Glenn will cause...genocide?

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MIDLER: I don't think he's funny even a little bit. I've never had a laugh at Glenn Beck. In fact, I find him terrifying. I find him terrifying. He's like an old school demagogue and it's really frightening.

PAT: I like it when demagogues kick at old school. That's my favorite demagoguery.

GLENN: I'm not just an old school demagogue. What could I possibly do with my demagoguery?

MIDLER: If you look around at the rest of the world and what kind of behavior has done in Rwanda where the demagogues got on the radio and fermented all that hate between the Tootsies and the Hutus and the devastation that happened from that. I mean, it's terrifying.

GLENN: So wait, wait, wait: So I am going to cause a Rwanda-like genocide.

PAT: With your hatred.

GLENN: A Rwanda type genocide.

STU: And you can tell that she knows exactly what caused that by her knowledge of the hootsies and the Hutus and not even knowing the two names. You can tell that she's really in-depth in her understanding of Rwanda.

GLENN: You know what, you don't need to go there. She may know. She might have just forgot. I mean, I might have -- Hutus and Jiu-Jitsus. I mean, yeah, you can easily know it and then not, you know, remember that part of it. You don't need to go there. But is what she's saying -- see, we didn't even get into the Patrick -- we've got to get into the rest of what Patrick Kennedy said yesterday. What Patrick Kennedy --

PAT: Yeah, there's so much.

GLENN: What Patrick Kennedy said was we put people in jail for -- for hurting our republic all around the world. We should put people in jail for their rhetoric, Patrick Kennedy?

PAT: That's what he seemed to be alluding to, yeah.

GLENN: Sure seemed like it to me.

PAT: Yeah, he did.

GLENN: Now, why not put people in jail if their words are going to cause a Rwanda-like genocide here in America?

PAT: That is so incomprehensible, irresponsible.

GLENN: Who is it that is going to be on the receiving end of my genocidal demagoguery? Who is it?

STU: And you were worried about who -- you know, them talking too much about you or whatever. But really this has nothing to do with you.

GLENN: No, it doesn't.

PAT: That's right.

STU: It has to do with the people who listen to the program have conservative views that they think are a threat to their power.

GLENN: It is all about the tea parties. And wait until you hear, wait until you hear what she says about freedom of speech. It is so telling. We'll do that next.

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GLENN: The very unfunny self-proclaimed comedienne Joy Behar on The View yesterday with Bette Midler.

BEHAR: But, you know, someone like Glenn Beck has made gazillions of dollars because he's out there being sort of hateful in many ways. He calls himself a clown and a comedian. Do you think he's funny?

MIDLER: I don't think he's funny even a little bit. I've never had a laugh with Glenn Beck. In fact, I find him terrifying.

BEHAR: You do?

MIDLER: I find him terrifying. He is like an old school demagogue and it's really frightening because if you really, if you look around at the rest of the world and what this kind of behavior has done like in Rwanda.

BEHAR: Yeah.

MIDLER: Where the demagogues got on the radio and started, fermented all that hate between the Tootsies and the Hutus and the devastation that happened from that. I mean, it's terrifying. And that could happen, you know. You could turn on a dime. That could happen here.

BEHAR: Well, we have free speech here and everything he says we can say something else.

MIDLER: I don't think hate speech should be so free. I'm not for --

GLENN: Listen to this.

MIDLER: -- censorship but I also feel like you are a human being.

BEHAR: I mean, but you can't stop people from hate speech because they have the right to say it. It's the First Amendment.

MIDLER: I think the people who are educated to be civil are civil. That's all there is to it. People who are not educated in any way, are just a little on the barbaric side, what can you do? But that's the fault of the education system.

PAT: What a strong stand for free speech.

GLENN: Free speech, yeah.

PAT: Whoa.

GLENN: Those who are not educated in any way, that would be me. Don't really have a right to speak.

PAT: You need to be educated.

STU: Unbelievable.

GLENN: This is the progressive movement. This is what it is. This is why the media and now congress, they don't listen to you. Because you are just not smart enough.

