: Exactly.

GLENN: Yeah.

Stephen Moore

MOORE: And it's a problem because in Washington what happens is we have these official scores. The people actually tell us how much a tax cut is going to cost and so any time any conservative says, well, let's cut the estate tax or let's cut the capital gains tax, the scores always say, oh, this is going to cause a huge amount of lost revenue, we can't afford to do it when all they have to do is look at history. Glenn, all they have to do is look at the history books and see what happens every time we do it. We cut the taxes, we get more revenues.

GLENN: Are you amazed, Stephen, at the people? We were just playing a clip from The View. I know you probably spend every day watching The View.

MOORE: Oh, Oprah -- I mean not Oprah. You mean Whoopi? I love this story. It's too good to be true. Remember when I was on your show a few weeks ago when Warren Buffett came to town and said we have to increase the estate tax. The liberal media was all over it saying what a statesman he is for wanting higher estate taxes. Now, Whoopi Goldberg gets it right. She says, look, when I die, I shouldn't have to pay more taxes. I already paid my taxes when I was alive and, boy, have the liberals come down against her.

GLENN: I love these people who are always for bigger government, always for higher taxes but when it actually hits them, they are like, whoa, whoa, whoa, that doesn't -- I've already paid my taxes; that doesn't seem fair. I don't think the death tax seems fair to anyone.

MOORE: That was what was so great about -- people should actually read the dialogue because when Whoopi Goldberg said on the show, I don't think anybody should have to pay tax when they die, all the other liberals on that -- I've got to tell you, Glenn, I'm not a regular viewer of that TV show, The View but all the other liberals on the show, they are like hyperventilating when she said she didn't want to have the estate tax.

GLENN: I'm so surprised. Here he is the chief guy for the editorials of the financial section of the Wall Street Journal. You are telling me you don't watch Joy Behar religiously?

MOORE: I don't care too much what Rosie O'Donnell has to say.

GLENN: Stephen, she said -- and I think she's wrong. She said that everybody is saying that the death tax is a double tax and that's not true. She says it is true. I say she's wrong. It's a triple tax.

MOORE: Good point. Yeah, because you pay your taxes when you earn it. Then you have to pay a capital gains or a dividend tax if anything comes in to you. And then if you do the right thing and you save up your money so you can leave a little bit of your business and your assets to your kids, which is really what the American dream is all about, the Government comes in with a -- right now it's a 45% estate tax. And don't forget, Glenn. I mean, this is something important for your listeners. In 2010 the estate tax goes down to zero but in 2011 it goes all the way back up to 55%.

GLENN: Okay, hang on just a second. I missed one because it's not triple. It's quadruple tax.

MOORE: Which one did we miss?

GLENN: Didn't we miss if you give it to your children, don't they have to pay tax on it as well?

MOORE: Well, there's not an inheritance tax. In other words, what happens is the money is taxed out of the estate. So if your parents or grandparents leave, you know, a --

GLENN: I don't have to pay any kind of capital gains, nothing? That's free and clear for the recipient?

MOORE: Exactly. And so you basically get the assets after the estate tax is paid. But don't forget, Glenn, in a lot of cases that's over half of the -- the Government, the IRS gets more than half of your estate.

GLENN: And I love the fact that last time we were on, Stephen, you know, you told a story that, of course, Warren Buffett is for this. This is the way he cannibalizes family businesses. He goes in and he buys, like, Dairy Queen because they couldn't afford the estate tax. Stephen, we'll look for your articles in The Wall Street Journal. God bless you. We'll talk to you again soon.


There is no transparency when it comes to the Biden administration, and Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz's recent exchange with the FBI’s Jill Sanborn is just another example. When questioned about alleged involvement the FBI had on January 6, 2021, Sanborn refused to answer almost every single time.

Do our government officials still work for us? Take a look at the latest headlines: The DOJ and U.S. Army are preparing for possible conflicts with "domestic terrorists," Biden's education secretary allegedly requested the NSBA letter that suggested treating upset parents like domestic terrorists, and President Biden said if you're not with him on the Democrats' voting bills, then you're with the Confederacy. Meanwhile, the FBI won't tell Congress whether it was involved in the the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and the corporate media insists that there's nothing to see here, especially concerning Ray Epps.

