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Arguing with Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government

by Glenn Beck

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GLENN: (Arguing with Idiots) officially launches next Tuesday. But it's, I think it's the best book that we have written, the funniest book that we have ever done, the one that has the best research done. It took us over a year to do this and it has 25 pages of fine print footnotes so you can do all your own research, see exactly where we got everything. And Stu, you were part of the research team that did everything, you and Joe and Kevin and we had a couple of other people. We threw out ‑‑ correct me if I'm wrong. We threw out anything that we found that was all sketchy. If you couldn't say, no, this is a rock solid fact.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: We wouldn't put it in.

STU: Yeah, a lot of times you'll see things recorded on sources you don't necessarily trust and it's going through and finding where they got it from, then finding where they got it from and going through a chain of six or seven things and finally tracking it down to what's really accurate.

GLENN: The reason why we did it is because you are going to love it. There's stuff on there ‑‑ we went to the experts on 12 different arguments and we said, okay, help us with these arguments. Because this is what you're ‑‑ you know, for instance, you know, you talk about energy and your boneheaded friend says something like...

PAT: Yeah, you right‑wingers are always talking about supply and demand but yet you won't recognize that people are demanding hybrid cars.

GLENN: They are?

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: Because if that's true, they should start telling somebody about it, you are right. The first place they should start talking ‑‑ you know, they should start calling the car companies. Last year when gas prices hit their all‑time highs at over $4 a gallon, of the top ten best selling cars of 2008, exactly none of them were hybrids. Not even the hero of the environmental universe, the Toyota Prius.

PAT: What about cars like the Honda Civic and the Toyota Camry? They have hybrid versions. I notice you didn't mention that conveniently.

GLENN: That's true. They do have those.

PAT: I know.

GLENN: And what makes that interesting is while they look exactly the same, when faced with a choice between the hybrid and the gas‑powered version, 90% choose the gas‑powered version.

PAT: Anyone could quote numbers and sales figures and factually‑based sentences.


PAT: All the other dirty tricks of the right.

GLENN: Sure.

PAT: But the only reason people aren't choosing the hybrid is because the government isn't giving them incentive to do so.

GLENN: Okay. Well, first of all, the government doesn't have to give people the incentive to buy a Big Mac or an iPod or a magazine with Carrie Underwood on the cover. They just do that because they want to do that. It's what separates a good product from a bad product in our society.

PAT: Yeah, but this is new technology.

GLENN: Like the iPod?

PAT: Mr. Beck, the government needs to help it along. IPod's old.

GLENN: So in other words ‑‑ the iPod's old?

PAT: Old, lots of years old.

GLENN: So by offering tax credits, that's what you're suggesting?

PAT: Exactly, exactly.

GLENN: All right. Like the $3,000 they offer for a purchase of a hybrid or maybe it's the latest $4500 for the Cash For Clunkers.

PAT: You know what? This is so typical of your hate mongering hate mongerness. You just don't want middle class, poor people to have any advantages at all.

GLENN: Thank you for stopping by, Jeremiah Wright.

PAT: With someone who isn't hanging out at your gold plated country club gets a tax credit, you just can't stand it.

GLENN: Okay. So the middle class and poor people? That's who I'm ‑‑

PAT: Right. Exactly right.

GLENN: Do you know that the average household income of a hybrid buyer is over $113,000? That's more than ‑‑ are you listening? That's more than double the ‑‑ see, this is what they do to you. That's more than double the average household, six times the poverty level. Why don't you read just Page 101 of arguing with the idiots. It's the purchase of a hybrid is a better indicator of household wealth ‑‑ are you listening?

PAT: Are you listening?

GLENN: See, this is childish.

PAT: This is childish.

GLENN: On Page 101, the purchase of a hybrid is a...

PAT: (Repeating)

GLENN: Is a better indicator of household wealth than a doctorate degree. I don't even know.

PAT: You're so predictable.

GLENN: Really? Have you read the book?

PAT: You're so predictable.

GLENN: Aren't the tax breaks for the wealthy the exact sort of thing that you're usually infuriated about?

PAT: No actually. I'm usually, I'm usually infuriated ‑‑ I don't even know what I'm going to say.

GLENN: Because you're so predictable!

PAT: I'm usually infuriated about your fat face and its ripples of lard that flap with every word that comes out of your disgusting revolting pie hole!

Shortly after appearing on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program" last Thursday, Los Angeles-based emergency medicine specialist Dr. Simone Gold got a call saying she was fired for speaking out about the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine in a now-banned viral video.

Dr. Gold returned to the radio program Monday to detail exactly what happened, the reason the hospitals gave for her firing, and how they threatened to fire her colleagues as well if she "didn't go quietly."

"Most emergency physicians work at more than one [hospital], as I do, and I've actually been fired from both," she told Glenn. "They told me that I appeared in an embarrassing video, and therefore, I would no longer be welcome to work there ... then they said, if I didn't go quietly and I made a fuss, they would have all the doctors in the group, you know, they'd have to go and they'll get a whole new doctor group."

