Glenn Beck: It's Franken by a nose

...little Al Franken finds hundreds of 'lost' ballots...

GLENN: I just want to take a hard look at today's America as we get ready to have Roland Burris, the appointed senator in Illinois appointed by the dirty governor of Illinois go to Washington and Harry Reid says he's not going to seat him. Then you have Al Franken, the guy who -- I mean, the points on Al Franken are just incredible. Minnesota law requires duplicate ballot to be created if the original is damaged during election night counting. Counting election officials created the duplicate ballot but apparently failed to mark them as duplicates, which explains why more than 25 voting precincts now have more ballots than people who voted. This double counting produced about 100 additional votes for Al Franken. One precinct lost 133 votes between election night and the recount. The voting machine shows that 133 more people walked through that voting machine than were counted. 46 votes went to Al Franken. In another precinct, 177 more ballots and recorded votes. This is the county where the canvassing board went with more ballots than the machine tally which netted Franken another 37 more votes. Then you've got the absentee ballots where Coleman is contesting 654 absentee ballots, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Okay. First of all, you can make the case that this is an actual stolen election because somebody has to be -- the point on George W. Bush was how is it a stolen election? He won on election night. It was close. He never was behind in the count, ever. You can't steal that which is already yours. So how is it stolen? But the lesson that we were supposed to learn after 2000 was, jeez, you can't count on these things. These things are out of control. Do you remember the guy sitting there with the glasses and he was looking up at the ballot? Do you remember that? And we said we'll never let that happen again? Well, it's just happened again. With Al Franken you could say this is a stolen election because Coleman won on election night. The odds of an election ever turning over and being reversed, extraordinary. Extraordinary odds against it. But that's what happened. But let's not sit here and be the kind of person that Al Franken was. I'm not going to be Al Franken. I don't think you want to be Al Franken. If he played by the rules, whatever those rules are, then seat him and fix the rules. Make sure that it doesn't happen again. The rules are severely flawed clearly, but I'm still not going to say that he was selected, not elected because that's the rule. Now, he wasn't so gracious. In 2000 he said -- or right after the election he said by 2000 Karl Rove knew how to steal an election without leaving any fingerprints. Well, the Democrats don't care about leaving fingerprints because they know they're going to get caught and nobody does anything about it. I mean, look at what's happening in Washington. Look at the scandals that are already there. You have Hillary Clinton taking money and pay for play. How is she going to get past the confirmation hearings? Is she going to get past? Are they just going to look at it and say, "Oh, well, it doesn't really matter." Her husband has taken tons of money from countries in the Middle East. Is she going to be our honest broker over in the Middl e East? Really? She's going to be the one? How did we get here? Does it matter as much as, what are we going to do about it now? You have Roland Burris. Roland Burris is a guy who's now been appointed. Harry Reid is being called a racist because he won't seat Roland Burris. What? Because he's a black man, Harry Reid is not -- I'm not a fan of Harry Reid! I don't like Harry Reid. I don't even understand Harry Reid! I think Harry Reid is a nightmare to this country, but he's not a damn racist. He's a politician. There's a difference. One doesn't burn a cross in the middle of the night. They're both despicable, but one burns crosses and hangs people from trees. The reason why Harry Reid is not -- and it's bad enough. The reason why Harry Reid is not seating him is because Roland Burris apparently can't get reelected in two years. Well, why not? Why is the man unelectable? Are you saying that Roland Burris can't go in and change the world, the guy can't prove that he's a good senator for the next two years? Really? Because I know another senator and he was a minority and he didn't have a lot of experience and he went to Washington and two years later he was qualified to be President of the United States! If Roland Burris is tainted, if there's any allegation that this is one of the guys that, you know, was trying to push for this appointment and get some sort of payoff, well, that's a reason not to seat him. Is the guy qualified? If Al Franken is qualified, Roland Burris is certainly qualified. Seat the man. And if you don't want to seat him, then do a special election.

But see, that's what everybody was calling for originally. All the Democrats were calling for a special election originally. But then they did the math and realized, well, with the scandal it looks like you can't do that because the people of Illinois will say, you know what, maybe we should put a Republican in there. And so they don't want to risk it. And so what Harry Reid is doing is he's not accepting just two years. He wants six years. It's all about politics.

Well, you know what? America, damn it, it's time we stand up and say we're not about politics. We're about our children. We're about our country. I want to believe in the vote. I don't care if you disagree with me. Politically I don't care. You want to go ahead and vote in a socialist system? That's fine with me. I'm going to stand against you every step of the way. But if that's what the American -- if that's what Americans truly believe and they have educated themselves and they want to throw themselves into slavery, well, that's fine. You go ahead and do it. I'm not going to be a part of it, but you go ahead and do it. But just don't enslave us in the cover of darkness. And that's what's happening. And don't even get me started on Caroline Kennedy. She's not qualified? She's not qualified? Wow. Hang on just a second. She's not qualified.

