Glenn Beck: Arlen Specter continues to suck

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Protestor Interrupts Spector Town Hall Meeting

GLENN: 888 727 BECK. Earlier today Arlen Specter had a healthcare event and it was wonderful. Stu I'm trying to do Pat's Arlen Specter.

GLENN: Yeah, do your little, that there was a little confrontation there, Pat.

PAT: Well, there was a little confrontation (mumbling).

GLENN: How long did it take you to get Arlen Specter down like that?

PAT: About 15 seconds, Glenn. (Mumbling). Just put your tongue way back in your mouth.

GLENN: Hang on a second.

PAT: Then you kind of make your mouth big and fat.

GLENN: It really doesn't sound like doesn't sound like it. It doesn't work.

PAT: Then you need a little bit of rasp in your voice. And you know that he's... (mumbling).

STU: Interesting.

GLENN: Here we go. Here's a little bit from the town hall.

STU: Yeah, we should explain. There's a town hall meeting. There is a guy that rises up. He is against Obamacare and he's getting pretty fired up here and as you'll hear, there's a little bit of a confrontation with another person who apparently is for Obamacare, tries to stop him from speaking and then a confrontation ensues from there.

GLENN: Okay. Here we go.

SPECTER: You want to be let out of here, you're welcome to go. Now wait a minute, now wait a minute. Now wait a minute. Now wait a minute. Wait, wait a minute. Wait a minute.

VOICE: I have right to

SPECTER: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. He has a right to leave. He is right. Wait a minute, wait a minute.

GLENN: I mean, so far Arlen Specter has made a very good point so far. He has really... "Wait a minute, wait a minute."

PAT: Wait a minute action wait a minute.

GLENN: I don't understand. Is he saying he has a constitutional right to leave? So in other words he is saying I'm not holding you hostage? Is that what he's saying?

STU: Yeah. And he's saying if there's a minute, you should wait through it.

GLENN: All right. Go ahead.

SPECTER: Wait a minute. You want to leave? Leave.

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VOICE: I am going to speak my mind before I leave because your people told me I could. I called your office and I was told I could have the mic to speak. And then I was lied to because I came prepared to speak and instead you wouldn't let anybody speak. You handed out, what, 30 cards? Well, I got news for you. You and your cronies in the government do this kind of stuff all the time. Well... (applause)... I don't care, I don't care how much, I'm not a lobbyist with all kind of money to stuff it in your pocket so that you can cheat the citizens of this country. So I'll leave. And you can do whatever the hell you please to do. One day God's going to stand before you and he's going to judge you.

PAT: It should be the other way around.

VOICE: Your cronies up on the hill.

GLENN: Hold on a second. There's a little controversy brewing in the studio. Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. There's a controversy.

STU: What's the

GLENN: There's a controversy here.

STU: People can call in now.

GLENN: What's the controversy?

PAT: I'm thinking that the guy is going to stand that Specter will stand before God, not the other way around.

GLENN: I'm sorry. Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait, just wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I believe you don't understand who Arlen Specter is.

STU: Well, I just want to say that

GLENN: Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Barack Obama may only have planet like powers like his own gravitational field, but Arlen Specter, when he gets up, the Lord will say, "Oh, Arlen, it's not, I didn't realize oh, you're back. I here, I think this is your seat. I've just been keeping it warm." Now, can we not at least come together on things like that, that the government, the servants, if you will, are truly the master?

STU: Sure, I think so.

GLENN: Okay.

STU: If you don't mind, I'm just going to leave here and go to the bathroom.

GLENN: No, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.

STU: I have to go.

GLENN: He has a constitutional right to go to the bathroom.

STU: I know, I'm just going to tinkle and I just would like to

GLENN: Wait a minute. You have a constitutional right to tinkle.

STU: Okay, I appreciate you

GLENN: Now, is there something you want to say before you go tinkle or you are just being

STU: Well, I was told that I was able to speak on this program.

GLENN: Who told you these things?

STU: Well, your people, they told me that on a piece of paper.

GLENN: I don't have people. I don't have people. Why are you abusing the elderly like this? Why you and your angry mob come into my studio and then want to pee all over my studio, your words, not mine, and then

STU: I didn't say that.

