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GLENN: Oh, this green nonsense. Why he had in USA Today, donations to environmental groups, they say, eco friendly apparel and housewares made of recycled materials, the Christmas gift. Really? To who? According to an October survey for Conservation International, whatever the heck they are, they found out that more Americans that ever want to give or receive green gifts this year. So is that up to, like, four people in America? Dan, Stu, let me ask you a question. If I gave you a, I don't know, a hemp bag for Christmas, would you be thrilled?

STU: Oh.

DAN: Oh, yeah, especially considering that New York Times article. I'd be psyched.

STU: I would actually I think, Glenn, use the temp bag to carry aerosol cans and coal.

GLENN: I believe I would, too. They are saying over 50% of the American people now want something green for Christmas. I say this study is what scientists call a load of bullcrap. I don't want to have a tote bag when I could have an iPhone. I don't want to have a goat donated in the my name to some third world country. I really don't. If I get a card from anyone who says I bought a goat for you and it's in Africa, I say, well, that's really good. That Christmas present sucks. I want something cool from the Sky Mall catalog!

You know, I've been thinking about getting Raphe a slot car set. I know, I know, it says in the catalog for 8 and older. He'll grow into it. I'll show him how. Can you imagine the disappointment in your kid's face if, you know, you were going to give him a cool present and instead you bought him a carbon offset? "No, but Raphe, Raphe, Raphe, Raphe, this is the way Daddy can drive you in the big SUV and we won't be hurting the Earth." We would both never stop crying, for the love of Pete. I don't care how good giving green is for the planet, I want stuff that takes 8 D batteries. I want stuff that lights up. I want stuff that makes noise. I want a remote control helicopter that looks like the one from Magnum PI. That's what I want. I want a life size C3PO from Sharper Image. I want a good old-fashioned Christmas. I don't want a hemp tote bag! I don't know a soul -- I take it back. Besides Liz who works for Fusion magazine, I don't know a soul that wants a hemp bag. You know what, get Liz on the phone. Can you get Liz on the phone? I bet you Liz doesn't even want a hemp bag. She'll say she does: "Oh, no, that would be good." But at home she would be, I can't believe he gave me a hemp bag. Oh, I hope she says yes because Christmas bonuses are right around the corner. I'm buying her a goat. No, no, I'm not going to because that would make her feel good because she would be like, and Glenn took his own money and bought a goat. I'm going to steal a wallet from some environmentalist and then I'm going to take and buy a goat for her.

Can you get her on the phone? Is she there?

STU: No, Glenn, she just walked away from her desk a few minutes ago.

GLENN: Did she? How convenient. You know why? Because she knows she has to be on record as an environmentalist saying, "yes, I'll take the hemp bag." I don't remember the amendment number. I'm sure it's in there some place, but I think we have a constitutional right to give and receive as much crap at Christmas as our credit cards will allow. I'm just sayin'. You know who doesn't like this stuff for Christmas? Terrorists. Yeah, terrorists. Instead of asking Santa for neat stuff like striped socks and pink shirts, they want you to ask for causes. Yeah, I'd say no way. I say if we start giving green, the terrorists win, and not on my watch, brother, not on my watch.

They actually have that green Christmas display. I was in San Francisco. They have this big green Christmas display in the windows. I couldn't take it. By the way, in the, you know, in the book I talk about what it's really all about. Hey, Stu, did you see what happened with the UN?

STU: No, not today.

GLENN: In the book I tell you what this is really all about, you know, and what the science is and how Al Gore has turned it all upside down on its head and actually inverted the two charts of CO2 and warming. It's actually the other way. Warming causes CO2. So I talk about all of that but then the real answer that I was looking for is why is this happening. Why is this happening? Because it's about global socialism. It's about international taxes.

The Law of the Sea treaty, you know what they want to do on the Law of the Sea treaty. That's give away our right to the ocean. We have to go to the UN. So if anybody ever wants to drill in the ocean, they'll have to go to the UN and ask permission. And they'll have to pay for that. And they have to have two sites that they want to drill in. And the UN says, okay, these two sites, our geologists have looked at it. You get that site but you're also going to drill this site but we get everything that we find in that site. Okay? That's what the Law of the Sea treaty does. It's fantastic, if you're a communist.