I remember I heard that on Sarah Palin. I haven't heard that about Caroline Kennedy. Sarah Palin, she's a governor with 80% approval rating. She's not qualified to be vice president. But Caroline Kennedy, with zero years of experience, who actually had the cajones to say, "Well, but I'm from the Kennedy family and, you know, my family has been involved for a very long..." what! Can we just -- may I just point out here that Kennedy is not the qualification for a job? Hillary Clinton became a senator because she was married to the President. Now that one-plus terms in the Senate makes her an elder statesman in comparison to Caroline Kennedy. But still you don't think her name is a big reason she's Secretary of State? Really? It's not just with the Democrats, either. George W. Bush -- I'm sorry. George Bush, the first one, said that he wants Jeb to run. I don't want Jeb to run. I like Jeb. I don't want Jeb to run. I'm done with the Bushes, I'm done with the Kennedys, I'm done with the Clintons. God forbid, Chelsea, please stay away from the parties. Can we just take a hiatus for about 1,000 years from these ruling class families?

During his campaign, President Joe Biden survived scandal after scandal involving his son Hunter — the Ukraine/Burisma scandal, the laptop scandal, the one involving a stripper from Arkansas and a long-lost child. And yet, after it all appeared to have been swept under the rug, Hunter has now released a memoir — "Beautiful Things."

Filling in for Glenn Beck on the radio program this week, Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere discussed Hunter's "horrible" response when asked on "CBS This Morning" if the laptop seized by the FBI in 2019 belonged to him and reviewed a few segments from his new book, which they agreed raises the question: Is Hunter trying to sabotage his father's career?

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Countless corporations — from Delta Air Lines, Coca-Cola, and Porsche to UPS and LinkedIn — are calling out the Georgia voting laws, calling them "restrictive," "racist," and "discriminative." Meanwhile, words like "stakeholder" and "equitable" are starting to show up in their arguments.

On the radio program, Glenn Beck gave the "decoder ring" for what's really going on here, because our society is being completely redesigned in front of our eyes.

There's a reason why all these big businesses are speaking out now, and it has very little to do with genuine ideology, Glenn explained. It's all about ESG scores and forcing "compliance" through the monetization of social justice.

Glenn went on to detail exactly what ESG scores are, how they're calculated, and why these social credit scores explain the latest moves from "woke" companies.

Watch the video below to hear Glenn break it down:

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Dallas Jenkins is a storyteller — and he's telling the most important story of all time in a way that many believed was impossible.

Jenkins is the creator of "The Chosen," a free, crowdfunded series about the life of Jesus that rivals Hollywood productions. And Season 2 could not have arrived at a better time — on Easter weekend 2021. Church attendance has dropped, people are hungry for something bigger than all of us, and many are choosing social justice activism, political parties, or even the climate change movement as "religions" over God.

This Easter weekend, Jenkins joined Glenn on the "Glenn Beck Podcast" to discuss the aspects of Jesus that often get overlooked and break through the misconceptions about who Jesus really is to paint a clear picture of why America needs Emmanuel, "God with us," now more than ever.

Watch the full podcast below:

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Award-winning investigative journalist Lara Logan joined Glenn Beck on the radio program this week to argue the Biden administration's border crisis is "enabling" drug cartels, allowing them to exploit migrants, use border wall construction roads, and cross the border much more easily.

Lara, who has witnessed and experienced firsthand some of the worst violence around the world as a war correspondent for CBS News, told Glenn it's "not an overstatement" to call the cartels in Mexico "the most violent and powerful criminal organizations on the face of the earth." And while they're "at war with us, we've been asleep at the wheel."

But Lara also offers solutions that the U.S. can enact to stop these horrific atrocities.

"There's more than 30,000 Mexican civilians who are massacred every year in Mexico by the cartels. And that's just the bodies that the Mexican government owns up to or knows about, right?" Lara said. "There's Mexicans buried in unmarked mass graves all across the country. I mean, everyone knows that the violence of the cartels is not like anything anyone has ever seen before. It even pales in comparison to, at times, to what terrorist groups like ISIS have done."

Lara went on to explain some of the unspeakable acts of violence and murder that occur at the hands of the Mexican cartels — 98% of which go uninvestigated.

"That's not unprosecuted, Glenn. That's uninvestigated," Lara emphasized. "[Cartels] operate with impunity. So the law enforcement guy, the policemen, the marine, the National Guardsmen, who are trying to do the right thing, who are not in the pocket of the cartels — what chance do those guys have? They've got no chance. You know where they end up? In one of those unmarked graves."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

(Content Warning: Disturbing content)

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