Say it ain't so, Joe



BECK: Oh, yeah. Putting the radio back into Radio City. From Midtown Manhattan, this is the third most listened to show in all of America. My name is Glenn Beck. I'm glad you're here. Yesterday I told you about GI Joe and how he is no longer answering to the Marines. GI Joe answers to an international force. GI Joe, the real American hero not so much anymore. In fact, GI Joe now has a new meaning: G, Global, I, Integrated, J, Joint, O, Operating, E, Entity. GI Joe now stands for Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity. Our children are having their future stolen from them and we are allowing it to happen. Hasbro should be ashamed of themselves. Hasbro should ?? you know what? In fact, my wife is sitting right by the deal. Honey, are you still listening? Honey, are you there? You've got to turn on your microphone. Would you do me a favor? When we're doing ?? she's on the little web cam thing here that I talk to her during breaks. When we buy Christmas toys this Christmas, let's make sure that nothing from Hasbro is purchased.

TANIA: Okay.

BECK: Can we do that? Is it an American company? Do you know, Dan? It is an American company? Well, I guess ?? we're going to have a hard time. We can't buy anything from China because it's all deadly, and we can't buy anything from Hasbro. Hasbro, you should be ?? you're an American company? You should be ashamed of yourself. Do you even know the history of GI Joe? Of course they do. The history of GI Joe, the real guy? The real guy was in the battle of Guadalcanal. He was in, what was it, Dan, like 90 different troops, 70, 90?

Action Figures of the Future - As so cleverly designed by Glenn on Tuesdays show, here are some designs for what our kids can hope to play with in the future! We have Strawberry Shortskirt, Global Integrated Joe, She-Man and MyLittleCloney. Thanks to Michael for sending this in.

DAN: I think it was 90.

BECK: Ninety different guys and the Japanese are coming on and they are trying to take Guadalcanal and every one of his task force dead. Out of 90 guys, one is alive. And so the Japanese think that there's a bigger force. He goes from machine gun to machine gun, from bunker to bunker and he's dragging the wounded with him. As he's going from bunker to bunker, he sees, you know, some of the 90 laying there, some of them dead but he didn't check. He just drags them back in and he takes the machine gun and he goes from station to station to fool them into thinking that there are more people than just one guy. Well, he held it as Guadalcanal. They are not speaking Japanese, are they? It took years to convince Hasbro that they should make a boy doll. "Oh, no, boys won't play with dolls. It's like Barbies. What guys ?? what boy's going to play with a Barbie?" It's not a Barbie. It's an American soldier. It's an American hero. Boys will play with it.

Do you remember the can you think few grip? Do you remember the super eye that he had? You looked in the back of his head he was an American. He was a Marine. The guy's face that you see in GI Joe, that is the soldier that went from machine gun station to machine gun and the only thing he asked Hasbro: You can do it, you can use my likeness but he must always be a U.S. Marine. That was the deal. Well, how Hasbro has forgotten about that. How this American company has just sold us out. I expect it from the Chinese. How Hasbro has now sold GI Joe to have a movie made about and Hollywood jumps all over it.

First the story came out yesterday ?? or actually it's been out for a while but it really kind of gathered steam yesterday when Drudge put it on the front page. And it was reported that it was going to be Brussels, that GI Joe ?? again let me give it to you. My blood boils. My blood boils when I see it, that the Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity, otherwise known as GI Joe, answers to Brussels. Well, the movie company thought that was ?? you know, they were going to get in a lot of trouble if we answered to the international court system in Brussels. So they brought him back to America in the movie. He now answers to the UN, to the U frickin' N. You know what? You teach your kids that our soldiers answer to the UN. Do you know what will happen by that next generation? We will answer to the UN. We've already taught them that the penguins are saved by the UN in Happy Feet. We've already told them that in Superman it's not truth, justice and the American way. The American way has been erased! In the last Superman movie, it was truth and justice. Well, what the hell happened to the American way?

A culture is being erased. We are being set up by ?? what a surprise ?? global corporations. Hasbro, an American company. Shame on you.

Well, I mean, it is just ?? I mean, it's a changing world. Why don't we just embrace it? I mean, man, that sounds like a great movie. If they make it really life?like, wouldn't it be great to have GI Joe, a global ?? when did the word "Entity" mean anything but evil? Wouldn't it be great if he is a global entity and he has to answer to the UN? Man, what an action movie that would be.

VOICE: Coming soon to theatres everywhere, GI Joe finally hits the big screen. And he's fighting the evil enemy that people today are most scared of: Doublecrossing Scottish arms dealers. Plus this time he's not American. He's international. GI Joe. GI Joe, it's now in its fourth Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity. We'll fight the enemy and a new set of difficult-to-follow international rules of engagement. "Okay, sir, can I shoot now? The guy's trying to stab me with his..." it's GI Joe like you've never seen him before. "Sir, may I please respond? I've taken 40 rounds." "Affirmative, soldier, it is time to respond with extreme prejudice. I want you to put your gun down, call the UN and have them draft a harshly worded letter. We're going to sanction their [ BLEEP ]." It's GI Joe goes international. Absolutely no terrorists were harmed during the filming of this movie.

