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GLENN: Let me go to Jill in Ithaca. Hello, Jill, you are on the Glenn Beck program.

CALLER: Yes, why don't you really tell people the choices they would have under the proposed healthcare plan. Why do you make it sound like it's a dictatorship? Why do you do that?

GLENN: Well, because I happen to believe that we are headed towards a dictatorship.

CALLER: Well, you couldn't ‑‑ could you prove that in court?

GLENN: No, but I could make a very strong case, Jill.

CALLER: Well, you haven't yet. You are just trying to scare the American people.

GLENN: Okay. What is ‑‑ take away ‑‑ take some of the things that I have talked about and challenge them. Go ahead and take them piece by piece on the case that I have made that we're headed towards a dictatorship.

CALLER: Why don't you give me one to start, Glenn.

GLENN: Okay, because see, what I'm doing here, Jill, is just proving to the audience that you don't listen to this show. You don't know who I am.

CALLER: I listen occasionally. I don't listen to you ‑‑

GLENN: Oh, it's occasionally.

CALLER: Yes. It's annoying, number one. Number two, I just listen to see what you guys are up to to scare the American people.

GLENN: No, I'm not trying to scare them. I'm making a case, Jill, and I have said on this program, which you would have known if you had listened to me. If you disagree, I would like to hear the argument. And please, take the things that I have presented and show me where I'm wrong because I want to be wrong, Jill. I do want to be wrong. I wanted to be wrong about George W. Bush, but I wasn't. And it's weird because, Jill, you would have agreed with me on George W. Bush. But now that it's your guy ‑‑ pardon me?

CALLER: Excuse me? You weren't wrong about him? Or you were wrong about him?

GLENN: Oh, no, I wasn't wrong about George W. Bush. I thought George W. Bush was taking us into a nightmare scenario. I warned about George W. Bush on the border, I warned about his spending, I warned that he was a progressive president, that he was opening the door. He's the guy that opened the door for all of this.

CALLER: Did you encourage people to vote for him in 2004?

GLENN: Oh, sure, I absolutely did. And then got on the air in 2005 and said what a terrible mistake I had made. Yeah.

CALLER: And you couldn't figure that in the first four years? You didn't see that the first four years?

GLENN: No, I didn't quite honestly, Jill, because I have blinded ‑‑ Jill, Jill, Jill, Jill, Jill, Jill, would you like to have a conversation and hear this? Or do you just want to spew your propaganda points?

CALLER: No, I don't want to practice your ‑‑ I'll have a conversation.

GLENN: Okay, good. I didn't see it because quite honestly I was blinded by September 11th. And I believed that we were ‑‑ and I still do ‑‑ that we have gigantic enemies across the sea that would like to destroy us. And I didn't believe ‑‑ excuse me, Jill. I think this is my time. I didn't believe that the Democrats even understood the enemies that we faced. I still don't think they do. I think quite honestly I think Barack Obama is in bed with some of our enemies. He's at least encouraging them. We're making deals with Syria? What is that all about? So I was blinded by September 11th to some of the other things that I wasn't for. I made a choice, and that was really the wrong choice. And I at least had the courage to say those things on the air because, see, I'm not about parties, Jill, but apparently you are.

CALLER: No, I'm about American rights and not being spied on by FISA, things like that.

GLENN: Oh, you're about ‑‑ FISA. So in other words, the ‑‑

PAT: That's still going on, by the way.

GLENN: Does the same thing that Obama, the thing that Obama said he was against but then went and renewed, you are against?

CALLER: I'm not about parties, either. So ‑‑

GLENN: Okay, so wait a minute. So you're against Obama for that same thing?

CALLER: I guess we agree on that one.

GLENN: So you'll admit your mistake for going after George W. Bush and voting for Obama because he was against that? You'll admit that mistake?

CALLER: No. Because I was ‑‑

GLENN: Oh! What a surprise double standard.

PAT: I didn't see it coming!

GLENN: I admitted my mistake but you won't do that on yours.

