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VOICE: In a way Obama's standing above the country, above the world. He's sort of God.

VOICE: The Glenn Beck program presents more truth behind America's March to Socialism.

GLENN: That is the editor of Newsweek magazine saying that on MSNBC.

Well, yesterday the unemployment rate, we talked about it, told you that it shot up to 9.4, already higher than the White House economic team's worst case scenario and according to the White House estimates, if we didn't pass the stimulus package, we would never have a lower unemployment rate, okay? At least the White House now is admitting overselling the stimulus. They said worst case scenario, 8% unemployment. Quote: At the time our forecast seemed reasonable. Joe Biden's top economic advisor Jared Bernstein said, explaining the White House underestimated the scope of the recession. Now looking back it was clearly too optimistic.

Wait a minute, can we then look back at all of the other things that you've based, you know, the spending on? Opposite, my bad. Sorry, got that one wrong. Well, thankfully it wasn't a big mistake. It was just 3/4 of a trillion dollar mistake. Happens all the time. Economy has shed 1.6 million since the stimulus measure was signed in February, far overshadowing White House announcements estimating the effort has saved 150,000 jobs. You know, I just heard an expert for the White House say this morning, "Well, you can't say that the stimulus... the stimulus isn't really into effect yet." Okay, all right. So you can't tear him down because we've lost 1.6 million jobs since the stimulus passed, we can't say that it's not working because it really hasn't had a chance yet. Okay, but it's had enough of a chance to create 150,000 jobs? I'm sorry, not create. Save 150,000 jobs? I'd just like to take a moment to do the obligatory, "Imagine that George W. Bush did this" observation. Remember John McCain was obliterated for saying fundamentals of the economy are still sound. Yet here's the president of the United States as the country is losing 1.6 million jobs since he passed the world saving stimulus and he can come out with a straight face while his wife is shopping in boutiques in Paris and say that he saved 150,000 jobs. That's great, Mr. President. That's still a net loss of 1.45 million jobs even if you you know, if I give you credit for the 150,000 created I'm sorry, saved, a number that even the associated press says is so murky, it can never be verified. What a surprise, from the administration that is the pinnacle of transparency. Also remember George W. Bush's first term. He came into office, dot com bubble burst, their huge scandals with Enron shook confidence in America. Then we had the 9/11 hit. Job losses hit $2.6 million, and the press was saying that he was the worst president since Herbert Hoover. Do you remember that? Since this president has come into office, he's lost 1.6 million I'm sorry, that's not even since he's been in office. That's since the stimulus package. Bush implemented massive tax cuts despite Democratic repeatedly cheering him and cheering him on to be the worst president since Herbert Hoover. He actually ended his first term with a net gain of 119,000 jobs. Highest unemployment rate was 6.4. Do you remember the media congratulating him on that? "Job well done. He could have lost so many more jobs." No, no, no. Now back to President Obama. Media's not pulling out the Herbert Hoover references. Isn't that weird? Paul Krugman who's been slurping down the Kool Aid for a while excused the massive job losses like this, quote: Things seem to be getting worse more slowly. Wow. There seems to be reason to think that we're stabilizing. Oh, well, that's great. Paul, thank you for pointing that. It's still getting worse but not as fast. That is good news.

President Obama told people not to worry because as the president says, quote: We're now in a position to accelerate, and we're going to create 600,000 new jobs by the end of summer. Again, I'm not a Nobel Prize winning economist like Paul Krugman but even if he does create or save 600,000 new jobs, that's still a net loss of jobs. How about you stop the job loss? How about that one, Mr. President? There is some actual hope. At least people don't appear to be as stupid as the media is. Disapproval numbers on Obama's handling of the economy have jumped from 30% to 42%. That is his negative ratings on the economy. Luckily, though, he's going to get everything he wants before enough people catch on and stop him. Remember, never waste a crisis.

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On "Glenn TV" tonight, Glenn Beck heads to the chalkboard to reveal how the fundamental transformation of America has already begun by turning the Declaration of Independence upside down.

If Donald Trump was a dictator, then what do we call President Biden? In Biden's first nine months in office, he has already issued 64 executive orders – that's more than Trump, Obama, W. Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Reagan each issued in their entire first years in office.

You never hear the Left talk about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights any more, unless it's to "reimagine" the Constitution or slap a "harmful content" warning on our founding documents. Seriously. The National Archives said while its website label wasn't targeting the Constitution specifically, "some of the materials presented here may reflect outdated, biased, offensive, and possibly violent views and opinions." The Left finds basic, guaranteed rights so offensive they now spend all of their time on workarounds to deal with America's annoying founding documents.

Watch the full episode of "Glenn TV" below to see Glenn outline the aggressive unconstitutional abuses "King Biden" is jamming down our throats and teaches Americans how we can defend against presidential tyranny.

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On the "Glenn Beck Radio Program," Glenn explained why he wouldn't be surprised to see our supply chain collapse and empty shelves in America in the near future. Shortages are already wrecking our economy, China (where many of our goods are still made) is facing an energy shortage, and the Biden administration sure seems to be doing everything it can to make things worse.

Glenn noted a serious warning from American CEO Mike Beckham: "There's a major storm brewing in the supply chain," Beckham wrote on Twitter.

Thanks to China's centrally planned system, electricity shortages are causing huge delays in product manufacturing. In fact, some items are facing a 33 percent cut in production. "It could dramatically impact every [American's] life next year. But almost no one knows about it yet," Beckham warned.