BECK: I can't, I can't take it. When are we going to wake up? When are we going to finally wake up and say, damn it, this is my country! You're not taking it from me in the cover of darkness.

You know, I feel like that ?? I feel like that veteran that cut that Mexican flag down in, where was it, Nevada? Where he cut that American flag down and he said, I couldn't take it; you've got to fight me for this flag. Well, they know that they can't fight. Go back and read Carroll Quigley, tragedy and hope. A guy that is responsible for Clinton being the Rhodes Scholar, a guy who has been a leader for every President from the Sixties on. He talked about it in his book. He said it's not a conspiracy, this global thing is not a conspiracy. It was, but it's not anymore; I was part of it. This is a guy who was a Harvard professor: "I was part of it, I set it up, I helped do it." He was discredited, of course, in the Sixties but yet somehow or another this guy's powerful enough to meet with Presidents all the way along. He said the truth can come out; this is a good thing because we'll never have war again. We'll just use economics against each other. Well, geez. When I can't stop buying toys from China because China says, oh, you don't like our tainted meat, you don't like our lead poisoned toys? Well, if you boycott us or if you put a tariff against us or you can try to penalize us, we will dump $1.3 trillion in cash. Gang, we're being held hostage. I mean, I hate to go back to, you know, the 5,000 Year Leap, but look what Thomas Jefferson talked about.

If you just read the words of the founding fathers, it is so clear. Once you get into bed, once you have massive debt, you're going to be held hostage every step of the way because other countries will control you because they control your debt. Well, what's happening with China? $1.3 trillion? They have always claimed, no, no, no, we're not holding cash. We'll be buying bread ?? our wallets will be a size of a wheelbarrow. You can't stop China now. They got a gun to our head. They have $1.3 trillion in cash just sitting in a bank.

So how are you going to stop it? How are you going to stop it? You've got two treaties right now. One's in the Supreme Court. The other one's sitting in the Senate. One of them will release illegal aliens because we can't try them without their consulate being involved. So illegal aliens done anything wrong in this country, well, you better release him. Was his consulate called?" Why do you think Mexico has so many consulates? They are being consulates, you know, like McDonald's used to build hamburger joints.

We've got on our border a situation that I don't know honestly how to bring you this story. I've been working on this for a while. I can't get anybody to do it because they are all afraid. And I'm not talking about shadow government kind of crap. I'm talking about go down and just report from the border in Laredo, Texas, just stand in Laredo, Texas and tell me the story every day of what's going on. They won't do it. Why? Because they're being killed. The newspaper was bombed. Any of these reporters are being killed. Police being killed. And not killed in the street in gunfire. I mean executed. 70, 70 Americans have been kidnapped from Laredo, Texas. 70! Where's that story? That story is nowhere. You know why? Because you can't get anybody in Texas to talk about it. You've got the people in Laredo that are afraid for their lives. If you live in Laredo, you've got to get your news out of El Paso. And that's going to go away soon. You can't get a reporter to go on the record because they know they're family or they will be dead. The media also won't cover it because there's not a television station within three hours. So anytime you want to talk to somebody down there via satellite, they've got to drive for three hours.

Last night I did the first interview with the sheriff. This guy has testified in front of congress three times. The last time he testified in front of congress, he says, what am I doing here? You do nothing! I'm asking you for help. I've had 70 citizens taken off the streets and brought over to Mexico and either executed or held for ransom. Tonight, day number two of the story of these two girls that were taken and kidnapped off the streets of America, taken over to Laredo, Texas and presented to a drug lord as a gift. This isn't made?up stuff. This is happening. And nobody's talking about it. Nobody will tell you the truth because they live in fear. Nobody will tell you the truth because most people don't even know what the truth is anymore. How is it we can live in a country where Superman has been erased? Superman is not standing for truth, justice and the American way because that's offensive. We're the last great hope for mankind. We're a country that has screwed an awful lot of things up. You about I sure believe in this country, I believe in this Constitution, I believe in the American people. But the American people are going to be slaves. Slaves if they don't stand up pretty soon, if they done pay attention pretty soon. If they done demand the truth pretty soon. If they don't stop watching Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. And you know what? There's a few of us out there, you that listen to talk radio. That's probably an audience of 50 million people, but you are discounted every step of the way. You are made to feel like a freak: Well, you're a talk radio hatemonger.

What was it, what was it, Karl Rove's former advisor told the Texas DOT on how to handle talk radio listeners and talk radio hosts? "Don't get down in the mud because that's who these people are. They're pigs." Talk radio listeners are pigs? We're some of the most well informed, freedom?loving Americans I know. You're discounted. You're discounted because you're invisible. Just Rush Limbaugh's audience is bigger than the "New York Times", USA Today and Newsweek magazine combined, combined. Yet those stories are everywhere. But if Rush Limbaugh says something, it gets no mention. He's invisible. You're invisible. And you're invisible because you don't stand up.

