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GLENN: When this economy has turned around, and we're going to have a great party. You don't need to celebrate my inauguration. I'll give you a speech, you watch it on television and I have to talk to you about our plan for America. That guy would have a 90 rating! Because if somebody would say common sense. Instead what are they doing? Declaring a state of emergency to be able to pay for this. They are expecting millions of people to show up on the mall, and how many Porta-Potties are they going to have on the mall? How many Porta-Potties are they going to have there for an estimated crowd of 4 million people. 4 million people, if you went in and had to get a permit to do, you know, a big event anywhere, in any city in America and you said, I've got 4 million people showing up, how many Porta-Potties would you need? Can you call Kevin real quick or Google? You have -- oh, you have it? How many Porta-Potties? We have the strangest meetings at 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning. Kevin walked in and I said, Kevin, I need a little bit of research done. An! d he said, sure, okay, what do you need? I said, I need the number of Porta-Potties that would be needed for a party of about 4 million people. He said, what? I said, I need a Porta-Potty count. All right. Wrote it down. So how many Porta-Potties, if it was just you or me, how many would you need to get your permit?

STU: The U.S. Park Service says the rule of thumb is one Porta-Potty -- and this is going to make you feel really clean -- one Porta-Potty for every 300 people, okay? So the way they're kind of getting around the 5,000 Porta-Potties is their official estimates for the inauguration is 1.5 million.

GLENN: The official? This is the only time we have ever heard any crowd count in Washington be low. They are always like, "There are four people out there." "There were 14 million people on the White House lawn protesting." There were four people! Now the estimate, you know and I know, the estimates are as high as four million people.

STU: Yeah. And by that rule of thumb if you had four million people that actually showed up for the inauguration, you would need 13,333 Porta-Potties.

GLENN: Or they would not give you a permit.

STU: There are a lot of different regulations, but that is what the U.S. park service says is the standard. So if --

GLENN: What are the -- wait, wait, wait. What are the exceptions? If you were a government agency?

STU: Well, again not being a legal authority on Porta-Potty use, this is what the news is reporting is the supposed standard.

GLENN: If the Boy Scouts did this, could they get the permit with 5,000 Porta-Potties?

STU: I mean, in reality?

GLENN: Sorry. Boy Scouts can't use public land. What was I thinking? What a hate mongering group those guys are. 5,000 Porta-Potties. They should have 13,000 Porta-Potties. But the government is allowing this to happen. Again, would the government allow you to do that? No. Crown him on Tuesday.

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GLENN: Okay, I've got another update from the poor man that I have relegated today to spend his day in Porta-Potty hell, Kevin. Okay, I just said that there are 5,000 Porta-Potties coming for the inauguration, and I asked if that could be done by the average person. No. It's 5,000 is -- they are estimating the crowd low. Does anybody know what the crowd was at the last inauguration? A million people? Were there a million people there? Find out what it was. You know, go for Reagan's. What was Reagan's? Go for the last big one, Clinton maybe. How many people were there? Now, this one's going to be historic. So you know it's going to be -- there's 600 rooms left in all of Washington D.C. in the area, 600 rooms.

So you're looking now at at least double anything that's ever been done probably. Estimates are as high as four million. You need 13,000 Porta-Potties for four million people. But Kevin tells me now, as he comes in during the break, he said that's only half the story. As the writer of The Real Story, Kevin, what's the real story on the number of Porta-Potties?

KEVIN: Well, of course, if you go through and you want to have a federal party on federal land, you go through I guess the National Park Service. So as an uncomfortable federal party, the rule would be 300:1. But if you want to have a private --

GLENN: Wait, wait, let me understand this. If I am federal, if I'm a government agency.

KEVIN: Right.

GLENN: I have to have how many?

KEVIN: It's 300, for every 300 people, one Porta-Potty.

GLENN: If I'm part of the federal government -- now again, I'm just looking for disenfranchisement. Does our government have to live by the same rules that we do? 300 people for every one Porta-Potty. But if you're private --

KEVIN: Right. If you want to, if you are a corporation or you just want to have a private party in D.C., you go through the department of, I think it's parks and recreation. And there's a convenient form online that you can go and fill out and along with your form which I think is $65 per 50 people, you will also have to send them a certificate showing that you have one Porta-Potty for every 75 people that are attending.

GLENN: So if we use what you would have to use, if this wasn't the federal government making -- again let's suspend all of the environmental laws so we can build a fence. That's what the government has just done. Now it's, we don't even have to live by our own rules because it's excessive, you can't afford it, it's crazy. But who cares; we make the rules. How many Porta-Potties would this event need?

KEVIN: I think the math was somewhere in the 53,000 range if you had four million people.

