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GLENN: Stop. Do you hear this? This was a total moment of frustration for me. I'm so tired of being lied to, I'm so tired of not being told the truth, I'm so tired of everybody having a political agenda. Do you know what my political agenda is? America! America! American citizens, safety, security. That's my agenda. That's the American agenda, that from sea to shining sea, if you don't have a political agenda, that's your agenda. Do the right thing for America.

Now, we might disagree on how to get there, but we're being lied to. Natalee Holloway, the media goes down to cover Natalee Holloway, for months! Let me ask you this: If she wasn't a cheerleader and she wasn't blonde, do you think they would be down there? A lot of people would say no. I like to believe that the answer would still be yes. But you know what? The kidnappings on the border make me question because, Stu, out of the 70 people that have gone missing, I think there's 60 now, out of the 60, how many of them are non-Hispanic? Do you know? Did you look? Did you find that website for me? Okay. Look on the website because they have pictures of everybody. I think they're all Hispanic. I don't know for sure. But last I looked at all of the faces, I think they are all Hispanic. The important thing is, is that they are Americans! Not that they're Hispanic, not that they're white. But could I say that the media is being racist because they're not covering these people that are missing? Sure. But I don't think so. I think they are just being political. I think you lose arguments when you cry racism when it's not racist. I think it's the sign of total desperation. And I know that. Let me point out an example. Congressman Cuellar says I'm racist, that this appearance where I was belittling, you just heard the exchange. Who was belittling who? Where I was belittling Laredo and its citizens, I did that because of racist reasons and my racism was very subtle, so unbelievably subtle, congressman, that I didn't even know it was happening, so unbelievably subtle, the things that you said I said, I never said. And you found if it was in a banner? He said that I pointed out or I kept emphasizing --

STU: What's the quote? What does he say actually?

GLENN: Quote, my whole thing is why keep saying Laredo is 90% Hispanic? I never said it.

STU: You didn't say it.

GLENN: Not once.

STU: We found one demographic banner that just says the population and the percentage.

GLENN: Okay. What does it say?

STU: It says -- let me see if I can get the exact verbiage here.

GLENN: While you do that, my whole thing is why you keep saying Laredo is 90% Hispanic. He was wrong. It's actually 95%. But why emphasize? It's Mexican-Americans. At the same time you are attacking Mexico. At the same time you are attacking corruption in Mexico. There were just so many subtle indirect attacks on our border community.

There was no subtle attacks! I'm the guy who asked for troops on the border to protect the people of Laredo, to protect not the Mexican-Americans. The Americans! Stop with the frickin' hyphen, everything else. I'm not a German American. I'm an American.

STU: And if they were Mexican-Americans and you are saying we should protect them, I would think that would mean that you are less racist. I don't even understand that. But first of all --

GLENN: But wait. But wait. If I would say we only protect Americans and not Mexican-Americans, that would be racist. If I would say, let's just protect the Mexican-Americans, that would be racist. I'm saying protect Americans. What does your passport say? What does your birth certificate say? Let's put those people first. Are you a citizen of the United States? I want to put you first. And I would think a congressman would say yes, that's my literal job description, to put citizens and constituents first.

Now, does that mean that I want anybody in America -- or anybody who is Mexican to die? No. If they are trying to kill me, sure. But I'd say that if an American was trying to kill me, too, that happened to be from Norway, a Norwegian American.

Have you noticed, have you noticed how when you lose, it becomes about race. Well, I ain't going to play that game because it ain't about race.

And did the banner say it? What does the banner say?

STU: The banner says Laredo has a population of 170,000, 90% of which is Mexican-American.

GLENN: I don't even know what that banner means. It's a demographic and we do that on everything. I had nothing to do with it. But let's just say that there was some ill intent there. The only ill intent I can make of that is that this is what the banner actually read: Glenn Beck is clearly not racist because he's asking for more protection and more money being asked for by this sheriff who happens to be Hispanic, to protect his citizens which are 90% Hispanic and to find and to talk about the kidnap victims which are, I'm guessing, I don't know, but I'm pretty sure it's damn near, if not 100% Hispanic. The only thing that was racist about this conversation apparently was that I was in it. Because I'm one of the few white guys in it. Everybody I was talking to, everybody I was trying to help, 90% were Hispanic. Me, not caring about someone's race, hadn't noticed, but I see the congressman did.