GLENN: And then call us liars? Why the hatred?

STU: But I'm a somewhat elderly gentleman with a piece of paper and I don't think that

GLENN: See, this is the thing they don't understand. They just don't understand in Washington. You could hear it in that man's voice. He has been so disenfranchised. "You go do whatever it is you're going to do." That was the key. This was the turning point. Remember I told you I think it was about a year or so ago. I said study the Weimar Republic. Study the Weimar Republic. What I learned in my study of the Weimar Republic is, well, two things well, three things, a lot of things, you know, like Germans, boy, they screw things up an awful lot. That's kind of a big umbrella. But also, you know, "Hey, let's not print our own money." But the most important thing I learned well, I can't say it's the most important thing. "Germans screw things up a lot" maybe the most important thing. That, and never get the Germans and the Italians together. Bad.

One of the things I learned was once the people feel like they don't make a difference and that they whatever they do won't affect their own life, that's when you get into real trouble. That's when you get into real danger. Don't you believe it. Don't you let anybody around you believe it. I'm telling you there is great hope for this country. I am telling you that there is great the Constitution will survive. Those who come against the Constitution, it will not last. The Constitution will survive. Americans will not only survive but they will thrive and they will be free. When America wakes up to God, when America wakes up and says, "Oh, I remember the order here; oh, I know we can't have everything for free; oh, there is such a thing called personal responsibility," that's when we'll say to somebody who says, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, we'll say, now we're done waiting; get the hell out.

STU: That's a very interesting point, Glenn.

GLENN: I don't know why the

STU: It's because we have a hard break here. We have a hard break. We should probably

GLENN: Is that what it is?

STU: Yeah.

PAT: Maybe you should talk a little bit longer, Glenn.

GLENN: That was such a good place to end it.

PAT: I agree. It would have been nice to end about 10 minutes ago before you started babbling. But you do have the right to continue to speak until the break is here.

STU: Well, I think the truth is, Glenn, you wanted to leave but then we needed to tell you wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.

PAT: Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. You and your paid political advisors sending me down here with all kinds of cash in your pocket to start hassling me, subverting the Democratic process. I won't have it. I won't stand for it.

GLENN: Can I ask you something? If we start not shaving our armpits, women, and everybody start passing out flowers, can we start being called the mob? Is that what it takes?

Glenn Beck: One TERRIFYING thing is clear no matter who caused the Nord Stream pipeline leaks

Photo by Danish Defence/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Evidence strongly suggests that the Nord Stream pipeline leaks were the result of sabotage, and U.S. and European officials have been working to discover who could be behind the explosions that damaged the natural gas pipelines running from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea.

Was it Russia? Ukraine? Germany? But no matter who carried this out, it has put the entire world in grave danger, because if this is indeed an attack, it means that non-military key infrastructure outside Ukraine is now on the "target menu," warned Glenn Beck on the radio program.

"It is so important for you to understand, this is now a non-military key infrastructure that has been destroyed," Glenn explained. "If Russia thinks we did it, they've already said, 'Nukes are now on the table.' That gives us a green light to use nukes," he added.

"This is non-military key infrastructure outside of the borders of Ukraine. To date, as far as we know, combat targets were either in Ukraine, or were military targets hit inside of Russia by Ukrainian Air Force or special forces. But the target menu now includes key civilian infrastructure: electricity, water utilities, energy production. That makes Russia more dangerous than ever. And that would be true no matter who carried out the attack," Glenn stated.

Now, the Russians are saying the Unted States did it, and the U.S. is saying it was Russia. But no matter who carried out the attack, "We are facing a Cuban Missile Crisis," said Glenn.

"This could end up being the biggest story of our lifetime and ... if it isn't played calmly by every side, this could be World War III," he continued. "Russia has already said that this gives them the right to use nuclear weapons as soon as they find out for sure who did it. That would be catastrophic, absolutely catastrophic."

Watch the video clip below to hear more from Glenn. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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The White House can try to spin inflation all day long (and it's trying very hard). But you feel the effects of President Joe Biden’s disastrous leadership every time you go to the grocery store or fill up your car. The American economy is on the brink of disaster after less than two years of a Democrat-controlled Congress and White House. And they’ve got plenty more destruction in the works.

