Love the Mosque, hate the Cross



There is a -- there is an Arab, Arabic school that they are trying to open here in Manhattan, and it will only speak Arabic. All right. I was going to say I don't have a problem with that but yet again, I do. I would have a problem with a Spanish speaking school or, you know, one that only spoke Canadian. You know, I would like an English-speaking school, please. You're in America.

Now, the argument in New York has been that we need more Arabic-speaking people to be able to, you know, confront the future, et cetera, et cetera. Fine. Offer a class in Arabic. Encourage kids to take Arabic. Don't have a problem with that. It's called a language class. Why would we start, especially when there's a shortage of people that speak Arabic, why would we start in the middle of a war with those who speak Arabic and most don't understand Arabic, why would we start an all-Arabic school? Doesn't sound like a good idea, especially when you can't really find out any information on it. You can't find out a damn thing about this school, and it's being paid for by taxpayer money.

And then when you have the principal who will not go on the record about who was responsible for 9/11, you have a principal that will not say Hamas or Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, will not condemn some of the things that Saudi Arabia has done and the reason why that's important. Any time that you run into somebody who says, hey, we just all want to get along, you ask them, will you condemn Saudi Arabia? Will you say that the Saudi Arabian government is involved in wahabiism and spreading this and this should not be spread? Will you say that on the record? If they don't answer, you know that most likely they are in league with wahabiism or get some of their financing from Saudi Arabia. It's a critical question and unfortunately nobody will ask that question of people who just won't answer it. But you have this principal who won't answer that question.

Now, fortunately there have been a group of people who have been demonized here in New York City as just nothing but hatemonger because they hate all Arabs. I guess that's what it is. It's a group of concerned parents and moms who said, excuse me, this is not a good idea here in New York City or any place unless we know exactly who's involved and what they stand for and the course is approved and is all in the open.

Well, Pamela Hall, who I've had on the program before, she photographed T-shirts that were being made that say Intifada NYC. They are sold by an organization, Arab women active in the art and media. Intifada media. This organization shares office space in Brooklyn with the association that is -- that the principal works for. Got it? So they are in the same office.

Now, she is also a board member and a spokesperson for this organization that shares office space with Infitada NYC. The T-shirts are calling for a Palestinian uprising in the five boroughs. Now, her explanation has been that it just means shaking off. They had a photograph of these T-shirts. They had the link to her office space. And I know it's a shaky link but it was enough to have her step forward and say, okay, well, let me explain these T-shirts. It just means, shaking off. You just shake things off. You shake New York City off? This is a good idea? This is even -- this is even smart to do? Just because of the implications of what people might think it means? I mean, it just shows, at the very least, a lack of common sense in this individual. She's resigned. She's resigned. She's no longer going to be the principal, but the school hasn't stopped.

Now, here's where I find -- here's what I find very interesting. The Department of Education has not responded to requests for information on the curricula or why the school board has a religious advisory board. Believe it or not, there are, on their advisory board there are clerics, Muslim clerics for this school. Now, here's the question I have. Louisiana, there's the courtroom in Louisiana is hearing a case now from the ACLU as they threaten a lawsuit to take the cross out of the courtroom in Louisiana. Can't have it. ACLU's on it.

In Connecticut there's a lawsuit because public schools were using a cathedral for its graduation ceremony. And yet in New York they're creating an Arabic public school which has several religious clerics on the advisory board. I don't even understand that. That's like having a school that is teaching Gaelic and having the cardinal from St. Patrick's cathedral on the advisory board. You don't think the ACLU would have a problem with that?

Now let me tie into something else the ACLU also doesn't have a problem with. In Michigan, in the university of -- is it the University of Michigan? I want to make sure I get this right. The University of Michigan, they are now -- they are installing foot baths because it's a Muslim ritual to have foot baths to wash your feet. Are you out of your mind? Well, why don't we just put the little -- what do you call the little water containers when you walk into a Catholic church, to cross yourself with holy water? Why can't we put those in every campus in America? Do you think the ACLU would stand for that? There was just a little container of holy water inside the door of every university? Of course not.

It's beyond political correctness. It's one thing to not want to offend people. It's one thing to say, look, man, you know, you want to practice your religion, practice your religion. But the idea is that we're all supposed to come together and blend together. It's one thing to have a school that specializes in different things, but in today's world when you have questions that are out there, you've got to answer these questions. I'm sorry, but it only makes things worse. It only makes us distrust each other even more. You must have an open door policy. The Department of Education must answer these questions: Why is it we have an Arabic school; why is it that clerics are allowed to be on the supervisory committee; do we have people that are -- who are the teachers; who are the principals; where do they stand on 9/11; are they more from the ilk of Rosie O'Donnell who says the United States government did it; what is the curricula? Those answers aren't coming, but at least the principal is no longer involved and it's only because a few people were willing to be called hatemongers, even though they're not.


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