Well, here's something we can all quietly do because that seems to be the way we do it. We can all quietly teach our children the truth. In one generation, guys, it will be gone because your children are being taught lies. Your children are being taught falsehoods about the founding fathers, falsehoods about what this country really stands for, falsehoods on who's right and who's wrong, falsehoods about God, falsehoods about Superman, falsehoods about GI Joe. You watch Happy Feet, you're not offended. You think, oh, well, it's just a cartoon. The penguins are saved by the UN boats in the end. Oh, well, it's no big deal. It's just a kids cartoon. No judge works for the UN. How do you expect your kids to understand the argument that they shouldn't work for the UN, that we shouldn't answer to the UN, that we're not a global community, that all constitutions are not the same? That our country was divinely inspired, protected under divine providence, that we are a unique people, that we are the last great hope of mankind? How do you expect them to understand that if you just (lapse in audio). A global community is the way it works. And they're expecting you to not do anything, to not push back: They saw you do it with Superman. They saw you do it with Happy Man, they saw us do it with GI Joe. Well, somebody's got to draw a line in the sand. Hasbro, you should be ashamed of yourself. Hollywood, I expect it from you. Look at your box office numbers. You go to this movie with Robert Redford, you know somebody that goes to this movie with Robert Redford and they are like, oh, it's just a war movie; it doesn't matter. Shame on them. Shame on you. Shame on you. If that's what you believe about the war, God bless you. You have a right to believe that. If you're just some dope that's going out to the movie and, like, oh, well, it's all just a movie, it doesn't matter, yes, it does. You can only have filth wash over you so long before you become filthy. And especially when it comes to our kids, when they don't know because their feet are in wet cement. They have no foundation yet. It is your responsibility to teach it because somebody else is trying very hard to teach their truths.


The long-awaited New York Attorney General's report on the sexual harassment allegations against Gov. Andrew Cuomo is out — and it is bad for Cuomo. The Democratic AG concluded that the Governor did sexually harass multiple women during his time in office.

On Tuesday's radio program, Glenn Beck questioned is the AG's report would be enough for Democrats to condemn him and call for his resignation? This is what the #MeToo movement was started for, Glenn noted, if Gov. Cuomo doesn't resign quickly, that says a whole lot about today's Democratic Party. Watch the clip to hear more of the conversation. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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Critical race theory: The education trap

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

The fall semester isn't far away. If you aren't prepared for that, someone else is. Predatory behavior. The most important takeaway from this piece is, whatever is happening on campuses right now is what is going to play out through the rest of society in about 30 years. We're seeing it right now with Critical Race Theory.

It started on the campus. It started in the classroom. And our children are set to be the next victims in the cultural warfare for a nightmare that seems like it will never end.

Colleges are manipulating the system.

It's a little ironic that colleges are overflowing with Marxist professors who preach the Gospel of Karl Marx in their classrooms, because academia in America is the perfect example of capitalist achievement. If anything, colleges are manipulating the system in a way that should make Marxists furious. And they hurt the people that Marxism is supposed to rescue.

Colleges are an enterprise. They are Big Business. It means nothing to them to send thousands of students into debt—not if it means the campus will get a new fountain or another office for the Diversity and Inclusion department.

They'll never admit it, but a big part of their problem is that they have put so much into the myth of progress. They can't even admit that it's a myth. Because it's useful to them.

Roger Scruton once said:

Hence the invocations of "progress", of "growth", of constant "advance" towards the goal which, however, must remain always somewhere in the future.

In reality, they don't give a damn about actual progress.

That's how they have turned academia into instruments of social engineering. They use college to change society.

Their purpose is no longer educational. It's social. They're using the classrooms to cause social change.

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On Monday's radio program, Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere were joined by Pat Gray to discuss "woke" Olympic athletes.

In this clip, the guys discussed how "bravely" some athletes are for threatening to protest the national anthem, for twerking on stage, and for showing off how woke they are.

Glenn reminded America of actual bravery at the Olympics when Jesse Owens won the gold medal at the Berlin Olympics. "He [Owens] was oppressed," Glenn said.

Watch the clip to hear Glenn tell the full story. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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Political commentator Bill O'Reilly joined the Glenn Beck radio program on Friday made an important prediction about President Joe Biden's chance of reelection in 2024.

O'Reilly told Glenn that former President Donald Trump was brought down because of COVID. "if COVID had not appeared, O'Reilly stated, "he [Trump] would have won reelection."

O'Reilly went on to predict that like Trump, President Joe Biden would lose reelection because of COVID. People saw a president who could not put out an intelligent fact-based message about COVID and people will remember that," he explained.

O'Reilly later added that "Trump and Biden are one-termers because of COVID."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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