Glenn Beck: Even more crazy Czar audio

GLENN: 888 727 BECK. 888 727 BECK. We have new video from oh, so long ago. It was youthful indiscretions in 2008. The White House's own words, they have been following him for years, since he has been in Oakland. When he was in Oakland, he was a communist. But the White House's own words, they have been following him for years. Let me find the brand new audio that was found by Breitbart and sent to me last night. Here it is, Van Jones in his own words. It will be in the e mail newsletter today. Listen carefully, and I want to pull it apart piece by piece.

VAN JONES: One of the things that has happened I think too often to progressives is that we don't understand the relationship between minimum goals and maximum goals.

GLENN: Stop. Minimum goals and maximum goals. He's going to explain this, but I want you to realize this goes to remember when I talked about Gandalf and I said, "You shall not pass!" I've been telling you for a while there's things in this framework. They are building something. I don't know what they're building, but they're building something. Don't allow anything else to go through. Listen to how he explains minimum and maximum goals.

VAN JONES: Right after Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, if the civil rights leaders had jumped out and said, okay, now, we

GLENN: Stop. This is Rosa Parks. He is now tying the civil rights movement to three very important things. The civil rights movement he is now saying, at least the way I read it, that the goal was this. Listen.

VAN JONES: Reparations for slavery

GLENN: Stop. We want reparations for slavery. Two.

VAN JONES: We want redistribution of all wealth.

GLENN: Stop. We want redistribution of all wealth. Redistribution of all wealth. And three.

VAN JONES: And we want to legalize mixed marriages.

GLENN: Stop. I was that the goal in the 1950s and Sixties?

PAT: That's not the goal now.

GLENN: I mean, I

PAT: For blacks, they were the largest voting Block against Prop 8 in California. 67% of blacks voted against Prop 8. For

GLENN: Wait, wait. Mixed marriages?

PAT: Oh, we're thinking the other kind of marriages, all right.

GLENN: All right. So mixed marriages, white and black. You think that's what he means?

STU: That's what I took from that because I could be wrong.

GLENN: I wonder, I believe

PAT: Well, they weren't illegal, were they? In the south maybe?

STU: I don't know. I'm not

GLENN: That I don't know. I don't know. Well, give him the benefit of the doubt that he means black and white marriages. I don't think that's what he means but let's give him the benefit of the doubt on that one. Okay. Go ahead.

VAN JONES: If they come out with a maximum program the very next day, they would have been laughed at. Instead they came out with a very minimum program: You know, we just want to integrate these buses. The students a few years later came out with a very minimum program, we just want to sit at the lunch counter. But inside that minimum demand was a very radical kernel that eventually meant that from 1954 to 1958, you know, complete revolution was on the table.

GLENN: Stop. Inside that plan was a very radical kernel. Inside that plan was a very radical kernel. What have I been telling you? There are things inside of these bills. It's why they have been overwhelming the system because inside these gigantic bills there are radical kernels. Now, Van Jones is only one piece of this puzzle. Cass Sunstein is the other. Cass Sunstein is the nudge guy. He is, he's the regulatory czar. This guy is a genius at flipping switches. He can move this one up by 5%, this one up by 5%, this one up by 8%, this one down by 10%, and nobody knows. But it fundamentally transforms America. See, we don't know what the structure is that they they have not articulated. This is why people could make the claim that this is a Velvet Revolution because they're not telling us who they are. They are telling us one thing. But inside that one thing is a radical kernel. Now listen.

VAN JONES: For this country. And I think that this green movement has to pursue those same steps and stages. Right now we're saying we want to move from suicidal gray capitalism to some kind of eco capitalism.

GLENN: Stop. Okay. Capitalism. Suicidal gray capitalism. He's a capitalist? When did he become a big capitalist? When he was describing in 2008 capitalism as suicidal? Suicidal gray capitalism. The key words are really not even that. The key words are the two words in that sentence. It leads the sentence. What was it? "Right now." We're talking about going from suicidal gray capitalism to some sort of eco capitalism. Right now. That's what we're talking about. But remember the paragraph before: Inside there is a kernel of radicalism. Right now we are talking about going from suicidal gray capitalism to some sort of eco capitalism. But then he goes on.

VAN JONES: Where, you know, at least we're not, you know, fast tracking the destruction of the whole planet. Well will that be enough? No, it won't be enough.

GLENN: Stop. Will that be enough? No, it will not be enough. Please help me out. Show me where I'm wrong. Show me how to read this any other way. I will tell you that the forces against me and the forces against me getting this word out are biblical almost in nature, and I fear they are going to get much, much stronger. If this guy resigns or is fired or whatever, I can't imagine how this administration keeps this man on. But understand that this exposes, because of who introduced him at the audio that we played for you a minute ago, the woman who vacationed with the Obamas. Good friends. Known them forever. She says we're excited, we have known him and been watching him since his days in Oakland. He was a communist when he was in Oakland! This is not about Van Jones. This is about the true intent of this administration. You now have the path, but I'm telling you that I fear that my voice will be snuffed, my voice will be silenced. I will tell you, the forces arrayed agains t in the other direction are awfully darn powerful and awfully darn committed. But I ask that you keep us, this program, our affiliates, Fox News in your prayers because these are revolutionaries. Make no mistake about it. Can we play the last part when we come back about something else I have been telling you for a while now that my gut has been screaming, screaming. He has, I believe, verified it. You decide, next.

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