STU: Isn't this really, though, more of just a couple of dumb celebrities?

GLENN: No, no, no.

STU: This is the progressive movement or this is a couple of dumb idiots?

GLENN: This is a progressive -- it is a couple of dumb idiots, and Bette Midler is right. It is the educational system that has brought them to this progressive movement.

STU: Right.

GLENN: This is the kind of thinking that leads to genocide. This is the kind of -- at least it has historically. At least with eugenics. First it starts with, well, we can breed a better person. And then you get people like Cass Sunstein or John Holdren to fix up the experiments. Let's go ahead and try to breed the perfect person. Then when that doesn't work, maybe we should exterminate those who are just not right. That's the way it happens.

STU: Isn't their case essentially against the tea party movement and you specifically is that you're creating fear so that people might act out? Then at the same point he's accusing you of genocide.


STU: She's saying the other side is going to cause a genocide.


STU: Which would be the exact same thing of fear mongering to your audience.

GLENN: Let me ask you this: Are you -- do you think that maybe someone in the media might point out if anyone in the Bush administration would have said, "You know, you're causing, you're going to get Dick Cheney killed. You're going to get him killed. You're going to get George Bush killed." Do you think anybody in the media would have said that that was fear mongering, that that was irresponsible? And yet every politician is saying those things, every single one: I thought we were going to live in a community that wasn't based in fear. Why are they doing that? To whip up their base, to be able to say these people want to kill people. I don't know anybody that wants that to happen. I don't know anybody that even would tolerate that. I don't know anybody that would even tolerate that as a joke. Do you?

PAT: Absolutely not.

GLENN: Do you?

STU: No.

GLENN: Not even as a joke. So why is that? Are they trying to whip up fear? Are they trying to do what has happened, what has brought us here? Having the two parties teach us to hate each other. The answer is yes. Because as long as the Democrats hate the Republicans and the Republicans hate the Democrats, well, then we can't solve anything. And they can get -- one will get into the power and then the next will get into power and then the next will get into power. The next is not the parties. The answer are the individual Americans. The answer are the facts, the facts. That's what you argue.

STU: The bottom line is we can sit here and argue which speech is right and which speech is wrong, but we can all agree that at her age, Bette Midler should not be singing boogie-woogie bugle boy anymore. That is a horrific affront to our democracy and she should not do it anymore. Stop it!

PAT: How about this one?

STU: Stop it!

MIDLER: You are the wind beneath my wings.

PAT: This should never be played on the radio, this should never be sung live.

STU: No more.

PAT: In Memorex, in person, not in person, never.

GLENN: That is beautiful, beautiful stuff. And the two of them getting together, oh, the joy that Joy can bring, seriously.

The House approved a new aid package for Ukraine of nearly $40 billion, which will increase the total U.S. funding for Ukraine's war efforts to a whopping $58 BILLION since March, if the package passes in the Senate. Meanwhile, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas testified before Congress that the Biden administration is considering diverting resources away from an already-struggling VA (Department of Veterans Affairs) to deal with the border crisis.

"I am not making this up -- this will [make] your head explode," Glenn Beck said in the radio program Thursday. "They are going to divert costs; the Biden administration is taking money from the VA. Now already, our veterans get seconds, and we are [considering] diverting VA funding, and doctors, and nurses, away from our vets and to the migrants at the border, so we can take money that we don't have, $58 billion, and send it to Ukraine. What the hell is wrong with us?"

"Now, some Republican lawmakers are attempting to fight this," he added. "But, most people haven't even heard of this. This is how the atrocities at the border go unchecked. Biden sweeps it all under a rug. The mainstream media covers it up. And, meanwhile, people suffer and die. And in this case, it's not only the people on the border, but it is also our veterans in VA hospitals."

Glenn went on to detail the unreported deadly consequences of Biden’s border policies which have led to enough fentanyl to kill millions of Americans pouring across the border and terrorists having found easy paths into our country.