The bottom line is they WANT you to get used to a lower living standard. So, what do you do? How do you prepare? What will food and fuel cost in the months ahead? What would the next Great Depression look like? How are you going to feel the effects of ESG and the Left’s war on oil?

On Wednesday night's "Glenn TV," Glenn Beck brings in a panel of economic experts to answer those questions. He’s joined by Carol Roth, former Wall Street investment banker and author of “The War on Small Business,” and Jim Iuorio, a small business owner, stockbroker, and managing director of TJM Institutional Services. While both forecast the worst-case scenario for average Americans, they also offer a glimmer of hope to get us out of this mess.

Watch the full episode below:

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To enjoy more of Glenn’s masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis, and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution, and live the American dream.

The FBI recently sent more than a dozen armed agents to the home of well-known pro-life activist Mark Houck to arrest him for allegedly violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances or FACE Act. Now the father of seven faces up to 11 years in prison over claims that he blocked a man from entering an abortion clinic and shoved him when he wouldn't stop verbally harassing Mark's 12-year-old son. Now, if that doesn't sound insane enough, this all happened after local authorities dropped the case. So, what's the full story here?

Attorney Peter Breen joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Tuesday to tell the family's side of the story, including how the case was already "won" three years ago, and how, after receiving a target letter from the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Mark's legal team agreed to cooperate fully, only to hear nothing back until the day the FBI showed up on Mark's doorstep.

Breen also explained how the FBI has tried to downplay "abuse of power" claims, accusing Mark's wife of making "inaccurate claims" about the terrifying experience.

"Ryan-Marie, who is Mark's wife, she thought she saw 25 [FBI agents.] The FBI came back and said it wasn't 25, it was no more than 15 or 20 heavily armed federal agents. And she had called them a 'SWAT team' because she's a lay person. I don't know the difference between a SWAT team and a bunch of heavily armed, armored, and shield-bearing federal agents," Breen said.

According to Fox News, a senior FBI source said:

There may have been 15-20 agents at the scene, but denied 25 were there. The agents who came to the door had guns out and at the ready, according to this FBI source, but the guns were never pointed at Houck or his family and were lowered or holstered as soon as Houck was taken into custody. Houck was handcuffed with a belly chain.

"So, yeah, they had guns drawn and pointed at Mark in front of his wife and their children. And that whole show of force was done against a man who was not a drug lord, not a mafia boss, but instead, a law-abiding pillar of the community whose attorney said, 'we'll bring him in if you decide to charge, even though you have no case.'"

Breen went on to assert that he believes Congress "needs to" hold Attorney General Merrick Garland accountable for the arrest. "I can't imagine that those 20 federal agents were excited about being called out to a peaceful man's home, guns drawn," he said.

In the video clip below, Breen goes on the explain what he believes should happen next, and why Houck's arrest "should frighten all of us." Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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Gavin McInnes broke the internet last month when his live show was interrupted, and it appeared that he was arrested. He broke the internet again a few weeks later when he admitted that the arrest was staged as part of what was intended to be an elaborate prank.

McInnes joined Glenn Beck on "Glenn TV" to explain the real reason behind his disastrous prank.

"This was a $10,000 joke. I lost 100 subscribers because of it, but I was going away to Paris for a week because my daughter is going to college and I thought let's make it interesting," McInnes said of his decision to fake an on-air arrest in the middle of his live "Get Off My Lawn" podcast on August 25.

"There was a method to the madness, with the prank ... my point was, first of all, this is happening to people in real-time. Tim Poole has been swatted a million times," he explained to Glenn. "The thought police are in full effect. I also wanted to lampoon the media's bloodlust for us suffering."

Glenn played a clip of the now-infamous hoax while McInnes explained what was really going on behind the scenes, including how his very drunk friend "Unrelia-Bill" was supposed to act the part of the arresting officer but ended up being much too intoxicated (at "2 pm") to speak even a few lines, and how smugly gleeful the "far left" was when they thought McInnes had actually been arrested.

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation:

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