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GLENN: Well, yesterday we launched and today we continue our new series that keeps a close eye on your stimulus money.

VOICE: Microscope laser focused alert investigative watch, lots of googling, Glenn Beck's eye on the stimulus 2009.

GLENN: Yes, 2009 eye on the stimulus. Shovels are finally hitting the ground in the nation's newest and largest transportation project, the Trans-Hudson River tunnel project. $8.7 billion is all this is going to cost. Now, there are some cynics I'm sure there are saying, "What? Why do we... why do we need a tunnel?" Yes, we do have tunnels, sure, but some commuters will shave 15 minutes off their commute time. For a year $8.7 billion, 15 minutes, for some commuters. That sounds like a good deal, don't you think? So how did this massive project come about? How was it decided? I mean, Joe Biden couldn't have pushed this one through because is it a car tunnel or a train tunnel? Oh, it's a... train tunnel. Anyway, so it's stimulus money. We've got to spend it some place. Actually only $3 billion of the $8.7 billion needed for the project are coming from the federal government. The rest of the funds are coming from various state agencies in... wait for it, wait for it... New York and New Jersey. Now, last I checked, those states were broke. You know, aren't they the states that are also, like California, "We're going to have to fire all the teachers. If you don't raise this tax, all the kids are going to grow up to be soldiers, they are going to be that dumb. It's amazing how dumb they are going to be. You won't ever be able to read a Stephen King book. Yeah, that dumb if we got to raise the tax." Weren't those the states? We're looking everywhere we can to make up that $1.6 billion budget gap that we got. We're looking everywhere. We're going to have to start executing cops. I'd like to know, is there anyone in the government who said something in discussions like, "Hey, you know, I love the tunnel and everything, but the budget gap, do you think, maybe it's the time to build a tunnel?" Obviously not because that would make too much sense. Here's an idea. Don't build the tunnel. Sit on the train for an extra 15 minutes. I know it will be an inconvenience to Mr. Joe Biden, but what do you say you don't worry about that 15 minutes until we don't bankrupt the country. There you go. $5.7 billion saved. Thank you very much. Of course, that's not how the government looks at it. They see the wonderful new jobs that are going to be created, 6,000 new jobs to be exact. 6,000 new jobs, by the way, if you do the math, that's only $1.45 million per job. Wow. What a value. Government's driving a hard bargain, aren't they? Of course, the government project, as government projects never do, will go over budget. It doesn't okay, sometimes they go a little bit over budget, but it doesn't matter. The government is predicting that after the tunnel is completed, in 2017, after the tunnel is completed, it will create take a guess how many jobs. 6,000 to build it. How many new jobs will it create afterwards? Government estimate. Come on, they are creating new jobs. 4500 new jobs. Oh, no, sorry. 45,000 new jobs! In a tunnel! I'm sorry. 45,000 new jobs? I've been through tunnels before. I don't really see anybody in the tunnels. Are they going to intentionally build it with leaks so you have to have like a bucket by grade inside? What is the 45,000 new jobs going to be created with this tunnel. Wow, what a gig that is. Maybe a tad optimistic but maybe they are holding the tunnel up. I'm not sure. Wait, wait, what am I thinking? Of course, it's the federal government. They have a 400:1 hiring ratio compared to the private sector. So, of course, it's 45,000. Enjoy your extra 15 minutes, New Jersey commuters. Well, not all of you. Just some of you.

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Glenn just bought the ENTIRE Roe v. Wade archive from Linda Coffee, the original lawyer behind the landmark abortion case. As a pro-life activist, Glenn doesn't want the lives of the 60 million+ babies who died between Roe v. Wade in 1973 and the Dobbs decision in 2022 to go unforgotten. He purchased the archive so that it wouldn't be treated as a relic of abortion in someone else's collection, but rather as a historical reminder to never sacrifice human life for the sake of freedom EVER again.

But there are two parties in abortion that need to be protected: the baby AND the mother. Glenn wants to honor the mothers who regret their abortions just as much as the babies who lost their lives to the procedure. If YOU had an abortion and regret it, or if you were planning on having an abortion and decided not to, Glenn wants to hear from YOU and honor your story.

If you feel inclined, write your story down on paper, send it to the below P.O. box, and Glenn will include it in his historical vault surrounding the history of abortion. If you would be comfortable with us sharing your story, please sign your name. If you would like to remain anonymous, you can leave your name off of the story. We ask that you include your phone number so that can verify you as a source.

