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GLENN: Okay. So here you go. Here is the latest on the Gates thing. This whole nightmare with the president, I personally believe the president has real race issues. He has a real problem. I mean, he called his own grandmother the typical white person. I mean, what does that even mean, she's a typical white person, she tenses up around black people. I don't tense up around black people. I do tense up around people who are, you know, engaged in litigation because they're somehow or another different than me. I do tense up around people that will be like, "Yeah, you don't want to really say anything to these people because..." for instance, I'm not tense around anybody, but I'm tense around ‑‑ I'm a very huggy kind of person. Absolutely you hear people are like, "No, they sued people before because of sexual harassment or whatever." Then I'm just like, "Hey, why don't you stand on the other end of the room." "How are you doing over there?"

STU: Like when you're ‑‑ it's the middle of the summer and you're driving through your neighborhood and you see a kid selling lemonade on the side of the road.

GLENN: Don't do it.

STU: I don't want to stop.

GLENN: Exactly right.

STU: I love their lemonade.

GLENN: Exactly right.

STU: It's probably very good but I don't want to go near them.

GLENN: I thought of that this weekend. This weekend I was driving in the neighborhood and I saw these kids and there were two girls out there selling lemonade and I thought, yeah. The man is going to stop and buy lemonade from two little girls.

STU: Fox News host.

GLENN: Just a nightmare.

STU: Yeah, that's ‑‑

GLENN: So am I tense around little girls selling lemonade? No. Am I tense because society has made me that way? Oh, yes. Oh, yes. I think that there is a ‑‑ I told you before the paradigm is about to shift in America, and I think what's going to happen is I think we are going to see in our lifetime, and I believe soon in our lifetime. They are pushing the system to the brink. They are pushing the media to the brink, and the media is going to collapse. And I don't know what it's going to be ‑‑ do you think I'm doing all this for my health? I have no idea what's going to shake out. I don't know what format the spoken word or the truth is going to get out on. If they don't cap the Internet, it will be the Internet. Everything else will either transform or die. And what will happen is if these guys in the media don't understand who you are and they don't understand pretty soon, there's going to be ‑‑ the media, they are going to be chased out of their big media centers with broomsticks and torches. It's going to happen.

The same thing with Washington. Same thing with political correctness. There's only going to be one winner here. Political correctness has been jammed down our throat, jammed down our throat, jammed down our throat. And more importantly, there have been most people in America have wanted to make that change. They're not hurtful people. They don't want to hurt anybody's feelings. They want to get along. Who gets up in the morning and is like, "Yeah! I just hate them yellow people." Who says that? Who does that? Who wants to be that person? Are there those people? Yeah, there are those people. But is that who the majority is? No. And so political correctness came out, but then what happened is it went from, yeah, I'm with you on that. I don't want to hurt anybody.

Then it went to, I can use this for power. Just like President Obama is going to be using this now on Thursday to teach America a lesson. Shut up with your lessons! I've had enough of your lessons. And I think soon this country is going to be pushed and you're either going to be forced to go a lot further or we're going to go the other direction. It's not good. It's not good.

So can we play a little bit of the audio? Because I want to get to the exclusive audio we have. Play a little bit of the 911 call here.

DISPATCH: Respond to 17 Ware Street for a possible B and E in progress. Two SPs barged their way into the home, they have suitcases. R‑P 5 ‑ SP. Stand by. Trying to get further.

OFFICER: 52. Ware Street right now, 17?

DISPATCH: 17 Ware Street ... both SPs are still in the house, unknown on race.

GLENN: Why is she bringing up race? Is she white?

DISPATCH: One may be a Hispanic male, not sure.

PAT: But you notice the initial caller didn't until she was directly asked.

OFFICER: Is there an apartment number there?

DISPATCH: Negative on the apartment

GLENN: Yeah, and she said I don't know. They both kind of looked white. I guess maybe one might be Hispanic.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: And she felt almost ‑‑

VOICE: Single family yellow house.

GLENN: Why yellow? What are they inferring there? You notice that she almost sounded apologetic.

OFFICER: Stand by. Can you have the caller come to the front door?

DISPATCH: I'm sorry. Repeat?

VOICE: Can you have the caller come to the front door?

PAT: He's asking for the initial caller.

VOICE: She doesn't live there. She's a witness in this.

GLENN: Okay, stop. So here's the ‑‑ here's the audiotape. And if you listen to this audiotape ‑‑ and we'll send it out on our free e‑mail newsletter. You listen to all of this stuff, it doesn't sound bad. But people don't know the history. I mean, sure, you've heard all the history that this guy, you know, is teaching, you know, racial profiling and how not to do it and everything else and he's a good cop and everything else, but we have discovered that President Obama ‑‑ and he has not released this until now ‑‑ I'm trying to work in my head in exactly how he released it to us. But he released it to us the audiotape of what really happened. We have it?

STU: Yeah, sure.

GLENN: Go ahead.

(Audio plays).

DISPATCH: Cambridge badge 228, you out there?

OFFICER: Roger, I hear you, dispatch, go ahead.

DISPATCH: What's your 20?

OFFICER: Just across the intersection of Ridge and Main.

DISPATCH: Roger that. We've got a bank robbery in progress three blocks from you. We're going to need you to drop everything, get over there right away.

OFFICER: That might be a problem, dispatch.

DISPATCH: 10‑4. What's going on, 228?

OFFICER: Well, can you answer me one question?

DISPATCH: Go ahead, 228.

OFFICER: Is the bank robbery suspect black?

DISPATCH: I'm sorry, 228. Could you please repeat the question?

OFFICER: Oh, I'm sorry. Is the bank robbery suspect African‑American?

DISPATCH: That's negative. Why do you ask?

OFFICER: Well, I'm in a wealthy neighborhood right now and I'm trailing what appears to be a black guy. I repeat I'm in a wealthy neighborhood.

DISPATCH: Oh, my. Well, I apologize for interrupting you, 228. What's your plan for the situation?

OFFICER: Well, I feel like first I just pull him over for no reason. Then I'll say insulting and inappropriate things about his daughter, then possibly work into unfairly accusing him of disturbing the peace.

DISPATCH: All because he's black, correct?

OFFICER: Of course. It will have no merit whatsoever. Then I'll try the old point‑and‑plant.

DISPATCH: I'm not familiar. What's the old point‑and‑plant?

OFFICER: Well, basically I point and say, look over there. Then I throw cocaine in his back seat.

DISPATCH: (Laughing). That's a good one, 228. You know, ever since I took this dispatch job, I'm really missing harassing innocent, well spoken and accomplished African‑Americans.

OFFICER: Yeah, I've been slacking lately, too. But now that Barack Obama's in office, I feel like it's our moral responsibility to waste our time and needlessly risk our careers just to prove that whites are superior, because that's just what us white cops do.

DISPATCH: We sure do. Stand by. I'll be sending some backup your way.

OFFICER: Great. What about the robbery?

DISPATCH: You know what? Let's just let him get away with it. He is white, after all. (Laughing).

OFFICER: (Laughing).

DISPATCH: (Laughing). You are too much, 228. Over and out.

STU: That's how it happened.

GLENN: It's weird.

PAT: No wonder.

GLENN: It is weird. It is weird.

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