Glenn Beck: Couple of the Year

Couple Of The Year - Volume 1

Quite possibly our favorite show of the year-the "Couple of the Year" presentation. Listen back to some of our best moments from these classic shows - available as a CD or download it instantly in MP3 format.

GLENN: Hello, Pete, you're on the Glenn Beck program.

CALLER: How are you doing?

GLENN: Good, how are you?

CALLER: Good. Been sick all weekend, seriously in the doghouse.

GLENN: What happened?

CALLER: Got to help me out. Well, I've just been sick. She comes in Valentine's morning, hands me a card, candy, and I didn't get her squat.

GLENN: What did you say?

CALLER: I said I'm sorry, honey, but I didn't get you anything. I've been sick. She says, that's no excuse.

GLENN: I hate that. I hate that, "It's no excuse." Okay, what is her name?

CALLER: Her name is Cheryl.

GLENN: Now, you know if she catches you in this, you're in even more trouble?

CALLER: I know.

GLENN: But you're willing to take that risk?

CALLER: I'm willing to take that risk.

GLENN: Okay. Let me just fill out the form letter that you sent to me. You entered this contest.


GLENN: And you entered -- I'm going to hell her that you entered this contest months ago and we called you on Friday, we were supposed to award this to you and we asked you -- because I was gone, we asked you not to tell her.


GLENN: Okay? So dear Mr. Beck, I've never entered a contest like this before, however, I felt I had to tell you about my beautiful wife, right?


GLENN: I really can't express in words how uniquely wonderful Cheryl -- I'm just writing it in -- Cheryl is. Honestly at first I thought I was just attracted to her... what? What were you attracted to? Honestly at first --

CALLER: Oh, her eyes.

STU: Wait, it's anything but eyes, Glenn. That's a specific rule.

GLENN: Anything but eyes.

CALLER: Oh, anything but eyes?

GLENN: Yeah.

CALLER: She's younger than me. I don't know.

GLENN: It sounds like just a wild love affair that you two had.


STU: Her what, her youth, you say?

CALLER: Her youth.

GLENN: Her youth. Is this Billy Joel calling? But as time went on, it turned into so much more. I guess I knew it was true love the first time we... blank. What do you, first time you what?

CALLER: First time we kissed.

STU: Anything but kissed, Glenn. That's another rule. Come on, eyes and kissed? How boring are you?

CALLER: First time we went for a walk on the beach.

GLENN: Oh, jeez, for the love of Pete. What, are you talking to her about freshness? First time we talked -- first time we went for a walk.

CALLER: On the beach.

GLENN: When's the last time you went for a walk on the beach with your wife, huh?

CALLER: It's been a few years because I live in Oklahoma.

GLENN: And that trip to... where, was just wonderful? What trip did you guys take?

CALLER: You're putting me on the spot here. The trip to Arizona.

GLENN: The trip to Arizona. Boy, the photo albums that you two must have are just --

CALLER: Oh, they're wonderful.

GLENN: They are wonderful. You look through them sometimes once in a while, just to laugh, remember? I guess what sets her apart is the distinctive way she... what?

CALLER: Takes care of me.


STU: She does that in a distinctive way, Glenn.

GLENN: Is this -- this marriage is destined for divorce court. She takes care of me unlike any other woman in the... in the what?

STU: This is the county you live in? What county do you live in?

GLENN: I live in Oklahoma County.

STU: Oklahoma County there, Glenn.

GLENN: I could go on forever but that would take away from my time with her and I have to get back to work at... where are you working? Where are you working?

CALLER: I work at Tinker Air Force base, but I'm a federal employee. So I have the day off.

GLENN: Okay. Where I -- what do you do there?

CALLER: I'm a B-52 aircraft mechanic.

GLENN: From the hours of what? Like 9:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday, what are your hours there?

CALLER: 6:45 to 3:30.

GLENN: Monday through Friday?

CALLER: Correct.

GLENN: Sometimes Saturday?

CALLER: Sometimes Saturday.

GLENN: That's why I was thinking, I think we should be Valentine's Day, for it's simple. I just love Cheryl.

CALLER: Correct.

GLENN: We're going to call Cheryl up here. We're going to take a break and then we're going to call her up.


GLENN: There's a specific way that you have to -- I'm going to ask you at the end and say, "Do you have anything else you want to say to Cheryl?" And Pete, you need to count to 5, it's a scientific thing, you need to count to 5 and then you'll say, yes. Cheryl? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... I love you.

STU: Don't say the numbers out loud, though. You have to just think the numbers.

GLENN: You can if you want to.

STU: That's not a good idea.

GLENN: By the way, if you blow the counting thing and it's under 5 seconds, I rat you out to Cheryl.

CALLER: I won't.

GLENN: You'll be living in that B-52 and dropped from 40,000 feet.