You know, it's amazing to me, it's really, truly amazing to me that I never once thought that this congressman was a racist for defending Mexico for trying to convince the American people that, okay, what we did with the Zetas, when we trained the Zetas and they went bad and now they are the biggest problem, what we did with Osama Bin Laden where we trained and armed him and then it went bad and he was used against us, what we did with Saddam Hussein where it went bad and we had to take care of it, what we did every step of the way when we get in bed with corrupt people that somehow or another I didn't think that it was racist when he said we should get in bed with the Mexican government and give them $1.4 billion, eavesdropping devices, guns, weapons, training, helicopters. When I have the proof that last time we did it with the Zetas, it really ranked out badly. I didn't think he was being racist for saying that. I just thought he was being, quite frankly, stupid. Don't you learn from history? It's not a Mexican thing. It's a corruption thing. It's not a Hispanic thing. It's a drug money thing. I mean, you know, how many times are you going to learn that lesson? I didn't assume that he was racist because he hated me because I was white and he loved Mexico and wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt because they were Hispanic like him. Never even occurred to me. But what's amazing is a U.S. congressman assumed that of me with not a shred of evidence as I was defending Hispanics who had been kidnapped by drug lords who also happen to be in bed with the Zetas. Weird. Why I would be immediately called a racist when I never had those racist thoughts. But he's not a racist for thinking that I am. Amazing. Shows a level of respect and shows how unbelievably desperate. When you actually start to uncover the truth, how unbelievably desperate they become. They cannot argue with it. They can't argue. They've just got to go to the slurs.


During his campaign, President Joe Biden survived scandal after scandal involving his son Hunter — the Ukraine/Burisma scandal, the laptop scandal, the one involving a stripper from Arkansas and a long-lost child. And yet, after it all appeared to have been swept under the rug, Hunter has now released a memoir — "Beautiful Things."

Filling in for Glenn Beck on the radio program this week, Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere discussed Hunter's "horrible" response when asked on "CBS This Morning" if the laptop seized by the FBI in 2019 belonged to him and reviewed a few segments from his new book, which they agreed raises the question: Is Hunter trying to sabotage his father's career?

Watch the video below for more:

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Countless corporations — from Delta Air Lines, Coca-Cola, and Porsche to UPS and LinkedIn — are calling out the Georgia voting laws, calling them "restrictive," "racist," and "discriminative." Meanwhile, words like "stakeholder" and "equitable" are starting to show up in their arguments.

On the radio program, Glenn Beck gave the "decoder ring" for what's really going on here, because our society is being completely redesigned in front of our eyes.

There's a reason why all these big businesses are speaking out now, and it has very little to do with genuine ideology, Glenn explained. It's all about ESG scores and forcing "compliance" through the monetization of social justice.

Glenn went on to detail exactly what ESG scores are, how they're calculated, and why these social credit scores explain the latest moves from "woke" companies.

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Dallas Jenkins is a storyteller — and he's telling the most important story of all time in a way that many believed was impossible.

Jenkins is the creator of "The Chosen," a free, crowdfunded series about the life of Jesus that rivals Hollywood productions. And Season 2 could not have arrived at a better time — on Easter weekend 2021. Church attendance has dropped, people are hungry for something bigger than all of us, and many are choosing social justice activism, political parties, or even the climate change movement as "religions" over God.

This Easter weekend, Jenkins joined Glenn on the "Glenn Beck Podcast" to discuss the aspects of Jesus that often get overlooked and break through the misconceptions about who Jesus really is to paint a clear picture of why America needs Emmanuel, "God with us," now more than ever.

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Award-winning investigative journalist Lara Logan joined Glenn Beck on the radio program this week to argue the Biden administration's border crisis is "enabling" drug cartels, allowing them to exploit migrants, use border wall construction roads, and cross the border much more easily.

Lara, who has witnessed and experienced firsthand some of the worst violence around the world as a war correspondent for CBS News, told Glenn it's "not an overstatement" to call the cartels in Mexico "the most violent and powerful criminal organizations on the face of the earth." And while they're "at war with us, we've been asleep at the wheel."

But Lara also offers solutions that the U.S. can enact to stop these horrific atrocities.

"There's more than 30,000 Mexican civilians who are massacred every year in Mexico by the cartels. And that's just the bodies that the Mexican government owns up to or knows about, right?" Lara said. "There's Mexicans buried in unmarked mass graves all across the country. I mean, everyone knows that the violence of the cartels is not like anything anyone has ever seen before. It even pales in comparison to, at times, to what terrorist groups like ISIS have done."

Lara went on to explain some of the unspeakable acts of violence and murder that occur at the hands of the Mexican cartels — 98% of which go uninvestigated.

"That's not unprosecuted, Glenn. That's uninvestigated," Lara emphasized. "[Cartels] operate with impunity. So the law enforcement guy, the policemen, the marine, the National Guardsmen, who are trying to do the right thing, who are not in the pocket of the cartels — what chance do those guys have? They've got no chance. You know where they end up? In one of those unmarked graves."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

(Content Warning: Disturbing content)

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