The American people are concerned, and it’s "extraordinarily disturbing" how far the federal government goes to avoid answering our questions, Glenn Beck said on the radio program. There's a very odd growing trend here: Our leaders, including the unelected ones, no longer answer to the people. This must stop now.

"The question that I have is, where is the transparency? And is anyone going to be held accountable? They are not afraid of our senators. They are not afraid of Congress," he stated. "This has got to stop. They have got to answer to the law. This is an oversight committee. Who is in charge, the FBI or the people? Once the people are not in charge and are not allowed to see the secret documents, we are toast. Toast!"

Watch the video clip below to hear for more from Glenn:

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Have you ever wondered why so many insane things are happening simultaneously RIGHT NOW? Big corporations are going woke. The stock market got red-hot during a FORCED recession. Stores like Walmart and Target were allowed to stay open during the lockdown, but mom-and-pop stores on Main Street had to close, some of them forever.

On Wednesday's "GlennTV" special, Glenn Beck explains it all in this sneak-peek episode — a primer to his new book and the upcoming explosive, in-depth special: “The Great Reset: Joe Biden & the Rise of 21st-Century Fascism.” Co-author Justin Haskins joins along with Glenn’s head writer and researcher, Jason Buttrill, to answer audience questions about a topic that the media has tried to censor and “fact-check.” You will be equipped with everything you need to know about what the global elites of the world have planned for the transformation of society and YOUR life.

Watch the full episode of "Glenn TV" below:

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After new information came out that suggests Dr. Anthony Fauci intimidated and bribed scientists into dismissing the COVID-19 lab-leak theory, Sen. Rand Paul and Fauci got into a heated debate in a Senate hearing. But instead of providing answers, Fauci accused Sen. Paul of endangering him.

Sen. Paul joined "The Glenn Beck Program" Wednesday with his response and explained why he believes "people live in fear of what [Fauci] will do to them."

"It's all about money. If you cross Tony Fauci, you don't get your money. He controls the purse strings for the entire country, the entire university system. And he's been doing it for forty years," Sen. Paul began.

"It's consistent with his arrogance, this level of arrogance that he's developed. He said several weeks ago, that he is science and any attack on him is an attack on science. Yesterday, he said anybody who opposes him is encouraging death threats," he added.

"Look, I've been on the receiving end of semi-automatic gunfire. I was 20 yards away from Steve Scalise when he almost died. I was 10 feet away from a staffer that was shot. And, you know what? The guy doing the shooting was a Bernie Sanders supporter. But not one of us, not one of the Republicans on the ball field, said, 'Oh, it was Bernie Sanders' fault.' But that's the juvenile level of personal attack that Fauci is now stooping to. He is saying that the personal threats he gets are actually the fault of his critics."

Sen. Paul continued, "But the thing is, [Fauci] needs to answer the question. Everything he did in the committee yesterday was misdirection so he didn't have to answer the question. The question was, why did he smear three scientists from Stanford, Oxford, and Harvard? Why did he smear them as fringe epidemiologists? And why did he conspire against Francis Collins to take them down in a very public way? He wouldn't answer the question."

Watch the video clip below to hear more of Glenn's conversation with Sen. Rand Paul:

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Over the past year, an increasing number of voices on the left have pushed for radical changes to our way of life, from reforming capitalism to enacting strict vaccine mandates. But are the American people behind these changes? A recent poll from the Heartland Institute and Rasmussen sought to find out, and the results are startling. The three-part poll asked likely voters for their thoughts on the Great Reset (half said they don't know what that is), COVID-19 authoritarianism, and whether they prefer former President Donald Trump or President Joe Biden.

The Heartland Institute's Justin Haskins joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to break down the results of this exclusive poll, including the disturbing revelation that roughly half of Democrats polled supported shockingly authoritarian COVID-19 policies. For example, nearly half of Democrats polled said they think federal or state governments should require unvaccinated people to live in "designated areas or facilitates," or essentially camps. Nearly half of Democrats supported a proposal "to fine or imprison individuals" just for questioning the efficacy of the existing COVID-19 vaccines on social media, television, radio, or in online or digital publications. And, when asked if people who refuse to get vaccinated should lose custody of their children, 20% of Democrats answered "yes."

But the poll showed some good news, too. Watch the video clip below for more details:

Glenn and Justin’s new book, ‘The Great Reset: Joe Biden And The Rise Of 21st Century Fascism’ is available to order now.

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