Glenn Beck: Every liberal policy in a nutshell

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GLENN: I can't -- I'm surprised that I couldn't destroy the last one. I really tried hard. Well, we'll roll up our sleeves and do our best, although Fox seems to be a juggernaut. Join us next Monday night at 5:00 and please set your TiVo because I know that, you know, you're busting your butt and especially on the West Coast, you are not going to be around at 5:00. But I promise you it will be worth TiVoing. It will be worth your while and it will be a, I believe -- Stu, after the meeting we had yesterday, not all the meetings but I think yesterday we kind of had a real meeting of the minds and really, we're starting to get really down to the wire here. I think we have a different kind of show than what you've seen over at Fox.

STU: Yeah, I think it's going to be different and I think it's nice that it's coming together with several hours before it actually airs.

GLENN: I'm surprised. I am surprised. When you see it coming together, I don't -- that might be a little strong.

STU: How about this. It's nice that within a week of the actual start date, we've thought about what's going to be on the air.

GLENN: There you go. I think so. So join us next Monday on Fox at 5:00.

Okay. And by the way, this is -- you know, I told these guys at Fox just, I think it was yesterday, and they all kind of looked at me like, "Oh, jeez, I've never heard that thing before." I've only done two live shows. I've never done a live show every day. I mean, this is live. I'm used to live radio, but I've never done live television. I did it two nights. And remember the white knuckle that it was? You remember how Conway, our producer, was just like... the whole time? Do you remember?

STU: It was very frightening.

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: The first one in particular. But when you're doing it every night, it's a completely different story.

GLENN: And what scares them is when there's no stopping now. You know, they used to stop down a lot and they're like, "Okay, okay, wait a minute here. That probably should go away." And I'm like, "Really? Oh, okay, I guess." I mean, there's no stopping now, and you just never know what I'm going to say when it's live. So it could be a very short career. I'm not -- I'm just saying. I'm not saying that I'm going to say something stupid but I'm not not saying it, either. Join us at 5:00 on Fox starting on Monday.

Okay. So last night I'm watching 24, and I had to laugh out loud. Well, first of all, have you noticed, Stu? You've been watching it. Have you noticed that the story line -- and I'm not going to blow anything for you. Have you noticed that the story line is exactly in line with I think at least how I feel the American people are feeling?

STU: Yeah, it's a story of what you've been talking about.

GLENN: Oh, yeah. And it's --

STU: Luckily it's only on TV, for the moment.

GLENN: I mean, it's amazing, isn't it? It is people trying to take their government back. It's incredible.

STU: Yeah. And it started with the speech that we talked about with Jack in front of the Senate where it was just, you just, you want somebody to talk to those people like that.

GLENN: That's right. And do you know, do you remember in the scene -- this happened, I think, on Sunday night when Jack was in the car and the FBI agent turned around and said, "Hey, you know, thanks for doing that, et cetera, et cetera," and he said, "You don't need to thank me. I just do what I believe is right and that's all I do." And he said, "Yeah, but now you've got to come back and -- I mean, why did you come back? You knew what they were going to do. They were going to rip you apart." And he said, "Because it's time this country has the dialogue. It's time this country says the hard things to each other and we decide who we are." And I'm like, "Yeah." I mean, this really I think is right in line with where people are today.

STU: And it's a great start to the season, too, just from an entertainment perspective.

GLENN: It's great.

STU: It's been great so far.

GLENN: So here's the thing. Janeane Garofalo is on this year, and I surprisingly don't hate her.

STU: Yeah. No, not yet.

GLENN: It's a long season.

STU: It is a long time.

GLENN: There's 20 more episodes to go.

STU: How could she not be the evil one? I mean, in the end doesn't she have to be?

GLENN: No, you are expecting it. You are expecting that the liberal liberal, you know --

STU: Yeah. And you know she wouldn't have taken --

GLENN: Tree-hugging, no way.

STU: Actually when you are Janeane Garofalo, you take any role.

GLENN: You know what I wonder? They would never put Rush Limbaugh in that role. They would never put Rush Limbaugh in any role.

STU: Well, Rush Limbaugh's not an actor.

GLENN: Let's just say, you know, who is -- she's a comedian. She is not an actor. She is a comedian that did some movies.

STU: She's done some movies.

GLENN: But she's a comedian.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: But you would never put a commentator in a TV show like that because Hollywood would always say, "Well, they wouldn't believe that. They wouldn't -- "I mean, I'm looking at Janeane Garofalo and all I'm thinking is that's Janeane Garofalo, but she's pulling it off. She's doing a good job.

STU: You are right, though, I do just see Janeane Garofalo.

GLENN: And everything that you see her do, you think of course that's what she would say, not the character but Janeane Garofalo.