Here's what it's really all about. Look at this. Last year's budget at the UN was $4.17 billion. Now next year's budget is $7 billion. That's kind of weird, isn't it? $3 billion increase for the United Nations? What's going on with that? What's happening there? How are they going to pay for that? They say it's the largest increase in history. How are you going to pay for it? Ah, carbon taxes. Wouldn't that be great? Wouldn't that be great? If we could just tax everybody, that will solve everything.

You know, let me ask you this: Do you think one of the tenets, the central tenets of global warming is wrong? Do you think it's possible that one of the central tenets of global warming is wrong? No. Of course not. Absolutely not. I mean, unless you look at the facts, absolutely not. If you watch An Inconvenient Truth, you'll see Al Gore telling you how extreme the weather is getting and how it's getting worse and worse. Not in 100 years in the future but right now it's getting worse and worse and worse. Really? It will fact is it's been getting much worse for a while now. The Sunday times from the U.K. had an article that echoes what I talk about in the first chapter of "An Inconvenient Book," that the death rate due to extreme weather has dropped by around 98.7% from the 1920s to today. CO2 has been skyrocketing. Everything's getting worse. We're all going to die.

Well, wait a minute. We're all going to die? Death rates from extreme weather have gone down by almost 100%. Research was done by Indur Goklany -- I think that's how you say his name.

STU: Goklany maybe?

GLENN: Anyway, we talked to him on the air about a year ago. He wrote a book called The Improving State of the World. It gives all sorts of stats about how our air is more cleaner, our water is more pure, we're avoiding death now better now than ever before. The most obvious example, and there are tons of them, is heating oil, natural gas. How many people in Iowa right now would freeze to death? How many people do you think would freeze to death if it wasn't for natural gas heating oil?

By the way, to put it in perspective, you're about 80 times more likely to die from TB than from extreme weather. So what's the opposing side? The opposing side, Greenpeace, you know, went right into the exact strategy of defense that they always do. You know, it's like they're reading An Inconvenient Book and, you know, then they wrote the press release from that and that is the research group that released this, known for being in the pay of the world's biggest oil company. That's, they're in bed with big oil. You are either too stupid to get it or you're part of it. That's the Progressive way. That's exactly what the Progressives used to do around the turn of the century, the ones that Hillary Clinton is modeling herself after. The Progressives, they had one strategy. This is the way. It is socialism and if you don't get it, you're either too stupid and just need reeducation or you're part of that big evil corporate monolith that's trying to stop it all.

They didn't say that the research was wrong. It just must be the big evil oil has a plot to keep people alive to move the statistics in their favor, which they kind of do. See heating oil.

I was watching the reviews of the book come out on Amazon.com. I love these people. I mean, I laugh because they have clearly not read the book. One was said, said that my claim on saving lives, the deaths from natural disasters have gone down 98.7% since the 1920s. They say that claim was misleading that, quote, yes, these things are true but they have nothing to do with each other, end quote. Really? Why is that? I mean, Al Gore says most of our people live on the coastlines, that we now have this coastline mentality. We've all moved out there. Death should be going up. The reason for the massive drop in weather-related deaths comes from innovations, better warning systems, better flood defensives, stronger buildings, earthquakes. Why is it, why is it every time there's an earthquake in Mexico, all these people die, but earthquakes can happen in San Francisco and people survive. Why is it? Is got on our side? I'll have to ask Mike Huckabee's God to find out. Is God on our side? No. Innovation is on our side, American ingenuity is on our side. These incredible innovations built on the back of cheap energy and strong economies. You know, it's not something that you have to guess at. Look at the difference, what happens to us, you know, in Haiti when a hurricane hits, between Haiti and what happens in the United States of America. Maybe the solution isn't trying to control global weather and instead just keep as much of the $26.5 trillion that Al Gore wants to spend on climate change, make our economies, our warning systems, our buildings and our flood defenses stronger.