CALLER: It's a mistake. I'm admitting that single mistake.

GLENN: So it was a mistake for you to come out against George W. Bush and support Obama on that. Were you blind or did he just lie to you?

CALLER: I guess he wasn't as ‑‑ he wasn't honest, you are right. Or he had other ‑‑

GLENN: No, no, he wasn't as honest. He either lied to you or he did not. Did he lie to you?


GLENN: He lied to you? Okay, good.

CALLER: On that one.

GLENN: So then we've got one. We have one that we agree on. Look at this. [ APPLAUSE ]. We're coming together, bringing people together, Jill. Now give me one topic ‑‑

CALLER: Let me about ask you lying. Did you lie on The View about what happened?

GLENN: Oh, wow. Jill, you missed the independent investigative reporter that proved that I was telling the truth!

STU: From Amtrak, a statement from Amtrak.

GLENN: A statement from Amtrak.

STU: You should listen more than occasionally, shouldn't you, Jill?

GLENN: Isn't that weird.

CALLER: No, I can do what I want because I'm an American.

GLENN: Right.

STU: Be stupid. That's what ‑‑

GLENN: No, you can go ahead and be ill informed and then come and bring bogus facts to the table.

CALLER: Where is that independent ‑‑ I'll look it up.

GLENN: Okay, go ahead. Fine. Stu, where would she find the independent ‑‑ where would she find that report?

STU: We'll put it in our free e‑mail newsletter that we want your e‑mail address on.

GLENN: That we would love e‑mail address on at You can find it through Breitbart News.

STU: It was only 17 minutes long. So it might not have been in‑depth for you.

GLENN: Yeah, it might not have been in‑depth enough.

CALLER: Well, you don't know me. You shouldn't make a comment like that, Glenn.

GLENN: Oh, well, I'm sorry. I just thought you were making a comment about me being a liar on The View.

STU: The only problem is we only listen to Jill occasionally. We don't have all the facts apparently.

GLENN: So Jill, may I ask you this question?

CALLER: You can ask.

GLENN: Oh, well, thank you very much.

STU: (Laughing).

GLENN: I'd like to know that when you see the evidence by an independent investigative reporter and it shows that Amtrak made special accommodations for Whoopi Goldberg, et cetera, will you then apologize to me? Hello?

CALLER: (Inaudible).

Political commentator Bill O'Reilly joined the Glenn Beck radio program on Friday made an important prediction about President Joe Biden's chance of reelection in 2024.

O'Reilly told Glenn that former President Donald Trump was brought down because of COVID. "if COVID had not appeared, O'Reilly stated, "he [Trump] would have won reelection."

O'Reilly went on to predict that like Trump, President Joe Biden would lose reelection because of COVID. People saw a president who could not put out an intelligent fact-based message about COVID and people will remember that," he explained.

O'Reilly later added that "Trump and Biden are one-termers because of COVID."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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Critical race theory: Marxism is a religion

Uttam Sheth/Flickr

Marx didn't actually tell his followers that the system needed to be destroyed. And it's not what Marx actually believed. Very few Marxists actually understand what Marx laid out.

Marxism isn't a list of demands and instructions. It's Marx's attempt to tell the future. Some of it he got right, most he got wrong. For example, he predicted the rise of automation.

Believe it or not, Marx was not an anti-capitalist. If anything, he revered it.

In a letter to Engels, he complained that too many people misunderstood his message, that his plan is to merge with capitalism. To make it new. He wanted to reify his brand of socialism, reify is a Marxist term, actually. It basically means to make an abstract idea concrete.

Marx didn't hate capitalism. He actually thought it was necessary. And he knew communism would never happen without the aid of capitalism.

Marx didn't hate capitalism. He actually thought it was necessary.

From there, he takes these ideas to some weird conclusions. Horrible conclusions. The main one being revolution.

What does the first phase of the Marxist revolution look like? How will we know if it has started? How can we tell if it's already begun? Marx's idea of the "dictatorship of the proletariat," where the working class would rise up in revolution and earn their freedom.

