Glenn agrees with Frank and Feinstein?

STU: I mean, you're definitely -- any goodwill you had yesterday you were starting to ruin with agreeing with Dianne Feinstein and Barney Frank, but --

GLENN: I'm not doing that willingly. I don't know what Dianne Feinstein's reason for saying that -- what's his name, Burris?

STU: Burris.

GLENN: Burris should be seated, she's probably doing it for some political reason. I'm saying it because, is there a scandal with him? Is there something that he's done wrong? Has it been illegal the way he's been seated? The answer is no. Seat the man, period. That's just what should be done. And Democrats should be saying it and Republicans should be saying it. I don't care if it's good, bad or indifferent for the party. Seat the man, period.

So I find myself strangely in agreeance with Dianne Feinstein. And then I read this story from Barney Frank, and this one, whew. He's pushing now "Say on pay." Legislation which would force companies to hold a nonbinding shareholder vote on executive compensation. "Who the hell are you" is what I first thought. Government is now going to tell people exactly how they run their companies. This is what I've been saying. We're moving down the road away from capitalism. We're slowly -- well, not now. We're in a full-fledged run -- down this road. At first politicians only wanted to limit pay of executives, you know, from companies that took out federal bailout money. Now they want a nonbinding vote. How long before Barney Frank says, "You know what I like is bondage. We could just bind these people up like crazy." How long? Barney Frank says if executives do well, they should get a bonus. If they don't do well, they shouldn't get a bonus. Perhaps they have to surrender the bonus they previously received. It was great. That's great. How do we ever measure that? How do we ever measure that? And who the heck are you? And by the way, Barney, have you noticed? That sounds kind of like rewarding people for doing well. I thought you were against rewarding people for doing well.

If Barney Frank is such a supporter on "Say on pay," I think I should be one. I think I'm going to join Barney Frank in the "Say on pay" campaign. Now, sure that sounds counterintuitive, but let's just limit it to people who receive federal money. Let's just do that. Not every company. Just any of these dirt bag companies and the dirtbags that work for them that are taking federal money. Anybody who's taking federal money, you're right; we should have a "Say on pay." And I'm going to go a step further, Barney Frank. I'm going to say it should be binding. Yeah. Huh? Barney, right now Barney's like, "Gee, there must be a trick to this some place. He can't be agreeing with me because this sounds -- it's all making sense to me. Yes, yes, yes! I say to myself yes! Oh, Barney, yes." What we're not going to tell Barney is he's one of the guys that takes federal dollars. So Barney, when you don't do so well, we're gonna have a vote on whether you should get a pay raise.

See, right now you guys -- this is great. Congress -- by the way, congress got a raise over the holiday. Did you know that? New Year's Eve they gave themselves a holiday -- they gave themselves a raise. Hmmm. How did that happen? Well, they didn't even have to be in session. It just automatically happens because they voted that they could get an automatic raise every year, that way they don't have to vote on it because it's too political. Now, I don't know why they wouldn't do that for you if you were making minimum wage, which I said don't vote -- we shouldn't with a minimum wage. She shouldn't have a maximum wage, she shouldn't have a minimum wage. Let the states decide what the maximum wage and the minimum wage would be in their states because a minimum wage in Kentucky certainly is not livable on a minimum wage, that same minimum wage in New York City. But, of course, the politicians needed to have that minimum wage. So I said if we're going to go down the minimum wage, why wouldn't we just vote that it automatically goes up with a cost of living, that there's automatic cost of living rises on a minimum wage. No, they don't want to do that because they need the political power. They need to be able to say, "I'm in there fighting for you, the person with the minimum wage." Otherwise it just automatically happens and nobody notices it.

Now, why would they not want to do that with the minimum wage but they do want to do that with their own wage? I'm going to go a step further. "Say on pay," Barney Frank. "If you take federal dollars, you should be held responsible. What's happening to all that money? What are you doing with it? How much waste is there?" You are exactly right, Barney Frank. And so seeing that I'm your employer, I should be able to say, "I don't think you guys are getting a raise. And we'll evaluate every year how good of a job are the people doing right now in Washington that the American people are giving a 10% approval rating. Sucks to be you. Look who's giving all of their money back from last year, Barney Frank, on the banking committee. Looks like you pretty much suck.