GLENN: So the federal government is providing 5,000 Porta-Potties for Tuesday, but if it was a private industry that had to do it, they would need a certificate verifying that if estimates were as high as four million people that you would need 53?

KEVIN: 53,000.

GLENN: 53,000. But no more than 53,000.

STU: Update on the inauguration crowds here, Glenn.

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: George W. Bush's inauguration crowd, 400,000. The biggest ever was Lyndon Johnson in 1965 with 1.2 million. Now, the D.C. mayor actually threw -- their estimate is double that. The actual -- they are saying it could be up to double that. The D.C. mayor threw out three to five million as an estimate just off the top of his head as to what he expected. If it hit five million, it would be tied for the largest gathering in human history. Only the Pope has drawn crowds that would equal five million people. That's what they are looking at. And they've got 5,000 Porta-Potties.

GLENN: Only the federal government. Only the federal government. It is absolutely remarkable to me.

A recent report from Rolling Stone details a public letter sent to Spotify — signed by "270 physicians and scientists" — demanding that the platform implement a "misinformation policy" in response to Joe Rogan's recent interview with Dr. Robert Malone on “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

"This is absolute fascism," Glenn Beck said on the radio program. "There is no safe space. They're coming after talk radio. They're coming after our podcasts. They're coming after our websites."

Glenn said this is this is just one more example of the left's crackdown on freedom of speech and further prove of their ongoing fight against free thinkers or anybody who wants to have an open conversation that may include ideas contrary to what they believe.

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation:

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There is no transparency when it comes to the Biden administration, and Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz's recent exchange with the FBI’s Jill Sanborn is just another example. When questioned about alleged involvement the FBI had on January 6, 2021, Sanborn refused to answer almost every single time.

Do our government officials still work for us? Take a look at the latest headlines: The DOJ and U.S. Army are preparing for possible conflicts with "domestic terrorists," Biden's education secretary allegedly requested the NSBA letter that suggested treating upset parents like domestic terrorists, and President Biden said if you're not with him on the Democrats' voting bills, then you're with the Confederacy. Meanwhile, the FBI won't tell Congress whether it was involved in the the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and the corporate media insists that there's nothing to see here, especially concerning Ray Epps.

The American people are concerned, and it’s "extraordinarily disturbing" how far the federal government goes to avoid answering our questions, Glenn Beck said on the radio program. There's a very odd growing trend here: Our leaders, including the unelected ones, no longer answer to the people. This must stop now.

"The question that I have is, where is the transparency? And is anyone going to be held accountable? They are not afraid of our senators. They are not afraid of Congress," he stated. "This has got to stop. They have got to answer to the law. This is an oversight committee. Who is in charge, the FBI or the people? Once the people are not in charge and are not allowed to see the secret documents, we are toast. Toast!"

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Have you ever wondered why so many insane things are happening simultaneously RIGHT NOW? Big corporations are going woke. The stock market got red-hot during a FORCED recession. Stores like Walmart and Target were allowed to stay open during the lockdown, but mom-and-pop stores on Main Street had to close, some of them forever.

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To enjoy more of Glenn’s masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

After new information came out that suggests Dr. Anthony Fauci intimidated and bribed scientists into dismissing the COVID-19 lab-leak theory, Sen. Rand Paul and Fauci got into a heated debate in a Senate hearing. But instead of providing answers, Fauci accused Sen. Paul of endangering him.

Sen. Paul joined "The Glenn Beck Program" Wednesday with his response and explained why he believes "people live in fear of what [Fauci] will do to them."

"It's all about money. If you cross Tony Fauci, you don't get your money. He controls the purse strings for the entire country, the entire university system. And he's been doing it for forty years," Sen. Paul began.

"It's consistent with his arrogance, this level of arrogance that he's developed. He said several weeks ago, that he is science and any attack on him is an attack on science. Yesterday, he said anybody who opposes him is encouraging death threats," he added.

"Look, I've been on the receiving end of semi-automatic gunfire. I was 20 yards away from Steve Scalise when he almost died. I was 10 feet away from a staffer that was shot. And, you know what? The guy doing the shooting was a Bernie Sanders supporter. But not one of us, not one of the Republicans on the ball field, said, 'Oh, it was Bernie Sanders' fault.' But that's the juvenile level of personal attack that Fauci is now stooping to. He is saying that the personal threats he gets are actually the fault of his critics."

Sen. Paul continued, "But the thing is, [Fauci] needs to answer the question. Everything he did in the committee yesterday was misdirection so he didn't have to answer the question. The question was, why did he smear three scientists from Stanford, Oxford, and Harvard? Why did he smear them as fringe epidemiologists? And why did he conspire against Francis Collins to take them down in a very public way? He wouldn't answer the question."

Watch the video clip below to hear more of Glenn's conversation with Sen. Rand Paul:

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