Now we have Pete who wants to be our Valentine's couple of the year. Can we bring Pete up real quick? Hi, Pete. Pete, are you there?

CALLER: I'm here.

GLENN: We're calling Cheryl. Let's rehearse just the end of this, all right? First of all, you wrote a letter to me six months ago.


GLENN: You were in this contest. We called you a couple of weeks ago and then what happened? What happened, Pete?

CALLER: Well, I got sick, Glenn.

GLENN: No, no, no. I got sick.

CALLER: I got sick.

GLENN: You were going to, I was supposed to call you guys on Friday to let you know that I was sending you out to dinner and everything else.

CALLER: Right.

GLENN: And I told you not to tell Cheryl because we wanted to have you on the air and surprise her with it.

CALLER: Right.

GLENN: And I wasn't able to do it on Friday. You were sick on top of it, but Cheryl, I really did have a present for you. It was this contest. We're going out, you know, on the town.

Now, where do you want to go? Where are you going to pay to take her?

CALLER: I'm going to pay to take her to the Boulevard Steakhouse.

GLENN: Is that one of her favorite places?

CALLER: Oh, it's a wonderful place.

GLENN: No, that wasn't the question. Is that one of her favorite places?

CALLER: It will be.

STU: It's going to go well. It's going to go well.

GLENN: This is going to go really well.

STU: We have Cheryl now. She's not on hold but she can't hear this.

GLENN: Real quick, we're going to test the ending here with you. I'm going to say, is there anything else you want to say to her and you say..

CALLER: I love you so much.

STU: No, see, he's going to screw this up.

GLENN: If you screw this up, you'll rat you out. You'll say, "Yes, Glenn, there is. Cheryl..." and then you count to five, silently, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... "I love you."

STU: Just like that.

GLENN: Just like that. It's scientific. The longer you wait, keeps you choking up and everything else. So is there anything else you want to say to Cheryl? Pete, we're rehearsing. One more time.

CALLER: I love you.

GLENN: How did you make it to the altar?

CALLER: Waited five seconds like you told me.

GLENN: You need to say yes, Glenn. Cheryl?

CALLER: Yes, Glenn.

GLENN: Then you wait. You say, Cheryl?" And she's say, yes. So is there anything you want to say, Pete?

CALLER: Yes, Glenn. Cheryl?

GLENN: Now count to five.

CALLER: (Counting)

GLENN: "Yes?"

CALLER: I love you.

GLENN: Perfect. You got it?

CALLER: I got it.

GLENN: Go ahead and start the theme music and put her on hold so she can hear a little bit of that.


GLENN: Coming up in just a minute.

VOICE: And now it's the contest in the making, it's Glenn Beck's quest to find the ultimate couple of love. The essays have been written, the heartfelt words have been read and the winner has been selected. So now to introduce the country's passionate pair, here's the love god himself, Glenn Beck.

GLENN: Oh, we've got a special one. We've got a special one this year. You know, if you listen to this program, you know that every year we pick a couple of the year and we spend about six months doing this contest where we ask guys to write in, and most of the guys have never done a contest like this before and it was supposed to happen on Friday but you know what happened on this program and I wasn't here to be able to do it on Friday. So we called Pete and asked him, and I hope, is Pete on the line? Pete, I hope you weren't in any trouble this weekend.

CALLER: Just a little bit.

GLENN: Just a little bit? Did you blow the surprise? Did you blow the surprise?

CALLER: No, I didn't blow the surprise.

GLENN: You kept it to yourself?

CALLER: I did.

GLENN: Do we have Cheryl on the phone?


GLENN: Hi, Cheryl, how are you?

CALLER: Fine, how are you?

GLENN: I'm very good. You're on the radio and we just wanted to call. And first of all, I have to apologize. First of all, say hello to your husband. Pete is on the phone.

CALLER: Hi, honey.

CALLER: Hi, sweetheart.

GLENN: Now Cheryl, I understand you didn't have a good Valentine's Day.

CALLER: Well, I've had better.

GLENN: You've had better?


GLENN: Did you have any idea that Pete was working on something?

CALLER: No, I didn't.

GLENN: Good for you, Pete. Good for you. All right. Now here's what happened. Pete wrote me a letter about, how long ago, Pete, was it that you wrote in?

CALLER: Oh, six months.

GLENN: Okay. He wrote a letter, and we do this contest every year where, you know, Valentine's couple of the year, and he wrote a letter and we got this one really pretty early and I kept it off to the side, and I could tell that Pete's not the kind of guy that does these kinds of things, is he normally real romantic?

CALLER: No, no.

GLENN: Really?


GLENN: Well, it sure doesn't show in this letter, but..

CALLER: He has a lot of compassion but after a long time of marriage, we just, we don't see it very often.

GLENN: Really? Pretty dead?


GLENN: Yeah, he's almost dead inside? Yeah.