Glenn went on to explain exactly what this means for you — and what you can do to prepare.

Watch the video clip below to hear Glenn break it down:

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

Every decision made by President Joe Biden has ended in "disaster," Bill O'Reilly told Glenn Beck.

O'Reilly joined the radio program to explain why he thinks there's only one "mechanism" Americans can use stop the Biden administration's mess.

"Give me one thing that [Biden] has done, just one, that's improved this nation. Everything that he has been involved with is a disaster. Everything from the COVID mandates, to the energy policies, to the economic policies, to the inflation, to Afghanistan, to the collapsing southern border, to the social woke business, to the denial of due process. Right across-the-board, there isn't anything this man has done, or stood for, that's improved America," O'Reilly said.

"But there is no mechanism to do anything about it until a year from this November: the midterm elections. That's the only mechanism that we have, under the Constitution. We elected this guy and he's there for four years. You neutralize him next November [2022], with the Republicans taking back the House and Senate, then he's done. [He] can't do anymore damage because you've got him in a hole. And he's not going to be proactive with executive orders. He's just going to stay there in his jammies for two more years. OK? So that's the only mechanism."

O'Reilly also tore into the corporate media for using its power to defend Gen. Mark Milley after news of his China calls broke. Is there any deterrence in American society anymore to keep our leaders and media in check?

"What does this say to the United States of America when you have two of the most powerful information agencies in the world — NBC, Comcast, and AT&T, CNN — actively deceiving you?" O'Reilly said. "They know what they're doing. And yet there is absolutely no way for anyone to hold them accountable other than not watching them, which has, of course, happened. You know they have no audience. But just the corruption level of the information flow to the American people is at an all-time high. We have never had a worse media in the history of this republic."

Watch the clip below to hear O'Reilly break it all down:

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

Twitter is full of fake communists. Privileged teenagers and 20-somethings who tweet about Karl Marx from their iPhone, safe inside their parents' house.

A recent example of this is the "What is your job on the Leftist commune?" meme. It began as a tweet from some anonymous Twitter Marxist, asking "What is your job on the Leftist commune?"

She continued, "I'm gonna be leading discussion on theory some days, making clothes from scraps other days, and making lattes whenever needed."

The tweet got thousands of likes, retweets, and comments. Things like, "Bringing everyone water. Pouring tea and hot cocoa for folx in the reading alcoves. Checking in and doing a pause-to-breath with folx."

By the way, "folks" is spelled with an "x" for some reason.

Other commune occupations included "proofreading pamphlets," singing, archery, cooking, crotchet, "guiding embodiment practices," tarot card reading, "identity politic lawyering." Therapist, librarian, prostitute, and "puppy kindergarten teacher."

They're basically parroting Marx, whose communist society sounds like Woodstock or Burning Man.

They're basically parroting Marx, whose communist society sounds like Woodstock or Burning Man.

A magical place where "there are no painters but at most people who engage in painting among other things," which allows "everyone sufficient free time to take part in the general affairs of society — theoretical as well as practical," so that "there are no politicians but at most people who engage in politics among other activities."

Don't you know that communism is all about leisure and good vibes? A playground full of puppies and lattes.

Marx refers to "idle time" as a time for higher activity. He calls it "time for the full development of the individual."

Me Time. A life of spa days.

Generation Z is the first digital generation. The first generation to be born inside the internet. So it's no surprise that they have fallen for this kind of Marxist nonsense. If someone convinces you that Marxism will free you from work, of course you'd want it.

Now they're quitting their jobs in droves. The media is calling it "The Great Resignation," but really it's just a new version of Marx's anti-work movement.

Gen Z are incredibly progressive. And they expect the government to be involved. Decades of Marxist activism have finally convinced a generation that the point of work, the point of life, the point of government, is activism.

Pew Research Center found that seven in ten "members of Gen Z are more likely than older generations to look to government to solve problems, rather than businesses and individuals."

Seven in ten of Gen Z believe that the government should do more to solve problems. A majority of them are not proud of America, a majority of them hold negative views of capitalism.

They believe Marx when he says that Capitalism is only good for producing its own grave-diggers. We know that this is actually a description of communism. Actually, communism is much worse. Because it always results in mass graves.

They haven't realized that that the world that Marx foresaw is long gone. It failed. Repeatedly.

They don't realize that, even on the page, Marxism doesn't work. Because ultimately the greatest flaw of Marxism is that it forces us to choose between productive slavery and unproductive freedom. Either way, with Marxism we can never be free.

"The Great Resignation" is ultimately a crisis of freedom, identity, and exhaustion. It is, as noted in a recent Gallup report, an expression of great discontent. Gen Z feels like they have nothing to lose and nothing to gain.

But in America, there's always something to lose and gain.

But in America, there's always something to lose and gain. They just need to have a little patience.

For the most part, Americans adhere to the libertarian maxim, "As long as you're not hurting anyone…." It's our undeniable belief in the goodness of the people around us. If you've traveled out of the States much, you know this to be true. There's a spirit inherent to America, and it is overwhelmingly good in nature.

Marx's utopia would ruin us. It would make us as lazy as Marx. A man who lived off other people his entire life. A man who had no loyalty to any nation because no nation wanted him. He was stateless. Do you realize how awful a person has to be for them to be stateless?

Maybe Gen Z just needs to see America at its finest.

Marx's utopia would quickly become disgusting. It would leave us feeling empty. Hopefully, they realize this before it's too late. For their own sake. Because, if America ever actually fell to communism, they would be the first ones against the wall.