STU: You are right.

GLENN: And I had that very same dialogue going on in my mind, "She wouldn't have taken this if she was the bad person, if she's going to make the liberal, you know, if she's going to make the progressives look bad, she would never take this." You know?

STU: Yeah, and that is a problem. We've talked about that forever.

GLENN: Exactly right.

STU: That's the problem with taking political positions as an actor or actress because you don't --

GLENN: Exactly right. But you notice that it doesn't happen the other way. With conservatives generally speaking, it doesn't happen.

STU: Well, they have to take roles that are liberal. They have no choice. They are all liberal.

GLENN: Right. But it's interesting also that Janeane Garofalo and Jon Voight are in the same series this year.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: The right and the left actors. Okay. So she's in that one scene, and I'm not going to give anything away but, you know -- I'm not going to spoil the scene for you if you have it on TiVo. But there's this one scene where you know character -- I'm trying to be as vague as I can -- this one character is with Janeane and they need to interrogate. It's 24. You knew this was happening. So they interrogate and the one character says, "I've got to get the answers." And Janeane Garofalo says, "You can't do that. This is America. That's against the law." And the other character says, "They'll kill a bunch of people and we've got to do it! A lot of people will die and it will be a horrible situation!" Janeane Garofalo's character says, "This is against everything we stand for! This is against code, this is against all regulations, this is against the law! I won't have anything to do with it!" And then the character turns with tears in their eyes, says, "This whole thing has been my fault. I've got to set this right. Please, I've got to get the answer. I've got to do this because it's -- I've got to set it right! Please, for me!" And the progressive says, "Okay, I'll wait outside." It wasn't because people are going to die. It wasn't because this guy knows and we need to get it. It wasn't, "We've got to protect our country." She was convinced by, "Please? It will make me feel better." You didn't even have to say, "But okay, let me make the case. I don't think the law applies here or here or here." All you had to do was look at her with puppy dog eyes and say, "Please, it will make my booboo go away."

STU: If that's not every liberal policy.

GLENN: It is.

STU: Feel good emotional.

GLENN: It is. It's wrong. If you want to do it for any other reasons. But if it will make us all feel good, well, then maybe we should.

An Afghan interpreter who helped save then-Sen. Joe Biden's life in 2008 was among those stranded in Afghanistan after Biden's troop withdrawal. He has now escaped the country with his family, but not with President Biden's help.

Thanks to private organizations, including The Nazarene Fund, the interpreter and his family have now been rescued.

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A shocking new report by The Daily Wire reveals that the furious father whose arrest at a school board meeting likely sparked the call for the FBI to investigate anti-CRT parents like domestic terrorists was furious for good reasons: The Loudoun County School Board allegedly tried to cover up his daughter's rape.

Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Tuesday to discuss the incident and explain why he joined 60 lawmakers in a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding answers for why the FBI is targeting parents.

"We want to know ... what kind of coordination took place between the White House, activist groups and teachers unions, and the Department of Justice," Stewart told Glenn. "Because we have evidence that there was [coordination] and, in fact, that the White House are the ones who initiated this. They asked for these activist groups to write this inflammatory letter to the Department of Justice saying they were 'intimidated' and that they 'felt threatened', giving the Department of Justice Attorney General Garland, the excuse to say, 'Okay, well, we have to respond'."

Stewart went on to say he believes the federal government would only involve the FBI in such an issue if its purpose is to silence and intimidate parents concerned about the "poison" being taught to their kids in school. So, what can he and the other representatives who disagree with the Biden administration's overreach of power do to stop it?

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Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu is now warning that his nation is preparing for war with China after Beijing flew a record number of warplanes over Taiwanese territory. Wu reached out to another country for help, but it wasn't the United States.

In a video, Wu urged Australia to help prepare for a possible invasion, but gave the U.S. no mention.

"The defense of Taiwan is in our own hands, and we are absolutely committed to that. And if China is going to launch a war against Taiwan, we will fight until the end. And that is our commitment. And, of course, during this period of time, we would like to exchange with other countries for security cooperation," Wu said on ABC News In-depth's China Tonight program. "We would like to engage in security or intelligence exchanges with other like-minded partners, Australia included, so that Taiwan is better prepared to deal with the war situation. And so far, our relations with Australia is very good. And that is what we appreciate it for."

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You never hear the Left talk about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights any more, unless it's to "reimagine" the Constitution or slap a "harmful content" warning on our founding documents. Seriously. The National Archives said while its website label wasn't targeting the Constitution specifically, "some of the materials presented here may reflect outdated, biased, offensive, and possibly violent views and opinions." The Left finds basic, guaranteed rights so offensive they now spend all of their time on workarounds to deal with America's annoying founding documents.

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