Glenn bought the ENTIRE Roe v. Wade archive from Linda Coffee. Here's WHY... and a sneak peek.

Robert Alexander / Contributor, PEDRE | Getty Images

Linda Coffee, the Dallas lawyer who first launched the landmark Supreme Court case Roe v.Wade that legalized abortion nationwide, decided to sell all of the case documents, from the first papers filed at the Texas District Court to the quill pens given to her during her argument before the Supreme Court. She said that she wanted to "inspire" the next generation of pro-choice activists in light of the Supreme Court's Dobbs ruling that overturned her landmark case. Coffee's lesbian partner Rebecca Hartt said:

We don’t know who’s going to end up acquiring it, but hopefully it will motivate some of the people to get into law or politics or whatever, because it needs to be challenged.

Coffee and Hartt couldn't have imagined who would end up buying the documents: Glenn Beck.

Glenn said the following upon acquiring the documents:

They [Coffee and Hartt] have passed [the documents] to a generation who perhaps is less focused on the so-called "human right" to kill and more on the human responsibility to care, love, and protect both the mother and child.

Glenn has long been an ardent supporters of the pro-life movement—standing up for pro-life Americans under attack from the Left, promoting organizations such as Pre-Born on his radio program, and interviewing pro-life activists to name a few examples. So why did he purchase the documents from the Supreme Court case that legalized abortion?

Glenn and his wife, Tania, said the following:

The real price of these documents were the lives of at least 60 million children [...] If we can use this to help expose this culture of death and Moloch worship, any monetary price we could personally pay would be worth it.

Instead of being purchased by a left-wing activist who would have heralded the documents as a sort of relic, Glenn wanted to make sure they were purchased by someone who would treat them as they are: the signed death sentence of 60 million children in our country from 1973 to 2022.

Now, Glenn is giving YOU access to the documents so that you can learn about the history of this case—and how to make sure that it is never repeated in the future. The slide show below contains 48 images of the 150 documents that went into Roe v. Wade.

The two quill pens given to Linda Coffee, by the Supreme Court, an honor given to lawyers who argue cases before the nation's highest court.

THE DOCUMENTS for the 'Energy Reduction Act' Glenn TV special

MANDEL NGAN / Contributor, twildlife | Getty Images

Did YOU know that Biden's Inflation Reduction Act—or, as Glenn calls it, the "Energy Reduction Act"—incentivizes coal plants to permanently close? According to our most recent poll, most of you didn't—and neither did Glenn until recently. That inspired this week's Glenn TV special in which Glenn takes a deep dive into our war on energy. Biden and the progressive Left's radical green agenda is not only shutting down our reliable energy, plunging us towards a nationwide energy crisis, but moreover, we are shutting down reliable energy AROUND THE WORLD.

But there's hope—there are things you can do NOW to stop this dangerous agenda. There are 14 states that are actively pushing for legislation that will fight against the Left's energy agenda. Moreover, on this episode, Glenn invites viewers to send Utah's House bill to their governor's desk, urging them to replicate its protections against this woke agenda.

Do your own homework

You can get all of this information AND MORE about Biden's energy agenda and what you can do about it in the EXCLUSIVE research doc from last night's Glenn TV special. Enter your email below, and the PDF will arrive directly in your inbox!

Watch the full special below (or watch on BlazeTV here):

On this week's episode of Glenn TV, Glenn will dive into Biden's radical green energy agenda hidden within the Inflation Reduction Act. From shutting down coal plants to forcing fossil fuel economies to transition to green energy, the Biden administration and the radical Left are knowingly pushing us toward a devastating energy crisis.

But there is still time to fight back—YOU can fight for U.S. energy.

During the episode, Glenn will encourage his listeners to send THIS Utah House bill to your governor's desk and urge them to replicate it in your state. The bill mandates that power companies must notify the state if they intend to shut down reliable energy sources AND that they can not prevent coal-powered energy production. This might be the first SUCCESSFUL state-level pushback against Biden’s irresponsible transformation of our energy grid. Don't let it be the last. It's vitally important that you send the bill—which can be found HERE and below in the slideshow—to your governor and demand that they replicate it in your state.

Be sure to watch the latest episode of Glenn TV TONIGHT and stay tuned to get access to the EXCLUSIVE documents with the research used in the episode.

Courtesy of the Utah State Legislature

Utah House Bill H.B. 425 Page 1