Watch the video clip below to hear more from Glenn:

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Corruption, greed, and death. This is what the Left’s border policy is REALLY about, not the humanitarian effort they claim it is.

On tonight's episode of "Glenn TV," Glenn Beck exposes the groups benefitting from the border chaos under the Biden administration. A leftist money supply flows to NGOs on the border that are now taking the roles that the government should be filling with immigration and helping immigrants to flood into the U.S. Glenn asks: Why is the U.N. funding the flow of migrants to our border and subverting Congress? Why are former Biden staffers working for “non-profits” that are now getting exclusive, HIGHLY irregular multimillion-dollar border contracts? Worse than that, the consequences of Biden’s border policy have now turned deadly. National Guard members at the border are dying, fentanyl from China pours across the border, and terrorists have found an easy path to enter our country.

Finally, Glenn asks Texas Rep. Chip Roy if it’s time to impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas for his negligence that is costing American lives.

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I can no longer relate to the modern pro-choice woman. I don’t want to shout my abortion. I want to pretend it never happened. Up until the SCOTUS leak, I had done a pretty good job of burying my 20-year secret. But the Roe v. Wade information earthquake triggered an eruption. I can no longer pretend to be ambivalent or leave it to blue-check pro-lifers to speak for me. My days of repeating the “safe, legal, and rare” mantra like a good, GenX libertarian feminist are over.

Some pro-abortion activists call their life-ending procedure “self-care,” like they just booked a hot stone massage or a facial at a spa. This is a polite euphemism many women tell themselves – not because we are cold-blooded killers, but because it’s how we survive. We HAVE to lie in order to justify what is actually taking place. Denial is a protective coating, a barrier from the truth. Remember, any woman born after Roe v. Wade has been programmed to believe that abortion is a natural-born right. “It’s legal; therefore it must not be evil. This is a medical procedure. Women do it every day.” Planned Parenthood has a nice way of describing abortion on its website: “A doctor uses a combination of medical tools and a suction device to gently take the pregnancy tissue out of your uterus.” “Gently take the tissue out.” Benign euphemisms that wrap our hearts and minds in a suffocating cocoon. Benign euphemisms to keep us in line.

I was raised in the Bible Belt and to believe that sex before marriage was the gravest of sins. You’d be better off robbing a store by pistol than to be caught fornicating with a boy. And yet I did fornicate with a boy. No boy I’d ever be proud to bring around to my parents. I never gave him the option to talk me out of it. I just demanded he pay half for the procedure and never speak of it again. I told myself it would be easier to survive the hidden shame of the abortion than wear the shame of my sin on my belly for the next nine months.

...the pill I took made an ugly, painful mess, and it didn’t finish the job.

I took the so-called “easy” way out at six weeks along and swallowed a pill I got from some abortionist who gave me the creeps. He was no medical saint like the one portrayed in “The Cider House Rules,” nobly saving women from coat-hanger abortions. The doctor in my story made a quick buck at the expense of terrified “good girls.” Years later I would learn he kept aborted fetuses in buckets and was under investigation for shady medical practices. I couldn’t leave his clinic fast enough, but at least I wouldn’t have to miss work or skip my college classes. I could finish my degree and still make my parents proud. How convenient. But the pill I took made an ugly, painful mess, and it didn’t finish the job. Now I had to see a real obstetrician, get an ultrasound, and deal with the aftermath.

This doctor’s office was nicer. It had bright lights and pink walls. Although my doctor was professional, I still felt the quiet judgment in her voice. I refused to look at the image of my tortured fetus on the screen. I knew what it would mean if I did – my feminist career ambitions would lose the battle to my soul if I looked at that baby. The doctor told me the fetus was still viable but likely mentally damaged. The “kinder” thing to do would be to finish the job at an in-clinic abortion. End the fetus’ suffering and end my own self-torture. I woke up from anesthesia to learn the abortion was complete. It’s over so quickly, but the internal conflict hangs. And hangs.