Dr. Gold said she does not regret speaking out about hydroxychloroquine during the controversial "White Coat Summit" news conference held in Washington, D.C., last week. A video of the news conference quickly went viral on social media before being removed by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others for allegedly making false claims related to COVID-19.

"Bring it on," she said. "I want to continue to live in America. I want my children to continue to live in America. I don't want them to grow up in a place like China. When you get to a point where, not only can I not speak as a scientist, as a doctor, for what I know to be absolutely true, but you then want to cancel me and my colleagues, this is not okay. I would much rather fight than not fight ... and I want everybody to know that there are literally millions and millions of Americans who are on our side. Millions. I believe it's the majority."

Glenn then asked Dr. Gold to weigh in on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's new guidelines encouraging schools to reopen in the fall and the left's relentless drive to keep them closed.

"There's no actual scientific debate whatsoever if schools should open. None. There's no scientific debate. There's no serious person who thinks schools shouldn't open. Now, [through] some governors and policy makers, there's pressure being brought to bear on school districts, but there's no actual scientific debate. So it's going to come down to parents pressuring their local school districts to act in a responsible fashion."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld joined Glenn on "The Glenn Beck Podcast" this week to talk about his new book, "The Plus: Self-Help for People Who Hate Self-Help."

Greg admits he is probably the last person who should write a self-help book. Nevertheless, he offers his offbeat advice on how to save America during what has become one of the most tumultuous times in history, as well as drinking while tweeting (spoiler: don't do it).

He also shares his "evolution" on President Donald Trump, his prediction for the election, and what it means to be an agnostic-atheist.

In this clip, Greg shares what he calls his "first great epiphany" on how dangerous cancel culture has become.

"I believe that cancel culture is the first successful work-around of the First Amendment," he said. "Because freedom of speech doesn't protect me from my career being ruined, my livelihood being destroyed, or me getting so depressed I commit suicide. Cancel culture is the first successful work-around of freedom of speech. It can oppress your speech with the scepter of destruction. We don't have freedom of speech anymore."

Watch the video clip below or find the full Glenn Beck Podcast with Greg Gutfeld here.

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Dr. Simone Gold joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Thursday to set the record straight about hydroxychloroquine -- what it is, how it works, and the real reason for all the current controversy surrounding a centuries-old medication.

Dr. Gold is a board certified emergency physician. She graduated from Chicago Medical School before attending Stanford University Law School. She completed her residency in emergency medicine at Stony Brook University Hospital in New York, and worked in Washington D.C. for the Surgeon General, as well for the chairman of the Committee on Labor and Human Resources. She works as an emergency physician on the front lines, whether or not there is a pandemic, and her clinical work serves all Americans from urban inner city to suburban and the Native American population. Her legal practice focuses on policy issues relating to law and medicine.

She is also the founder of America's frontline doctors, a group of doctors who have been under attack this week for speaking out about hydroxychloroquine during a news conference held outside the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington D.C.

On the program, Dr. Gold emphasized that the controversy over hydroxychloroquine is a "complete myth."

"Hydroxychloroquine is an analogue or a derivative of quinine, which is found in tree bark. It's the most noncontroversial of medications that there is," she explained.

"It's been around for centuries and it's been FDA-approved in the modern version, called hydroxychloroquine, for 65 years. In all of that time, [doctors] used it for breast-feeding women, pregnant women, elderly, children, and immune compromised. The typical use is for years or even decades because we give it mostly to RA, rheumatoid arthritis patients and lupus patients who need to be on it, essentially, all of their life. So, we have extensive experience with it ... it's one of the most commonly used medications throughout the world."

Dr. Gold told Glenn she was surprised when the media suddenly "vomited all over hydroxychloroquine", but initially chalked it up to the left's predictable hatred for anything President Donald Trump endorses. However, when the media gave the drug Remdesivir glowing reviews, despite disappointing clinical trial results, she decided to do some research.

"[Remdesivir] certainly wasn't a fabulous drug, but the media coverage was all about how fabulous it was. At that moment, I thought that was really weird. Because it's one thing to hate hydroxychloroquine because the president [endorsed] it. But it's another thing to give a free pass to another medicine that doesn't seem that great. I thought that was really weird, so I started looking into it. And let me tell you, what I discovered was absolutely shocking," she said.

Watch the video below for more details:

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According to the mainstream media's COVID-19 narrative, the president is "ignoring" the crisis.

On tonight's "Glenn TV" special, Glenn Beck exposes the media's last four months of political theater that has helped shape America's confusion and fear over coronavirus. And now, with a new school year looming on the horizon, the ongoing hysteria has enormous ramifications for our children, but the media is working overtime to paint the Trump administration as anti-science Neanderthals who want to send children and teachers off to die by reopening schools.

Glenn fights back with the facts and interviews the medical doctor Big Tech fears the most. Dr. Simone Gold, founder of America's Frontline Doctors, stands up to the media's smear campaign and explains why she could no longer stay silent in her fight against coronavirus fear.

Watch a preview below:

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