But what did Marx mean by freedom? Like so much of Marxism, it involves giving up your individuality, in service to the collective: "Only in community with others does each individual have the means of cultivating his gifts in all directions; only in the community, therefore, is personal freedom possible."

That's from his book The German Ideology, which he co-wrote with Friedrich Engels, the guy who paid all of his bills: "Free competition, which is based on the idea of individual freedom, simply amounts to the relation of capital to itself as another capital."

His idea here is that capital ruins any idea of freedom or individuality. And competition is what he uses as proof. In other words, Marx's definition of freedom has nothing to do with actual freedom, freedom as we know it.

He wrote, in Capital: "It is not individuals who are set free by free competition; it is, rather, capital which is set free."

He's saying that Capital manipulates our individual freedom and forces us to exploit ourselves. For someone who didn't believe in God, he sure had some fanciful ideas about the forces that control the universe.

For someone who didn't believe in God, he sure had some fanciful ideas about the forces that control the universe.

Marxists have always argued that capitalism is a religion. That our debt to capital is no different than our debt to God. Critical Theorist Walter Benjamin wrote an entire book called Capitalism as Religion, and wrote that capitalism is "the first case of a cult that creates guilt, not atonement."

There were many strains of socialism before Marx. There were entire movements, named after socialist and anarchist philosophers. But Marx was the one who figured it out, with the help of a rotating cast of people paying for his sloth, of course.

Marx's influence on socialism was so profound that socialism was practically re-named in honor of Marx. Marx has been deified.

He created a utopian society. Very hypothetical. It requires a working class that is devoted to daily readings of The Communist Manifesto.

This assumes that people who work all day — at a real job, where they can't just sit on the couch all day as Marx did — even have the energy to read dense theory when they get home.

Marx made a religion.

This post is part of a series on critical race theory. Read the full series here.

The Capitol riot was foolish and tragic, but Pelosi's Select Committee "investigation" on the January 6 "insurrection" has devolved into a show trial complete with bad tears and bad acting. But this is just a charade designed to distract us.

What's going on behind closed doors is truly nefarious. The Biden White House and the U.S. national security apparatus are seizing that event to redefine domestic terrorism and expand the powers of government to prevent it. There is an alarming blueprint for sweeping government action called the "National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism," put together by the National Security Council.

On his Wednesday night special this week, Glenn Beck exposes the collusion between the Biden administration and Big Tech to surveil, root out, and silence America's deplorables – all in the name of national security.

Watch the full "Glenn TV" episode below:

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Terry Trobiani owns Gianelli's Drive Thru in Prairie Grove, Illinois, where he put up a row of American flags for the Fourth of July. But the city claimed he was displaying two of them improperly and issued him a $100 ticket for each flag.

Terry joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Tuesday to explain what he believes really happened. He told Glenn that, according to city ordinance, the American flag is considered "ornamental" and should therefore have been permitted on a federal holiday. But the city has now classified the flag as a "sign."

"Apparently, the village of Prairie Grove has classified the American flag as a sign and they've taken away the symbol of the American flag," Terry said. "So, as a sign, it falls under their temporary sign ordinance, which prohibits any flying, or any positioning of signs on your property — and now this includes the American flag. [...] The only way I could fly the American flag on my property is if I put it on a permanent 20 to 30-foot flagpole, which they have to permit."

Terry went on to explain how the city is now demanding an apology for his actions, and all after more than a year of small-business crushing COVID restrictions and government mandates.

"COVID was tough," Terry stated. "You know, we're in the restaurant business. COVID was tough on us. We succeeded. We made it through. We cut a lot of things, but we never cut an employee. We paid all our employees. I didn't take a paycheck for a year just to keep our employees on, because it was that important to me to keep things going. And, you know, you fight for a year, and you beat a pandemic, and then you have this little municipality with five trustees and a president, who just have no respect for small businesses. And right now, what I see is they have no respect for the republic and the United States ... I think it's terrible. The direction that government, at all levels, have taken us to this point, it's despicable."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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