CALLER: No, he's not that bad.

GLENN: Yeah, but almost. He's intensive care. Yeah, well, here it is. You know, Pete, I didn't catch that from you in this letter. Here's what he wrote, Cheryl. He said, dear Mr. Beck, I've never entered a contest like this before. However, I felt I had to tell you about my beautiful wife. I can't express in words how uniquely wonderful Cheryl truly is. Honestly at first I think I was just attracted to her youth but as time went by it turned into so much more. I guess I knew it was true love the first time we went for that walk on that beach and that trip to Arizona. Wow, what a perfect time that was.

You painted that, Pete, you really painted that. "I guess what sets her apart is the distinctive way she takes care of me, unlike any other woman in Oklahoma County. I could go on forever but that would take away from my time with her and I have to get back to my work. I work at Tinker Air Force base where I'm a mechanic on B 52s from 6:45 to 3:30 in the afternoon Monday through Friday and sometimes on Saturday. Besides, everyone always tries to make love so complex and that's why I think we should be your Valentine's couple of the year because for me it's simple. I just love Cheryl."

CALLER: That's beautiful.

GLENN: By the way Cheryl we're going to send you out to the Boulevard Steakhouse and you guys can have a nice dinner together.

CALLER: Thank you.

GLENN: You can remember, bring some of your photo albums and just look back at all of the good times you guys have had together.

CALLER: Thank you so much.

GLENN: Pete, do you have anything to say to Cheryl?

CALLER: Yes, Glenn. Cheryl?


CALLER: I love you.

CALLER: I love you, too.

GLENN: Another happy couple. Our couple of the year, Cheryl and Pete. Guys, have a good time. Thank you so much.

CALLER: Thank you, Glenn.

GLENN: All right, bye bye.

VOICE: Proof once and for all that true love really does exist. You've been listening to Glenn Beck as he honors amore and the incredibly rare loving men who go that extra mile to bring their soul mate the affection and attention they so richly deserve: Men who care enough to share their true feelings, men who always are the... are they gone yet?

GLENN: Are they off?

VOICE: God, I thought I was going to puke there for a minute.

STU: Perfect. There was a perfect execution, Glenn.

GLENN: It really was. He was very good at it. I feel a little dirty.

STU: You always do after this show.

GLENN: I just feel just a little dirty from that.

Here's why oil companies REALLY aren't producing more gas

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Biden administration has been accusing oil producers of refusing to expand operations to help offset skyrocketing gas prices. On Wednesday, President Joe Biden even wrote a letter to seven major U.S. oil refiners, essentially saying that the administration is prepared to use emergency orders to force companies into compliance if their "greed" just doesn't stop.

"Your companies need to work with my Administration to bring forward concrete, near-term solutions that address the crisis,” Biden wrote. The letter went on to accuse refineries of capitalizing on the war between Russia and Ukraine, gleaning record-high profits while Americans suffer record-high pain at the pump.

But no matter how he tries to convince you otherwise, President Joe Biden isn't trying to bring down gas prices. In fact, he's doing just the opposite, Glenn Beck said on the radio program Thursday.

"Why aren't the oil companies putting more oil out? Well, they're a couple of reasons. And none of those have to do with Joe Biden. None of them, even though it was Joe Biden that said, when he was running [for president] that he was going to put oil out of business."

Glenn first played a clip of then-candidate Biden saying, "No more drilling on federal lands. No more drilling including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill, period."

The next clip had White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre shifting the blame for high gas prices from Russia's war with Ukraine to U.S. oil refineries.

"We want you to act. It's time to act," Jean-Pierre said, addressing U.S. oil companies. "We have done our part, with the strategic oil reserve. We are calling on them to do the right thing, to be patriots here. And to not use the war as an excuse or as a reason to not put -- to not put out a production, to not do the capacity that is needed there."

A third clip showed Biden’s climate envoy John Kerry saying in no uncertain terms that the U.S. “absolutely" does not need to drill for more oil and gas, during a talk with the USC Center for Public Diplomacy

The Biden administration has made it clear that insanely high gas prices are all part of the plan to eliminate fossil fuels. But the problem doesn't stop there. The ESG war against oil industries is being waged across the world.

Glenn read an op-ed from Vivek Ramaswamy that explains how BlackRock is manipulating corporations like Exxon to decrease oil production, while Americans continue to suffer majorly at the pump.

Watch the video clip below to hear Glenn break it all down. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been telling those naughty Americans who are struggling to afford fuel for their older, gas-guzzling vehicles to just go get a brand-new electric vehicle like the Ford Mustang Mach-E (listed at a market average of $47,553 in Consumer Reports.)

Here he is, all "charged up, ready to go" and, oh, so "excited to go pick up a friend" (Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm) and share the "momentous" news about a new" national network of 500,000 electric vehicle chargers."