Wait. Wait, wait. I just had an idea. Think how many cool slide shows you could make with $26.5 trillion. Unless the Government is making them, I bet they can make a lot of slide shows but maybe it's just me.


Countless corporations — from Delta Air Lines, Coca-Cola, and Porsche to UPS and LinkedIn — are calling out the Georgia voting laws, calling them "restrictive," "racist," and "discriminative." Meanwhile, words like "stakeholder" and "equitable" are starting to show up in their arguments.

On the radio program, Glenn Beck gave the "decoder ring" for what's really going on here, because our society is being completely redesigned in front of our eyes.

There's a reason why all these big businesses are speaking out now, and it has very little to do with genuine ideology, Glenn explained. It's all about ESG scores and forcing "compliance" through the monetization of social justice.

Glenn went on to detail exactly what ESG scores are, how they're calculated, and why these social credit scores explain the latest moves from "woke" companies.

Watch the video below to hear Glenn break it down:

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Dallas Jenkins is a storyteller — and he's telling the most important story of all time in a way that many believed was impossible.

Jenkins is the creator of "The Chosen," a free, crowdfunded series about the life of Jesus that rivals Hollywood productions. And Season 2 could not have arrived at a better time — on Easter weekend 2021. Church attendance has dropped, people are hungry for something bigger than all of us, and many are choosing social justice activism, political parties, or even the climate change movement as "religions" over God.

This Easter weekend, Jenkins joined Glenn on the "Glenn Beck Podcast" to discuss the aspects of Jesus that often get overlooked and break through the misconceptions about who Jesus really is to paint a clear picture of why America needs Emmanuel, "God with us," now more than ever.

Watch the full podcast below:

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

Award-winning investigative journalist Lara Logan joined Glenn Beck on the radio program this week to argue the Biden administration's border crisis is "enabling" drug cartels, allowing them to exploit migrants, use border wall construction roads, and cross the border much more easily.

Lara, who has witnessed and experienced firsthand some of the worst violence around the world as a war correspondent for CBS News, told Glenn it's "not an overstatement" to call the cartels in Mexico "the most violent and powerful criminal organizations on the face of the earth." And while they're "at war with us, we've been asleep at the wheel."

But Lara also offers solutions that the U.S. can enact to stop these horrific atrocities.

"There's more than 30,000 Mexican civilians who are massacred every year in Mexico by the cartels. And that's just the bodies that the Mexican government owns up to or knows about, right?" Lara said. "There's Mexicans buried in unmarked mass graves all across the country. I mean, everyone knows that the violence of the cartels is not like anything anyone has ever seen before. It even pales in comparison to, at times, to what terrorist groups like ISIS have done."

Lara went on to explain some of the unspeakable acts of violence and murder that occur at the hands of the Mexican cartels — 98% of which go uninvestigated.

"That's not unprosecuted, Glenn. That's uninvestigated," Lara emphasized. "[Cartels] operate with impunity. So the law enforcement guy, the policemen, the marine, the National Guardsmen, who are trying to do the right thing, who are not in the pocket of the cartels — what chance do those guys have? They've got no chance. You know where they end up? In one of those unmarked graves."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

(Content Warning: Disturbing content)

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Have you noticed an insane number of companies "going woke" lately? There's a big reason for why this is happening NOW, and it's not just virtue-signaling. Big corporations, one by one, are pulling the trigger on an initiative that has been in the works for about a decade.

On Glenn TV this week, Glenn Beck exposes the framework that was built and inserted into business schools all across the countries. Critical race theory, gender, and "social justice" were given a higher priority than just doing good business.

Glenn has the documents that reveal what's coming to YOUR business or the company you work for and what will happen to companies that don't comply. And what started out as an indoctrination at the university level is now being taught in public schools K-12. They're teaching our kids to be equity activists right under our noses, and the indoctrination is working.

Watch the full episode below:

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.