You find weird ways to cope. Not long after, I discovered an abandoned robin’s egg, still perfectly intact. I wrapped it in a sock and carried it with me for over a decade. If I couldn’t do right by my own child, maybe I could keep this unhatched egg safe. Eventually, I had to come to terms with the fact that the bird egg was dead, and I got therapy. He was a good New York psychologist. Secular, liberal, tolerant. He helped me to forgive myself, but I always knew who I really needed to ask for forgiveness …

It’s easy for a young woman with all those stockpiled eggs in her ovaries to be pro-choice. She can toss away the miracle of life like a rotten banana or a bruised apple because it is easily replaced. It wasn’t until I was forced to confront the mortality of my own fertility that I felt the full force of my regret.

But I do not write this letter to achieve redemption or to be the new face of the pro-life movement. You will not see me pleading with women outside an abortion clinic. You will not see me protesting with a cutesy, homemade sign at the March for Life. You will not see me sparring on Twitter, confronting baby-killers with cold, hard facts. For now, you will not even know my name. I suppose this is not very brave, but my story is not complete and God’s work in me is in an active state. Mine is a modest mission: Maybe if I’m honest about my own wounds, I can help other women like me to heal. Maybe I can love the terrified, knocked-up woman in the Bible Belt who believes the best worst lies our society has ever told, better than any conservative talk show host ever could.

The SCOTUS leak ripped a band-aid off a festering 50-year-old wound.

The SCOTUS leak ripped a band-aid off a festering 50-year-old wound. It’s naive to think we will fix this mess for the unborn overnight and deprogram men and women plugged into 50 years of slick, well-packaged lies. Slavery was legal in the U.S. for over 200 years before we fought a war to end it. And it was another 100 years before we ended state-sanctioned racism.

When it comes to the issue of defending innocent life, I know it’s hard to be patient. This is a clear battle of good vs. evil for many on the right, but you need allies like me – the former “safe, legal, and rare” pro-choicers who are afraid to come out of the shadows. Afraid to become a political prop in the culture wars, but willing to do the quiet missionary work in our back yards.

I hope for the day future progressives look back in horror at today’s progressives fighting to keep abortion on demand. I hope for the day the New York Times publishes the pro-life version of the 1619 Project. Maybe they’ll call it the “1973 Project,” “whose mission is to reframe the country's history by placing the consequences of abortion and the contribution of the pro-life movement at the very center of our national narrative.”

Until that day, I want to help these women to be braver than me. To see beyond their impossible tomorrow. If I had allowed someone the chance to help me be brave, I might not have had the same successful career, but I would have a 20-year-old son or daughter in whom to invest this unexplained overflow in my heart.

Dear EV drivers: Think you're safe from soaring gas prices? Think again.

Image source: (Left) Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images (Right) Video screenshot

Diesel fuel prices have surged to record levels, adding to already record-high inflation in the U.S. But most Americans don't drive cars that run on diesel, and many have turned to electric vehicles (EVs) to avoid the ever-increasing pain at the pump. So, how would diesel supply shortages — and the resulting sky-high prices — affect you or your budget?

On the radio program Monday, Glenn Beck explained why every American should be concerned about the rising cost of diesel.

"Diesel fuel is the fuel that powers the economy," Glenn began. "How does that work? Well, let's start over in China. You want something from China, you have to put it onto a big boat, a slow boat from China, and that's powered by diesel.

"Then, it gets to our docks," he continued. "You know all of those big cranes and everything else that take that crap off of the ship and then put it on the ground? Run by diesel. And then the forklifts that come and pick it up and then bring it over to the train, those run on diesel. And then the train, those engines, they run on diesel. And then the trucks that get it halfway across the country from the train where they're picked up again by the forklifts, run by diesel. Then they're put into another truck, also run by diesel."

"I sure hope all the people bragging about their electric cars as gas prices skyrocket have a backup plan for their food too. Because as diesel prices go crazy, so does the price of EVERYTHING," Glenn posted on Twitter.

Watch the video clip below to hear Glenn explain how diesel supply shortages will affect all of us:

Can't watch? Download the podcast here or listen to the episode highlights below:

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