And who could forget the transportation secretary's helpful advice to people who can't afford record-high gas prices in March?

"Clean transportation can bring significant cost savings for the American people, as well," said Buttigieg. "Last month we announced a $5 billion investment to build out a nationwide electric vehicle charging network, so the people from rural to suburban to urban communities can all benefit from the gas savings of driving an EV."

Pete Buttigieg Says People Upset With Near-Record Gas Prices Should Buy An Electric

But now that Ford is recalling 48,924 Mustang Mach-E electric vehicles because of a defect in the vehicle’s "battery contactor," will Buttigieg have to go back to riding his bike — back and forth from his security detail's giant SUV that follows along behind him, which was definitely not ever a publicity stunt?

According to Consumer Reports, Ford is recalling the Mach-E because the vehicle’s battery contactor may overheat, causing the vehicle to lose power while driving. A Ford spokesperson said the company plans to send an over-the-air software update for current Mach-E owners in July.

Ford Pulls Plug on Pete Buttigieg's $44K Electric SUV (Made in Mexico)

Unlike out-of-touch Buttigieg, Washington Examiner national political reporter Salena Zito understands the current sentiments of the average American. She joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to talk about sky-high gas prices, spreading crime, the never-ending border crisis, and all the other reasons Americans are fed up with the current administration.

While Democrats try to get us to focus on the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, most of us are struggling to afford the insane gas prices, which recently passed $5 on average across the country.

"There isn't a time that I don't pull up to a gas station where you don't hear someone cuss at the gas pump," Zito told Glenn. And that news, she predicted, could be "monstrous" for Democrats in the upcoming midterms.

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation:

Can't watch? Listen to the episode highlights below:

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In his episode “Famine & Blackouts: How Biden-Made Disasters Will Cripple America,” Glenn Beck exposed the new global-based rule changes that gave the World Health Organization expedited authority over our nation. He traced the changes to the SEC and revealed Bank of America’s fawning praise for climate-related market changes.

So, Glenn decided to dig further, and what he uncovered shocked him. Financial records, dark money groups, and groups tied to the U.N. and the World Economic Forum are all pushing for a total reorganization of our financial system. You never voted for globalist leadership outside our borders, but IT IS HAPPENING.

Glenn reveals the foreign actors who are REALLY running our country right now and the domestic TRAITORS who are helping to fund the implementation on Main Street, USA. There will be catastrophic consequences for this betrayal of America First ideas. If you think food, gas, and labor shortages are bad now, just wait until all of this goes through.

Watch the full episode of "Glenn TV" below:

Want more from Glenn Beck?

To enjoy more of Glenn’s masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

A pro-life pregnancy center in Buffalo, New York, that was "fire-bombed" last week became just the latest of many increasingly violent incidents and threats against the anti-abortion movement ahead of the Supreme Court's decision on Roe v. Wade. But, as CompassCare president Jim Harden said on "The Glenn Beck Program," a strike like this may be proof the far-left is fully aware that the pro-life movement is working.

"Glass was broken and fires lit because we do not comply with the ruling elites' position that we should be referring and providing for abortion," Harden told Glenn.

"Women do not feel like they have a choice when they're facing an unplanned pregnancy. They feel stuck, trapped like they've got no choice, like they need to have an abortion. What we do is erase the need for abortion by transforming a woman's fear into confidence with ethical medical care and comprehensive community support throughout the pregnancy and beyond. So, [the activists] targeted women that night," he continued.

Harden added that CompassCare, which continued to operate in an undisclosed location following the attack, provides all medical care and comprehensive community support "for free," and compared his organization with certain so-called women's health centers that provide only "what they get paid for, and that's abortion."

He went on to call out political leaders, namely, Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-N.Y.) for refusing to denounce violence against pro-life pregnancy centers.

"They're refusing to say, 'Hey this is wrong. Violence is wrong everywhere, all the time.' This is not how you solve problems and their silence can only be interpreted as complicity," Harden asserted. "It's emboldening these terrorists."

Photos posted online showed the damage at the CompassCare office, with broken windows, fire and smoke damage, and graffiti that reads, "Jane was here," which Harden explained is a reference to the "terrorist organization Jane’s Revenge."

Glenn credited Harden with coming up with "the first measurable and repeatable medical model in the pregnancy center movement, which has helped hundreds of centers nationwide become more effective at reaching more women and saving more babies from abortion."

"There's a reason that ... the Buffalo office was the one that was hit [by activists]," Glenn noted.

"We have a national strategy and our strategy is working, and that's why we've been attacked," Harden said "We know that the abortion battle lines are shifting, and the abortion industry is scrambling. And the reason why they attacked us is because, what we're doing to reduce abortion is working."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

Can't watch? Listen to the episode highlights below:

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To enjoy more of Glenn’s masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis, and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution, and live the American dream.