I'm going to go a step further. You know, Harry Reid is saying that he just, he didn't have any kind of conversations with the governor of Illinois. What, I haven't had conversations. You know they're on tape. Hmmm? You know, they're not letting these tapes be released. Now, let me ask you a question. Don't they work for us? We use common sense. Aren't they our employees? If they're our employees, as a boss don't you have a right to look and see what's on people's company computers? Don't you have a right as an employer if they are using company e-mail to be able to see what's in their e-mail? I think we should have GotomyPC on all of these dirtbags' computers. I think you should be able to log onto Harry Reid's computer anytime. There's a difference between national security, but we the people will discover and define national security, not you guys. Because all of a sudden it will be your gym membership account. I think we should be able to see what everything is on your computer. We should be able to see absolutely everything -- it used to be called freedom of information, but that doesn't really work so well anymore. I think we should be able to see absolutely everything that you people are doing, and I think at the end of the year we should evaluate you and see if you get that raise, that outrageous 2.8% raise. I don't think you deserve 2.8. I don't think you deserve a damn -- and no offense, Barney Frank -- one fat dime.


It seems the Left wants a civil war and some on the Right want a national divorce. The country is split right now unlike anything Glenn Beck has ever witnessed. There are two sides: Those who want to fundamentally change this country and those who believe in KEEPING the experiment of liberty that the Founding Founders intended.

The ideological gap seems impossible to cross, but Glenn explains why he won't secede. David Reaboi, Claremont Institute senior fellow and author of "National Divorce Is Expensive, but It's Worth Every Penny," tells Glenn why a national breakup is not an impossibility just because it will be difficult.

What can we do to fight back … peacefully? How can the states that still believe in the Constitution create pockets of freedom in the shadow of tyranny? On his Wednesday night special this week, Glenn answers that and provides a road map to preserving what the Left is trying to destroy.

Finally, James Simpson, author of "Who Was Karl Marx? The Men, the Motives and the Menace Behind Today's Rampaging American Left," provides solutions on the issues the "red states" must unite around before Left and Right America officially call it quits.

Watch the full episode of "Glenn TV" below:

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An Afghan interpreter who helped save then-Sen. Joe Biden's life in 2008 was among those stranded in Afghanistan after Biden's troop withdrawal. He has now escaped the country with his family, but not with President Biden's help.

Thanks to private organizations, including The Nazarene Fund, the interpreter and his family have now been rescued.

Watch the video clip below to hear Glenn Beck share the details:

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A shocking new report by The Daily Wire reveals that the furious father whose arrest at a school board meeting likely sparked the call for the FBI to investigate anti-CRT parents like domestic terrorists was furious for good reasons: The Loudoun County School Board allegedly tried to cover up his daughter's rape.

Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Tuesday to discuss the incident and explain why he joined 60 lawmakers in a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding answers for why the FBI is targeting parents.

"We want to know ... what kind of coordination took place between the White House, activist groups and teachers unions, and the Department of Justice," Stewart told Glenn. "Because we have evidence that there was [coordination] and, in fact, that the White House are the ones who initiated this. They asked for these activist groups to write this inflammatory letter to the Department of Justice saying they were 'intimidated' and that they 'felt threatened', giving the Department of Justice Attorney General Garland, the excuse to say, 'Okay, well, we have to respond'."

Stewart went on to say he believes the federal government would only involve the FBI in such an issue if its purpose is to silence and intimidate parents concerned about the "poison" being taught to their kids in school. So, what can he and the other representatives who disagree with the Biden administration's overreach of power do to stop it?

Watch the video clip below to hear Stewart explain:

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Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu is now warning that his nation is preparing for war with China after Beijing flew a record number of warplanes over Taiwanese territory. Wu reached out to another country for help, but it wasn't the United States.

In a video, Wu urged Australia to help prepare for a possible invasion, but gave the U.S. no mention.

"The defense of Taiwan is in our own hands, and we are absolutely committed to that. And if China is going to launch a war against Taiwan, we will fight until the end. And that is our commitment. And, of course, during this period of time, we would like to exchange with other countries for security cooperation," Wu said on ABC News In-depth's China Tonight program. "We would like to engage in security or intelligence exchanges with other like-minded partners, Australia included, so that Taiwan is better prepared to deal with the war situation. And so far, our relations with Australia is very good. And that is what we appreciate it for."

On "The Glenn Beck Program," Glenn, Pat Gray, and Stu Burguiere discussed whether or not America would do anything during such a conflict — because it sure seems like President Joe Biden is more focused on working with China to fight climate change. Plus, why did China just cut off all cryptocurrency?

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